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on August 19, 2017
BOC put out a lot of albums. My years of listening, this one competes with 'Agents of Fortune' for their best. Earlier, of course, a little less polished, but strong composition and tight performance. 'Veteran' is a powerful expression of PTSD from the inside. 'Sole Survivor' is a nice take on your basic post-apocalyptic nightmare...with space ships!!! 'Joan Crawford' earns the 1981 stripes for creepshow ( and slightly tasteless ;-) ) -- it's fun. They were classed as Heavy Metal for that day. In an interview, they said that the term came from the periodic chart, elements beyond lead. That ties to the very solid bass lines (well worth learning BTW). The bass actually dominates 'Burnin' for You', which is simply unusual, period. Making that work earns a couple stars by itself. Anyway, you get the idea. BOC wasn't the hit-machine Zeppelin was, but if this album and 'Agents of Fortune' are not in your library.......shame on you.
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on April 18, 2004
I have been a BOC Fan since day one..If you are new to BOC and are looking to read a review about this particular album, then I can tell you it is very good..not their best not their worst..I would like to more-so write here about the band..BOC is and has always been best appreciated as a LIVE band..Most of their studio work is very good. They have had a few "Rather Forgets" than yhey would like to admit..but Other than Led Zeppelin and a relative few others, what bands with the same amount of album releases haven't had a few bad apples fall from their trees.. BOC is a thinking mans band..esoterical lyrics and comical hidden traesures are often found when you really listen close. Donald Roeser(Buck Dharma) is one of the best guitarists from any era of rock and man as all of us BOC fans know..he is way too under rated.. If you are looking for the status quo or avante guard of rock look elsewhere..If you like solid imagination, ripping guitars and layered efficionic musicianship with thought and superb melodic structure, Then BOC will never disappoint.Joan Crawford, Nosferatu, Then Came The Last Days Of May, Astronomy, Black Blade, and way too many other songs to mention have set BOC on a high pedastal in my rock catalog..even if they do falter every now and then.. I do regard BOC as one of the top three bands in the history of rock..1. Led Zep, 2. Pink Floyd, 3. BOC ok my opinion..a lot of their songs are truly masterpieces of layerd melodic bliss that can best be appreciated lying back and drifting away in a dark room with a really good set of headphones cranked as loud as you can handle... I took their entire catalog recently and from it created a BEST OF of my own ending up with over four hours of material. Not all of their stuff is heavy and fact some of BOC's best work is somewhat mellow rock. their lyrics are not for the simple minded. They have a knack for being lyrically elusive requiring a "YOU FILL IN THE BLANKS" menatalty. If you have a low IQ then you can really enjoy the music but you may get a little frustrated trying to figure out what they are singing about from time to time. I don't say that to be insulting at all, rathet that they often use a lyrical vocabulary equal to at least college level reading. They are on the dark side but have a great sense of humor..If you have a little smarts to ya..BOC is a great band..just don't expect every thing to be great..they are to real for that..but every now and then they reach musical genious and perfection. That alone is why they are still around 30 plus years from inceptionand still have a very faithful if not fanatic CULT following.
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on March 16, 2018
This is my favorite BOC album. Has the tracks written for the Heavy metal movie and the one that was ultimately on the soundtrack (Veterans of Psychic Wars).
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on September 6, 2008
After sliding down the album charts for the last half of the 70's all of a sudden Blue Oyster Cult was back on the radio in a big way with the "Fire" album. The band had a big hit single with Buck Dharma's "Burning For You", with the quirky "Joan Crawford" also receiving significant airplay on AOR radio. This would be the last album to feature the original band, as drummer / vocalist / songwriter Albert Bouchard would leave during the tour following the album. Martin Birch was once again brought in as producer. I don't think this album is quite as good as it's predecessor "Cultosaurus Erectus", as there are a couple of clunkers on this one including "After Dark" and the closing bit of Buck Dharma fluff "Don't Turn Your Back". The rest of the album is quite good, however. The title track opens things up on a fine note, followed by "Burning For You". Next up is probably one of B.O.C's all time best epics the aptly titled "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" featuring a killer guitar solo from Buck and outstanding right on vocals from Eric Bloom. "Sole Survivor", "Heavy Metal", and "Vengeance (The Pact) are all cool bits of B.O.C. swagger and the previously mentioned "Joan Crawford" is another classic. "Fire" remains Blue Oyster Cults highest charting studio album. It is not their best, but is a concrete four star disc in my opinion.
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on April 30, 2018
A fine Blue Oyster Cult album.
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on December 2, 2008
This is my Favorite BOC album. I liked it immensely back in the early 80s and I still dig it today. There is no weak point on the entire sequence of songs in my opinion. The songwriting is ecclectic and holds your interest, while the music itself is tightly structured and well produced. I hope they remaster it soon. The latter sequence of songs on the CD are equally as strong as the more well known songs up front. It stays in my collection until the grave.
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on May 2, 2015
As a BOC fan I found this to be one of their most coherent albums. The songs sort of tell a story.
I highly recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in BOC.
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on April 29, 2014
This album turned me into a BOC fan when I first heard it years ago. It is one of their best. It is one of those albums where every song is in just the right order, making the album have a great continuity to it. I bought this to give my LP some rest. I am so glad I found it on CD.
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on September 4, 2009
This is an album that I always enjoyed. I first heard it back in the early 80's but couldn't bring myself to spend the money on the vinyl. Later, when CDs came into fashion this was one that had moved off of my "hot" list to buy. Now, 20+ years later I'm catching up on a lot of the old music that framed the 80's for me. I bought the CD used and it was well worth the cash I payed. I wouldn't spend $20 for it but under $10 and you've got a winner. Burnin For You is worth the price of admission. If that is the only song on the album you are interested in then go by the mp3 single. If you, like me, was a teenager in the 1980's then this whole album will probably resonate with you. It's different and not for everyone but for me I enjoy having it in my collection. I rated it a 3 our of 5 because the whole album is not great, but it is good. Enjoy!
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on March 1, 2013
I bought this record back in July 1981 & the CD on February 19, 2013. This album is good, but I also think it's one their most WEIRDEST albums feat. "Joan Crawford", "Sole Survivor", which I like very well, & esp. "Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars" , which ALSO appears on the 1981 movie soundtrack "Heavy Metal". When I heard this album, for the very FIRST time, I called my cousin Mark to say "Wait till You hear B.O.C.'s latest's awfully weird" "Burnin' for You is the very best song & it was also a Top 40 hit single, peaking @ # 40. "THEIR song "Heavy Metal: (Black & Silver) is quite screechy, musically, but I like it anyway. "Fire of Unknown Origin" & "After Dark" almost seem like Dance Club songs, because of synthesizer music on BOTH songs. "Don't Turn Your Back" & "Vengeance (The Pact) are decent songs. "Sole Survivor", meaning wise, kinda reminds me of "Spaced" by Aerosmith from their 1974 "Get Your Wings". album. Even though "Spaced" & "Sole Survivor" sound nothing alike, I do feel that their song meanings are very similar. "Sole Survivor.....I'm the LAST man to Survive" the ending lyric to "Spaced"...I'm sure everyone who has heard Aerosmith, they will remember these words. "Joan Crawford" is a good song that is creepy as hell, but it's also goofy on certain parts of the song. This album is recommended.
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