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on July 31, 2014
I wanted to love my Fire Phone. I really love Amazon Priime and my kindle, and they made the phone a bargain. Who could resist a year of prime on top of the rest? When at last the phone arrived, that sleek black box was a pleasure to unwrap.

The phone felt good in my hand, sturdy, well made. I used it as a phone -- wow, good sound, much better than many of the cell phones I've used in the past. Score.

I played with the dynamic perspective -- how nifty. I tried changing the backgound and here was my first disapointment -- a lot of them are dim, even bordering on creepy. Clearly time and effort was spent on choosing them, but they felt like Uncle Fester's last minute IT assignment. I finally chose one that bugged me the least. As my 9 year old said the first time he saw one, "Cool!" and then the next day, "that gets kind of annoying."

I moved forward, and loaded my email app, gmail, without a problem. I thought "Smartphones are pretty useful!" and felt reassured in my decision.

Then I started looking for other apps I've used on my android tablet, and I came up empty on the Amazon app store. Huh. I thought "no big deal, I can live without that app" and I searched for something else and thought "and that app too." Finally I realized a lot of google apps were off limits, and I had to rethink what I could do. It felt like a big step backward.

I found solace in streaming a song from my Amazon Music and opening up my current book using the kindle software. Better. Yes, reading was lovely. I took a picture and identified something instantly with Firefly -- nothing tricky, but it was fast. That was kind of fun. I never plan on using my phone to buy anything, however, so not that much fun.

I used the apps i was able to install, and I found myself befuddled a number of times. There's no software back button support. Some apps have a working back button within them, but not all, and there were times I felt trapped in whatever I was using, like Gretel after the breadcrumbs were eaten.

Swiping was supposed to help, as was flicking your wrist, but the responses were inconsistent. I thought I was fumbly and inept until I shared my phone with an IT pro and he also found that there were times where he'd flick his wrist 3 or 4 times without success. You'd feel so frustrated you'd want to start shaking it uncontrollably, then fling it into the wall. I loved catching him in those moments, our frustration shared. Navigation that was effortless on an android tablet became convoluted and difficult. MANY things that felt effortless on a full blown android were obscured or disabled.

A phrase swirled in my head, "you can't get there from here."

The low point came when I was showing off my new phone at work to extol the virtues of my new Amazon Fire. Flick fail. Swipe fail. Firefly fail. I could at least show the dynamic perspective with my lock screen, and they gazed politely. They tried the swipes and flicks, and sometimes they worked. Overall though, I think I solidified their loyalty to their current iPhone or Android. Sigh.

I had my Fire Phone two more demoralizing days, and gave up. What I thought at first was unhappiness due to unrealistic expections of having a smartphone, I came to realize was unhappiness based upon the comparison of my phone to my android tablet. It's just not as good. The Fire Phone is pretty and well made, but the software is crippled and the experience disappointing.

I returned the phone, and I have to say Amazon was professional, quick and courteous. Customer service rates an A+.

I replaced my Fire Phone with a Google Nexus 5, and I could not be more happy. Sorry Amazon, I wanted to love you best. Your screen was great and I loved using you for calls, but my need for sleek functionality won out over the fun of drama and glitz. Maybe next time.
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on August 19, 2014
I had a hard decision between the Amazon Fire Phone, Samsung Galaxy S 5, and Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active. I eventually picked the Fire Phone because I have loved my Kindle, Amazon Prime, and the camera on it was excellent. I keep my phones for a while, in all my years of wireless service I have been off contract more than I have been in one. This phone replaced a 1st gen windows phone I carried for 5 years or so (which still works flawlessly after years of abuse).
First week I was disappointed in how the battery will not last even 16 hours if you do anything that takes advantage of the high def screen. I now have a charger in the car, at work and at home so the damn thing can be plugged in all the time. I am essentially back to having a corded phone that travels.
I also noticed was it gets super warm, I understand that having a powerful processor will generate heat, but with my job being in technology I also know poor cooling design and excessive heat is the bane of electronics.
The most annoying issue I have found is that the day after my 2 weeks trial period ended the key pad has started to freeze up and disappear at least once a day, forcing a restart of the phone.
Conclusions: Gimmicky at best, has potential if people actually program to the capabilities of the phone, good call quality, excellent camera, Amazon's restricted access to apps has been more annoying than I anticipated, I am nervous about the phone's longevity and hope it makes it past my 2 years on contract without too many issues until I can get it replaced, I feel like I should have went with the Samsung Galaxy S 5 Active.

