Customer Reviews: Fellowes PS60C-2 Cross Cut Paper Shredder (38605)
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on April 9, 2003
The guidelines for usage of this shredder are 10-12 minutes at a time, with 20 minutes of non-usage in between. If you go over these guidelines (which I did on one occasion) the shredder overheats, and you must wait for it to cool down & recoop. It works fine as long as you don't overuse it.
Since this is a cross-cut shreder its requires more maintenance than a straight-cut shredder, and needs to be oiled. The advantage to cross-cut shredders is that the shreds are less voluminous than with straight-cut shredders. The shredder's many blades are prone to getting lots of little paper shreds caught in them, which I find myself pulling out piece by piece when I empty the bin. This happens mostly when you shred smaller items like envelopes. When you shred larger letter size sheets, there are fewer paper shreds stuck in the blades, and it's less of an issue. When emptying the shredder's bin, the top is heavy to lift, which is a bit of an inconvenience.
Overall, the shredder works fine for light day to day use, and the product's design looks sleek and doesn't take up too much space.
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on January 1, 2004
I have been shredding documents with the PS60-C2 for over one year, and unfortunately I am on every junk mail list possible. I had originally wanted a shredder to dispose of all my mail. Unfortunately, the shredder does perform as the technical specifications indicate. Therefore it will not shred folded credit card offers or financial statements without first opening the documents, unfolding the literature, and dividing content for two passes.
The following observations are based on my extended usage. Some of the issues outlined are not necessarily the product defects. But they may indicate the shredder may cost more human effort over an extended time than just throwing away the paper.
1) The baskets window is very helpful to determine when the confetti paper must be dumped. This feature is very help; unfortunately the basket is very small is only ~14 inches high. I find myself constantly pulling it apart and moving output to trash receptacle.
2) The confetti paper swims all over floor if not extremely careful when discarding shredder output. This stuff is difficult to clean up!
3) The motor can jamb very easily if you stuff more paper than manufacture recommendation. This limitation is obviously human related as manufacture has indicated only 6-8 sheets are allowed. On the contrary, trying to count pages before stuffing into device is pretty nerve racking - darn that batch just blew up.
4) If the motor jams, then you have to unplug unit (e.g., crawl under desk), pull shredder motor off top, pull out all the little pieces, clean up all the confetti paper, put motor back on top of garbage pale, plug unit back (there goes my back), and then hope the forward/reverse switch clears the jamb.
I am motivated to write this review because I feel stupid that I did not buy a heavier duty model that can shred between 12-20 pages, has a bigger trash can, and is easier to clean up after when trash receptacle is full.
I think this printer is ideal for a user with low volume shredding needs. I think Fellowes should at least consider trying to make the trash receptacle larger and make the clear window bigger.
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on February 29, 2004
As a cheapskate, I had long avoided upgrading my household shredder. The reasonable price on this heavier duty model was attractive enough that I made the leap. I'm delighted.
The basket empties easily and without the mess caused by units where one pulls out a "drawer" full of shreds. Simply lift the shredding mechanism off the top of the (reasonably large) basket, drop a trash bag over the basket's opening, dump the basket into the bag, and away you go. When I'm not super-careful, maybe up to three pieces of confetti get away from the trash bag. If you can empty waste baskets, you can manage this without trouble. Believe me, this is much neater and easier than what I've used in the past.
Because the shredder easily crunches up 6 to 8 pieces of paper, it's easy to judge "by hand" whether what I'm trying to shred will fit. My "gold standard" for light household use is whether it can chomp up an entire land line or cell phone bill. This does, with nary a hiccough.
My only regret about this machine is that I fiddled around with a lighter duty model for so long. This little whiz makes an odious, but necessary, chore go much faster and without complications. There's a five year warranty on the cutter, which I hope not to have to use. But that's a looooong warranty compared to what else is available and maybe it suggests that the company feels pretty good about this product. I think it's a winner.
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on July 21, 2002
I've used home/office shredders both at home, and in the office. The Fellowes PS60C-2 is by far the best that I have ever used. If you're shredding a stack of documents, you no longer have to sort through and tear the staples off, the PS60C-2 will shred them. Did you forget that little paper clip? No problem, the PS60C-2 doesn't care. Are you getting rid of an old credit card? Stop looking for the scissors, the PS60C-2 will turn it into confetti.
The PS60C-2 is a solidly built machine, and of coruse it includes its own waste basket. One nice feature of the waste basket is the view window which reduces the need to remove the cutter assembly when checking to see if the basket is full.
One feature of the PS60C-2, which may be viewed as a pro/con respectively, is its power cord. Instead of one of those large, clunky, AC adapters that plug into the back of the unit, the PS60C-2 has a fixed, permanently attached, standard power cord.
Under the pro column: You can't lose it, it won't burn out, and it won't fall out. Also, since shredders are top heavy, they sometimes tip over. I've had to replace two shredders because the the power input was damaged after such a fall. This unit appears to be equiped to handle such accidents without permanent damage. The drawback to this design is that it could be percieved as a safety issue. Typically the AC adapter inputs are pretty loose. As a result, in the event of an emergency, there is a chance that the power cord will disconect for the input before it sucks your sleeve or tie deep enough into the cutters to cause injury. Chances are that the risk is minimal. The PS60C-2 includes an auto cutoff which should stop the cutters before such an injury would occur. Also, the power switch is well within reach.
Identity theft is a real and growing problem. Even if you do not do business from your home, you need a shredder. Seemingly inocent information contained in your trash can be used to destroy your credit and reputation. I know, it happened to me before I started shredding documents in my home. The information contained in one of those credit offers we receive every day is all it takes. Protect yourself with the PS60C-2 Home/Office Shredder. If you don't, you may regret it.
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on November 17, 1999
Excellent shredder easily converts documents into nothings more than confetti. Handles bonded paper, photographs,even stapled documents without difficulty. You'll be looking for things to shred the first few days you own it just to see how well it does. Highly recommended.
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on March 25, 2005
This shredder worked pretty much as it said it would in the literature. It is a step up from the low end "personal" shredders that can only take a few pages at a time and can't run very long without needing to rest.

