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on June 25, 2016
I have been extremely happy with the Fellows air purifier. It is very quiet and has done an excellent job of removing cigarette smoke from my home.
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on August 5, 2016
Originally I bought this because I saw my duct work for the AC had a leak so insulation was being misted into my home without me knowing!! Anyways this was to clean up whatever else I don't know about. I fixed the duct work and it was fine the machine usually always says the air is clean so I kind of regretted getting this... Unless you fart or the AC goes one (fart turns it red AC can make it go yellow) then it is always good.

Recently we got a new dog.. And his back legs don't work so we keep him inside. He will poop or pee in the house..that stuff gets smelly and this does an amazing job getting about 80-90% of that thick odor out. It will still smell but the difference can be huge! We loaned it to my mom and they had about 5-6 puppies peeing and pooping on a mat in their room. The smell of the room was THICK after we brought this over I was able to at least walk in the room and stay there. Yes it still smelled but YES this helped ALOT. Totally totally noticeable. Buy it if your pets poop or pee indoors and the smell is strong. Purchase is very practical.

P.s. My wife was cooking seafood once and I turned this on full blast. It smelled like seafood in the filter for 3 days. I think the seafood was bad since how strong the smell was and my wife didn't fish her food since she thought the same.
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on May 21, 2013
So so quiet. Ok I'm 70 and don't hear well lol, but I cant hear this unit at any speed. I love the lights that tell you if its working harder to clean, and the lights that tell you when to replace the filters. I think its a very smart looking unit and it's not too large for a unit that does 200sq. Ft. Also the auto fan speed is great. Its a buy!

Oh, what I cant tell you is how well it cleans the air, However I wake with no stuffiness, no running nose and no sneezing.

Update: How do you take off 1/2 a star. The unit has no insert or handle to carry it around easily, it's a real pain. Maybe why its on such a deep sale.

For the price, still a great buy

5 months later
Wanted to take off another 1/2 star. The carbon filter lasted 5 months not 6 and my place is not dusty. I was glade it turned on though. The red carbon filter light did not go off after the new filter was installed? Lost the instructions but the reset switch is on the inside, under the cover, top right. More my panic than a problem so I Left it 5 stars.:)
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on June 5, 2017
So far, so good! Very quiet, even on medium and high. The noise doesn't bother me at all, and that is saying A LOT. I can't stand white noise, but for some reason, this purifier doesn't bother me. I love the display. It shows you your air quality at all times, and it will tell you when you need to change the filters. No thinking required - that's my kind of product :)
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on February 10, 2017
The best air cleaner out their. We moved to an inlaw in a barn and we have horses downstairs. We could smell the hay at night. I did a lot of reserarch on getting an air cleaner. Hands down this one is awesome. I love how it adjusts when it senses an odor. I just changed the carbon filter and omg. When I opened the cover to change the filer. The old filter looked gray. I can't believe how much it picks up. I highly recommend this one!!!!
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I wanted to wait a couple months before posting a review.

-quiet to loud option
-no fan rattle...yet
-filters seem to have good life
-sensor responds quickly to pollutants
-great looking in the bedroom
-easy to operate

-no remote... this def needs a remote
-the display screen is cool, but kind of useless
-should have a sleep mode for lcd screen
-confusing on the filter levels
-can't program any settings or memory

I use to have a Holmes unit before this that became so loud from calcification on the fan blades that it was unbearable. I really hope this doesn't happen to this one. After 4 months I really enjoy having this in my bedroom. I put it on turbo when sleeping because I like white noise and auto during the day. The sensor is pretty good at picking up pollutants. Just spray cologne near by or run the shower it will most likely rev up. This needs a remote and should have one for the price. Perhaps your laying down and want to change the speeds on it... or at least a way to program it so it can automatically speed up at night or whenever. I haven't had to replace any filters yet with usually 9-10 hours of turbo at night, and auto at day going 4 months now. So i'm happy.
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on May 6, 2014
When I went searching for an air purifier, I did not realize what I was getting into. First off, I've never even thought about air purifiers before aside from "Oh, that might be nice" sort of thing, but then I needed to get one for my baby's allergies and ASAP. So, I delved into the world of air purifiers and after three hours of searching, I became overwhelmed and almost gave up. Then I came across this one and researched its AHAM certification. They have a searchable database to compare the different purifiers. Just Google "AHAM consumer information" - go to "for consumers" - Search for AHAM products - Select Air Room Cleaners. This will allow you to compare different brands/models against each other. It helped me decide that I wanted this one.

