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on September 1, 2013
I love this flat iron with fabric on one side so its not damaging your hair like most flat irons. Would recommend to whom ever uses a flat iron.
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on August 26, 2011
I'm Asian. My hair is already kind of straight. But, like many Asian women, I always want to achieve that super sleek, shiny, stick-straight-hair look (haha, no, people -- many, if not most, Asian women are not born with that hair, but I'm happy we fooled you). So, for years I got magic (straight) perms so that I could just roll out of bed with super awesome hair (because I was too lazy to spend hours in front of the mirror with a flatiron). I finally stopped getting magic perms a couple of years ago because 1) they were too freaking expensive; 2) I was scared the chemicals from the perms were seeping into my brain and making me unhealthy and stupid; 3) my hairdresser begged me to stop frying my hair (he actually made me promise to stop getting them); and 4) though I liked the sleekness, I did NOT like how the perms made my hair look like it was thin, flat and glued to my head. So, there I was, back to 'kind of' straight hair and too lazy to do anything about it. A few months ago I was visiting a friend in LA who happened to just purchase the Ferrum iron, and she urged me to try it. Lo and behold, in like 15 minutes, my hair was straight, sleek, *SHINY*, was not fried on the ends and did not look like it was glued to my head!! WHAT THE HECK?! I ended up using her iron a couple of more times while I was in LA, and then as soon as I got home, I bought one for myself and then received it in this super cute packaging that I was totally not expecting. It still works wonderfully, and I can't wait to tell my hairdresser about it!! I never review products online, but I feel compelled to this time. I definitely recommend trying it out if you've had similar issues or are just looking for a new flatiron that's not going to take forever to straighten your hair.
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on August 30, 2011
Just got this flat iron. I've used it a few times and absolutely love it! It works exactly the way it's described. Gives you the sleekness of a conventional flat iron with the volume you would get blow drying. It's what I've been looking for. Recently I've been trying to avoid flat irons because they are drying out my hair. I switched over to blow drying but blow drying is a lot of work if you want to style your hair. The Ferrum styler definitely solved both problems. It's super easy to use, doesn't dry out my hair and leaves my hair looking like I just stepped out of a salon. Trust me, I've bought/used a lot of flat irons in my life and I've never been so quickly impressed. The price is awesome for the quality you're getting.

FYI- If you use your flat iron to curl your hair, you can use the Ferrum styler to curl as well, it actually kept my curls in better, I didn't have to use hairspray to hold it in.
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on February 12, 2012
My first flat iron was by Chi and I got a good 3 years' use out of it. My second purchase was something down and dirty that I bought when traveling and have had no major complaints about it considering what it cost me.

I purchased this Ferrum flat iron through a Groupon offer and paid less than half the going rate. I'll admit that I wasn't sure what my hair would look like with just one side heated and I also had to wait a couple of weeks for it to finally arrive. I've used it for a couple of days and it's a fine product, heavier than both the Chi and down and dirty brand flat iron, it doesn't take me any longer to straighten my hair with the one side fabric padded, I thought I would miss heat control buttons but the temperature is fine, I'm not seeing as many broken hairs, and my hair feels softer.

I'm very pleased with it so far...especially at the price I paid.
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on October 1, 2011
I wash my hair in the evening, and let it dry naturally over-night, because I love the natural wave in my hair (and because it's so long, I try to avoid heat-styling). However, I've been a long time user of a flat iron on my bangs, which I do every morning as part of my beauty routine. I've been using a cheapie iron by Revlon for years (I'm on my second one from them), that I have been satisfied with. But the Ferrum sounded really cool, and of course every "review" has been glowingly positive. If it sounds too good to be true.. it probably is.

My hair is not particularly fragile--- I don't color it, and as I mentioned above, I do minimal heat styling--- yet the Ferrum BURNT my hair. I used it on my bangs, which were completely dry and clean, and using the exact same method I use every day with the Revlon iron, found myself with bangs that are no longer smooth and shiny, but shriveled up, kinky, crispy, and brittle. Yeah, those descriptors are a tad redundant, but I'm so pissed. If this thing came with an adjustment option so that I could turn down the heat setting (450F) I might have given it another chance (and more than one-star review), but it does not.

