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on November 28, 2011
I bought this item thinking it would just be some cheap little kit thrown together and not really thought out to well by the company, But I was wrong! It is perfect for me except it would have been nice if there where more butterfly bandages.I primarily us this for hiking/camping The kit is well organized with 2 small pockets, and two larger pockets for storage. The casing has a somewhat reflective fabric sewn in so its easy to see in the dark with a small amount of light if you would drop it, all I added to this kit was a couple more gauze packets, but since its for hiking/camping, I wanted to lighten my bag yes I know maybe 1 ounce taken out but I didn't think it was nessicary to carry so many band-aids, there where alot! so I kept the pack of big and small, the butterfly's and ones I just think I would need, but I have no real complaints about this product at all! I would recommend it to anybody just looking for a small kit to just keep in your car or hiking/camping bag or for even around the house!
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on May 21, 2013
this nice soft case will fit perfectly in a tight nit backpack...
this has a LOT of stuff...
the straw for me to go ahead and order was that one reviewer said it came with a nice pair of scissors... he was right... very efficient, strong pair of tiny scissors in this bag... also tweezers, insect sting wipes, 3 different kinds of antiseptic/alcohol wipes (multiple of each), all different kinds of pain relief pills, all sorts of gauze AND tape, first aid cream, and a LOT of bandaids, of all shapes and sizes... i was worried there would not be enough bandaids, as I think that is most important part.
whoever reviewed and said it was the size of a deck of cards is a dimwit, just lying for some reason??? i dont get why people steer people in opposite directions here... defeats the purpose... the pack is as about the same size of a normal paperback book... I was willing to deal with its small size, cos i was curious how much stuff could fit...
theres room for MORE stuff in this pack, so before I camp the Kalalau trail, i will probably stuff it with more gauze, just in case...

i also love that there are four packets in pack, sure they may be cheap plastic, but the case is only open when u need it...

almost gave 4 stars, cos it doesnt seem waterproof... but i will just stuff in dry sack, i do not want to risk it, that would be a lot of items down the drain..

didnt think the fact in wasnt waterproof let me review less tho... i think if u are looking for a first aid kit for hiking, this is for u... its light, compact, and has everything u need, and has it all organized for u if u want to get more...

going camping (three day hiking trip) in Silva, NC this weekend... wish me luck!! hope i dont need the kit ;)
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on March 13, 2012
I wanted to get a first aid kit for my truck for emergencies and to take along on camping trips. I originally ordered a Johnson & Johnson kit and essentially got a large box of band-aids. I enlisted the help of some friends to scour amazon to see what we could come up with that was cheap, small but thorough and this was the one I settled upon. By far, much more what I was looking for as a good, basic, covers a little-bit-of-everything kit for emergencies and camping!
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on November 6, 2011
I got burned on my hand cooking and it had burn cream and band-aids. I got my hand cut hiking and it had alcohol wipes antibiotic cream and band aids. I got a splinter on firewood and the tweezers had out in a minute. Its lightweight, its soft so it squishes down small, and it takes up about as much space as a pair of socks so its great for camping and backpacking.
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on August 6, 2013
The whole case is about the size of a paperback book. If you're putting it in a backpack, it would fit well there. My problem is, because it's packed in such a small case, the items are hard to find without being tempted to remove things to find what you want. The items in the case are useful, but I have found two cases at Walmart that were bigger(in size and materials), and cheaper. I wanted one for my car and pickup, and I'm able to add items(such as first-aid cream and itch preventer) to the cases.
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on February 2, 2014
Yes, this item was delivered very late. However, I do not blame the seller for this as it was misplaced by the USPS. In fact, to their credit, the seller was very quick to help resolve this poblem.

Based on this item. I was very pleased with the kits. priced reasonably and came exactly as described. I would not hesitate to purchase from this seller in the future
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on January 28, 2014
a lot of cheap stuff in here
you can get this one and "add to it" like I did to make it a better kit to carry
I actually bought this kit and a larger kit and inserted this smaller kit into the larger one as a way to better organize and separate items
overall it's good

Go to a retail store like academy/walmart and see what you like then get on amazon and find it
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on March 20, 2015
This little soft pack is stocked well. It is very compact and I love all the items included for the price. Exactly what I was looking for and I may purchase a few addional to keep in vehicles, etc. Great value.
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on February 28, 2012
I have just received the first aid kit and have not had a need to use it yet. Looks like it will be just what I need for hikes of a day or so in California desert and Colorado mountains. May remove some small bandages and replace with medium size. Very fast shipping - one day at regular pricing. At this point, I am impressed. See you on the trail, Stick
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on August 17, 2013
Very good price with lots of items. I added a couple of my own like a tube of neosporn and a bottle of advil with a coupel different size bandages. When I was camping in the Olympics I got stung by a huge bee and to my surprise this kit had some insect sting cream and it worked perfectly. I barely felt the bee sting after I applied the cream and that alone made me very thankful I purchased this kit. Super light and compact and I would highly recommend this to anyone. I also put this kit in a small backpack and take it with me pretty much everywhere I go. GET IT
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