Aside from a basket that filled pretty quickly (you have to redistribute the shredded paper as it naturally forms a heap right below the blades), it did the job for me.

But here I am 17 months later and it is semi-dead; it only runs in reverse and the operating lights are dim. I'm past the one-year warranty and only the blades are warranted for longer than that. It just dropped dead out of the blue and definitely wasn't overused. For a shredder that cost close to $100 I expect a LOT longer operating life.
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on January 19, 2005
I have had my PS80C-2 for a little over 2 years. My cutterhead supposedly had a 20 year warranty. I regularly (every shredding session) oil the cutters with canola oil (recommended in the owner's manual) and my useage is well below the claimed duty rating. Recently, the unit began to jam more frequently and the shreds started exiting as a single mass rather than as loose shreds. I called customer support and they had me inspect the bottom of the cutterhead for broken or missing plastic fingers. Several were missing. Even though these fingers are an integral part of the cutterhead and the cutter head won't function without them, Fellowes claims that they are not part of the cutterhead and that they are not covered by warranty. Still worse, they are not an available part so my only recourse (according to Fellowes) is to buy a new shredder! Fellowes self-serving definition as to what is part of the "cutterhead" and what is not is at best dishonest. Don't buy a Fellowes shredder for the warranty as they will define themselves out of honoring it. I did get a couple of years of use out of it though. So, if you can get a reconditioned unit really inexpensively, it might be worth a shot as a disposable product.
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on September 18, 2003
This is great: I can shred a dozen or so pages before it overheats and I have to wait 20 minutes. The 10-15 minute rule is, I suspect, based on single sheets. The more sheets you try and shred, the more the gears have to work, and the faster it overheats. Overall, I'm not thrilled. It's heavy and seems to spend more time cooling itself off than doing the job.
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VINE VOICEon June 24, 2004
This paper shredder from the folks at Fellowes is a compact shredder designed for smaller business offices and home- based businesses. The motor on this unit is powerful and it only needs occasional lubricating. The blades can cut through paper, credit cards, paper clips, and staples.
The width of the paper feed on this device is only 9 inches, so if you have a piece of paper that is larger you will have to fold it in half first or cut it, in order to feed into the shredder. If a jam- up occurs, all you have to do is flick the switch to the reverse setting and the item will pop back out.
Because this shredder cuts in a criss- cross pattern, there is added security against theft. This is particularly important for those businesses who deal with documents that include Social Security numbers and credit card numbers on a consistent basis. The paper is cut down to pieces measuring only 1 and 3/8 by 5/32 inches. This is small enough that there should be no further worries about anyone piecing together the paper. It would be more frustrating than it's worth.
This shredder is fine for smaller loads, but for larger offices, it is impractical. It will overheat if used too much. Businesses that have a larger load will need a larger shredder. But for smaller offices, this shredder is one of the best on the market, easily worth the price you pay for it.
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on May 14, 2004
I had a previous strip shredder by Fellowes, wasn't overly impressed with it, but since they have a near monopoly on the market, I ended up getting this one anyway. It is really nice! I've actually been shredding more stuff than usual to watch it in action. I feel much more comfortable throwing the shredded confetti in the recycling bin than I did with the strips before, especially since the older machine tended to get out of alignment and leave large chunks of unshredded material. The one drawback I noticed with this shredder is it doesn't have an extra opening that would let you throw regular garbage in as well, so you'll want a separate trashcan, but that's 'best practice' anyway.

It does a good job on multiple sheets as well, and doesn't make as much of a grinding sound as the old strip shredder did. It's actually more of a munching sound.

The safety shut-off is nice too, so it doesn't activate when you remove the upper portion - those grinders could do a nice job on your hand otherwise (to be extra-safe, shut it off too, of course)!

I must add that the auto-detection has become a terrible flaw - once it's dirty, it tends to run all the time, and so I now have to switch it on and off manually. Sometimes, if left on, it will switch on at random times, which I find pretty dangerous, especially with a baby running around the house!
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