Update: My opinions have not changed about the phone. I was contacted by Amazon's customer service and they were excellent and did all they could do for a customer. I would rate the customer service at Amazon as one of the best in the world.

Paying $199 for the phone on contract to have it change to $0.99 just one month later feels like a huge rip and is a bit insulting as a customer. The new 99 cent phones even come with Prime. I will never again buy a phone on release week. Thank you Amazon for a hard earned lesson.
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on September 21, 2014
Solid 4 stars. Based on what I read online before I got the phone, it's clearly not for everyone, but for me it's been great:

From an everyday use perspective, I've been really happy:
* Good battery life (lasts at least a full day while syncing 5 e-mail accounts, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, surfing the web, playing games every once in a while, etc)
* Nice screen, big enough to be readable but not so big that the phone doesn't fit comfortably in my pocket. Readable in sunlight. The auto brightness seems to get confused sometimes in dark rooms but overall works OK
* Comfortable to hold in one hand, usable with one hand. Swipe gestures definitely help with that. The rubber edge feels comfortable in the palm of your hand. I don't have a case for the phone.
* Reception is very good, call quality is great. The phone is reasonably comfortable to hold up to your face to make actual phone calls with.
* The OS is responsive, and despite being newish is pretty stable and functional.
* I haven't used Firefly a lot but every time I've tried to use it, it has worked for me.
* This is my first carrier locked phone in around 10 years and I thought that would really bug me but in fact AT&T has shown remarkable restraint and there's only one visible bit of AT&T software preloaded on the phone. No telling what will happen when I try to use the phone abroad, but it's got a nano-SIM anyway which is inconvenient for swapping out so I'll probably just take an old Nokia with my when I travel.

My only gripes so far:
* It gets surprisingly warm during use. Not uncomfortably hot, but warm enough that I wonder how the heck the battery will last the day. So far it always has.
* The Firefly button works even when the phone is locked. That's pitched as a feature, but what it means to me is that frequently when I take it out of my pocket, it's already active and trying desperately to identify something. This probably has a negative impact on battery life, and could lead to butt-dialing. It would be nice if this could be switched off.
* The app store is ... almost adequate. There are definitely some things missing, though I can get 90% of what I want by sideloading. There are very few apps that just won't run when sideloaded, and those apps have alternatives. Sideloading is inconvenient but as of now I've got everything I need. This is the biggest area of improvement as far as I'm concerned.

I would recommend this phone to many people, but not everyone. If you're the sort of person who wants to hack your phone and use custom firmwares, you'll hate this phone. If you're the sort of person who wants to sample each one of the 1 million apps in the Play store, you won't like this phone.

If you want a phone that's not comically big, is comfortable and friendly to use, and works when you want it to, this is a nice phone. It's a perfect phone for normal people who aren't necessarily gadget freaks but want a modern, useful smartphone. If you're a Symbian refugee looking for an entry into the Android world that's not obnoxious, you can do worse than this one (but you'll miss your OLED screen).
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on July 25, 2014
This is the Amazon phone you are looking for! Does everything Amazon which is great consider I have Kindle. This review will constantly be updated. If you find this helpful, please press Yes below.

My profile: Heavy gadget users for personal and business purposes. I use my phone (Galaxy S5) quite a bit for personal use and iPhone 5 for work

I have the following and/or used the following before:

1) iPhone 5
2) Galaxy S5
3) Galaxy S3
4) Wife's Moto X
5) Galaxy Nexus
6) Nexus One
7) iPhone 3GS

I've been through many devices and also Kindle Fire Tablets. This will be an ongoing review for this device throughout this next year. I will provide a detail comparison between the smartphones I use and a little bit of Kindle Fire comparison (which uses similar OS).

