Customer Reviews: USB Finger Mouse Optical Laptop Notebook PC 1200DPI
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on April 30, 2011
This pointing device is a bit of an odd duck. It was very cheap so I ordered it without fully understanding how it worked. What I was looking for was a mouse that would move based on your finger moving across a surface. Sort of like a touchpad without the pad, if you will.

What it actually does is turn an optical mouse on its side. The movement is not really determined by your finger but by where the optical sensor is, and it has to be very close to the material. It also suffers the same drawbacks with material that optical mice have so I can't exactly drag it across my bedsheet and hope that it will work.

The sensitivity is way too much when plugging it in to your computer. On my windows machine I had to turn the sensitivity way down to be able to use it at all because it shot across the screen. On my Linux computer the axis seemed to be inverted. There's also the mindset shift you have to do when clicking the mouse buttons vertically with your thumb.

The good thing about this is that if you have a solid surface and you select the right sensitivity settings on your computer you can sort of use this as a cheap wacom tablet.

I don't think I'll use this long term but it does have its uses.
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on June 7, 2010
After using the mouse for the past hour, I have to disagree with much of the criticism that I've read about this mouse. I like the little guy.

Now, please realize that it's not perfect: it takes a little playing with and getting used to. However, for its size and the cost, it's a good gadget for surfing (but not a lot of typing).

For me, the biggest drawback is trying to do much typing while wearing it. But it'll operate on most surfaces and at any angle, so your leg, couch, or what-have-you can be viable mouse pads.
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on July 7, 2012
I was looking to try something new mouse-wise. I saw this advertised cheap, and though I didn't understand exactly how it worked, I wanted to give it a spin and see what it could do for me. I wanted a mouse that didn't require a "pad", and the description of this one said something like "Use it on your pants leg!" For $5, I figured, "What did I have to lose?"

Yes, it will respond if used on a pant leg. But the response will be very imprecise, and will not be practical. In order to use this mouse you need to have its "eye" pressed flush up against a smooth, firm, mouse-pad like surface. Otherwise it will jump around the screen, and cause no end of difficulty.

Also, although the description suggested a person could still type while wearing it, that is ridiculous: in order to type anything more than my first name I have to physically remove the mouse from my hand, complete typing, and then reattach it once again. Back and forth.

Lastly, although I have been using it now for maybe two or three weeks, it has developed a crack in the cable right where it enters the housing... and right where my right index finger's middle knuckle rests against it. Now the wires are becoming exposed, and my knuckle is irritated.

I have been freed from my laptop's built-in touchpad mouse. Great. Where can I get an alternative that will still allow me precision of movement and doesn't require a pad? And that won't break after two weeks? In that sense, my search goes on... But I'll give it 3 stars for what it CAN do!


Several months have passed, and I am still using this mouse. But there have been developments...

...The cracks I noticed earlier started occurring all along the cord. Soon the cracks began to cut into the copper wires of the USB cord. Tonight, one of those wires broke entirely, rendering the mouse unusable. I opened it up and soldered in a new longer and much stronger USB cord. It took me over an hour. It will not crack again. It works much better now.

Such a shame to create such a usable product and then hamper it with crappy cord insulation. My solution was drastic but effective.
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on April 27, 2012
I have been using this mouse for just over a month. I really like the mouse....but unfortunately it is so poorly constructed it is a waste of money.

Pro's: It works on virtually any surface. Can easily control your computer when desk space is non-existent. Use it on a pants leg, couch seat or even your arm.

Con's: It is poorly designed/constructed.
The band that wraps around your finger causes irritation.
The USB wire is way too short (you will most likely need a USB extender)
The buttons break

The first one I ordered arrived with a broken right mouse button. The cover to the right button was broken off.
The replacement mouse has worked for 1 month plus a few days and now its right mouse button is broken. I saw how easy the buttons break so I have been using it like it was made of glass. It simply can't handle normal use.

My limited desktop area requires me to find an alternative to a standard mouse. I hate the laptop touch pad. A track ball will not work well without a flat level area to set it. The finger mouse would have been a perfect solution. <sigh>

If they fixed the above issues, I would be willing to pay $30.00 for this mouse. I really like it. Unfortunately it now lives in the garbage. Don't waste your money.
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VINE VOICEon January 21, 2012
This thing is practically free and I think it's a great little tool. I can run it on my pants leg and it will work, so it's great when I don't want to have my arm high.

The scroll is a bit hard to reach, but the buttons are in the perfect place, assuming you are right handed (thumb position matters for reaching them).

I actualy scroll with my other hand so I don't stretch my thumb out and fatigue it too much, because you CAN reach the scroll if you stretch a bit and I don't want to. Or I just use the mouse as normal.

