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on January 12, 2012
I just received my Fenix E11 flashlight ordered here from Amazon and I am very happy with this item. I'm here to clear up a couple of the operational features and give my overall impressions of this quality product. I own other Fenix flashlights but this is my first E11. It won't be my last as it fits many of my needs perfectly and is another quality product from Fenix.

Switch type: the switch on this flashlight is rubber covered button on the tail of the flashlight and is a positive click-type switch. Click on, click off. In addition, when the beam is off, you can press the switch slightly and the beam will come on and will go off when the switch is released. This is ideal for just a "quick, quiet peek" or for signaling. I like this type of switch a lot but if you are going to pack the flashlight into a situation where it could get jammed against something else, it is conceivable that the "quick on" feature could be inadvertently activated and the battery could be worn down by mistake. In that case, you may want to consider other Fenix flashlights that have a "twist on/off" switch mechanism instead. I prefer the E11's click on/off switch type for my uses as it is super easy to turn on/off with one hand.

High/Low beam settings: 105 lumens on high, 32 lumens on low. Low is still outstanding with plenty of light for most short range applications. As you might expect, high is about 3x brighter and lights up a long throw considerably better. On a dark night, on high, I can easily see every board in my 6 foot high wood privacy fence at 40 yards away. I like the low beam setting for everyday use as it is plenty of light and much easier on the battery but it is nice to know the high setting is there if you need it.

High/Low beam switching: couldn't be easier. The head of the flashlight unscrews completely to allow battery replacement. When you screw the head down, screw it down all the way down snug and you have the high beam setting. Back the head off just slightly, about 1/10th of a turn, and you have the low beam setting. It is easy to see the difference when the beam is on. Just leave it at your preferred setting and you will always be ready for your next use.

Beam Quality: my flashlight gives off a very good beam pattern with a nice size central bright spot and an even, quick falloff. The light is very white with only the very slight tint toward blue that the LED bulbs normally have. At night, in the dark, looking close up on my hand I can see every detail very clearly. Looking around a dark room the far walls light up very well and going outside I can find my way through urban or natural environments with ease.

Battery type: one AA battery. Not supplied. I like flashlights that use the inexpensive and easy to find AA and AAA batteries.

Battery run time: about 2 hours on high beam, about 8 hours on low beam.

Size: This size has a great feel in your hand. If you take two AA batteries and stack them end to end, this flashlight is just a touch shorter (about 3mm)than that stack and just a little bigger around. If you set a AA battery on a dime, the dime will show you how much bigger around the flashlight is (not much). The flashlight is big enough to be comfortable in my large hands but small enough to be extremely portable. This Fenix E11 is just a little larger than I like to carry in my pocket with my keys as a part of my everyday carry (EDC) but is perfect to throw in my car glove compartment, my briefcase, a drawer or shelf around the house or as a part of any emergency kit. For my EDC, I use the smaller Fenix EO1 even though I like the E11 feature set better. Some people will have no problem using the E11 for an EDC flashlight and I may try it out myself.

Accessories: comes with a nice lanyard/wrist strap, extra "O" ring and extra rubber boot cover for the tail switch. I put the lanyard on and I like it but it remains to be seen if I can keep track of the other pieces for if and when I ever need them. The "O" ring goes around the threads in the threaded head of the flashlight that screws on the body when you replace the battery. The "O" ring helps seal out water from the body interior.

Construction: If you know Fenix flashlights, you know these are solidly built, well constructed items. The E11 is the same and the all black finish on the hard-anodized, aircraft-grade aluminum just reeks of quality. I particularly like this flashlight's very clean, no-nonsense lines.

Candle mode: some Fenix flashlights will stand easily on end and shine upwards into a room in what is known as "candle mode". Because the rubber switch button on the flashlight's tail protrudes slightly, this E11 model will not easily stand up on its own. The trade off of the nice, easy-to-use tail switch is worth it for me and I can almost always find something to just lean the flashlight up against if I need to use candle mode.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this flashlight and will be purchasing several more to tuck away in various places around my home and car.