Spec (8/10):

For Amazon first attempt, this is a very decent phone. It has the speed of my wife's Moto X but not where it is for Galaxy S5. However, this phone is built much differently for different purpose. It's an "experience" phone rather than a "spec" phone. Like an iPhone or Moto X, it provides a very tight experience to its Fire OS without needing any of the raw power that you get from Galaxy S5 to please you. It's a phone that does "just enough" for all the things the OS is capable of doing for you

Screen (9/10):
This screen is very nice. At 720p, it may not have the clarity of the Galaxy S5 but beats the iPhone 5. Video on this is crisp. Running 720p content is absolutely fabulous on this device and no shadowing whatsoever.

The sound system in this Fire Phone is Digital Dolby Plus. This means lots of virtualization of sound and a good pair of earphones wlil help you go through your tracks. Quality is on par with Galaxy S5 for low bitrate soundtrack but at higher bitrate, the Galaxy S5 maybe better with the 24-bit/192kHz DAC built in that the Fire Phone is lacking. The earphone that comes with the device is very clever with magnetic pad to stick the earphones together and reduce tangle.

Build & Styling (7/10):

This Fire Phone is a sturdy piece of brick. Yes, a brick I said because there's not much styling to it. It's like holding a phone from 2010. Styling is more inline with the Nexus 4 with Glass back and the iPhone 3GS with round side. People may think you are holding some cheapo knockoff phone without the Amazon logo on the back of the phone. Definitely you won't impress your colleagues if you are going for the looks. However, it does feel very sturdy and I can tell it can take some major drops. I advise getting a case to stylize your phone
Camera (8/10)
The Camera on the Fire Phone is mediocre at best. It's not as good as Galaxy S5 16MP ISOCELL camera but it serves it purpose. There is Optical Image Stabilization on this camera which is done quite well and much less blurry shots that you expect from phones such as the Galaxy S5. Details won't be on par with Galaxy S5 but for those quick snap this is the phone to use.

The best part about the camera is not actually the camera but the free cloud storage on the camera. You get UNLIMITED photo storage using the Fire Phone. For the ones that go crazy snapping around all the time, you don't have to worry about storage space anymore. Remember this is for photos and not for videos. Videos still have storage limits.

Software & Experience (8/10):
There are two major software that is the biggest feature on this phone
Dynamic Perspective - This tracks your head movement by using the 5 cameras in the four corners of the Fire Phone's front face to track your head constantly. If you try to move your head or tilt your phone, your perspective will be align with the phone. Special viewpoints are like the edge of icons, image focus that you don't see at other angles. It's fun to play with but frankly a bit of a gimmick.
Firefly - Click the firefly button on the phone and point it towards the item you want to purchase, and it will appear on your phone for purchase if available or recognized. It's great idea but really only works around 50% of the time. For example, it's definitely not useful if the item is not on Amazon's selection (which is possible surprisingly) or that it recognize it as something else. Purchasing can't be more easier with this and it's a very good direction Amazon is taking for improve customer experience. But until this can work more than 50% of the time, I will stick with the Amazon mobile store for purchases.
The other apps are very similar to the Kindle Fire apps. If you are using a Kindle Fire, this should be easy for you to use and navigate. Things like Mayday is still available on the phone which is definitely useful for people who are less tech savvy. I will find this very useful for my mom so that she can ask Mayday rep the tech questions instead of me!

This phone is definitely not as open as actual Android phones such as Galaxy S5. Although Fire OS is based on Android, it is still a very closed system and it's Amazon every intention to keep you in their ecosystem. If you are like me who have Amazon Prime, this device is a godsend. All your instant video/musics/purchase is tightly intergrated to this smartphone. If you live by Amazon, this is the phone to get. However, if you like to play around with things such as custom ROMs then it's best to stay off this phone. You won't be getting the type of freedom on customization that you get on Android.

Battery (6.5/10):
Battery life is quite good given the phone is not top specification. However, the Dynamic Perspective and Firefly can drain your battery quite fast if you use it constantly. Unfortunately, you cannot remove the battery of the phone and replace it with another (which Galaxy S5 has and it is very handy feature to have) so you better be careful how you use your phone.

Complimentary Accessories (6/10):
There are quite a number of cases out for the Fire Phone at launch which is great. Additionally the accessories that come with the phone such as the earphone are very good.

