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on February 15, 2016
As my family is from Alabama, I wanted this collection to get The Phenix City Story, and I was completely pleased. Gritty history and a strong moral tale simultaneously, and entertaining, too.
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on February 22, 2015
We purchased this just for the single movie, Phenix City Story. We enjoyed this one movie. Not too long -- not too short. The DVD had a bad spot in it and got hung up. Overall, we appreciated viewing it and would recommend that movie to anyone who is interested in the history of Phenix City.
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on March 13, 2017
Possibly the best series ever filmed about 1940's & 1950's film noir! Pick up all 5 volumes if you dare!
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on January 20, 2017
I bought this used for Deadline at Dawn which turned out to be a very good interesting film. More noir-ish than many more familiar film noir. At a used price it's, for me, almost worth it for that film alone. The others will be bonuses.
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on September 13, 2011
this pack of film noir is very good entertainment for any family to watch . the prints are very good and sound also . its a very good selection of movies for the price and well worth buying. I always find the film noir with good actors and the one with Raymond Burr in Desperate is a real cracker and then you have actors like William Tallman . you cant beat him when it comes to mystery movies . If you like film noir then go for it its great in every way and all very good movies and you cant go wrong with this pack.
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on March 29, 2012
I enjoyed all the films in this volume. Some might not be what most would refer to as classic Film Noir, but this volume is well worth checking out anyway. The stories are interesting, they are directed well and the lighting is often what one would expect from Noir. The TV in the bar in Dial 1119 was a surprise to see (For those who have not seen the film, you're probably not sure what I'm talking about. Watch the film to find out).
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on March 1, 2015
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on March 6, 2015
There is no weak link in this delightful and intriguing collection of "minor" noirs. None of them is a masterpiece, but there are several minor classics like The Phoenix City Story, Armored Car Robbery & Dial 1119. More importantly, these films are from a time when writers and directors knew how to make films that delivered the goods but did not outstay their welcome! Of course, these were all part of double bills (with noirs usually being relegated to the bottom half).

It's a shame that these wonderful thrillers are no longer prime-time material. The pimply teens of today could actually learn something about movie-making from them.

DVD quality is generally excellent, though the extras aren't as "epic" as the ones for earlier boxes with some of the more high-profile titles.
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on November 11, 2010
Since I already own and enjoy the previous four volumes of the Warner Brothers Film Noir Classic Collection, this fifth volume was eagerly anticipated. Well, I've watched all eight films twice and the set turns out to be a decidedly mixed bag. As others have said, not all of these films are true noir and a couple of them were actually fairly lame. Here's what I like from first to worst:
1) Armored Car Robbery: This is the cream of the crop. Excellent noir, hardbitten characters, and no sentimental nonsense that interferes. Good story, great locations, strong performances.
2) The Phenix City Story: Not true noir but a gripping tale about city openly corrupt and controlled by a vicious cabal of ruthless criminals quick to murder anyone who seriously opposed them and to randomly thrash anyone suspected of thinking about it. It takes a few courageous men led by a crusading lawyer to finally bring real law and order to a town that had suffered under the criminal syndicate for a century. Best of all, the basic story is a true one. The lead-in interviews are distracting and obnoxious but the movie itself is a winner. Note black characters in sympathetic and even heroic roles, very unusual for the times. The protagonists and the antagonists play their roles to the hilt!
3) Desperate: Another good noir that has Raymond Burr in fine form as the ruthless head of a gang that tricks a truck driver into participating in a warehouse burglary that goes sour when a cop stumbles on the scene and is killed. The gang-leader's brother faces the death penalty and Burr wants the truck driver to take the rap...or else! The ending is sweet vindication for the driver and for justice.

Here's where it gets harder to choose...which is worst?
4) Dial 1119: Though hardly noir, I kind of enjoyed this tale of an escaped mental ward patient who seeks to kill the doctor who had him committed. He has no compunction about killing anyone who stands in his way because he believes his imagined war-time experiences have given him the right to kill. The lead man here does a credible job of acting deranged and will keep the viewer wondering who will be next to reap his wrath until finally the tables are turned on him.
5) Cornered: A convoluted tale of a man seeking the Nazi collaborator who killed his wife during the war. And the trail Argentina! Hard to follow at times, this film will take several viewings to figure out who is who and what is what.
6) Backfire: More of a romantic mystery with noirish touches, this movie has its share of odd twists but some of the goofy touches keep it from being the kind of movie it could be were it better written.
7) Deadline at Dawn: Unbelievably silly tale of a sailor, a dime-a-dance girl, a meddling taxi driver and a dead body. There is an element of romance here, but the sailor is hapless and hopeless and the taxi driver a pontificating fool. Where'd they dredge this one up?
8) Crime In the Streets: An almost unimaginably hokey tale of juvenile delinquency that threatens to blossom into outright criminality. Full of stock characters including the inevitable crusading do-gooder. The gang fight that opens the film is a joke and the film goes rapidly downhill from there. Give this rubbish one star.

Despite my misgivings about a couple of the films, overall I found the set enjoyable. But for the price, extras could have been provided. Commentary by industry insiders often elucidates that which seems dense and impenetrable. I am already looking forward to Volume 6. But please, Warner Brothers, make it a noir!
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on February 8, 2014
Most of the films aren't bad, but I did not care for Crime In The Streets at all. It did not belong with this set, or for that matter any DVD in the universe. It just reminds me of too many problem people that you see daily and read about in the paper everyday. Also Cornered wasn't worth the time I spent.
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