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on June 6, 2014
-the class system was interesting, fun to learn
-gameplay was not difficult to pick up, and not overly explained
-good graphics for this style of game
-challenging bosses
-surprisingly a lot to explore/secret areas/etc. there were lots of places that i saw at early levels that were blocked off, and was able to come back to later, and they usually had some cool boss or secret item, which is cool

-extremely repetitive grinding. and you can't really not grind in this game, with the way classes are designed. i fought so many dumb level one goblins when i was upwards in the 50-60s, just mashing a distractedly while i was doing something else like reading or playing another game.
-the repetitive gameplay can be kind of depressing. you think, 'why did i spend so much time doing this?' and that's never a great thing to think when you're playing something. the best games are the ones where you don't question it. of course i spent 150+ hrs on persona 4, how else would i have gotten 100%? not the case with this one.
-story is lame
-game overs are frustrating and more frequent than i would have liked
-related to ^, no way to save in dungeons- ughhhh

i haven't played it in a while and i don't remember anything about the music, so it was probably forgettable/inoffensive

that said, i had a lot of fun playing this. i didn't want to replay it or go the extra mile with post-game challenges, but i enjoyed the run.
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on September 9, 2014
This is a 3D remake of the NES version of Final Fantasy 3. FF3 never got a release in the US, so this is the 1st official release of this game in our market,(not to be confused with FF6 for the SNES, which got released in the US as FF3). This version follows the original version pretty well, but also gave personalities to the main heroes and expanded the story. The graphics look really great and the character models have a very adorable look to them, I assume as a tribute to the adorable Onion Knight from the original game. The game plays similar to the earlier Final Fantasy games. You control your main heroes through towns, explore and talk to other characters to get quests and proceed through the story. Through a world map you can direct your main heroes to new towns and dungeons, where randomly you will enter a combat screen. Your character level and learn new abilities allowing them to learn new jobs titles which have different abilities and weapons for combat. During combat, you select through a menu what actions your heroes should perform such as attacks or magic abilities. It’s a great game for any fan of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. A retro game with a modern look.
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on September 19, 2014
Final Fantasy III was originally not released in the US, along with II. However, II saw a release with Final Fantasy Origins on the PlayStation 1 with the original Final Fantasy, and also on Game Boy Advance. This DS release is the first time the American audience has seen, and it's quite a good one. Like the first two games, you only have 4 characters, but III originated the Job system. You unlocked different Jobs, or Classes, for your characters as the story moves along, and you end up with quite a few different options for your party. You start out with the original 6 Jobs from the first game, Warrior, Thief, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, and Monk, and eventually you have 23 to choose from. Being able to mix and match your characters' abilities is nice, as your party is never predetermined.

The music is fantastic, as always with a Final Fantasy game, and the graphics are quite nice for the DS. Also, the game is fairly difficult. If you're not a fan of leveling up your characters, you won't get far in this game.
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on May 22, 2009
FF3 is one of three games telling how the crystals came into being and how they are threatened. IV is the first to move away from this direct storytelling, i say direct as in not "a joke" or "stupid" as some have pointed which bothers most real gamers who played in the 1980' 1990's and are not so spoiled as kids now. The main plots are strait foreward, but a good start to more grandiose stories later on, as in 4 or 6 and the sucessors to them. As with anything you -start- with a simple plot and work up to the big stuff. The "3D" graphics are spectaular for a gameboy anything but the characters are cutzy dolls and look girlish though i ignor this and play the game for it's dialogue and gameplay element. Even if animea is compelled to draw thier male leads as girlie, they could at least make them less so than these(particularly "Luneth" who I call "Lameth") In the case of these "paperdolls' I would have just kept the original way. The "Avatars' (portraits you never see) are good, just the "figurines" are lame. This game is like FF5, you use "Jobs" to distinguish one PC from another. Yet in FF5 you can (sometimes, not all) compliment one job while taking another, not here, a warrior who was once a thief, for instance, cannot steal, no matter what level a thief he was until he returns to that profession. Thier is no use in switching jobs for a unique ability otheer than doing the task at hand, as in shrinking yeilds nothing unless you are a mage, not a fighter. Fighters can't do well at 2" tall magic works the same at any height. This is good, though for some odd reason changes during Cecil's rein in FF4 where "toads" and "Pigs" fight pretty well against "giant flame lizards" or what. though this is a recap, plotwise, of FF1,and 2 it is still interesting in how you carry this out via quests, and subplotts, a good game element not in storybooks. It's not what you do that is interesting it is HOW you do it! FF1 was merely wondering around a huge ridiculously laid out map for citys to find quests in about the crystals, ff2 was a bit more complicated in these quests, now you have most characters having agendas, not just "Larry Darrel/Darrel(an old joke from us 1980's gamers). Each of the four adventurers as well as most key NPC's have a big agenda(teaching the value of live and let live), they are not just there for the player. That, more than the main plot is what makes FF3 a good game and set apart from FF1/2. RPG's don't need a particular plot just good way of telling it. the graphics i won't go into, as that is not what truely makes a game, though they are nice, it is odvious they are very good and better than the original even better than the original ff4/2 which for 1990 was spectacular!
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on January 24, 2007
I've played this game in English and in the original Japanese (even though I don't speak or understand Japanese). I absolutely love it. It has the feel of an old-school Final Fantasy game but with amazing graphics that would impress anyone. I will admit that I had more fun playing it in Japanese than in English because I didn't understand most of what was going on and every new item, weapon, spell, etc. was an adventure as I tried to figure out what it did. =)