Value (6/10):
This is a very hard one to write about.
On one hand, you get one full year of Prime membership for free which is 99 dollars in value + unlimited photo storage (which can be quite expensive if you are using other cloud service to storage over 1000 GB of photos)

On the other hand, you are lock down to all Amazon services + AT&T exclusivity + mediocre specification (though enough for this phone as I mentioned) + $200 on contract for 32gb which is as expensive as some high end phones available today

For value, it really comes down to how often you use Amazon. If you are an Amazonholic, then this phone will not disappoint you. However, if you don't even have Amazon Prime to begin with or that you are not locked down currently to any Amazon service, this device can be quite expensive for getting into Amazon services.

Conclusion in one sentence: Great for CURRENT Amazon service users & not so great for anyone not locked into their system yet.

Perhaps Amazon needs to rethink its pricing strategy for this device. For current Amazon customers such as myself who know Amazon good service that we are currently locked into, this is a great upgrade to enhance the shopping experience of Amazon and to enjoy all the Amazon Prime services on my most frequently used device. However, it can be quite expensive sacrifice for newcomers to Amazon ecosystem especially this phone is not cheap (unlike the Kindle Fire) and that the mediocre specs are not selling itself. Especially with AT&T exclusivity, I don't see how this device will be flying off the shelf (think Facebook phone). What Amazon should do is to reprice this to cheaper bracket (Free on 2 year contract at least) or let people try using this phone for free for a limited amount of time. Dynamic Perspective and Firefly are just not enough to sell the phone to newcomers.

As mentioned, I will update this review periodically. Next time I will focus on physical wear and tear of the machine after couple more months and again on battery life (as all electronics have a diminishing battery duration throughout its course of use). [...] Thanks for reading!
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on November 25, 2014
I love this phone! I have had Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and iPhones. My last cell phone was a Samsung (and my favorite of the bunch) and I was really happy with it. I had it for three years and was about to upgrade to a newer Samsung model when Amazon announced their new cell phone. I have loved the Kindle products - readers and tablets - I have had and after reading about the new Kindle Fire cell phone, I pre-ordered one. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. From the moment I took it out of the box and charged it up, I was delighted and excited about my new phone.

The camera is stellar! The apps (which are abundant) for the phone have worked seamlessly. I have had no difficulties placing or receiving calls and the reception is as good as, if not better, than my Samsung. The signal strength varies, as it does on any cell phone, but it has been better than any cell phone I've had previously, including the Samsung. The screen is large and the display is top-quality - it is a pleasure to watch movies, videos, and TV shows. The Facebook, Mail, Instagram, Twitter and other social media apps are easy to use and their design is pleasing to the eye and the mind. The battery life is splendid! I have never had a phone with a battery life even comparable to this one. What a complete joy that has been! The operating system is very user friendly as well as mentally stimulating. The graphics are mind-blowing. The Dynamic Perspective is mesmerizing. The performance of the phone is powerful and fast. Firefly is a blast to use. And having the Mayday feature is reassuring should I ever need it. (The Mayday feature is an excellent way of contacting Amazon Support. I have not had to use it for the phone but I have used it on my tablet. The Mayday feature beats any other way of contacting support personnel - nothing compares.) The Dolby audio is phenomenal! I have no complaints. I'm not saying it is the perfect phone, but it has been the perfect phone for me, from the day I got it.

In looking through the reviews, I was blown away by the sheer number of one star reviews. I read many of them and can only conclude Apple devotees have gone to great measures to review-bomb the Amazon Fire Phone. I wonder how many of those individuals have created multiple Amazon accounts expressly for the purpose of review-bombing this product? How very sad that is. The reviews read like "copy and paste" material and I am surprised that Amazon even allows those people to post such "sour-grapes" and infantile reviews. Reviews, which, in fact, are not even reviews of the Amazon Fire Phone, but gripes referring to the environment and other non-product criticism.

I strongly recommend the Amazon Fire Phone to anyone who wants a great cell phone! And... it's just plain fun to use!