BUT (there's always a but right?) I did not want the plasma technology that is automatically included in this model. There is not a button to turn it off and it just is there. So, I did some researching and came across a blog that showed picture tutorials of how to dismantle this (this will void any warranties if something should go wrong just FYI) and unplug the plasma technology internally. If you search "because Life has too much choices and options" in Google then this purifier's name will be the title at a site called quicklyget.blogspot - just remember that you assume all risks when opening up an electronic machine. :) I was able to complete everything and have everything back together within 30 minutes and this was more just checking and re-checking to ensure I was not messing anything up. After I got the plasma turned off, the annoying little whine stopped and haven't had any issues with it.

This cleared up my daughter's allergies within a couple of days. I have a pretty large house with three dogs, one cat and three parakeets. I will move this machine from our bedroom, out to the living room and back again etc. I still have allergy problems but they are not as severe as they were before purchasing this. I have a family member who smokes and 10 minutes of this machine being on turbo has eliminated a lot of odors. I do not know how it would be with someone in the same room but hey, it's probably better than not having it at all. :) This does have an "auto" mode where it is continuously scanning the air quality and adjusts the speed of the fans accordingly. Examples: I went to spray my door with some PAM to keep it from squeaking and within 15 seconds this thing turned from low to high and the "air quality" went from green to red. Another instance was when the dog farted in the room....yep, sure did (no joke) went from low to high. HAHA That made my night.

I would recommend this - we are currently saving up for another one to have in the house. Another thing, especially if you have birds, it creates a pretty strong draft when on high or turbo. I have found that I can only have this around my birds on high when they're covered for the night; otherwise, it's just too much wind for them.
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on November 16, 2014
This has been a great purchase. We've owned it for more than a year and it works very well cleaning the air and providing white noise while we sleep. The sensor for air purity works very well. In fact, be forewarned that it works so well that...excuse me...if you happen to have an unplanned bodily gas event, even if silent...the Purifier will alert all present to the occurrence. That said, we really like it. Our only two complaints are the brightness of the display (we hang a small washcloth over it) and that it does not remember our usual setting (we use the same one consistently). Overall, definitely a Recommend.
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on June 27, 2014
I bought this purifier in April of 2014 because my husband was having a stem cell transplant for treatment of cancer and his immune system would be compromised. When the purifier was delivered, he was not yet home from the hospital, but I plugged it in our bedroom next to our bed and turned it on. The noise that it makes is not disturbing to me, I actually prefer a little background noise while sleeping. I leave it on the "auto" setting and when it is on the lowest setting I can barely hear it. At first, it ran at high for a while, cleaning the air, and then went back down to the lowest setting.

While I was thinking of my husband when I bought it, I have also received enormous benefit as well. I have allergies and take an allergy pill daily but have never used an air purifier. Even so, I used to wake up with a stuffy nose and sneeze several times in the morning, sometimes a dozen or more! Since running the Fellowes Quiet Air Purifier that problem has disappeared completely. I wake up breathing easily! I even have a cat that sleeps on my bed at night (she was very cautious of the purifier at first)! I notice that when I spray my perfume, or apply scented lotions the motor goes to high for a while, doing its thing!

I leave the Purifier on constantly and I would highly recommend the AP-300PH Purifier to anyone who is interested in a large room purifier.
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on February 5, 2014
This saved me at work. I have a lot of allergies and I work in an old building that most likely has mold. My coworkers burn scented candles all day. My clients wear heavy perfume. Some smell like cigarettes. Some smell like a boy's locker room. Before I got this unit my throat would often close up making me cough and have trouble breathing. I needed something better than a cheap unit but not so expensive that I couldn't justify the purchase. My office is small so I don't know how it would work in a larger space, but for me it's perfect.

This unit keeps me sane. I had to disconnect the ionizer because the sound was headache inducing, but it's been smooth sailing since (I found a youtube video on how to do this). Even my supervisor will come into my office just to get a whiff of the clean air. I am so thankful. Now I can keep a job that I love without killing myself! Yay!

The only downside is that I have to keep my office door closed more than I would like to. It's also a shame that I can't use the ionizing function which is one of the selling points, but the sound is too torturous. If I had known this I might have looked for a cheaper unit without that function...
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