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on March 21, 2014
I wasn't interested in playing Fire Emblem at first--I had ordered this because my husband wanted to play it. He kept insisting that I try it, so I did. Then he never saw our 3DS again. The end.
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on May 23, 2015
ive always hated s/RPG, thought it was boring but decided to get it because of the hype. I was giving RPG a second chance after final fantasy which did not hold my interest. Omgosh! Talk about being immersed into a game;I don't want to do anything else but play this game. I initially got it from Nintendo e-shop then knew i had to get a physical copy. The different characters are fun and the storyline line is interesting. I've pretty much cut off communication with my people since I got it lol. I even take this game to work to play on my breaks 😆!It's a great game for role playing game new comers like me. THIS IS THE BEST GAME IVE EVER PLAYED!! ...sigh, I've barely slept in days :(
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on February 26, 2017
This isn't a full review. Rather, it's a recommendation. Since the game's release till the end of 2016 I saw this game on the shelves of stores and even though I knew about its stellar reviews I never gave it a chance. The quadrants made me think this was a board game type of game and I'd never played a real strategy RPG before. I decided to give it a shot in 2017 and I'm loving it thus far. The writing is excellent and this is a game that offers plenty of challenge. If you die, it is either a strategic sacrifice, because you didn't think your moves or because you were just plain unlucky and your enemy landed a critical hit. This is a game for existentialists: you have control of all the moves and are responsible for all your actions. I love it and will be playing this for years to come.
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on July 28, 2015
I'm a new player to the FE series, and I had no problem hopping into this. Pretty much immediately, I was hooked. The chess-like fighting is fun, and I adore the whole support/relationship system. The writing is excellent, with a lot of very funny and sweet parts in the dialogues. I'm completely hooked on this game and already plan to play it through more times once I'm done with what I quickly started thinking of as my practice game. Being new to it and learning the way the game works, I inadvertently missed out on not only conversations but whole characters because I didn't do things correctly or in the right order. But I don't mind because I look forward to playing it through again.

I'd say this game combines the puzzle-solving/strategy aspect and likable characters with good art of the more realistic-style Zelda games (my favorite game series) with the relationship-building and conversation aspect of Star Wars: The Old Republic (which is one of the few other games I like). I'm not a hard-core gamer. There are a handful of games that I really like and those tend to be enough for me. I've learned that I can tell very early into playing a game if it will be one of those or not. With this game, I could definitely tell right away that I loved this game, and I don't see that feeling going away any time soon.

BTW, I'm not what you'd call a very *good* gamer. I set this on casual, easy mode, pretty much as easy as I can make it, and that's challenging enough for me. If you're new to the series or not a hardcore gamer, I'd recommend doing the same.
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on December 9, 2015
What makes this entry so great is every type of player can get into the series. It has a setup that is welcoming to new players to the series (who probably coming from smash) and can still be set for the returning fan base. The customization of your own character also really adds a layer of immersion and caring that some of the previous fire emblem could be lacking. You character is there on the field and the relationships have far more depth especially due to the children game play mechanic that really adds more to the game in some aspects.

This actually leads to my SINGLE and only complaint about this game. The children are amazing twist to the relations in the game, but they also kind of mess with the team combat a bit. The children take from the parents stats and skills and usually the classes available as well. Even without being a min maxer that means the kids will be a great deal stronger and replace their parents combat wise. Further all the real content is based more of their projected strength levels meaning at the end the original characters you start with and use feel under powered even though you had them on your whole journey which can be a bit depressing after all that work. Still a very minor gripe! Amazing game and experience for all Fire Emblem fans.
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on August 28, 2014
Holy God, this is one of my favorite and most played games. Right behind Pokemon Y (and only because of breeding) this game clocks in at one of my favorites. If I had to go live in a cave for 5 years with only two games, FEA would undoubtedly be one of them.

To talk about the game, there are a crap ton of little improvements. But one of the things that really pops out at me (quite literally actually) are the gorgeous 3D sprites. I'd been waiting since Radiant Dawn to get another Fire Emblem console game, but this kind of takes away that need (although don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a console version on the Wii U) with the gorgeous graphics. The other main thing I'd like to point out in this, are the support conversations, they're absolutely hilarious. Sometimes I'll replay the game just to watch the support conversations again. While the plot is a bit dry (at least in comparison to Radiant Dawn, my favorite), the support conversations make up for it in a tremendous way. And on a similar note, the DLC is hilarious as well. While it is in no way mandatory to get the DLC to have a good time, it really adds to the post-game experience, and I would highly recommend it to people considering it.

One final thing I'd like to say, is that Spotpass is awesome. I love occasionally turning on my 3DS to find a new team on the map to fight, and recruit their leader (assuming I win). It's an awesome random element that was just added, and Intelligent Systems really deserves a thumbs up for it.

All in all, you should definitely get this game.
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on March 9, 2016
This is a fantastic game. Being my first Fire Emblem game, I went into it kinda blind. Now that I finished it, I can confidently say I would recommend it to anyone.

Awakening is a tactical RPG, meaning you fight on a grid. Think chess, but way more complex and interesting than that. Units can be paired up to give bonuses on the battlefield, and doing so unlocks Support Conversations, enough of which can spark marriage between units. The game is broken up into chapters, each of which involves a battle, with the goal being to rout the enemy or defeat the opposing team's commander. Battles are somewhat similar to each other, but there is some variety in the terrain and enemies that keeps it fresh.

Deep strategy that really makes you think about every action
Fun dialogue between characters
Quite a bit of content - my first playthrough took over 30 hours, although I played pretty slowly

Somewhat convoluted story, which evens out by the end
During normal dialogue, rather than just text without any voice backing, characters will utter words or short grunts semi-related to their dialogue. Kind of odd - use voice acting or not at all, IMO! Full cutscenes have normal voice acting.

I plan on playing through again, and I think this game could appeal to just about anyone. I highly recommend it.
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on April 28, 2014
there's so much to do in this installment of Fire Emblem that I'm not sure you'd ever really run out of things to do!

You can play it on casual and not have to fret over characters that might die on the field, which is nice when you're not looking for a particularly nail-biting experience.

Being able to create your own avatar and act directly in the world is very nice as well, and adds something more to the game. The real fun is working on troops' relationships with one another, as the scenes between them are entertaining to say the least!

You might not like it if you're not much of a strategy rpg kind of person, but from casual gamer to hardcore the game has enough options for everyone.
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on June 29, 2015
I got that game about 1 week ago and I already passed 12 hours on it. I am around the middle of the game. I have a hard time to leave the game. It's not my number one game in the average time on it. I am above 30 years old and I cannot believe that I can pass that much time on a game. I usually play about 3 hours per week but on this one 4x that time yet.

This game looks a lot like the old Sega Genesis Shinning Force series. Maybe this bring to me good old souvenir and this is why I like it so much. The only thing that I do not like is the dialog -- characters talk too much in my opinion. However, the in-game tutorial is great, and the battle become harder and harder which require more thinking before fighting.

This is the second game (after Zelda A Link Between Worlds) that I buy above 35$. So far, it worth it.
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on December 17, 2016
This was my first Fire Emblem game since Game boy and I was so impressed and engrossed in the game that it honestly changed my life (gamer wise). I wouldn't have considered myself a huge Fire Emblem fan until I played Awakening because it convinced me to replay the older games I used to love and Fire Emblem really has a place in my heart now.

The characters are loveable and the story is good. Even if there are a few really confusing parts it is one of the best games I've played in a long time. And I still replay it to this day.
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