Update May 5, 2017: Still working great. I continue to highly recommend!
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on January 13, 2012
Got this Fenix E11 light for Police work as it had the best combination of light output (100 Lumens),EDC size,inexpensive batt. cost and price $26.95. Sure there are brighter lights out there but not at this price and size. If it were any bigger I wouldn't carry it in my pocket all the time. If it were any smaller it wouldn't run on 1 cheap AA battery. If it were any more expensive I wouldn't have bought it. It is simple in its features, no fancy click 3 times to get to strobe mode or multiple times for dim-dimmer-dimmest mode etc. In Police work I just want to turn it on with one click at the brightest level,quickly. I'll dim it later to save battery power if I need to and with a simple quarter twist of the head it goes into its dimmer mode. The tail switch is great for 1 handed operation. Simplicity is key to survival under stress. I compared this one to all the other Fenix lights and decided on this one for the above reasons.
Well, when I demonstrated it to my Police friends at night 2 of them ordered that same day. They had never seen such a small light be so incredibly bright.
Buy yourself one, You'll be glad you did.
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on December 20, 2013
Had this light for a few days now (the 2013 E11 with 115LM) and can say that this quite possibly could be the best EDC light available. Sure, there are brighter lights out there. But I think this one hits a sweet spot for price, size, user interface (excellent) and battery life. Most of the time when I'm using one of my pocket lights I don't need TONS of light, so I like to use the low mode. (easier on they eyes and battery) The thing that makes this one stand out to me, is that the light has two modes: high and low. You adjust to high by twisting the head all the way tight, and low by backing it off just a bit. So if you usually use low (or high) it will always come on to that mode. No toggling between fifteen useless "disco strobe" or SOS modes you will never use. Just: Off, Low, High. You can also lock the light "off" by twisting back a full twist or so from high. This is a nice feature if you are carrying the light in a bag or somewhere it might get turned on by mistake. I titled my review with a question mark, because the ONLY thing I think this light needs to be the perfect EDC light is a pocket clip, but this is an easy fix. I found the clip from a AA MINIMAG works perfect and you can get them on AMAZON for like six bucks. Or if you're like me and have a bunch of old dead MAGLITES laying around you can steal one and BAM... PERFECT EDC!
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on July 25, 2013
Short version:
1. Bright
2. Durable
3. Cheap
4. Momentary clicky tail switch!!!
5. Can lock out the switch to prevent accidental battery drain
6. Uses easily obtainable AAs and actually works better with rechargeables

1. Light levels are too close together (low needs to be much lower for things like reading with dark adapted eyes)
2. Cannot tail stand (minor issue for me but may be very important to some)

Long version:
I've had this light for a couple of years now and it is still going strong. On high mode (105 lumens) it completely lights up the other side of a big room. Our great room is 35 feet long and it reaches out very well. The hard anodized coating is holding up quite well. However, this light does not live in my pocket with keys and other sharp things so YMMV as far as the durability of the HA coating. The switch is a momentary clicky (also called a deadman switch) which will come on by partially depressing the button and then go off when the pressure on the button is released. If you want the light to stay on constantly you just press the switch down until it clicks. Then, click it again for off. Very useful. Lights that use a momentary clicky switch can be susceptible to accidentally turning on when, for example, kept at the bottom of a backpack with other pack items pushing up against the switch. A good light with a momentary clicky switch will have some way of locking out the switch to prevent it from accidentally turning on. This light does. Rotate the switch about 1/2 a turn counter clockwise to completely disengage the switch and lock it in the off position. When the battery does go dead AAs are usually easily obtainable all around the world. I use rechargeables for $$ savings and longer life.

I love the push button 1AA form factor, but since the round rubber button protrudes from the end of the light it cannot stand up on its tail to act as a candle like the Fenix LD15 can. This is a minor issue to me, as I rarely use lights in this way. It may be a big deal for some. The only big gripe I have with this light is the fact that they go through the trouble to make it a two mode light (high of 105 and low of 32) without making the two levels distinctly different enough in brightness to be all that useful. Here's what I mean: The high of 105 lumens is a great general purpose level when you need a bright light. But 32 lumens is WAY too much for most close-up tasks especially reading with dark adapted eyes. I know, many reviews here have said this light is great for reading and night. If you disagree with my opinion try this test. Wait until night and find a relatively dark place. Give your eyes a few minutes to adapt to the low light level. Take a piece of white paper (most reading material is dark text on light paper) and hold it 14" from your face then shine a 32 lumen flashlight on the paper. Zap! Your night vision is now gone, and it will take a few minutes to regain the same sensitivity to light you previously had. A light of 8 lumens or less would be much more suitable for situations when you need to read with dark adapted eyes like in a dimly lit restaurant or reading the program at a theater performance. The Fenix LD15 has a 117 high mode and a fantastic 8 lumen low mode but lacks the clicky tail switch that is so convenient.

Overall, I'm very happy with this light despite the fact that the low level is far too bright to comfortably read with dark adapted eyes. If they would give this light a lower low it would deserve a strong 5 star rating. As it is, I give it 4 stars.

