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on May 6, 2014
If you want to kill time with an extremely easy read that's amusing enough to turn the page solely due to its fairly politically incorrect content this is it. You don't have to think about what you're reading at all because of the basic 6-7th grade writing. It's easy to keep going and still think about things going on around you. Which makes it convenient.

Most of the book however i felt broader line embarrassed to be reading because it's so poorly written. Too many times I couldn't even figure out how this got published. It resembled a parody of sorts written by a sexually frustrated fan girl. You could tell the author had a few favorite words I can only imagine she discovered using These choice words of hers are barge and sophisticated sounding but are almost a little too obscure to sound normal. She also repeats details too much and throughout the book it often becomes annoying and tedious like a broken record. *SPOILER* if I ever see some one in or hear about someone wearing a white linen shirt I'm going to throw up on them and then burn the shirt I'm so sick and tired of hearing about this grey character wearing a white linen shirt! No one ever wears the same item that much in real life! It was like this women had a blow up poster of Fabio directly in front of her computer the entire time she was writing this "book", I guess you could call it if you wanted to be generous.

Anyway. It took me probably about 8-10 hours to read the whole thing. And I am an extremely sllllooooowwww reader. I often will a good part of a book then stop for a month. It took be about 6 months to read the 5th Harry potter book to put it in perspective on the depth of this writing. And Harry Potter is technically written for children to read.

The book sucked I'm embarrassed I even stooped so low and got caught up in all the hullabaloo about this piece of writing.
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on May 16, 2015
I cannot begin to describe the depth of heart you will actually discover and how, just as Ana waits to see his expressions -you will wait with her. I love -love -love the growth of character so intelligently written in this love story. Yes. It's hot. But this is really about personal challenges, growth in love, demolishing and facing fear (no, not the red room). Real fear. Doubt. Makes me love my husband even more, recognizing so many of the best traits in him. This is a love story of such magnitude, wow. Just, wow.
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This second book in the Fifty Shades trilogy picks up right where the first one finished.
Is Anastasia Steele able to continue her life without Christian Grey in it.
Will she find happiness without him?
Will Christian go back to his previous lifestyle he lived prior to meeting Ana?
This second novel is full of twists and turns that the reader won't see coming.
Congratulations EL James on writing a story that continues and flows so beautifully.
Again deserves more than a 5***** rating.
Now onto the final book in the trilogy: Fifty Shades Freed.
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on February 13, 2015
I am saddened by this book. Not so much because it was written or that people read it and enjoy it (although that is a tough one to overcome), but saddened by the fact that millions of women consider this sexy and a love story. My faith in humanity (and the ability of tampons to ward off unwanted sex) is lost. I felt many things while reading this book, but turned on wasn't one of them.
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on July 11, 2012
I don't know who this woman is paying to promote this abomination of a book but I'm sure they are being paid well considering this book costs 10X's what it's worth! (and I'm talking $9.99 not full price!) I couldn't get into the book because I simply did not like the main characters. The best friend is the only reason I kept reading. It took a very warped mind to write this and I have no intention to buy the next book to find out what happens because I DON'T CARE! I'm glad she got away from the psycho. If the author wasn't so greedy and would actually let the book be loaned on the Kindle I might consider it but I'll be damned if I support her any further. If someone is looking to read it for the thrill of the sexual content (which is every two pages) there are several freebies that are better!
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on October 3, 2013
I was told by a few friends, "you have GOT to read this trilogy!" Ok. I gave in. Wow, I should have not listened to them & should've skipped this novel. I wasted my time on an entirely unrealistic book. A self-conscious, self-proclaimed virgin falls madly in love with an incredibly rich, extremely handsome, emotionally damaged sexual sado-masochist, lost puppy of a man. In approximately one week, our pure-as-the-driven-snow heroine decides to sleep with the masochistic. Not only do they have earth-shaking sex once a day.... they have it 2, 3, 4 times a day. Every time it is fireworks, crash, boom bang, over the top orgasmic. Every time. Yeah, that's realistic. Story plausibility is about a 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. The dialogue is juvenile. There is no true rhythm, nothing to capture the reader in their dialogue. It reads like a teenage novel about over-sexed adolescents. If I read "medullah oblongata" once, I read it 5, 6, 7, 8 times. Over-stretching it a bit, aren't we? I got sick of the author's I'm-going-to-impress-you-with-big-words attempts. It got old really fast. I could not connect with these characters who really were not as well-developed as my friends seemed to think. The plot & the writing flow were implausible & mediocre. All I can say if you're thinking of reading this 'new sensation' novel, it really isn't worth the time. To the book I say - 'laters baby.' (Oh, how I HATE that constantly repeated phrase. So dumb.)
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on July 19, 2012
Well, surprisingly the plot has improved somewhat in this second book of the trilogy. I do however question how often a person can have sex in a day, week and so forth without some possible medical problems but hey, we all want the lover who simply can't get enough.
When exactly is there time for real life, and exciting sex venues work well for me but repeating phrases often quite ruins the moment. She should be flushing her system with water instead of just flushing with embarrassment. In fact I worry that Ana may not be drinking enough water as I would hate for cystitus to set in, oh wait a minute does it qualify as pain?
Marriage and Vanilla Sex is a great concept but we all know the Red Room will make an appearance sooner or later but can we have some heavy duty editing first? Again I am weak and will read the next one, I want to know where it will end and if the author finally finds some new vocabulary.
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on February 10, 2016
I wanted to like these books but I just can't. It's basically smut for the sake of smut which would be ok if the smut wasn't the same exact thing every time and boring to boot. Seriously every harlequin romance I've read was more passionate and entertaining.
I watched the movie first and thought the characters were flat and thought they must have missed something in their interpretation. I got the books and ...Nope, the characters are flat. What little plot there is moves excruciatingly slow.
Seriously the last straw for me was the crazy stalker bitch getting a concealed carry permit so she could buy a gun. Does Ms James have access to google? You don't need a cwp to buy a gun and someone who was just in the hospital for attempted suicide wouldn't pass a background check for either. The only way she could get a gun is illegally and then Mr. Grey wouldn't have found out. I'm returning my kindle version without finishing the series.
I would recommend reading the Dirty Bad series instead. Now those will get your juices flowing.
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on April 7, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this one even better than the first. Not everyone apparently appreciates the turmoil in the love story between Christian, with his very troubled past, and Ana with her simple background and unbridled love and devotion. The sex is merely a necessary distraction and I have high hopes that Christian can overcome or at least learn to control his urges. Can't wait to read the final volume.
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on January 24, 2015
Christian and Ana's story continues and now it's really a love story. He's still so monumentally screwed up but I find him to truly be the most fascinating character I've ever read. Ana is a ball of confusion having to deal with things that are new to her basically by herself while wrestling with her feelings for Christian which makes her equally interesting. I think I mostly feel this way because I'm pretty sure that I could never be involved with someone whose personality so drastically changes at any given moment and yet Ana finds a way to get past it. It's all very intriguing.
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