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on February 6, 2016
Now for those who are looking for something that is amazing and cheep but not quality cheep. Here it is, this is an amazing device. Note one side of this is an amp and the other a DAC. The DAC is what translated your music front your device to your headphones. This makes it sound clear and distortion free and also amps your device, not esteem but much more than your phone or tablet. The other side is the amp this side just pumps you device, big sound. More than enough. I do recommend a good set of headphones, like the Audio Technical M50x or some Sennheiser. Now if you have a iPhone get the Fiio L9 wire for this device and for android get a mini to micro USB, abut 4 or 6 inch cable. Thus way you can utilize the DAC to you phone. The Fiio is small and lite, the size of let's say a bit smaller that a box playing cards. Believe me you will not be disappointed.
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on January 14, 2016
Wait, the Q1 is already out, why get this? Well, this has a few advantages.

1: Flat edges. It sits neatly on your desk flat, while some people have that issue with the Q1.

2: Night usage. Even at night, you can see all the options easily.

3: More options. It has a range of controls for highs, mids, and bass, while the Q1 has a slight bass boost on/off.

4: Dual headphone outputs, for using multiple headphones/speakers

5: The USB input is digital, while the Q1's is not.

6: It's between $15-20 cheaper, especially after taxes

disadvantages of this vs Q1

1: The controls are generally less favorable, but they are really easy to get used to, honestly.

2: The Q1 is reported to have better sound in the mid range

3: The construction is full metal while the e07k is metal and glass

Overall good stuff:

1. Lots of accessories. Usb cable, short aux cable, silicone sleeve, a soft, foamy pouch, little sticker stand things (I have no desire to use these, the silicone case is enough anti-slip, 2 bands for attatching to another device, and 2 screen protectors for the glass. All of it is pretty nice overall.

2. High quality feel and build

3. Sounds nice, controls are easy to get used to

4. Interface is minimal to just what you need to see, and none of what you don't
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on July 4, 2015
This is my second headphone amp, my first was the Creative Labs X1 which is a very good value as it is compact and helps with volume and clarity. This Fiio brings a lot more to the table, way more powerful and so many way to fine tune the sound for different headphones. You get 10db +/- bass adjustment and the same for highs. Gain can be adjusted between 0db, 6db or 12db. For instance, I can bump the bass a bit on my Pioneer SE-A1000 which are open back and while they have very good mids and highs they lack a bit on bass. When listening to my V-moda Crossfade LP I can bump the highs which are lacking on them. Sizewise the Fiio isn't as compact as the X1 but it isn't too bulky either. It's shorter and narrower than my iPod touch 3rd generation but way thicker (about 3 times thicker than the ipod). I use it with the Fiio 30pin iPod line out adapter cable and audio quality is pretty good for being an analog connection. So far haven't hade any problems driving any of my headphones which are low impedance (16 Ohms~50 Ohms). It gave new life to headphones that I considered not good enough and had them sitting around, once I listened to them again with the Fiio E07K Andes they came to life like never before. For the price this is an awesome headphone amp and you also get the Wolfson DAC which is great.
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on February 12, 2016
I wasn't too impressed with my Windows laptop's power output for my headphones. It required the volume to be ridiculously high in order to get the sound levels that did my headphones justice. The reviews for this thing convinced me to take the plunge and it was immediately obvious that it was worth the relatively modest investment.

In short, it amplifies your media player's sound power by many orders of magnitude depending on its stock levels and delivers a nice, clean sound. I think the average laptop will benefit immensely from this. I can't comment on iphone or ipod amplification, but I'd be wary of carrying this thing around in addition to those devices. It's the same basic mass/weight of an ipod classic with slightly different dimensions. And I personally find the stock amplification of the iphone 6 to be plenty adequate for my headphones.

In summary: if you're disappointed by the audio output of your computer (or other media player), try this device. You'll probably be pretty happy with it.
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on June 26, 2016
This thing really made me love listening to music again! I have $120 Sony headphones and have this running into a USB to Lighting camera adapter ( on a iPad Mini 1st gen) running Spotify. My MP3s are on Spotify are over kbps...and I'm here to tell you its amazing! I've even tried it with JRivers Media Player with Flac files (Running 800kbps to 1100kbps) and its sounds out of this world!! This device will improve your listening experience. You can use this device as a sound card or a headphone amp. It does have Bass and Treble adjustments as well. You can even adjust the db up or down( -4db to +12db). It also has dual 1/8" standard headphone outputs and a 1/8" input for use as a portable headphone amp. Also is rechargeable and lasted me 11 hours on a single charge. Its a must have it you want more from your from your music.
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on January 7, 2016
Where has this thing been all my life!!! I thought stuff like this was pointless junk for audio snobs, I had no idea what i was missing out on. This device has changed my life for the better and the worse, for the better, i can enjoy music to a degree i never have before, i'm still in awe. My PC gaming has improved on FPS games, I can hear people sneaking up on me or bots running around! For the negative, enjoying the audio on most youtube videos is ruined for me now, as well as most lower quality audio files that never bothered me before. I can now tell a significant difference in audio quality and it now annoys me. Maybe i'm turning into one of them audio snobs. This device has made a 7 dollar set of Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphones sound absolutely amazing... I have $180 headphones that can't match the sound quality of these damned earbuds now with the right EQ settings,

