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on May 6, 2016
So as I stated my kiddo got this for me for mothers day, got here early which was good and we opened it up because that's what we do. I am on level 2 and loving this piston Joe boss fight I'm in. The game gives you tips to beat every one and also helps as much as it hinders your fighting style with the Kinect sensor. Maybe mine is just wonky but it sees me doing things I am not doing, also it shows me doing them after I already performed the move. However I am doing well it does give you a bit of a cardio boost and yes I am an adult but this kind of game is like putting you in the middle of those old school fun fights like street fighter! My daughter loves this game also I might add. It was a gift for both of us. We just found it and it was cheap because the Xbox 1 is already a thing so we thought a little cheap entertainment would be fun!
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on February 7, 2012
This game is great.

Some of the negative feedback comes from folks who had misplaced expectations. People gripe that your guy does not replicate every move you make when you want to make it. I wonder if these people have ever played a fighting game. When you spam moves in DOA or Soul Caliber or whatever, certain moves take a certain time to execute and certain moves only happen under the right conditions. In Fighters Uncaged, your basic punches and whatnot happen as you make them but other moves you have to do correctly and with the right timing to make happen. This is part of the enjoyment of the you come up the learning curve you get better at making the dude do what you want.

You can not just windmill your arms, expect your character to do the same thing, and expect to win. Similarly, if you are a ninja IRL, your real, well honed moves, will not translate automatically to successful gaming experience here any more than they would in DOA or any other fighting game. The kinect is still a controller, you have to manipulate the controller using your body to get the guy to do what you want, this is not the star trek holodeck yet.

The beauty of the game is that AFTER you come up the learning curve a little ways you get a greater illusion of immersion with your body movements. The immersion improves as you align with the game (some people seem to expect the reverse). This immersion is not in full effect from the start any more than it is with a new fighting game where you are figuring out which button is the punch and which is the kick, etc...and the beauty of the kinect and the learning curve is that once you do move up the learning curve the immersion payoff is greater.

This also supposes that you really want to jump around while you are playing, which I do. The game combines my desire to get a bit of exercise and pummel some people after a stressful day.

This genre (kinect action/fighting) fights the headwinds of unrealistic expectations and expectations that vary greatly among the gaming audience. Viewed objectively, this game is awesome. Enjoy these games for what they are and constructively support these initiatives toward a deeper and deeper interactive gaming experiences.
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on December 26, 2010
This is one of my top favorite games for kinect! It's just like kinect sports boxing but this time you can do all sorts of different kicks for damaging! I haven't seen any lag at all in this game and the motion tracking is extremely accurate as long as you are playing correctly. Make sure you definitely DO NOT skip the training before entering into real fights. The training tells you how far or close your character should be to his opponent to pull certain moves off. For example if your opponent is not standing close enough to your character, but ducking back .... there is no way you can of course do a head butt on him. Wait, until your opponent stands close to you to head butt him. This game by the way is definitely for teens + because of some of the language the fighters uses. What a awesome workout this game is, too. It REALLY gets your heart rate up.
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on August 24, 2012
I bought this game because I like using the kinect to workout with. I have POWERUP HEROES which is also a fighting/kicking/punching game and wanted something similar. Anyway, I did the training session, then went straight into fighting and managed to KO a few baddies lol. It made me pour with sweat and gave a good workout and allowed me to make use of my martial arts skills in a fun way at home. The game seemed pretty easy to win and it didn't take too much effort to win each time. The kinect does pick up my movements pretty well, so not sure why other reviewers are complaining so much. My major gripe is that it's geared towards men and there are no female fighters to unlock, at least I didn't see any :-/ Us women like to fight too, game developers ;)) It's a good workout game if you don't take it too seriously, obviously not for serious gamers but if you want to burn a few calories, it is great! There are lessons and advice about how to fight and it is informative. I find it good for sparring practice when not in martial arts class and would recommend it.
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on January 9, 2013
This is a very fun Kinect game. I got so caught up in playing it the first day I got it that I was soaked in sweat after an hour and a half of playing it. I am in pretty good shape, run about 10 miles a week, but this game is a major aerobic workout. The next morning I felt like I was hit by a truck. Muscles I didn't know I had were soar. But that didn't stop me from playing for another hour the next night. It is that fun.