UPDATE 11-30-14:
From reading reviews of the Amazon Fire Phone I discovered many of the 1 star reviews were a result of Greenpeace requesting people to post 1 star reviews, en masse. Here is the link to Greenpeace's webpage:
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on September 16, 2014
I'm done with Apple. I wanted a change. I'm loving this phone. The camera is great. So much storage. Easy to maneuver. Very user friendly. Fast. I found all my apps that I had on my iphone on the fire. People will complain about anything. Take all negative reviews with a grain of salt.
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on October 5, 2014
I went from an old iPhone 3 to this Fire phone and am pretty happy with it. The display is very nice, the phone is bigger than I expected, and the camera is quite impressive! I also find it nice to be able to use it for all the things I have on my Kindle Fire, including the same charger.
I had to turn auto-scroll off because I move too much for it's sensitivity. I have also found that the sensitivity for the swivel/tilt has decreased since I've been using the phone (about a month) and I find it nearly impossible now to get the left or right sided menus that way. The battery doesn't last but about two days max, I do leave it on 24/7 tho. Finally, I had to download a free calender app because it woldn't let me use the one that it came with, it would tell me that I needed to create an account, and when I went to do so, it told me one already existed with my information. So I've had some minor frustrations with it, but at least it rings everytime someone calls, which is more than the old iPhone 3 did.
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on September 25, 2014
I like my Fire Phone. I agree with some of the reviews here about some of the operational problems in the apps and the lack of availability of certain apps; however, I guess I am one of those folks that's willing to wait a little bit for software updates and growth of the app store to fix some of the problems.

The phone itself is well-made, and I, personally, really like the swipe features. You have to get used to them for sure, but they are great and really convenient after that.

I have had iPhones for FOREVER. I also have a large collection of Apple products (an iMac, Macbook Air, iPad). When my last iPhone went to phone heaven, I went to the ATT store looking to get another.

To be honest, the shear price difference was what started me looking at the Fire Phone. I love Amazon and Prime. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. For me, what's most important in a phone is storage space, the camera, and the screen. The Fire phone delivers in all of these areas for much cheaper than an iPhone. If I want to use Apple features, I'll just use one of my other Apple products. I did that before anyway.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking to get more phone and more perks for your money. I believe that the other problems with apps and such will be fixed as updates are released.
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on September 25, 2014
I love this phone! It is now a known issue that using glass screen protectors would cause the phone to over heat while supposedly idle. When electronics get too hot bad things happen, such as components starting to malfunction followed swiftly by the device not working properly. Since I did not cover the sensors and I got a case built for the phone, it is no surprise I haven't had any issues with the phone being too hot or being slow. I have used many smart phones and this is so far my favorite phone, it's everything I need from a phone and more!
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on November 19, 2014
This is a great value for a very good phone. $.99 gets you the phone, $10.00 in Amazon app coins, and a free year of Prime. My experiences with the phone, which I have had for about a week now, have been very positive. I am not a smartphone addict. I basically use my phone for calls, music, podcasts, and the camera. This phone excels at all of these.

UI - Dynamic Perspective was cute, but I didn't find that it served much of a purpose, so I disabled it about halfway through my first day with the phone. Otherwise, the apps and tools I use were easy to find and easy to use.

Battery - GREAT!! After disabling Dynamic Perspective, the phone sucks up just about 20% of the juice per 24 hours. In the week I have had it, so far I have only charged it one time (not counting the initial charge).

Camera - Brilliant! Specifically the Camera button on the side is a stroke of genius. No longer do I have to unlock the phone to take a quick pic of the kids. And with unlimited photo storage on Cloud Drive, I don't have to worry about the phone filling up. There are settings to only allow photo syncing to Cloud Drive over WiFi so not to use up your data plan.

Screen - Good enough for me. Crisp clear images. If there are flaws, my eyes can't perceive any.

Music - Amazon Music Player built in. Easy to download some playlists for repetitive offline playing (for kids), plus access to much more music. Pandora available as well.

Podcasts - DoggCatcher readily available to use on Amazon App Store. Used about $2 of the $10 credit on the app store to purchase. Works great.

Apps - I know this has been a thorn in most reviewers side... not for me. Every app I've needed has been available or has had a counterpart that does the same job. The phone comes with Docs installed... allows you to view/edit Microsoft files (Word, Excel). It may not have Google apps available... but most Android phones don't have Amazon Instant Video... this one does. It even acts as a remote for my Fire TV.

Overall, I am pretty impressed and very happy with the Fire Phone.
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