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on April 17, 2014
So, the collectors edition was really very nice. It comes with the game, a code key that you can link with your smart phone to get free teleports in game, some cool art cards and a stellar art book, a CD of game tunes, and a movie as well. It was definitely a thoughtfully crafted set.
The game itself is a ton of fun. You can pretty much solo your way around as you like, you can join a Free Company, pick up quests that team you with other players, etc...while you are wandering, you can decide to help people in the midst of their own battles if you like. There are also Fate events, which are essentially free for alls, in that anybody near the event can participate and reap the benefits of doing so. There is absolutely no shortage of quests, and although you choose your class initially, you can pursue any and/or all of them if you want, from the more standard adventuring classes to crafting classes and so on. This really adds an incredible diversity and variety of gameplay. There is also an actual storyline and endgame to pursue. I havent wrapped it up yet, but what I've done of it so far has been quite impressive. The combat is quite intuitive and I suppose fairly basic overall, although implementing strategies depending on your preferred gameplay increase the complexity of it all.
There are achievements both in game and for PSN. They arent necessarily the same ones. I'm not sure why this is, but it is what it is.
I played the beta on PS3 and PC previously, and also own the PC version, but for me, the PS4 version is superior. For one, the controller is intuitive, and the touch screen also functions as a mouse for those things that require it. I really like the way the game is set up for the PS4 controller. It's easy to use and never requires you to fumble around. The graphics are stunning.

All in all, I am very pleased with this and having the first 30 days free allows me (and you) the ability to play through the endgame and hang it up, or decide to stick with it to see what else the game may offer in the future.

Anyways, I'll be happy to answer any questions if you care to ask, as best I can.

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on April 14, 2014
If you like any part of Final Fantasy then this game is definitely for you. I know many people out there are solo players which is alright to be in this game but you will get the unexpected help from those passing by. This game is fun filled and full of adventure and even though it does have an monthly subscription it is well worth paying for. I have never been big on PS and bought a PS4 (first PS system ever) to try out some of the games. This game blew me away with it's graphics and user friendly gameplay. The wow factor was maxed out. Storyline is amazing, battles keep you on your toes and at the edge of you seat and just waiting to see what happens next is just constantly there. If you are an average gamer who likes RPG's then try this out. You get the first 30 days free and it's free to download in the PS store.
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on April 22, 2014
I'm not one to typically type a review on Amazon, largely out of laziness, but I felt that I need to put in a small portion of my thoughts in response to the idiots who couldn't even figure out how to start the game. All of the 1-star reviews are utterly illegitimate. They're not even unfounded opinions - they are blatant stupidity.

I set up the game in about ten minutes. It is incredibly easy, and character customization is quite fun. If you're having a hard time choosing a server, I recommend looking around online. I'm on Ultros, and the community is lovely.

Graphics: No MMO available in the west matches the visuals on display here. The PS4 version is identical to the PC version with max settings, and it is a significant step up from the PS3 version. The framerate is both high and surprisingly stable.

Sound: The sound effects are nice and help the player to be aware of surroundings. The music, courtesy of Uematsu, is utterly stunning. I have to buy this OST. Voice acting in the story is more sparse than I would like, but it is enjoyable where present.

Story: This is definitely the most intriguing story in the genre, benefiting a lot from Final Fantasy talent. I recommend that players spend a little time learning the story of the original FFXIV first! A quick Wiki or YouTube trip will prove sufficient. I bought the Collector's Edition, so I have a Blu-ray disc which aids in this.

Gameplay: The gameplay is significantly faster than many other genre competitors, including its predecessor, FFXI. That said, it still relies on cooldowns and is not quite an "action" system, though it is of course real-time. For FF fans who don't know MMOs well, the closest analogy is FFXII. The class system here is completely unmatched by all other games, both MMO and not. Your character can engage in any class, each which levels up separately. Switching from Lancer, to White Mage, to Carpenter, and so on is as simple as switching your gear. As you level up more classes, you can start to share their abilities, allowing for a robust set of gameplay customisation tools.

Enemies are diverse and fun, and the bosses are standout. FATEs, Levequests, Guildhests, traditional dungeon raids, the Hunting Log, and more all leave the player with a robust set of ways to fight, team up, and gain experience/loot. Crafting classes level up similarly, with crafting being both complex and more fun (through minigames) than what is normally expected of RPG crafting.

Other distractions exist, including Free Companies (basically guilds/clans), a player housing system, pets/minions/mounts, social features, etc.

Justifying the Subscription: This largely comes down to personal finances and value decisions, but FFXIV: ARR easily justifies its subscription model with packed quarterly updates, remarkable stability, the facilitation of a dedicated community, the lack of free-to-play nonsense, extensive content, high account security, and the promise of future expansions.

I hope this helps anyone who is on the fence.
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on April 24, 2014
I've been a fan of MMORPGs since I started playing Ragnarok online. I've loved the game plays. doing quests online with friends and also farming for Items that will help your character become stronger. a Time consuming game style that keeps players wanting to play more to achieve more. so games like this, you don't really get tired of it that easily. since there are multiple different classes you can play, different game styles per characters you make!

Final Fantasy XIV takes it to a whole new level on the PS4 platform. with breath taking Graphics and Visual effects, The hard pounding action for every Bosses or FATES that you JOIN and the Story line that makes it really fun to Play. being able to play the story line with other people online makes it much more awesome, Competitive levels of difficulty as you progress your way to the story. so for every chapter of the game you'll be wanting to get better gears to be able to move on. and did i mention your armors,weapons even shields looks so awesome with all the details and creativity they put on it.