It is set up so that you have a variety of opponents to fight and you are scored on how well you did, not just win lose. So even when you win you can go back and try to do better. After you build up enough point you move up to a new league and the fun continues. You can play for just a few minutes, one fight, or for a few hours depending on your fitness level (which is sure to increase if you play this game consistently). There is not a big plot or and puzzle to solve, hopefully you don't expect that from a game like this. It is just simple smash and pound. The trash talking makes if fun as well.

The game walks you through a number of training exercises that teach you the 40 different moves you can use as well as giving you fighting advice. Most of the moves match what you would do in real life (e.g. a punch is a punch, a head butt is a head butt) but some of the harder moves that most of us can not do (or do well), like a spinning high back kick, have short cuts. So instead of spinning around and kicking where your opponents head would be you just cross one of your legs behind the other. You quickly learn how to those moves, most of the time.

There are a few of the moves that I have not been able to do consistently. They are relatively simple moves which I totally think I am doing exactly like the trainer shows me on the screen but the game rarely registers my actions correctly. That is my biggest problem with the game. But like I said it is only a few moves so it does not really affect the game play.

It would be better though if for the moves that have short cuts, instead of trying to train us to do the move exactly like the game wants us to do, we were able to teach the game how we do that move. So every time we repeat the movements which we have told it mean spinning back hand, or instance, then the game would just do a spinning back hand on the screen. But for around $20 it is an outstanding game and I really can not complain.

Also it is not really bad violence in case you are worried about playing in front of your kids. No blood, broken bones, eye balls hanging out or that kind of thing. There is hitting and kicking and "I'm going to put you down!" kind of talk though. I let my 7 year old watch one morning and he didn't seem affected by it. Actually he got bored after a few fights.
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on November 8, 2013
Keep in mind, fours stars according to Amazon is "I LIKE IT".
Here's the skinny. I bought the game for exercise, and playing it for at least 30 to 45 minutes gets a relatively good sweat going.
So from that perspective, it's a relatively cheap investment [$15.50 delivered is what I paid] to diversify my work-outs.
Now onto game play...
This IS NOT a game you can just go straight to fighting. I strongly recommend actually doing the training modules before you jump into the game so that you can learn what the GAME finds acceptable as far as fighting motions. The sensor is very particular which movements are appropriate and which ones are not.
I will say although the concept is a good one, the sensors ability to always get your intended moves correct is not 100%. However, for a first generation game I am somewhat lenient in my expectations.
If you are looking for a decent work-out in a pretty cheesy game then you should be happy. However, if you are a hardcore gamer who has no room for "glitchy" sensors then you will find yourself frustrated.
As for me, no buyers remorse : )
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on December 28, 2010
First off I played this game over the weekend and loved it. My wife got a kick out of me finishing off an opponent then looking over my shoulder with a goofy "look what I did 10 year-old" grin. But I almost didn't buy this one because of the bad reviews. Fact is I did get it because I also read the good reviews and it seemed that the people who enjoyed it had two things in common one they learned how it worked, and two they didn't take themselves too seriously.
Yes first learn how the "game" works, what moves it uses, and what it can and can't do. I, as some of the other reviewers, have been in the martial arts for years and this is actually not a good thing in regards to this game. Learning this game is like learning a new style old habits get in the way. Also the Kinect only sees in 2D so if you put one foot behind the other in your cool traditional stance the Kinect thinks you just lost a leg. Lastly on this point this game does not track all your killer fighting moves it only sees your movements as triggers for game movements. For it to tack everything you do would take a great deal higher level of tech than the Kinect and Xbox can muster, and a game that would do this would appeal to what? 10% or less of the population, not every gamer has had 10 to 20 years of training.
Yes this game is fun, it will give you a good workout, and it will teach both beginners and "experts" how to control their movements.
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on August 16, 2016
I adore this game 100%. Every time I play it I get a full body workout. Sadly, I play til the point that I am so sore the next day that I can barely move, but I don't let that stop me. Also, family loves to watch me play it. Get a bunch of laughs. 'Cause who wouldn't get a laugh watching someone fight air?
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on February 18, 2013
I am not a gamer, but use the XBox Kinect for cardio when I cannot get to the gym. Fighters Uncaged is the program I use usually, although I own a few of the Kinect standard exercise packages.
As long as I consciously tell myself to think only of the cardio benefit, it is quite nice. But the game is absurd otherwise: against some of the opponents my strike movements (not other body movements, e.g. feints) are picked up well enough as long as I do not move too fast, but there are three at the level I have reached that appear to be programmed so that not only can I not hurt them, I can barely punch or kick them because the game does not pick up the movements.
Other than this, my greatest problem with the package is the fact that if I knock an opponent to the ground I cannot follow up with strikes, even on rising, whereas if I am swept to the ground I cannot defend myself as I stand.
So, do not purchase this as a game to win, but as a decent enough cardio workout that is fun if you like to strike.
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on July 11, 2011
Having looked over the spread of Kinect games currently available I have begun to notice a trend. If an over-weight ADHD twelve-year-old can't play it properly, then it must be terrible, right? Right?
Fighter's Uncaged presents precisely this dilemma, and its low scores across the board indicate that it is useless, if not entirely broken as many critics have claimed.

