Customer Reviews: Firehouse Dog
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This is a good old fashioned family movie about a boy and a dog, and of course, like all shaggy dog tales, the mutt is the star. Celebrity dog Rexxx (note the x's) chucks in his glamorous poodle-filled life to become a firehouse dog, the only fringe benefits being that he can chase the fire-engine and investigate a lot of hydrants.

He adopts a young boy named Shane, who is rather unwilling at first, but after some aerial acrobatics, a few search and rescues and a lot of canine flatulence, Shane finally gets around to appreciating Rexxx, even though he mistakenly believes his name to be Dewey. "Dewey" soon rises to the rank of mascot, and is duly appreciated by the humans, especially the inhabitants of the Dogpatch Fire Station, who although friendly enough, don't seem to be the sharpest tools in the shed.

There are two other stories filling out the movie, one being the relationship between Shane and his firefighter father, and the other being the mystery of the curiously contagious conflagrations in the Dogpatch area.

Corny and cheesy in places, but never whiny, this is a movie you can watch with small kids (your teenagers may be otherwise occupied), but as you will see, the star of this movie is undoubtedly the hot mutt.

Amanda Richards, September 1, 2007
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on November 13, 2007
Being an adult, the first few minutes almost made me turn it off. It came across as another low brow kids movie. But shortly after that it became a family movie and I was glad I stuck it out. When Rexxx becomes Dewey we see a unusual dog become a great pet and firehouse mascot. That transition changes the lifes of all he touches. Fans of dogs should definitely catch it as it truly shows how dogs are one of man and woman's best friends. I have to say one as I think cats are too. This is a good family dog movie that starts out a little pretentious with Rexxx as a toupee wearing movie star, but then pretty much settles into a realistic story about a lost dog becoming a treasured pet and friend. I recommend it to anyone that enjoys dog movies or family movies. The DVD quality was good and includes several extras.
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on June 22, 2007
I'm a 25 year old boy and I'm a Josh Hutcher fan, and this film is one of the best. First of all - I really enjoy when animals, like this dog, has the leading part! Everyone who like those kind of movies (like Air Bud) like this film too. Its a very fun film for anyone, age 7-100! Thanks for reading my review & Greetings from Sweden :-)
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on June 27, 2015
Great family-friendly movie about a young boy going through pain when a mystery dog shows up. The dog is very smart and loves helping in difficult situations. The father is a fireman and loves his job. The dog becomes part of the family and the fire department. Great movie with a excellent story. Enjoy with the whole family.
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on March 5, 2013
Cute dog, though they make him look silly in the "hollywood" outfits. Story a little weak. Not a lot of character development. Low budget film, so don't pay much - they didn't to make it. Good movie to keep the young ones busy.
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on May 8, 2013
2007/ colour 111 mins It is A fun family film it is a P.G movie it got on it Touching family-Friendly Entertainment. Get your paws on a Heart-warming comedy-adventure comedy-Adventure that's dog-gone fun for the whole family! I would say It is how a dog get on in a fire house.
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VINE VOICEon September 23, 2007
Critics will undoubtedly have a bone to pick with `Firehouse Dog'. I can hear all sorts of comments coming to roost: "Lame and predictable 'Dog' ,...What a dog!...too doggone routine, can't teach these screenwriters new tricks...let this one roll over and play dead." I have to admit that this movie is often dumb (and I usually don't like dumb movies), but it often contains some decent family entertainment. The jokes are nearly all dumb, but at least they are effective nearly half of the time. While there are enough "spots" to tarnish this film, it has some solid components and redeeming qualities.

The premise isn't unusual. Prima donna canine movie star Rexxx has an implausible accident during a stunt in a scene for a recent movie. Stray from the cast and crew, he hits the road and comes into the company of "Rescue 26/Engine 55," a neighborhood fire station whose existence is teetering on the contingency of budget cuts of all things. Following him is his ambitious and greedy agent who all but gives up the diva dog for good. Above the fire station is an administrator who has a plan of his own for the firehouse.

While the plot sometimes makes one want to howl, the acting is laudably in prime shape. Josh Halverson (of 'Bridge to Terabithia' fame) ably plays Shane Fahey, a hapless son of the fire chief, who is scarred by the deaths of his mother and his uncle, whom his father replaced. Coming across a self-willed stray is hardly compensation for the pre-adolescent who only has a girl love interest and a concerned, but stern father to help him commiserate his inner wounds. Bruce Greenwood gives us a laudably earnest performance as his father, Connor, who must wear his badge warily with all the problems set before them.

Whether campy or serious, the flashback scenes are particularly well done, and the dangers presented have enough direness without being a hazard to young psyches. At its meatier times, they get tongue-in-cheek as they bolster the formula even with Rex's portfolio. Having starred in 'The Fast and the Furriest' and 'Jurassic Bark,' Rex's fate lies whether he chooses the primrose path and the red carpet treatment or keeping it real where he's needed at the fire station. There's also a mock funeral scene that pokes fun of everyone involved. 'Firehouse Dog' is just ridiculous and real enough to work to keep the family satisfied, even if too many of the jokes remind one of the slick slapstick scenes when fire fighters slide down the firehouse pole.
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on January 15, 2015
My whole family enjoyed this film... very touching and heart warming film. My daughter is a big fan of Josh Hutcherson so she just had to have this under the tree this year. So no bad review on this film. would order again in the future.
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on October 8, 2014
I love this movie. I fall in love with the dog who adopts this boy and the fire station which is about to go under. He rescues them and becomes part of a family. My friends who are mostly ladies love this movie. My mom also watch this movie a few times. It is one of her favorite, too.
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on June 9, 2013
This really was a fun movie with lots of excitement. I feel like it builds appreciation for what firefighters go through and also how family can be effected yet not so traumatic for our young ones. It does have some peril so for my older grandchildren its just enough to keep them riveted to the movie. Of course the star was the dog and what he was able to do, but so as not to spoil, lets just say that dog was well trained and fun to watch. I recommend this one to kids of all ages.
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