Truly, I must say that I am Hooked on this game. I have yet to play my other games ever since I got this, SE has done a marvelous job on FFXIV and I recommend that if you have the extra cash to spend on the Collector's edition; DO IT. it is very worth it, In game ITEMS and Awesome looking MOUNTS that you can use when you get to a certain level. and even a BLU-RAY CD that tells you more about the story of the game, even a CD with the soundtracks of the different places you go to in-game and many more.

A true must have for the PS4 console for the Average to Heavy RPG players to even starters that just want to try it out!

P.S:there is a subscription fee after the first free 30 days of when you get the game. the subscription fees varies and I would suggest you check that out first before getting this game.
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on October 18, 2015
I LOVE this game. The only reason it lost a star is the quality of the "collector's edition" items. The cases are cheap plastic, and the music score comes in a paper sleeve! Will not stand the test of time very well. The artbook is lovely, but isn't very detailed. Mainly I purchased this for the in-game items, which are admittedly awesome. The game's support crew really need some work, though. Contacting customer support is the bane of my existence. The game arrived fast and in good condition, though. Square Enix, WORK ON YOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! They will end up losing players if they continue to be trained so poorly and are so hard to contact.
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on January 9, 2015
It's beautiful, the in game content is pleasant and the collector's edition as a whole is very nice.

The game itself...well.. handles like an asian MMO. Not that that will be a negative point for everyone, in fact it may be a positive for those who spend more time playing MMOs out of the eastern hemisphere of the planet than they do western MMOs. But for me I am way more accustomed to the play style, user interface and control scheme of the MMOs developed out in the west.

It's a good game and I do recommend it to those who are die hard fans of the Final Fantasy franchise, you likely won't be disappointed. But as someone with no real attachment to the Final Fantasy universe, and very little experience with MMOS developed out in the Japan/Korea region of the world, my experience was a mixed bag at best.
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on May 5, 2014
It was very easy to adapt to using a Dualshock 4 controller verses a keyboard and mouse. If you want a single player FF experience you will have to go elsewhere. Do not purchase this game if you are not willing to play with other people. I for one want MMORPG's to allow people to get the full experience of the game by themselves because I like how massive the worlds are. Open world single player games tend not to be big enough. The rest of the reviews on Amazon will tell you why this is one of the best entry release MMO games on the market today. Meaning - the Vanilla game is damn good at the start and further expansions and patches will make it even better.
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on May 11, 2014
When I bought my PS4, I didn't know Final Fantasy 14 was going to be released on the console. I didn't know about this game, I wasn't excited for it or looking forward to it. Then there was a public beta that I decided to try and it hooked me. Hard. I played Final Fantasy 11 (the first FF MMO) for about 8 months and struggled to make progress the whole time. In FF 14, I achieved more in a couple days then I ever did playing FF 11.

This game has been "westernized" more than FF 11 or any other Eastern MMO that I'm aware of and the result is a fun to play game with modern sensibilities that allow for many ways for you to progress. For me, it's very important to feel like I'm always making progress in a game like this and in that sense, FF 14 is very rewarding. Gone are silly, punishing mechanics such as experience loss and are the need to purchase extra characters to play as multiple classes that plagued FF 11.

Visually the game is very pretty. From the smooth animations, the incredible amount of detail in the character models, enemies, equipment and environment, to all the effects of spells and skills it's a dazzling experience. I don't think there is a better looking MMO. Then there's the music. Many of the songs in the game are created by Final Fantasy's legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. If you've played other Final Fantasy games then you've heard his music before, it's often one of the most memorable parts of any FF. This game is no exception. In fact, I'm sure I'll be purchasing the soundtrack on blu ray ere long.

I've really enjoyed my time with this game thus far so I decided to subscribe yesterday. MMOs are in a weird place right now with many failing to hold a base of subscribers, then before long, turning to a free to play model that in most cases, is a detriment to the player experience. This game, for now, has a subscription model. So you'll have to pay at least $12 a month (after a free 1 month trail) to play. A dollar more if you want multiple characters on the same server. Not too steep for me, but maybe for some. I didn't like the idea of buying a disc for an MMO I had to also pay a subscription for, so the collectors edition made more sense for me. The additional content (in game items, art book, security token, ect.) made it worth my while. FF 11 never went free to play and I hope the same will be true for FF 14.

All in all, I'm very happy I decided to try the beta and to purchase the collectors edition and I recommend fans of the franchise not miss out on a great and improving experience.
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on December 23, 2014
This game has literally become my new obsession: I'm so happy I finally purchased it. I recently purchased a ps4 and two games (Dragon Age and Shadows of Mordor) and since I received this game, I haven't even touched the other games. I was a huge fan of FFXI so I was expecting great things, and I was completely blown away. The game is so easy to play with the controller, but having a keyboard and mouse is also very useful at times.

The collector's ed is a great purchase, so many extra features and goodies. If anyone plays on the Exodus server, feel free to add me, Rhygar Stormborne!

See you in the wonderful world of Eorzea!
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on April 18, 2014
This is the first MMORPG that I have gotten into. I will admit the login is a bit of a headache, but so far the game is great. I don't know how long I will be interested in the game, because my track record with games is that they got old for me quick, but Final Fantasy is also one of the only series to keep my interest. After the login the next biggest issue I see with the game is that it doesn't have that great story that you normally get with FF games. Maybe because it's an MMORPG but the plot and character development seems week to me. I do recommend for any FF fan or someone who wants a quest after quest adventure.
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