Perhaps if you have very thick hair, you will have better results. I say stick with the $20 version by Revlon, or find a way to try it before you drop over a hundred bucks on it.
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on July 29, 2012
I have wavy hair and a lot of it too. I am also very particular about my hair and product I use. I could never find a flat iron that worked well. They either had the potential of burning my hair or made it too flat. This product works really well for me. It is great if you are looking to have straight hair with a soft texture. It give your hair body and shine and it stays straight. The frizz won't come back until you wash your hair. I have had this product for over a year now and I am so happy I found it. No split ends or damaged hair.
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on January 13, 2012
I have tried absolutely all the products in the far my favorite has been the ghd until I tried Ferrum.......its amazing!!! I love the fact that one side of the iron plate is covered with material......that means i reduce the heat on my hair while getting a great result! Plus ive noticed my hair is still looking great the next day whereas with ghd its super flat! definitely recommend this product!!! Thanks Ferrum!!
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on March 22, 2012
I have very fine hair, and the idea of the one-sided headed element interested me because of the hope for a less harsh flat iron. I immediately noticed that it was difficult to not leave kinks/bends - and I told myself that I just needed to practice. Wrong! I've practiced using this flatiron for almost 2 months - still I battle against kinks. Also, it says only use it when the light is blinking, but even with my superfine hair, the light stops blinking after just a couple passes, and I have to wait for it to reheat. And again, even after using it for 2 months....I still am constantly battling kinks. I just pulled out my old flatiron which is not even a really great one....and I'm happy. No kinks, no waiting for it to reheat in-between...and I'm sure it's easier on my hair because I don't have to pass it through 20 times just to get it right.
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on August 24, 2011
So I have a lot of curly hair and the few times I've consented to having it straightened, it took FOREVER and the process was so long and uncomfortable and the iron so hot that by the time the second part was straightened, the first section had been sweated back out. Lame. Pointless. It became clear to me that I just had to let go of the idea of ever having straight hair.

BUT THEN...something magical happened. I booked a commercial that called for straight hair and when I sat down at hair&makeup, I tried to let her know that it would be smarter just to find me a wig! She kept insisting that the Ferrum flat iron is different, that its new, that the results would be different, and that I should trust her. I decided to let her use her new toy and find out for herself that it wouldn't make a difference.

BUT SHE WAS TOTALLY RIGHT!!!! There are so many amazing things that happened in this flat-ironing session:
1. The tips and sides of the flat iron are wide and covered, so she could get right up to my roots without burning my scalp/ears/neck/forehead/cheeks. This part is VERY important to me lol.
2. The few times someone tried to straighten my hair, they had to go over the section three or more times to get it really straight. She went over it ONCE and it was good to go, maaaaybe twice on a few of the pieces for good measure. This is SO important because it shortened the overall session!! This thing works really fast with better results.
3. She didn't put any product in my hair before starting, but it still came out super soft, super shiny, super straight, and didn't even smell burnt. Even my blowdryer makes my hair smell heat-treated, and this didn't.
4. The flatiron has heat on one side and fabric on the other, so it's like getting your hair ironed on an ironing board except you can keep standing up.
5. I noticed that she plugged it in only half the time. She said that she noticed that the Ferrum warms up quickly, and that once it warms up, it stays warm for a long time. She just plugs it in and starts, then unplugs it to save energy while she finishes the second half. Hooray for green appliances!!

So during the session I was quizzing the hair&makeup lady about any info she could give me on this flat iron. I wrote it all down and am so excited that it's now available to not just hairstylists!!!! Thanks Amazon, for bringing this product to the people!
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on August 24, 2011
I stopped using flat irons a long time ago because it made my hair feel limp and lifeless. Ever since I started using Ferrum Professional Styler, my hair looks and feels natural with amazing volume. No longer do I have to worry about flat irons burning my hair! Thank you Ferrum!!!!!!!
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