You know, the quality of this is pretty awesome for the price, the only worrisome thing is the red reflection light inside is not covered by any sort of protective window, so, if you ever reach a pen in there you could easily bend your light.

I don't see this as an always-mouse, that's why I love it. It's just a way to vary your arm position, which muscles you use, etc. The buttons are easy to press and it's a fun change.

For the price, unbeatable. I would buy it at this price even just because it's fun to show people.
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on August 27, 2015
It's an odd little device that seems like if nothing else it'd be fun to play around with if you were couch computing or whatnot. Problem is, even when the device is working and doing what it is supposed to, it doesn't do it very well. The signal cuts out constantly. The sensitivity is really bad. The actual signal tends to jump around, so you get little spurts of movement. This only happens sometimes though.

Most of the time it'll accept input, then just stop working entirely after a couple minutes. Sometimes it won't even bother responding when you plug it back in again. Basically, this device spends more time not working that when it does. And when it does work, it's so spotty that it's practically useless.

The build quality isn't great, but it isn't terrible. It's a light feeling plastic thing that has a soft matte to it. The way it's actually designed is fine, the way it fits on your finger, and the availability of your mouse buttons on the side. The mouse triggers do feel pretty flimsy though, so even if somehow this device works perfectly for you, treat the mouse buttons with light fingers.

Overall this finger mouse just doesn't work. It just became a useless, wasteful tech device that's been lying around forgotten. It's a shame too, because I would have really liked something like this while tablet browsing at a coffee shop or something. As it is I can't even recommend it for the novelty factor because it just doesn't function well enough to even consider.
review image
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on January 30, 2014
Here's how to use this mouse:

1. Place the mouse on your MIDDLE finger, before the first joint.
2. Cant the mouse slightly inward so that your thumb can easily reach all of the buttons.
3. Place your index finger on the butt of the mouse to stabilize it as you move it around, face down on the desk.

The mouse works very well in this position.

This mouse gets one star off for a strong, fake perfume smell coming out of the plastic for a day or two, and for relatively flimsy construction when compared to other mice. But all of the parts are there and it works well. I use it for playing mouse-based computer games.
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on October 17, 2013
I'll be honest. I bought this as a kind of toy. It looked kind of cool, and at about $3, I figured, why not? I didn't expect it to be very practical and it really isn't. First things first, the Velcro strap is a bit clumsy in arrangement and it feels slightly uncomfortable. There's just something distracting about something "hanging" on your finger. One thing that puzzled me was how you "aim" it. Do you point it like a laser pointer or does it require contact with a surface? The answer is...more the latter case. In use, you strap it to your finger with the Velcro strap and point the device strait down at a suitable surface. I tried my mouse pad (which worked perfectly), and also a wooden desktop, white sheet of paper, and even a mirrored surface (a CD disc). Only the CD mirror failed to work.

I will try to explain the feel of the device this way. Picture resting your wrist on the desktop just as you would with a conventional mouse.
Now, picture the desk covered with a layer of dust. Lastly, picture "writing" your name in the dust with your index finger pointing strait down.
That's the posture you will use. The side buttons work well, a soft decisive click for each button. On the other hand, the scroll-wheel has a problem. Turning the wheel toward you is fine, albeit slightly awkward to reach, but when you exert a turning force in the outward direction, there is a tendency for the whole device to pivot around your finger.

Because of it's small size, this mouse might be fine for a laptop on the go, and where space is at a premium, but on the whole I think most laptop users would be better served with a small, but conventional mouse. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that the cord is very short. I measured it at 43 1/2 inches. Again, fine for laptops but unlikely to serve at a desktop.

I should also mention that I am running Windows 7 Home and when I plugged the mouse into a USB port, it functioned immediately.
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on February 13, 2012
I didn't expect much from such a low-priced item. And I was forewarned by the greatly mixed reviews. The unit itself was of acceptable quality, and I had high hopes. But the LED dimmed and stopped working within an hour. Not worth the time/expense to return. Perhaps there are various manufacturers of this item, and I got the one with the cheap LED. I did compare all the vendors on Amazon in hopes of getting a reputable supplier. I didn't buy the lowest priced one offered on Amazon, either. Guess I missed the mark.
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on June 30, 2011
I see a couple reviews on this product in a few different places with low ratings saying that it is a difficult mouse to operate. I agree it is difficult, but I give this mouse a 5 star because it does exactly what it was designed to do. I've not found and flaws in the design or while it's functioning. I am still getting used to this strange new mouse, but I think it's an excellent product.

As a warning, it can be very difficult to get used to. But c'mon it's $7.
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