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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
A Few Questions
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$4.95+ $3.99 shipping

on January 28, 2014
Clay walkers. .. just a few questions is a fantastic CD! That is if u like country music for starters n also.. most of the songs are in some way are religious. He doesn't sing about a specific religion but then again MOST country artist's usually do have some religious songs on their CD. . I had bought this CD in 2005 n had lost it unfortunately. Though now I have it again and hopefully won't lose it. See it really moved me.. the religious songs and if ur looking for just basically an all around fun CD. . It doesn't cost that much and I'd say just give it a try. ..what do you really have to lose?
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on January 23, 2013
I will never ever buy a cd again. I cannot just rip it to itunes. I think the music industry is just making it easier for illegal downloads to happen. I could not find this album on itunes nor any digital source other than file sharing sites. The cd is good, I just do not use cd's anymore. I don't even want a cd player in my car. I think they should have to say that the disc cannot be ripped to itunes. After buying it I know now but I wasted money on this disc and it will not work they way I wanted it to.
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on February 13, 2016
I love Clay Walker I have seen him 3 times in concert 2 with my husband and 1 with my sister all were great. This CD is one I did not have and the stores here do not have so I waited for it to go on sale on here and bought it. It is a great CD.
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on May 1, 2009
The CD's name, Just a Few Questions, by Clay Walker, is my favorite song on the CD. All of his songs are great, of course.
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on October 9, 2014
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on November 5, 2010
Absolutly Love it! I think Clay Walker gets better with every album he makes. His singing and writing skill should take him a long way.
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on November 15, 2009
This album is very very good. Its one of his best works, and the song "Jesus was a country boy" is superb. Cheryl Freeman-Kongorski
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on August 11, 2007
This is the first Clay Walker album I've heard. After hearing the title track, I decided to buy the album. And I can honestly say I'm glad I did! Clay's tender barritone fits ballads like "I Don't Want to Know", "Heaven Leave The Light On" and "This Is What Matters" to the uptempo fun of "I'm In The Mood For You", "When She's Good She's Good (When She's Bad She's Better)", "Everybody Needs Love" and "Coming Back Again".

All the songs on this album are really worth listening to repeatedly - I've heard it myself about five time in a two days - but there are four songs in particular which stand out remarkably. The title track for one, "A Few Questions", a gentle ballad which suites Clay's voice perfectly. In the song, Clay asks God of certain unfairness that life tends to deal, yet respectfully concedes that he can't critise what he doesn't understand. "Why did my cousin have to die in that crash?/A good kid, only seventeen/I still wonder 'bout that". Another favourite is "I Can't Forget Her". From it's light piano and Spanish guitar introduction to the very end, it truly excells. In it, Clay's girlfriend finds someone else and moves out West ("I guess it's for the best ... ") and he's now in Deo Rio, Spain, trying to forget her. "There's a senorita that is waitin' just over the border line/For me tonight/And I could hold her/And this tequila could help me love her/But there's still another."

The uptempo "Sweet Sun Angel" could make it seem like summer in a mid-winter blizzard, while "I Can't Sleep" - co-written by my favourite female singer, the wonderfully unique Chely Wright - is a soft, engaging ballad.

In short, a great album worth listening to time and again.

I hope that's answered A Few Questions.
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HALL OF FAMEon October 29, 2003
I wasn't wild about the musical end of this album -- Walker and his production are both a bit thin -- but the lyrical content is quite striking. Although Walker only wrote a couple of the songs, this album has a very personal feel, and a sense of cohesion and depth that is all too rare in contemporary pop and country. It opens with the title track, which is one of those lofty efforts that I call "issue songs," a subgenre I don't generally care much for, as it seems opportunistic and contrived. However, on this track (which was also the album's lead single), Walker may surprise a few folks with his sincere questioning of our world's injustice and imbalances, not merely deploring when "bad things happening to good people," but also questioning the privelege and affluence he enjoys as a modern American. Even more surprising is that the album actually continues along in the same vein, for song after song. Walker returns to the issue of American materialism and spiritual drift on songs such as "Everybody Needs Love," the potentially controversial "Jesus Was A Country Boy" (where he sings, "I bet he never had a million dollars/or wore a lot of fancy clothes...") and, most effectively, on "This Is What Matters," where Walker encourages the world to turn off the cell phones and fax lines, and kick back with nature, family and friends for awhile. The album is dedicated, not surprisingly, to "the good Lord," but Walker eschews the self-serving "told you so" smugness that many self-styled Christians drape themselves in, and actually seems to be searching for both answers and for a personal philosophy that will allow him to live life as a good, whole human being, one who is engaged with other people and with the world around him... He's not parading his religion, he's actually exploring his spiritual values, and it's an interesting effort, made all the more thought provoking for the highly commercial context.  This isn't the greatest Nashville-style country I've ever heard, but it is a substantive, earnest album, notable amid an ocean of crass, cynical, individualistic self-involvement. Good for Clay!
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on September 12, 2003
Wow... Clay Walker has once again produced an amazing array of work! This is definitely more along the lines of his last album, "Say No More". It is a very mature record, with Clay showing his superior range as a musician.
"Just A Few Questions", the first song to hit the radio, is a wonderful song all the way around. It is a "thinking" song, the music is beautiful, and Clay's voice compliments the lyrics and "feel" of the song perfectly. One of my other favorite slow songs on this album is "Heaven Leave the Light On". I think that this song may have something to do with Clay's fight with MS; but at any rate, it is a beautiful song that will be sure to get you thinking and reflecting on your own life.
"When She's Good She's Good", Clay played at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this past March, and it was a real crowd-pleaser. It certainly will not disappoint anyone, with its rock rythms and catchy lyrics.
I hope that "Everybody Needs Love" is the next single to come off of this album. It is a very "cute" song, but the lyrics are so true. This is a very catchy, up-beat cute song that will lift you up when you're down!
Overall, an excellent record, as always. Perfect for anyone, whther they are a country music lover, classic rock lover, or anything in between. This is a must-buy!
Clay, thank you for another amazing record, and I'm so glad an artist has finally been able to put some spirituality on their record, and still be classified as a "mainstream" artist. Congratulations on a job well done! Can't wait to see you in Houston this March (for the 6th year in a row)!
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