All i can say is i'm floored by the performance of this product if you have a laptop/pc that you are frustrated with the audio quality or how quiet the headphones are, I highly recommend this product. I have the Gain @ 6 and i have yet to take the volume over 45.
This thing is loud, clean crisp audio quality. Cranking it to max is not necessary.....
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on February 26, 2016
I purchased the FiiO E07K Andes USB DAC/amp for use primarily at work with a Mac mini as I like to stream music while working. The mini does not natively have any form of audio enhancement and streamed audio can sound lifeless with little “punch” on my Bose® SoundTrue® headphones. This amp has only simple +-10 bass & treble controls however they make a big difference. I would have liked a multi band parametric or graphic equalizer but the shelving EQ does the trick. It was simple to plug the amp in via USB and select it as audio output device (no drivers needed) in the Mac’s system preferences. The audio is then routed to the FiiO DAC for processing and amplification. No hiss. No crosstalk. Great. When I unplug the amp the Mac reverts to the headphone jack for audio output. Plug the amp in again and the Mac “remembers” to send audio to it. I have also used the FiiO EO7K via USB on my Windows laptop and with the headphone jack of my iPhone and android tablet. There are numerous headphone amps that provide a switch for one or two levels of bass boost but I much prefer more control of the lows and highs that the Andes offers. The amp offers gain settings of 0, 6 and 12db (I use 6) for use with headphones of various sensitivities. Volume is variable from 0-60 with any gain and the max is user defined. The display shows volume and bass/trebles values. It can bet set for always on or off at a set time of seconds. The unit can remember the last volume value used or default to 20 so when powered on it will not blast your ears. The entire face of the Andes is glass which I do not care for as it shows fingerprints. Only a display window is needed. Screen protectors are supplied with the unit which would not be needed for just a small display window. All user settings are retained in memory. The unit appears to be very well made with a nice fit & aluminum finish. It makes Internet streaming sound much better. I don’t want to use headphones without it. Highly recommended.
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on January 21, 2015
Not only stylish and good looking, but works very well. The packaging comes with 2 extra screen protectors as well as a flex-case made of silicon and a choice of rubber bumper glue-ons should you choose to use it without the flex case. I have yet to find the battery life as I have not run out after some 10 hours of listening.

I mainly got this unit to help overcome the affects of soft muting on some AM radios I use for distance reception. The soft mute decreases the volume on some weak stations such that they can only be heard when using this little miracle. Likewise, I love the treble and bass adjustments so I can shape the audio on some of the "muddier sounding" radios I have. It is very effective and priced right for what it does. I consider this a necessary tool for those involved in Shortwave radio and AM and FM DXing. Highly recommended.
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on April 15, 2013
The E07K helps me with two problems. First, my laptop doesn't have the greatest sound quality - the onboard soundcard giving everything a slight but noticeable hiss of static, and also degrading even FLAC files to phone-line grade quality. The second problem is both my phone and Sansa Clip+ have trouble driving my old set of Sennheiser HD555s (50Ohm, not the highest impedance I've seen but still enough to give a lot of things problems).

I was putting off getting something, assuming I'll have to get two separate devices and have to pay a fair amount to get something that wouldn't make things worse. Then, I found out about the Fiio E07K. After reading several reviews, I decided to grab one, as most of them were saying it's a great competitor in this price range.

I was not disappointed. It did such a good job with my laptop, I decided to use it with my desktop as well, despite already having a lower end PCI sound card in it. It has no problem driving my HD555s, and even improves sound quality to my earbuds (CX880s).

Battery life seems good, even though I don't give it much of a chance to run down before I'm using it on my desktop or laptop again. The option to change treble and bass is a plus. It even works with my phone with a cheap $2 USB OTG cable (Samsung Galaxy S3). It even has the same yellow/blue screen as my Clip+.

However, there are a few minor downsides. I get minor screen tearing when scrolling through menus, and the screen doesn't seem to turn off when the DAC is on, even when on battery. Some sort of EQ would be nice, so I don't have to change it on whatever I have it plugged in to. When turning up the amp gain, it starts adding noise to the output. Finally, like other reviewers have said, the 3.5mm jacks are kind of tight - both the dual headphone jacks and the auxiliary input.
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on February 6, 2016
Wow, this makes a big difference. I bought this to use with Sennheiser HD 598 headphones. I had been using the headphones to listen through the audio port to my computer before this product came. Therefore, the only change was the Fiio. The difference was obvious almost to the level of being dramatic. I would strongly recommend.

The only Con is that the instructions are not good. Fortunately, the drivers installed automatically and the controls are intuitive so this wasn't a problem.
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