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on March 16, 2017
Fiddler on the Roof,my all-time favorite movie! It's a moving and timeless movie sad but with humor. Lots of easily missed insights such as "If I were a Rich Man" lyrics that include:
"If I were rich, I'd have the time that I lack
To sit in the synagogue and pray.
And maybe have a seat by the Eastern wall.
And I'd discuss the holy books with the learned men, several hours every day.
That would be the sweetest thing of all." .
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on January 17, 2016
I love this movie, but the reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is because the package shows there are Special Features, but there are none. This is the second disc I've received because I returned the first one since I could not access special features. I even called fox connect, and they told me the first disc was probably defective because I could not even access a menu that would list things like "Play", "Special Features", etc. The movie just starts when inserted into the blu-ray player, and no menu ever appears. My blu-ray player tells me this is Disc 1, so I can only assume there is a Disc 2 that has the special features. My blu-ray player is able to access special features on other discs, so there is not problem with the player.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon April 3, 2015
I had never seen this classic in true HD before. But on the FireStick Fiddle On The Roof is available in high definition and have been beautifully remastered.

The final print looks fantastic. Brilliant detail but with the color just be washed out enough that it looks like it's pre WWI Russia. (If you make a period piece like this look TOO realistic, you take the time period out of it and make it look too modern)

This movie was so well made with so much attention to detail that it deserves to be watched in full HD with 5.1 channel stereo sound for the music.

When viewing over the Firestick I did not notice any of the audio syncing problems people seem to be having with the Blu Ray.

As for the content of the movie, I love that the movie is literally the stage play just put on film with better background sets. It's line for line exactly like the stage production. It's not a "rendition" or "based on" the play.
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on September 8, 2013
The fiddler on the roof is symbolic of the difficulty of maintaining balance in a complicated and sometimes hostile world. Israeli actor Topol portrays Tevye, the poor milkman in a Russian Jewish village. He is the boss in his family, nominally at least, because he is the “Papa”. His domestic problems involve living in a home with six women, his wife and five daughters; his bigger problem is the current of anti-Semitism in Czarist Russia. He is a fiddler on the roof.

A staunch upholder of tradition handed down for millennia, Tevye assumes he will dictate the marriage circumstances of his daughters, particularly the three older girls who are already of the appropriate age. The village matchmaker arranges for the eldest daughter Tzeitel to marry the wealthy local butcher, a widower past middle age, but Tzeitel wants to marry Motel, the timid tailor. Tevye sings to himself in working out the dilemma, invoking “Tradition!”, but bending to his daughter’s wishes as he tells himself “on the other hand...” His second daughter wants to wed a radical revolutionary, an even harder decision for Tevye, but, “on the other hand…” When the third daughter wishes to marry an ethnic Russian peasant who is also a Christian, Tevye reaches the breaking point: “on the other hand… no! no!, there is no other hand!”

Fiddler on the Roof is a wonderful evocation of time and place, with a stellar cast. The film is loaded with atmospheric detail and numerous darkly lit scenes, all tremendously improved by the high-definition restoration in the Blu-ray edition. Dozens of improved scenes could be cited, but for example look at the amazing detail revealed in Tevye’s stamping dance in the loft of the barn, with the dust rising from his feet; or the dream scene which Tevye uses to convince his wife that their daughter should not marry the butcher. Having seen Fiddler several times over many years, the high-definition version was a revelation, and almost like seeing the film for the first time.

Released in 1971, Fiddler on the Roof is a perfect film for a high-definition restoration, because the minute details, the colors and the many memorable songs are all given new life by Blu-ray technology. Whether you already love it, or have never seen it, this is a must-see.
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on January 7, 2014
The movie is a five star movie in my opinion. The actual content of the blu ray disk sparkles with amazing color and detail. The sound, as far as I am concerned is excellent with good lip synching. However the fact that every time the movie is stopped it starts over from the beginning is a real negative compared to the standard DVD which will remember where it was. Stop the movie to feed the kid -- it starts over. Stop it to answer the phone, again a restart. I think I must have seen the opening credits at least 10 times just to watch the movie through once! This is inexcusable since blu ray can be authored to remember location. Also the menu set up for the extras is bizzare -- a ribbon at the bottom of the screen that cannot be accessed until the opening sequence of the movie starts. If you have a big enough screen to benefit from the additional detail of blu ray you might want to consider buying this edition, however unless you watch your movies all the way through in one sitting with no interuptions be prepared for frustration.
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on July 28, 2017
This movie was great from beginning to end. I loved the acting. It is about a milkman and his family and the way that the Father and Mother have to cope with changes. Their daughters don't want to stick with traditional ways. The father's love is tested by three out of five daughters. Then the Jewish people are told they have to vacate their homes in three days. It will make you cry, laugh and smile. Loved the songs.
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on January 3, 2017
Classic great movie! I can never tire watching this movie. First time I saw this movie was in a movie theater when I was just a kid. This was the last movie my mom went to see at a theater and it is her all time favorite. Recently she had to move in with me so as treat I rented this movie for her. Mom as the age of 94, never stays up past 8 PM. She stayed up for to watch this movie and not once did she complain or fuss. (she complains about everything).
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VINE VOICEon May 4, 2008
Fiddler on the Roof fDVD

Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 film version of the Broadway musical about a Ukrainian Jewish Family circa 1905 Tsarist Russia. I normally don't care for musicals, but I really liked this one. It won three Academy Awards, including one for arranger -conductor John Williams. It was nominated for a number of others, including Best Picture, Best Actior Chaim Yopolas Tevye and Best Supporting Actor for Leonartd Frey, who played Motel the Tailor( both had originally acted in the musical; Topol as Tevye in the London production Frey in a minor part as the rabbi's son). The decision to cast Topol as Tevye instead of Zero Mostel was a somewhat controversial one, as the role had originated with Mostel and he had made it famous.
Recording was done at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England. Most of the exterior shots were done in Croatia in Mala Gorica, Lekenik and Zagreb
The film follows the plot of ther stage play very closely, although it omits the songs "Now I Have Everything" and "The Rumor". It takes place in the Jewih Village Anatevka in Tsarist Russia 1905 and centers on the character of Tevye a poor milkman, and his daughters' marriages. As Tevye says in the introductory narration, the Jews have relied upon their traditions to maintain the stability of their way of life for centuries; but as times change, that stability is threatened on the small scale by Tevye's daughters' wishes to marry men not chosen in the traditional way by the matchmaker and on the large scale by popgroms and revolution in Russia. Probably my favorite songs are "Tradition" and "Matchmaker" And "Do You Love Me"

Gunner May, 2008
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on January 17, 2018
Have long loved this movie - and most productions on stage I have seen. This anniversary edition is pretty well cleaned up and worthy of the honor.
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on February 2, 2018
This is an amazing musical. It used to be on television every year, but it the era of PC and faith-bashing, the only way you're going to see it is to got to Amazon vid. The bar scene with the Russian singers and dancers is absolutely amazing. I saw this play on Broadway in NYC, but I think the film is the best.
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