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on May 29, 2014
I purchased this Kick and Play Piano Gym because of the kick piano. My soon to be 3 month old son kicks alot. I must say this exceeded all expectations. Set up was simple and when he was in it he quickly understood that his feet made music. He loves to stare at his reflection in the mirror and he kicks the piano starting really slowly and then building some serious speed with his tiny legs. It keeps him entertained for about 15 mins or thereabout but I can't really expect any toy to keep his attention any longer that that at his age.

It is also fairly compact compared to other larger square jungle gyms and with limited space at home this feature was a big plus for me.

I have two older kids and I cannot remember any toy when they were 3 months old that was such a huge hit as this one. If your baby kicks up a storm this toy is definitely worth it.

The only downside is that I wished there was one more higher volume setting. With two other very active and noisy kids in the background, the music from the piano doesn't seem loud enough but this is really a minor issue.

All in all I am completely happy with this purchase and give it 5 Stars!
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on June 5, 2014
I wish I'd had this when my baby was first born because my 2 month old went nuts when he first tried it then outgrew it by 3 months because he was an early back to front roller. BUT I detached the piano (this was no easy feat*) and set it next to his bigger gym. When you swivel the piano and then tilt it to the floor, it rests at a 45 degree angle. When he's on his back in his bigger gym, sometimes he plays it with his hands or I put it by his feet and he kicks away at it. I just rest it against my bumbo or something so that it doesn't move too much. He can't sit up on his own yet, but I do prop him up in my lap and he likes to play it. The toys on the gym are really, really high quality - I also moved those to my bigger gym mat and they are his favorites to play with. So only the yellow bar and actual mat piece and green mat arms aren't being used right now. When my baby can sit up on his own, I may pull the mat and mat arms back out so that he can sit with the piano propped up securely. I'm glad I bought it because my first child loves it and I plan to have more. If you don't plan to have more kids, and your baby is already 6 months or so, then another piano or similar sit up product might be better.

*The green ends on the piano each have these 4 knobs that snap into the green base - the long arms you see that connect the piano to the yellow bar. They are very secure! Each knob needed a screwdriver stuck in either side of it to pry it out of the base. So I was sticking 8 screwdrivers in at one to finally wriggle it out. Then I had to do that to the other side. Next time I put it together I will not push it down until it snaps - I think it's secure enough even when not quite "in" all the way.
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on July 31, 2014
This is one toy I would recommend every parent to get. I became a dad of twins and decided to buy this on black Friday which came two months before my twins. This is their favorite toy and they both fight over this. The twins are now 8 months old and this is one toy they have consistently played with throughout without getting bored of it. When they were not sitting, they used to lay on their backs and we had the piano vertical for them to kick on it. The mirror on the top sits in a way that they can see the lights illuminate from the mirror. That kept them amused. Now that they are sitting, we have the piano in a horizontal position and they love sitting and banging their hands on it to get the music and lights to play. I have yet to change the battery on it so it does last long and has survived the play time from the twins up till now. There are a couple of settings for music. One is a longer music note and the other plays a shorter note. The songs are different on both settings. This is perfect for tummy time as well when they are first starting to crawl and lifting themselves. The protection on the bottom is not much to protect head bumps so you will have to use a towel or a soft blanket to prevent falls when they are starting to move a little.
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on February 20, 2014
I would recommend this play mat. It comes with more hanging toys than pictured, (four in addition to the attached mirror you see in the picture.)

Pros: It's durable. There is no fear of my baby hurting herself pulling on the toys in the toy bar.
Two of the removable toys can be adjusted for height on the toy bar, making it easier for baby to reach.
Adjustable toy bar positioning allows toys to be overhead for back-lying or upright sitting positions, and on the floor for tummy-lying position.
Low and high volume options are nice for those who like a more quiet toy.
Two music settings to make the keyboard sounds more interesting.
Easy assembly.
Cloth mat can be removed for cleaning.

Cons: The padding on the mat could be thicker and thus more comfortable. If you have carpet, this may not be an issue. For those using this item on hard flooring, it's a bit thin. But, hey, a non-slip cushion underneath could solve this problem easily (as long as you are not bothered by having to move it if you move the mat often.)
The toys are thick for little bitty hands to grasp and hold. Only one toy has a ring at the bottom (where baby can grasp from the back-lying position.) This makes the toys a little difficult to control for smaller babies. Probably not an issue for older babies as much.