Fenix has recently released a new version of this light with only minor changes. It has a slightly higher high at 115 lumens. The switch now locks out by turning the head and not the tail. It is also slightly shorter in length. Unfortunately, neither of my two issues have been addressed. The new version still cannot tail stand, and they made the low even BRIGHTER at 38 lumens.
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on September 1, 2012
I bought this light for my EveryDay Carry. It is a great light and has features and price I was looking for.

1. Uses a SINGLE AA Battery which is the best part of this light, compared to Surefires which use Lithium batteries which are expensive and harder to find they don't sell them everywhere like AA batteries.
2. It has TWO-2 levels of light, low and high, and the low is excellent the high is AMAZING and lights up a 10x12 room enough to see from corner to corner.
3. Waterproof, now I'm not going diving with this but for rainy weather and camping it would hold up great.
4. MOMENTARY ON-- this feature alone is left out on some of the higher end light, to have this feature under $30 is great.
5. Size, same diameter from front to back and very compact to slide into 5th pocket on jeans.
6. Comes with extra grommet and extra button for future replacement.
7. You could spend more on another light that puts out the same power, but then you would be wasting your money.

1. There are brighter lights but this light can go up with the best of them.

Overall I plan on buying 4-5 of these lights and having them in my car, house, bug out bag, bedroom. Just an amazing light and great quality and great not having to throw down $60-$100 for a solid light that uses regular batteries.
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on August 1, 2012
I am very impressed with this flashlight. It is a simple design and it is very well made.

-NO modes thru the on/off button! Twisting the lens head tight is full brightness, and the slightest CCW turn selects low power.
-NO zoom, just a standard reflector with flat front glass just like a Maglight. A telescopic zoom lens is a pain to adjust and you always have to adjust it because it is never at that medium spot that you really want anyway. This light has nothing on it that moves so there is nothing to adjust when you turn it on. It is ready to go.
-Push button tail switch that lights the instant you push the button. This makes it easy to quickly turn the light on for an instant without multiple clicking to turn it on and then off. Push it to a full click for permanent on if you need it. Simple.
-AA battery power. Cheap and readily available.
-Professional look. Doesn't look cheap. No goofy graphics.
-No heat sinks. Heat sinks are abrasive, and this light has a much more user friendly texture. Grippy but not harsh. This light does not get excessively hot like higher powered lights.
-Fits in a front pocket. Could be shorter, but not bad. Perfect for the car. Absolutely no need for a larger light unless you needed something equivalent to a headlight on your car.
-Perfect amount of light. Not overbearing while shining on objects up close, but still very bright.
-Comes with a spare button cap and lens o-ring.
-Nice black anodize. Aluminum must be anodized and this hardens the surface and also keeps the aluminum from rubbing off onto your hands. Looks nice too.

-Slight rattle from battery when bumped. Shaking doesn't rattle. I fixed the "problem" by wrapping the battery with a piece of paper (no overlap). Might be the battery I used but I doubt it.
-Rolls on a flat surface. I wish this thing was hexagonal instead of round.
-Could be a little cheaper. It is made of aluminum and is extremely well built so I know you do have to pay a little more for that.

I would buy this flashlight again and I would recommend it to anyone. This is a light that your parents could use without getting confused by multiple modes. It's just on and off. If you never knew you could dim the light by rotating the lens, you would still love it. I think it is an amazing little light.
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on October 18, 2011
I bought 5 of these recently - 2 for cars to have in glovebox, 1 for my room for emergency and 2 for children. My boys - ages 4 and 3, broke the little maglites they liked playing with, and love these as replacements. Easy to turn on and off for the little hands. They took them to the bath and played with them there, so the waterproof claim is indeed true, at least for half hour in the bath. They don't get hot, with just the one little AA battery. Great little light overall.

I got the E21 for myself and it's also a nice light.
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on July 19, 2014

This is probably my favorite light ever. I looked around for years to find a decent light that would run on a single AA.
This light is a great size, its only about 3/4" longer than a AA battery, and not much bigger in diameter.
It can be difficult to find a good EDC light, the best light is the one you carry, and most are to big to carry without some type holster/pouch, don't fit in a pocket and will be left home. The size of this light allows it to always be easily carried in a pocket. The momentary tailcap push button switch allows it to be used tactically. Many lights today have a twist on or side button on/off switch. Others have functions that have no place on a tactical light, like; strobe, multi-brightness, and SOS blinking pattern, all from the same switch, even if it has a tailcap switch.
The 105 lumen output is acceptable for most EDC tactical uses, and the battery saving lower setting is about the perfect amount of light for most normal tasks. The lumen rating seems to be on par with other good quality lights like Surefire, not hyped up like many.
The battery life is excellent, especially with lithium batteries. The light comes with usable extras (not BS extras), like an extra o-ring seal and rubber tailcap cover. Durability is good, mine has been dropped several times without incident. The milled texture on the entire light is excellent. The light in my pocket has been EDC for 3+ years, used at work, in the field and at home, and is still in unbelievable shape, and I am not a light duty user by any means. The newer E12 is probably a great light (all the Fenix lights me and mine have used/own have been excellent), and may make a good bug out or camping/hunting light, however it lacks the tail switch that IMO is necessary to make it a viable option for tactical use. The light in this listing comes from Japan, and it takes a while to get here, well worth the wait, but its the only source for the E11 I could find, due to it being discontinued.

