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on June 8, 2013
One of the nicest things I have found about the game is the way it's easy to pick up and start playing, even after long breaks from the game. You can set it aside for several months and then pick it up again and be able to jump right back into playing- there's no figuring out where you left off in the story and where you need to go next. You just head on over to the nearest city pub, select a quest, and off you go!

The ability to save and quit during a battle is also a great feature, making those sudden interruptions that life will through at you much easier to deal with. And then when you turn the game back on, you get a quick refresher on what you're supposed to be doing in that battle (final goal, combat laws, automatic bonuses).

If there's a downside to the game it's the fact that things can get repetitive, especially over long sessions of game play. There's a few things that you can do besides the quests, such as a crafting system and trying to win all the surrounding regions at auction, but it's not enough to break up the cycle of accepting quests, deciding if you want to do them yourself or if you want to send someone else to do it, and then battling it out when the time comes.
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on October 30, 2017
awesome game. after playing FFT, I wanted to continue the chess-like strategy.
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on March 29, 2011
I'll keep this review as short as possible. So to sum up, this game is really fun but only if you were a really hardcore fan of the original tactics game. I personally played through tactics advanced and thought it was a rather fun game. It had an interesting storyline and the battles and game play was fun and interesting.

I picked up this game and began playing it. The new graphics were really nice, and the game play was really fun. Sadly, the new way that you acquire items, and also how you go through teh game is now. The new way of advancing through the game is more or less fetch quests and similarly boring gameplay.

The storyline advances as it did in the previous tactics game that I played and it was really interesting but sadly the novelty of it wore off rather fast. I had a friend who had already played it and said how much fun he had so i decided to pick it up. Having your party members no longer confined to just one class was a really nice innovation over the previous game which helped to make it more fun than the previous title. Sadly, this game is plagued by boring fetch quests and a plot that doesn't really advance as it really should. It seems drawn out and I myself have not beaten it. I doubt I ever will, I have the case sitting on my shelf near me and I doubt i'll ever pick it up again. It was somewhat fun but I didn't think it was really a strong enough game to get past its flaws. My friend who played through it twice before I ever got it, was a major tactics fan who had played through that one half a dozen times, and thus was someone who I would consider a hardcore fan of the series.

If you're not interested in the series as a whole, i suggest you just skip the game. It is somewhat fun at first, but unlike most games that hold the "Final Fantasy" title there isn't very much actual story telling going on, and the overal coherence of the game should be called into question. It is a nice improvement from the previous one, but it seems to have lost a lot of the things that made the previous one great. If you're looking for a slightly improved version of the previous game but do not care about stoy telling then I really suggest you pick up this game. If not, skip it and spend your money on something else.
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on August 9, 2017
Great game especially if you enjoyed the original on the PS1.
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on December 8, 2009
I won't get into a long, comprehensive review on Amazon. People are paid to do that at places like Gamespot and IGN, among others. Moreover, I am only hours into the game. But I will comment briefly on my experience so far.

I'm a long-time Role-playing game (RPG) fan, and the original Final Fantasy Tactics for Ps1 sparked my specific interest in Strategic RPGs. Unfortunately, this seems like a niche market. where choices and variety are few. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance was an exceptional strategy game for Gamecube. However, other Atlus-style strategy RPGs served only to disappoint me.

I'm only 8 hours into this game, but I am happy to say that Final Fantasy Tactics A2 seems to capture the essence of the original Final Fantasy Tactics, at least from a game-play perspective. The presentation and story both seem slightly more juvenile and cartoon-like than the original Tactics, but are probably consistent with the "Advanced" series. Besides, not every story needs to be as dark and foreboding as the Ps1 Final Fantasy Tactics. This seems to be a light-hearted romp, so just prepare yourself for that before buying.

I give this 4 stars because it doesn't strike me as an epic and ingratiating story, and while the game is engrossing, it isn't quite sucking me in as other games do - particularly excellent strategic RPGs. In summary, this would be an entertaining gift for a teen who likes trying RPGs, most Final Fantasy fans, or any micro-manager who owns a DS.
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on January 25, 2017
As a big fan of the first Tactics Advance I was disheartened to find out that I just couldn't get into this game. Don't get me wrong the graphics are a step up with some nice flashy 3D animations for attacks definitely adding for the immersion of combat. Sidequests are a lot more diverse this time around ranging from search for something in an area, gather reagents for an alchemist, to protecting civilians this game definitely improved on it's predecessor in the majority of areas but disappointingly falls flat in one of the core aspects of the original game. The laws. Laws in the original game stopped you from using certain attacks to completely negating a race from the battlefield but you could also overturn the laws with the outlaw cards. In this iteration they want to drive the player over the edge by making laws over things you absolutely CANNOT control. Say you hit an enemy and they move over a space, yep you could lose all the benefits from the battle now. Missed a hit? yep thats illegal in this game too! These unwise decisions to try to build upon a great game ended up tearing itself down. A once fun experience turned into frustration no wonder why they haven't made a new game in years.
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on September 26, 2010
Final Fantasy TA2 is a great game with many days of play in it. There is a 16-quest long story with many characters dropping in and out of your clan throughout. Yes the storyline is a bit forgettable but the game makes up by having 400 quests to complete. The game-play is amazing from the battles to the auctions to the scenery and background.

The controls are good but not great. the stylus controls are awkward and take some getting used to - after using a command when you didn't want to many times. Using the buttons is incredibly simple though the isometric view is bit confusing as to which way is "up"

There are over 50 classes in 7 races for you to chose in between your clan of 24. Every class has its own skill set that makes it more powerful against one type of enemy. There are side quests that allow you to add special characters with jobs only they can use to your clan.

Overall Final Fantasy TA2 is a great game with some awkward features.
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on August 22, 2015
I was a big fan of Final Fantasy Tactics, but this game was not fun for me at all. The system have changed completely, and now you're just wandering around doing quests. I thought I Wouldn't mind this, until I realize that there is no excitement in just simply jumping from battle to battle if there's no purpose. It feels like an endless grind, which is why I stopped playing long before I finished the game.
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on April 9, 2017
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on July 25, 2008
This is a nice game and to me improves allot in comparison to its predecessor on the gameboy advanced. The graphics are nice and smooth and there are tons of features and job classes to sink into as well. My only complaint is with its ridiculous law system. The laws sometimes state you cannot cause more damage that set amount or your not allowed to miss a target. I mean its a little absurd. Another thing I am not happy about is the fact that random battles do not occur to help you train through the classes and get your characters stronger for quests you want to take on. The last thing I am disappointed with is the fact that you cannot keep monsters you tame in Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSOne you could not only capture monsters to join your team but level them up to become advanced versions of themselves and sometimes you would even get them to breed and you could raise new ones to help you fight in battle. But I guess allot of my disappointments arise from the fact that I really really liked the first Final Fantasy Tactics and nothing has come close to reviving its glory.
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