Overall, it's a good quality product that has been well designed in the details.
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on April 10, 2014
Our little guy (2 months old) is not a fan of tummy time. This was recommended to us by another parent as a great way to get him to spend more time on his stomach. It has worked for the most part. He will spend at least a few minutes on his tummy kicking to make music. He is not very interested in the toys while on his tummy, though. On his back, however, he will look at the toys, kick the piano, and smile and coo. He stays happy long enough for us to eat dinner - and this is a baby who generally likes to be held all day.

Other reviews have mentioned that it is too short, but I don't agree. Our son is average length for a 2 month old and has plenty of room to grow while still reaching both the piano and the toys. And when he is too long, it is easy enough to detach the arch and simply put it on the floor at a good distance.

The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the mirror. It hangs at a funny angle (tilted toward the piano side), so he can't look at it while kicking the piano. We have bought a separate floor mirror instead.

Overall, a great buy and worth the money!
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on December 22, 2013
I chose this because of over 800 good reviews. Plus it was a bargain. Babies R Us was selling it for $59.99. I did not give 5 stars because it is a small area for baby to roll over and move around. It's not going to entertain your baby for hours but it will give you time to eat clean and do little errands around the house. The best part is my baby puts himself to sleep after playing with this. When he gets fussy and bored I give him a pacifier and within 5 min he's out. The longest he's taken a nap on it is 30 min. When he wakes up he starts playing again and sometimes he's had enough. That's a long time for me time. He is now 4 months and been using it since 2 1/2 months. I have yet to see how he'll be when he sits up and plays with the piano. It's also washable. When I put baby on tummy time (not his favorite) he would drool and snot all over. The pad is easy to remove and place in washing machine. I wouldn't dare put it dryer even though you can. Like my clothes it might ruin it. It just takes a day or shorter if you hang it outside to dry. Plus you can still use it on any blanket (colorful blanket for tummy time)
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on December 8, 2014
We purchased this for our daughter when she was about 2 months old. It was her first real toy. She could spend minutes (not hours, they are still babies) looking at herself in the mirror and laughing and kicking the piano. We could actually take a breather knowing she was being entertained and enjoyed watching her get so excited.
As she grew older and began to crawl she didn't pay as much attention to it but still play with the toys that hang from the arch.
When she began to stand she would use the piano as a base to hold herself up. She would even use the arch but that would buckle. She's 9 months old now and although she has many different toys to choose from she still plays with her favorite first toy from time to time.
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on December 26, 2013
I bought this to have for my 4 month old grandson when he visits. He already has two other brand gyms at home but only shows interest in one of them. I bought this one based on the reviews...thank you everyone for your help! My grandson played with it the day before Christmas while we were babysitting and he played for 40 min. before we had to give him a bottle. He was entranced. This is so much better than the play gyms he has at home. The toys hang lower so instead of just swatting at them he can hold them and play with them. The mirror is big and positioned perfectly. The piano is the best...he kicks it and the music gets him all excited. Tried it for tummy time and he didn't complain as he usually does...just played with the toys and looked at the mirror. Needless to went home with him and as soon as the price comes back down we're going to buy another one again for our house!
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on February 1, 2014
This is a great toy and my son loves kicking the piano and making music. He has fun looking at himself in the mirror and playing with all the toys. It's great that I can flip the arch down for tummy time since my son has just learned how to roll over and wants to be on his tummy a lot. However my son wants to put everything in his mouth since he is teething and the toys are hard and not made to be put in his mouth. Since there are loops that the toys attach to it was easy for me to take one off and put a teether toy I had from another mat on. Luckily the teether toy I had already had the capabilities to attach to the loops. This is why I gave the review 4 stars instead of 5. Still I am very pleased and my son plays on it every day. I love that he can use this through his toddler years so it's being used for a while and not just a few months.
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on January 29, 2014
My son loves this gym. He is a kicker. The first time I put him in it, he was 6 weeks old. He started to kick and stared into the mirror. He was in it for 25 minutes. The next time I put him in it, I put him in arms reach when I showered. He was so occupied, I finally was able to shave my legs! That in itself made me consider this a 5 star, but there is more. His first giggles was when he was playing in the gym at 12 weeks. My 5 year old daughter plays with him by pushing the piano keys. It makes her laugh, then he laughs. Sometimes he just laughs by looking into the mirror. My girlfriend's son, who is 4 weeks older than my son, is a grabber. He plays a little with it, grabbing at the hanging toys, but does not enjoy it as much as my son. If you have a baby that likes to kick, I would definitely buy this.
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