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on May 20, 2013
Just one example: Steven Spielberg stating that the best eight hours of his life were those spent with Fidel Castro. The man who directed "Schindler's List" can make that statement? He is either one of the top ten hypocrites in history, or just as bad, among the top "useful idiots" of his generation. Stories abound of Hollywood elites who go to enjoy the pleasures of Cuba while its people and once beautiful cities decay and rot. Cuba's apartheid is just as bad as South Africa's was, and yet, you don't hear Jesse Jackson and other black "leaders" say a word. Castro's misinformation apparatus won the hearts and filled the pockets of many in the film and media industry and the political arena. Cuba's patriots were abandoned and betrayed 52 years ago and Cuban freedom still is.
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on June 11, 2005
I think that every Cuban should buy two copies of this book, one to read and keep, the other one to give it to somebody who still hasn't been informed correctly about Cuba-before and post Castro-This is a very useful book for those who came very little and didn't have to live the brutal truth or to those who like myself, grew up with the Revolution-I was 24 in 1990 when I came to The United States, but most of all, for the American people who are constantly being misinformed by the hypocrites and liars from Hollywood and the media. In this book all the "leaders" are finally and accurately called by their true definitions. They've been nothing but murders. They murdered lives and they murdered a culture, they even try to murder history, but books like this proves that They've been wrong, that you can't hide the facts forever. Someday you'll see T-shirts with the image of Ernesto Guevara-I refuse to call him "Che"- saying I WAS A MURDERER. There always going to be the "stupid" blind ones who would never admit the truth despite the facts, but is up to us, CUBANS, to outnumber them. This book is a testimony that that is possible. Humberto, Thank you for this book, I am sure that all the victims of Castros's communism feel the same way, specially those who sacrificed all.
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on August 23, 2014
As A Cuban American, I am so pained when I see someone who obviously hasn't got a clue, wear a Che t-shirt, or speaks about how wonderful Cuba's healthcare or literacy rate it. This is the book to read if you want to know the truth about Cuba. You'll never wear a Che t-shirt again!
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on April 27, 2005
This book destroys the myths about communist Cuba:

- Life under Castro is better than it was under Bautista.

- 1950s Cuba was poorer and more repressive than Cuba today, and thus, it is necessary to have a dictator like Fidel.

- Fidel is a "revolutionary communist leader" who cares about his own poor.

- Fidel is an idealist who wants to help the Third World, and should be praised for "standing up to the U.S.".

- Che Guevara is an idealist, humanistic hero of guerilla wars, and should be looked up to.

- The Cuban Revolution helped the poor in Cuba

- Fidel made Cuba less racist.

- Left-wing Europeans and Americans are right to support Fidel in his "struggle" against the U.S.

- The embargo by the U.S. is wrong

The truth:

- 1950s Cuba was a fairer, more thriving society than modern Cuba, with more freedoms (sure, Bautista was repressive, but not as much as Fidel).

- Fidel and Co. killed 15,000 people who opposed them (mostly by firing .45 caliber handguns into their heads at close range).

- Fidel looked up to Adolf Hitler and modelled some of his writing on what Hitler had written ("History will absolve me").

- There have been 500,000 people (mostly poor, mostly black) in Cuba's Gulags

- Fidel's thugs regularly use torture on prisoners

- Che was an Argentine who personally sent 1,890 men to death - without trial, by firing squad. Che's office had a window where he could look out on the firing squads shooting men in the head with .45 handguns. One after another after another. Che once said, "we don't need evidence", and "we have to become cold-blooded killers".

- Fidel hated Che and sent him abroad on "missions" to get rid of him.

- Cuba's prisons contain 80 % black prisoners. The communist party is 0.08 % black. Thus, Cuba is a racist country (a U.S. "black panther" who hijacked a plane to Cuba in the 1970s and was ended up in Cuban prison, was brutally maltreated and lost the use of one eye as a result once said, "I would rather be a prisoner in the U.S. than "free" in Cuba).

- Fidel was involved in murder across borders (i.e., terrorism).

- Fidel pleaded with the USSR during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 to fire nukes at the U.S.

- Despite receiving billions in aid from the USSR over 4 decades, today, the average Cuban gets less rations per day than the slaves in Cuba in 1840 !!

- Hollywood and the Left turn a blind eye to Cuba's human rights abuses, praising the dictator, Fidel. (whereas Chile's Pinochet - who the Left love to revile, had 5,000 people killed, Fidel and Co. had 15,000 people murdered, all without a fair trial, many with no trial at all).

I wish all the leftwingers in the U.S. and everywhere would read this book before talking about how Fidel is such a great "Third World leader", or putting on that Che Guavara t-shirt.
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on May 5, 2014
This work depicts properly the nature of the Cuban dictator and the many shortcomings of his Hollywood's following. Informing and interesting.
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on March 11, 2012
The book was extremely interesting. I learned so much about the communist revolution in Cuba and how we(the US)under Kennedy sold out the Cuban people who had a vibrant country until the communists took over. It is shameful that things are still not much better under the Castros.
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on July 26, 2013
Mr. Fontova is doing us all a favor with his take on the Cuban tragedy. I highly recommend his works.
Frida Masdeu.
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on April 20, 2006
The absolute truth about the Castro revolution. Years of disinformation are exposed. The reason the Cuban revolution occurred was a desire of the Cuban people to restore constitutional democracy. Fidel Castro never did that and he has jailed and murdered more people than the rest of Latin America combined. Yet these facts are curiously overlooked by the US media and academia. This book is the absolute truth.... buy it and read it. Castro has ruled with an iron hand for 48 years transforming Cuba into his own personal fiefdom. Why has it taken so many years for folks in the US to wake up to the Orwellian nightmare that lies just 90 miles from the United States? read this book!
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on December 31, 2016
Enjoyed reading it. I needed to know more history of Cuba and Castro!
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on February 16, 2015
Very poor citations written by one who obviously had much hatred towards Castro which leads to a biased documentary. I do not recommend this book to one that searches for unbiased history.
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