Made in China, but, what are you going to do.
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on September 22, 2012
I recently bought my wife a Fenix E11 flashlight. The primary purpose of the light is to be able to see around our relatively small backyard in the evenings. The secondary purpose is for emergency lighting after a power outage or hurricane.

I own a number of other flashlights which include a Fenix LD20 and a couple of Coast LED Lenser 5 LED lights. I will compare this light to those.

E11 vs old 3D cell Maglight with incandescent bulb - The advent of the LED lights rendered the older incandescent lights to the scrap heap. This light is many times brighter and runs much longer than those older lights that used to be the standard.

E11 vs. Coast LED Lenser lights. I bought a couple of Coast LED Lenser lights a few years ago from a home improvement store for about the same price that the E11 costs now. I thought they were great until I used mine to shoot an IDPA no light handgun match. The Coast lights have a non-focused beam that will illuminate at best 25 feet in front of you. Beyond that you see nothing. I turned the lights off at my shooting range and turned on the E11 and I could see out to the end of the range, about 25 yards quite well. I think that the build quality of the E11 is better. Lights with the switch on the tailcap do not turn on inadvertently in my pocket.

E11 vs. Fenix LD20 - The LD20 is a light that costs twice as much and is very versatile. Although it is 1/3 longer than the E11, I have been carrying my LD20 every day for over a year and used it in night handgun training. While the police officer who commented that he doesn't want to tap the tailcap of his light several times to get to the level that he wants is right, like the E11 the bezel on the LD20 can be twisted so that you have 180 lumens of light output any time that you turn it on. To be honest, though I think that the E11 is a better light if you need to get bright light on something out to 25 yards or so quickly. The LD20 has a defined spot field and a splash. The spot field is maybe 10 feet at 25 yards. While the splash is usable out to 15 yards or so, you need to aim the spot to reach out further than that. This could take a few more moments than you really want to spend if you are manipulating a handgun with one hand and the light with the other. I haven't used the E11 for any type of night handgun shooting. But it is more of a floodlight than the LD20 and you don't have to aim as much to get light on a subject. If you need to put light on something at a greater distance with excellent definition, then the LD20 is your choice. I really like the 9 lumen level on the LD20 for finding things in closets. I haven't tested the run time on the E11, but I have to believe that it is accurate. I left my LD20 on in the attic on the 9 lumen setting for 52 hours before I remembered where it was. When I went to retrieve it, it was still as bright as when I left it there.
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on April 29, 2014
Best EDC buy in a while. It is much thinner than expected and lightweight but puts out a nice beam. The surface is streamlined so that there is nothing to catch while removing it from a pants pocket. I can drop this into the pocket of a pair of slacks without worrying about printing or a suitcoat breast pocket. The best comparison would be the Surefire T1A Titan when it comes to weight, brightness, and longevity. The Surefire is a bit sturdier but also between $160 and $200 more expensive.

The 105 lumens is plenty bright for most small purpose needs and is still brighter than most cheap 5 LED lights you find at the store. I wouldn't attempt to use it to light up a forest but I can see an engine block fine in pitch black, under a desk, or light up a pitch black room enough to see objects on the ground fine when pointing at the ceiling. I use this thing more than my pocket knife for everyday stuff. People ask me why I carry a flashlight......often as they're handing it back to me when they're done with it.

Edit: It's been a year and a half since I bought this and it's still going strong. This has become a staple of my every day carry items since it's so lightweight and I don't really notice it in belted jeans nor elastic band shorts. The amount of times I've found his hand has been innumerable. Last week I was at a charity cake auction. The cakes were lit by candlelight and the area was low lit. I felt embarassed at first when my sister asked if anyone could read the descriptions and prices when I whipped this thing out of my jacket pocket and put a wide beam in front of us. By the end of the table I had a small group around me who were either using the light splash to read the cards or asking me directly to shine it over on one.

Another lady lost a contact under her desk in the office where we have bright flourescent overheads. Overcast made it difficult to see under the desk and this thing remedied that. Again, so many uses and it doesn't feel fat steel pipe in your pocket like mag-lights or some of the cheaper LED's. It's tiny for a light that bright.
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