Having played through the whole tutorial and successfully combated all the introductory fighters (with a flawless record no less), I feel it is time to set the record straight. There are a number of points about this game that must be heeded in order for it to be in any way entertaining or useful.

1) Kids beware - it isn't that the game is that terribly challenging (come on critics, really?) but the movements required to perform maneuvers are precise. Thus, if you aren't precise and are prone to throwing your arms and legs out haphazardly trying to hit your opponent, you will be foiled. Thus, this game is simply not kid friendly as most kids (and over-weight critics) have a tendency to do just that - flail around to no avail.

2) It works... but do you? - I'm not in top condition by any means, but I am physically fit enough to know that out-of-shapers will simply be frustrated by this game. This game not only requires stamina but also precision, which if you are out of shape you simply will not have. The repeated whine from the critics has been "it doesn't work, wah*wah*wah". The reality is that it does work, just fine, but it doesn't work if you can't control your limbs enough to accurately perform the gestures. It's pretty much that simple: if you can't properly activate the Kinect with your movements, then it will have to try to guess what you are doing, and this can result in sporadic movements and lag. If, however, you properly learn the moves (on both sides of the body, which is necessary, not superfluous as the critic claims) and remember their motions accurately, then you will have no problem.

3) Fitness = Practice - This may come as a surprise to the gaming critic world, but if you want to continue reviewing Kinect games you are going to have to get in shape to do it. The fact is that games such as Fighters Uncaged require a minimum level of fitness in order for it to work correctly. Further, it seems that the expectation of many people, critics included, when appropriating this game is that it should play like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat, plug and play so to speak. The reality is that you have to be physically conditioned enough in order to actually perform the gestures necessary and have the reflexes necessary to keep up in combat. If you were actually going to become a professional fighter you wouldn't start by booking a fight, you would take time to prepare and train before booking your first fight. This game is no different. If you can't pass through the tutorials then you need to keep practicing until you can properly execute all the different techniques.

4) Is it for me? - For any of you out there that are worried by the overwhelming negative critic response to this game, so long as you take into account the above mentioned warnings, you should at least give it a try. If you are like me, you will find an entertaining game that after about two hours of training you can successfully plug away at and will in the process get a fantastic workout. The more you play (practice) the better you will get and the more fluid your motions will be.

Bottom Line: If you are 1) older youth to adult, 2) physically fit and wanting a challenge, and 3) at least moderately coordinated, then this game will be a great physical and mental challenge for you.
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