If you are a "new" Final Fantasy fan, you may be a bit put-off by the amount of time you need to spend to really make your characters amazing. You may also be a bit frustrated with the segmented and predictable plot. Modern Final Fantasy fans (who started playing the games at or after 7) are just too used to the complex and multi-layered plotlines of the modern games. However, those of us who have been dedicated since the Nintendo console games will love the timeless crystal story, the linear plot, and the job system that makes the game wholly customizable. If you were a fan of Final Fantasy 5, you will definitely love this game. The jobs are different and the gameplay is a bit more simplistic, but you'll see a lot of the things you loved about 5 in this game- with better graphics and the ability to travel diagonally.

If you're a casual RPG player, you also may not appreciate Final Fantasy 3 as much as a die-hard enthusiast of the series. While the graphics are cute, the game doesn't have the finesse of most modern RPGs. There are lots of hidden treasures, random encounters galore, and a noticeable lack of many side-quests that modern RPG players enjoy. However, this is a great remake of a classic RPG and those who can appreciate that will enjoy it immensely.

One of the fun, minor aspects of this game is Mognet. In each town, you can talk to a Moogle who will connect you to the Nintendo Wi-Fi network. From there, you can write little messages to other friends who have the game. Part of this fun of this game, for me at least, has been finding and making friends with other FF3 players. As a side note, we had no problems setting it up with our existing home wireless network. I simply configured the settings on my DS lite and can access it no matter where in the house I'm playing. The little notes from other players really add another level of enjoyment.

To put it bluntly, you simply cannot pass on this game if you are a true, hardcore Final Fantasy fan. It's a canon, mainline game and very well done. In my opinion, it is even worth getting a DS just for this game.
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on March 28, 2018
Overall a good game, though i would have preferred original graphics. The story additions do bother me a little as well. But it is still well worth your time. The music was good, the battle system was classic, and the story (while not the original) was good.
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on August 24, 2017
I'm a huge Final Fantasy and rpg fan.
Never played this before.
Just started and it looks great.
Looking forward to alot of fun and grinding.
Should keep me busy.
Finished the game. It's not as hard as people say it is. Beat the final boss without any problems.
Had a lot of fun. I recommend this game!!!
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on October 16, 2016
Just started after completing Bravely Default. Graphics sux; once you die, you start over again. Also, the supported Wi-Fi connection does not support modern protocols.

Still, it is an older game and decent for its play value. I'll update again after I've completed the game.
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on March 11, 2009
As a kid, I grew up with classic RPGs like the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. These games didn't rely on awesome graphics, a beautiful soundtrack, or killer special effects to capture the player's attention and affection. These games sold you on the story and gameplay because, well, there really wasn't much else. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard the original Final Fantasy III--a game never before released in the US--was coming out for the DS with all kinds of revisions and overhauls.

High hopes are what I had for this game, and they were horribly dashed after just a few short hours of playing. For starters, the story is boring and horribly unoriginal. In fact, it's essentially a rehashing of the original game's storyline. Second of all, the massive overhaul to the graphics and sound is little more than a complete waste of time. Oh, wow, so a 2-D game is now in 3-D, but it still plays like it's 2-D? WHO CARES. Aside from being able to play using the touch screen exclusively, the gameplay itself is majorly disappointing. In fact, aside from the pretty graphics and nicely redone sound, this game is utter garbage. Now I know why it was never released in the US.

After more than enough hours of wandering aimlessly throughout the game with little idea of what I'm doing or what's going on, I grew bored with the story and tired of playing. Some games I can stomach the horrible gameplay for the story, but this is not one of those games. To be perfectly honest, I only recommend buying this game if you're a die-hard, hardcore Final Fantasy fanatic or collector. Otherwise, chances are you'll find this game to be as much a waste of your time and money as I.
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on March 19, 2018
Thanks! Great! Fun!
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