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on December 21, 2014
this diffuser is a very nice little addition to my Fenix ld10. It fits quite snug and certainly spreads the light out more evenly. It's length is 1 15/16 inches long. The first picture is without diffuser and the second one is with it.
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on September 19, 2016
This small diffuser tip is basically jammed down onto the head of a compatible flashlight. The plastic it's made of is much thicker than I anticipated, and it has already survived a variety of accidents very well. Stepping on one is much like stepping on a Lego block.

Three plastic prongs shaped like stepped wedges are what hold the diffuser on through friction, so it can be knocked off if you bump the light into things.

It disperses bright light very effectively once on a flashlight, and is perfect for the use of lighting a small room when a bright beam would be less useful, or when you need a high visibility omni-directional signal light. Included is a picture of the interior of the the tip, and the diffuser in use inside a dark walk-in closet as an example of how it works.

Please forgive the camera, the LD22 flashlight was overwhelming the sensor, and it makes the room look darker than it truly is by compensating for the bright light.
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on July 9, 2015
I bought this for PD35tac Fenix flashlight. It fits great and is highly recommended as a reading diffuser or usable at a camp site as a lantern. Very impressed with the accessories Fenix has developed for their line of flashlights. They have thought of almost everything to make a flashlight work in multiple situations. Price and quality is excellent. The Fenix website will give you the details on which lights use this diffuser tip. Thanks again Fenix, Amazon, and the seller Fasdeal.
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on April 10, 2015
Came from China in a legitimate looking Fenix packaging. The product itself is a cone shaped hard, textured plastic with inside ridges to fit the diameter of the flashlights listed. It didn't fit my LD12 at first, but fit perfectly on my LD22. I then came on here to confirm it works with LD12, saw others successfully put it on their LD12, so tried again and it fit. Not sure if the LD22 had to break it in first and removed some excess plastic on the inside or if I did something wrong. Anyways, despite the slightly off putting first impression of the shipping details making a 2 week long journey (estimated month and a half shipping) and poor initial fit on the LD12, I would recommend the product. It now fits both perfectly and turns the long and bright throw to a 360 degree flood. Was able to put it on my LD22, place the whole thing in my PC tower, and was able to work since it sufficiently lit up the entire area with a nice degree of light. Previously I had to hold smaller flashlights in my mouth and try not to blind myself with the brightness (even on low/moonlight settings) while also attempting to aim it and avoid casting shadows from my hand. Lastly, even if this doesn't fit your model, you might be able to take some sandpaper to the inside and try to DIY rig it to fit your model. It doesn't seem to be anything more than a few plastic ridges inside a plastic cone.
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on August 26, 2014
my review/rating pertains only to fenix ld12 light because I don't currently own any other lights this item is supposed to fit.... thus there's a fair chance that other models of lights might have a better fit...

ok, this thing is much less refined than I imagined... it said it will fit my edc fenix ld12 light... well, yes, it'll fit that flashlight but it's not a particularly ideal fit... basically, the diffuser cap has 3 'reverse' grooves [by reverse i mean to say that they're sculpted onto the surface instead of being recessed, I can't think of a proper word to describe them at this moment] or strips, on the inner surface, spaced equally and running the entire length of the diffuser... they seem to be the primary means of holding the diffuser cap onto the flashlight by simple tension... you must forcefully push the flashlight's head into the diffuser cap and it basically stays attached/retained via tension... there's no 'snap' or any audible 'click' once the cap is on the light.... it's a crude fit and it'll be slightly askew on the light once both items are joined....I've adjusted it to sit evenly on my light but a relatively slight force applied to its side will once again make it sit slightly off to the side.... it works but it's crude....
the gradually sloping shape/diameter of this diffuser presumably allows the cap to fit such a wide range of fenix light models with different head design/size, however, the downside of it is that it won't fit neither [or at least not the ld12] perfectly....

it'll also scuff up the finish on the head of your light slightly almost immediately...I don't treat my gear lightly and don't care about it looking new/pristine but if that's an issue for you, you'll be unpleasantly surprised to find scratches on your light after only a few 'fittings' of this device onto your light....

'in light' of these collective issues I gave it 3 stars only, which - in amazon-land - stand for 'it's ok' rating....

I purchased it because I use my ld12 sometimes in lieu of a 'dashboard/interior light' in my hot-rodded '36 stuudebaker and my '60 kustom ford fairlane by hanging it [pointed downwards] directly off my rear view mirror, because neither car has a built-in interior/dome light at this time... thus I wanted to have the light less concentrated as a pin-spot and more of a 'lantern' effect... again, the diffuser does work and illuminates the dash area much better than if I use the light without it.... however, it's a somewhat inelegant, crude fit and I also imagine that the cap itself could potentially detach from the flashlight should it bang into the steel dash or fell off a couple of times with only mild shaking of the light while the light was pointed downwards with the cap attached, when I failed to forcefully push the cap onto the light as much as possible, when I was testing its fit...

coincidentally, the red filter attachment also available as an option for the ld12 light fits much better and evenly/straighter.... the red filter, however, is much more prone to scratching soo if you buy that iitem as well, try to store it without contact with any hard surfaces....
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on February 5, 2015
It's hard to imagine that these attachments aren't standard. This diffuser tip actually fits on most Fenix lights that I've tried, aside from the obviously tiny ones (LD01, I'm looking at you!). Using this basically turns your light into a torch (real torch), or a lamp. Obviously, it's not as good as an actual lamp, but it works well in a pinch. You can also use it for signaling cars/people at night, or even during the day if your light output is significant.

The plastic is heavy duty, and will resist the heat generated by the flashlight with ease. It's also soft enough that it won't damage the finish on your light, and the tolerances are tight enough that it won't fall off your flashlight if you wave it around.

Great light diffuser.
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I love this thing. Handy. I use it on my Fenix flashlight during power outages when I want to use it as a little mini lamp of sorts, for reading or whatever. Even my dog liked it. He liked it so much he chewed it and I had to buy a second one. He leaves a little to be desired as a product reviewer. Super handy and plan to get a couple more for spares. I think the reason for that may be obvious.
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on October 12, 2016
Fits my Fenix light perfect and even my surefire and streamlight flashlights. Very good 360deg light distribution that cast a steady consistent light in all directions. Very pleased with it, only wish would be for it to have a loop in the top for hanging like in my tent. Fenix makes another cap similar to this that has a loop but it has a reflective surface at the top that cast the light back down which is very harsh on the eyes and only give you a narrow strip of light from the sides of the diffuser.

This is the one you want!
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on January 10, 2017
Great diffuser that really lights up a dark space evenly when attached to my Fenix flashlight. Just don't drop it. I have 2 of these and one has some decent cracks in it and the other has been glued already. The longer older wand style diffusers seem to be made of a more resilient plastic than these are I have one of those as well on my original Fenix.
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on June 6, 2014
Fits my Fenix PD35 flashlight fine. Good for some ambient light around the flashlight while still giving a decent beam out the front. It does not get hot even when used on the next to highest setting. Nice ambient glow from the lowest setting, higher is more for lighting the path while walking and keeping the light pointed forwards.
If you want your flashlight to stand vertical, just use the case and tighten the Velcro flap around the base.
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