Customer Reviews: Final Fight
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on April 8, 2016
Final Fight. Can I be forgiven for spending a minute gushing about the greatness of Final Fight?

When I stop and think about the original arcade game, it just blows my mind. Double Dragon and Bad Dudes were decent looking arcades, but Final Fight took it to the next level. The beautifully rendered Metro City (which has NYC's landmarks) is a perfect backdrop for this game. The colors are bright, the music is decent, and the action is non-stop. The three greatest elements of the game are the Capcom visual presentation, the NYC-style setting, and most importantly the representation of varied fighting styles. Haggar is the big American wrestler, Cody is the American kickboxer style fighter, and Guy is the Eastern-style martial artist. The look and attire appropriately matches the character's fighting style. It's absolutely brilliant.

The SNES port I just received has the obvious flaws of missing the industrial stage, no 2-player, no blood, replacing female (and/or transsexual) sprites Roxy and Poison with Sid and Billy, and worst of all...NO GUY. The lack of a stage sucks, and the blood was a really neat touch in the arcade version. I can get over Roxy and Poison being replaced, but it's a shame since Roxy and Poison are very interesting looking...they look like a punky cross between Debbie Gibson and Cindy Lauper, and I find them visually interesting. It's a shame they got cut, and the online controversy will continue to rage over whether or not Poison was a female or shemale.

BUT NO GUY. Out of the three unique looking characters, the most eastern-looking character in a karate outfit was cut. This is completely unacceptable, because so much of the appeal of the game is wrapped up in the idea of blending street fighting and karate to punish punks in NYC. Without Guy, it might as well be Axel Blaze and Max Thunder. Imagine if one of the Street Fighter II games didn't have Ryu and it's the same thing. The SNES Guy Edition cartridge is rare and too expensive, and still has all the same problems plus NO CODY. It's a lose-lose situation.

I'm tempted to think that Capcom thought that Axel Blaze was copying Cody's look (jeans, white shirt, Converse All-Stars), so Cody was scrapped from Final Fight 2 and 3. I know most gamers consider 2 to be the best, but I can't get over how badly the series was messed up because of the radically different cast. Cody and Guy were left out of Final Fight 2 and replaced with Maki (a Chun-Li clone) and a ninja named Carlos. Carlos is the most un-ninja name I've ever heard, and he really should have been given a cowl or something to complete the look. I am impressed by the game taking place in major cities all over the world, but why Cody and Guy were shafted is a mystery. Final Fight 3, like Streets of Rage 3, is the tired afterthought of the series with a few new additions, but the curtain call as 16-bit beat 'em ups died so tournament fighting games (like Street Fighter 2) could live. In Final Fight 3, at least they finally added Guy. Lucia, the female character, is my personal favorite hottest 16 bit babe. But then there's a nobody named Dean. Who the hell is Dean? WHERE IS CODY????

In summation, Final Fight was one of the greatest beat 'em arcades, second only to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but never got it right on the Super Nintendo. From a doomed port of the first game to an unrectified Blockbuster exclusive to two sequels that never got it right. It's almost no wonder why Streets of Rage 2 is considered the best entry between the two series. I guess Capcom was more interested in getting the Megaman X series games right, and sure enough soon after Resident Evil became Capcom's never favorite flagship franchise.
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on July 13, 2008
Final Fight is one of my favorite games of all time. When it hit Arcades in 1989 it was an instant classic hit. It came before Double Dragon and Streets of Rage and spawned many clones (a lot from Capcom like Alien vs. Predator and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs), which tried to gain on the success of this awesome game. Some played great like Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and The Simpsons. Some were terrible like Irem's Undercover Cops.
Capcom can be forgiven for this somewhat shoddy port of Final Fight to the Super NES because it was their first game developed for the system and the Super NES was a new system at the time. This port removes the 2 player feature, Guy, the Industrial Stage (Stage 5 I think if I can remember), smaller sprites and the amount of enemies on screen at the same time. Also female thugs Poison and Roxy are turned into transsexual punks Cid and Billy, plus boss Sodom's name is changed to Katana because Nintendo of America is so anal (pun intended! :) ). Otherwise this is a decent side-scrolling beat-em up and one of the best you can find. If you don't mind single player with only Haggar or Cody then you will enjoy. I recommend playing this game on MAME (emulation), going to an Arcade with classic games if you can still find one, playing Final Fight CD for Sega CD, Final Fight One for Game Boy Advance or getting Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox which has an Arcade perfect version of this game and others. Still this game is pretty good overall.
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on March 29, 2015
Terrible port of a very cool and original arcade game! For starters, there is only a single player option, and everyone who loves this genre of games knows two-player/multi-player options is like having standard equipment and can be a vital part of the gaming experience. The stages are very limited and lack a lot of detail that was in the Arcade version. And one of the biggest issues is the music, the SNES had sound chip developed by SONY (you have heard of them right?) and while I am a huge fan of Music on SNES counterpart the Genesis, the SNES was capable of some really great music and sound effects. Also the graphics are extremely choppy and so is the gameplay. The gameplay was really horrendous since you always had to start the stages from the beginning every time your character dies, another huge smack in the face of what made this Arcade game so great, being able to respawn exactly where your game had ended. The only thing I would recommend about this game is that you check out the Sega CD version of this game. The Soundtrack to the graphics are pretty good and almost on par with the Arcade.
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on March 19, 2016
Man, what a colossal failure.

Graphics (5/10) - While the sprites do look good and animate fluidly, you'll be hard pressed to find any section that has more than 3 enemies on screen at once. The backgrounds look OK, but overall everything just reeks of low-resolution lack of effort.

