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on October 7, 2017
Okay, I know what you're thinking: "These nuts with their reviews. This is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo." I was you just a few days ago. I knew these things existed, but I dared not even consider them because I thought myself of a logical mind. "If they've solved pest control, then why are they always sold on late-night infomercials, why doesn't everyone own one and why are the people that do always complaining about their bug problem?"

When we moved into a new home with a spider problem and, well, a bit of a bug problem in-general, we found ourselves looking for solutions. We were hesitant to spray because we have cats and, frankly, didn't really want to take to killing the little buggers en masse. In looking at what was available on Amazon, I kept running across the ultrasonic devices. I decided to take a second look and found these. The number of reviews were solid, the rating was five stars, and the price suitable for a whim. I clicked "Buy".

We plugged them into some problem areas around windows and doors. The effect was immediate. Remember, now, I was skeptical. I thought I had bought some junk and I would be the laughing stock of the household. But, the family agrees: Either these things put out a signal that renders the human brain unable to see insects, or these things just work. And, no, we don't own any copper bracelets, we don't eat dump cakes and we understand that our waists aren't getting any slimmer without a little hard work.

Since installing these, we have seen some strange things. We've seen spiders crumple to the ground as they approach the door, then turn and run in the other direction. We've seen flies come to the stoop and, instead of coming in, make an immediate U-turn. Not only are pests not entering our home, but the outside areas have cleared out as well. Our back patio is free of bugs in-general and we've even noticed less moths around lights. Our cats seem to be completely unaffected and, heck, these are just great!

I'll update this review if I start to think myself the fool. If, for instance, I find out the neighbor had sprayed insecticide the day these came and that the reduction in number of insects was due to that and the odd behavior of the ones that did come in were due to mild exposure. These are the kinds of things I'll be looking for. Outside of subjecting wandering bugs to possible torture by putting them in-front of the thing, I will stop at no lengths to ensure I'm not being had. If I think you'll be, I'll make sure I let you know.
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on August 10, 2017
This is a great product that all homeowners will love and appreciate. We have lots of trees and plants in our neighborhood complex and I can usually see ants and spiders crawling around outside . These little pests usually find a way indoors. Nothing worse than a bunch of different insects in the house.
Plug these in (there are two of them, they recommend one in each room), and you shouldn’t worry about pests any longer.
These are CHEMICAL FREE - I have young kids and a small dog, so a chemically based pest-prevention solution wouldn’t ever be a consideration.
I plugged this in about four days ago, and had almost forgotten about them. They just work in the background. I have not seen a single, spider, or ant, or fly in the house since plugging these in.
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on August 10, 2017
I was not sure about this working at first but it surely does now!
I have a small baby so am also very concerned about any bugs or insects in the house. Lately I have seen a lot of bugs crawling around in our apartment and when I told this to our landlord he said it was just due to rain and that it will go away. Well its been raining on and off and they just kept increasing so i bought this device.
I am so happy to say that within days the bugs are completely gone! not even one in sight even though there was heavy rain last couple days!
It has also taken care of the occasional fruit flies that I see in the kitchen!
Definitely recommend this to anyone! Specially those with kids!
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on August 22, 2017
I got this product for my mother in law whose garden is on the back of a canal and each time we have a lot of rainfall she has issues with rats and mice coming into her conservatory and kitchen. With our recent weather (lots of rain and flooding) causing the canal to almost burst its bank she has had more rats than before.
She plugged it in and it had an effective effect within a few hours she could hear a lot of scuffling and then she saw a 3 mice running for the open door.
She waiting 24 hours and did a big clean of her kitchen and conservatory ensuring that there were absolutely no droppings nor any food that the mice could get to.
She waited a further 24 hours and checked again and there were no signs at all that they had returned. Fingers crossed this continues this way.
Had plugged it in a month now,there are no sign of pests in her house.
The most important thing is that her dog did't mind it at all.
Overall I would recommend this as is does work to get rid of the pests. Hopefully it continues to work so well in the coming months.
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on September 27, 2017
Now have six of these, four in the house, two in the garage. They do appear to work as the flies entered the room through the open patio doors in summer, performed a single circuit of the room and flew straight out again. I have not witnessed the usual spider invasion this year so far.
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on November 9, 2017
I was very shocked, it really works!!!! Normally I would have to clean up mice drippings, and that's how I know it works.... #Nothing to clean, I will be recommending this to anyone that lives in an old building!!!
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on August 11, 2017
In this summer,the mosquitoes are so many that I have already bought a lot of mosquito repellent.But most of them were not working or there will be nasty smell.One day by accident i published the distress in the facebook ,after a friend recommended me this machine,a high-tech productsby using the ultrasonic to drive pests away.I bought a product return to test with a skeptical attitude.Express delivery was really fast.We received the goods in 3 days .Express devirly was really fast.And the service attitude is also enthusiastic, they have give me detailed explanation to my any answer.Now I can't see any mosquitoes since i plugged it in my room for weeks.What's more, the machine work silently , so i will not be affected when i am sleep at night.In addition, this product are not only easy to use but also toxic substances free, which is safer than previous mosquito repellent products.what a good product it is, I ready to buy a few more.
review image review image review image
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on October 12, 2017
Plugged them in and have been rodent free every since. Love it!
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on November 5, 2017
So far so good. I have not had a mouse in a trap that usually has one.
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on December 4, 2017
I've purchased this product at a reduced price to give an honest non bias opinion of it. This product realy works as the weather has been cooling down I've normally been plagued with spiders which I hate. Also the flies have been such a pain and getting every and annoying myself and my dog. But since I have plugged this in in my hallway in the flat slowly but surely they are reducing. The flies have pretty much gone so we are all happy about that and the spiders are becoming less. I now feel like I can have my windows open without having to worry about them coming in. I was a bit cautious at first as to weather this would upset or distress my dog but because of the the pet function he dose not even know it's there. It also has a handy night light so can be used as a night light in a child's room to. The instructions are clearly laid out and describes each function and where is best to place it for the best results. The pet function can be turned on so that it dose not distress people who have rodents as pets. It also pulls the atoms out of the air that attract flies to smells altho you will never notice this ureself this is clearly working, the plug itself dose not get hot so I have no concerns with leaving plugged in while I'm not home. I'm more than happy with the results of this product and it's clearly working.
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