Sound (2/10) - I give the composer(s) credit for trying to replicate the arcade OST on the SNES, but it just sounds horrible here. It has that twangy overly reverb sound that bad SNES games are known for. They could've done a way better job than this, honestly.

Gameplay (5/10) - The actual control of your character is actually quite responsive. They move at a proper speed and the combos felt natural. However, right when you start the game, you'll find two critical things missing: The third character named Guy, and the two-player co-op action. Whether these were due to lack of space, weak hardware, or lazy programming, is all beyond me. However, no matter what the reason, it is still unacceptable for those to be missing. As I mentioned before, there are usually only 2 or 3 enemies on screen at once, compared to the 10 that the arcade version has. It's just pathetic at times.

Overall (4/10) - I understand that this was an earlier effort to port Final Fight to the SNES. However, there were much better looking, sounding, and playing games released around the same time that just blew this game out of the water. I would recommend Final Fight 2 or Streets of Rage 2 for console beat'em ups over this game any day.
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on August 24, 2010
I absolutely loved the arcade game Final Fight. My cousin introduced me to it while we were in the arcade at this resort our families were staying at. I played the hell out of it and was excited when one of my friends picked up the SNES port. It was a good port but unfortunately it went through a few changes that drew some ire from gamers during the early days of the SNES. Final Fight for the SNES is based on the arcade beat em up game. The graphics were crisp and clean. The sound effects and music sound great. You had your choice of 2 characters: Mike Haggar, the mayor of the fictional Metro City and former pro wrestler(big character) and Cody, boyfriend of the girl who was kidnapped by the bad guys(slim character.)

However, as stated above, there were some changes made that hurt the SNES port. First off, the arcade game had a 2 player co-op mode that was taken out of the SNES version. Playing this game on your own is fun but it's a blast when a second person joins in so it hurts the game as a whole. The arcade version had 3 characters to choose from. Due to limitations on the cartridge, the third character (Guy, a friend of Cody) was cut out completely. Also, due to limitations, an entire stage was cut out of the SNES port. Lastly, to keep with Nintendo's "family friendly" policy, the names of two boss characters were changed from the arcade version to avoid anyone being offended. The arcade version featured prostitutes who attacked you on certain stages and were replaced with male escorts on the SNES port. I'm not sure how having male escorts coincides with Nintendo's "family friendly" policy but stranger things have happened.

While Final Fight for the SNES was a good game, the changes above keep it from being a classic, must own. A few years later, a better and uncensored version of Final Fight was released for the Sega CD with extra modes to boot. Pick that one up or you can try to find the GBA version of Final Fight which restores almost all of the changes made to the SNES port.
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on December 12, 2012
My older bro use to own this game with the many others that got sold and for its time to todays date, i enjoy it, its simple and its pretty repettitive and it becomes difficult into the other levels but good pricing, fast shipping, no prblems during game play and i enjoy it, thank you.
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on September 10, 2015
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on August 9, 2011
Awww, I miss beat em ups games in the arcade. Pop in a quarter, choose a cool character, then start beating the crap out of anything that shows up on the screen. Those were the days. You probably aren't gonna find too many arcade machines with Final Fight around anymore, but you can find a port of the same game to the SNES, my favorite old school gaming system.

Although the graphics aren't as good as the arcade version in my opinion, everything else remains the same. You choose between Haggar, Guy, or Cody, and you fight the Metro City gang to save the girl...EPIC.

My only complaint with the SNES version is sometimes it gets a bit too hard for me, with the arcade version if you die you can just pop in another quarter and keep going, but with the SNES you just have to be that good to have enough lives to make it to the end, and sadly, I can't, I've tried. I'm just not the gaming guru I thought I was. I mean their can be up to 10 guys on the screen coming at you from every direction armed with weapons. It's pretty tough.

But all in all, this is a great game, I've spent so many hours playing it, it's a great stress reliever and has a major nostalgic value to it. My suggestion to make it even better, buy the fighting stick arcade controller for the SNES and then pop this baby in. You'll feel like you're in the 80's once more.
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on December 19, 2011
When I was like eleven years old, I got an SNES and this game for Christmas, and I used to play the game a lot. It became a favorite of mine. I loved to play as Haggar, because he had such powerful and cool moves! It's a good, fun version, but it differs in several ways from the arcade version. In addition to other, mostly minor (in my opinion) differences, it's missing one of the playable characters (Guy), is one-player only, and is missing a stage. (I never played the game in any arcade.) I don't think I ever finished the game, but I could get pretty far in it. Eventually, I pretty much moved on to other game systems and stopped playing the game. Now I have the arcade version on the Capcom Classics Collection for PS2, and I think it's a lot better. Not just because the things in the game that were changed for this version were restored, but also because you can keep pumping in "virtual coins" and coming back when you lose all of your lives (and switch characters if you want)! Thus, I don't see myself playing this watered-down version anymore, at least not often. But I did have a lot of fun with it back in the day, so I'm giving it positive ratings.
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Okay, so it IS flawed. There's no multiplayer (A must for beat 'em ups), and a whole level + character's been taken out, too. But you still gotta play this. Since this game is by Capcom, you're sure to find that this is an awesome Super NES gem.

Final Fight is the one that started a whole craze of games that played similarly to it. The button-mashing knuckle-crunching coolness shines throughout the game from start to finish. It's extremely addicting, and in case you think it would get repetitive, chances are you will find an item that can help you beat up all the goons in the level.

The graphics are downright amazing. The sprites are all very large-scale, making it easy to appeal to the eye. The music and sound effects are also realistic and catchy, just like how Capcom would always make them.

In a nutshell: Go out to a flea market or something, or maybe buy it online here, and you won't be disappointed whatsoever (Although the difficulty can be somewhat tough).
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