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I think this is a fine toy overall. My 7 month old son enjoys playing with it, pressing the buttons, and I think it will be a nice child foil for the "adult" remotes. But I had one BIG problem with it... the "VOLUME UP" button. This thing is quite loud already when you turn it on, and by pressing the "volume up" button (which is very easy to do by just having a child lay on it) it gets obscenely loud. Like, competitive with the real TV or stereo loud.

Well, I couldn't take it. So I opened it up with a screwdriver and took a look inside. It's a simple matter of just pulling out the rubber tab corresponding to the volume up button. No extra tools required, no real effort. I screwed it back together and now everything works fine EXCEPT for the "volume up" button. The remote defaults to its starting volume every time you turn it on with the switch, but now it never gets to brain-splitting volume, only the lower (but still rather loud) level.

With this simple mod, I think it's a good toy. The songs are still annoying. Maybe the "music" button will be next. If the remote lies on its face, it seems as though the music button stays pressed. We'll see...
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on February 23, 2018
I will admit that I bought this remote with my first child and he liked it a lot. Loved to hit the buttons. I brought it out to play with my second child. Thank god she had just finished playing with the remote when about 10 mins later we heard a loud bang and smelled burning. One of the cheap batteries from China that had come with the toy had exploded! It had so much force with it it broke the battery cover off the toy. I can’t believe that fisher price would allow such a horrible battery in a child’s toy. I just want to let everyone know to check what batteries are in your children’s toys and change them out for a reputable brand. I can’t imagine what would have happened if my 8 month old would had this in her mouth or was holding it when it blew up. I know it’s a fluke thing to happen but please take the time to replace the batteries!
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on October 14, 2016
My daughter loves to play with everything that she shouldn't! Her favorite "toys" are her parent's cell phones and the TV remotes. We decided to try the Fisher Price cell phone and remote to grab her attention away from the adult versions.

This child's remote has four colored buttons at the top and a numeric key pad at the bottom. It has a light at the very top of the remote that lights up red when it sings and chimes. The colored buttons at the top correspond to a channel up and down button, a volume up and down button, a stop and play button, and a music button. Each button plays a variety of different tunes, phrases, and chimes. The remote has an on-off switch on the side. The speaker is on the back of the remote.

My daughter really likes this toy. It is the only toy that we have that will occupy her attention for more than a few minutes so that I can get things done around the house. She will push the buttons and bop along to the tunes. Because of the variety of different phrases and tunes, this is one of the few toys that doesn't become annoyingly repetitive. Of course it's been played with often enough that we know all of them by heart!

This toy has one major fault that has caused my husband and I to give it the nomiker, "satan's toy". The volume up and down button actually works to turn the volume up and down. Every other children's toy that we have for her has a parent-only control of the volume switch. This thing has a large button on the front that lets my daughter turn the volume up and down. By up and down, I mean up...because that is the only one of the two that she repetitively pushes. So the volume goes up, and up, and up. This gets pretty loud and with the speaker on the back and her holding it up, the speaker is usually blaring outward right into our direction. This is really not the best design feature.

Overall, though the volume issue is annoying, her love of this toy and the fact that it can occupy her long enough for me to fold a load of laundry leads me to recommend this to other parents. Just be prepared to step in frequently to turn the volume back down.
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on April 14, 2016
I bought this for my son, because he was always trying to grab our TV remote, and even to just sit there and hold it while babbling. But he started to press buttons, and we then knew he couldn't keep playing with it, before he ordered something or cleared the DVR or worse. So when I searched for play remotes for him, I found this and it is perfect! I love Fisher-Price! Great products, great quality, and they are trusted, because they have been around FOREVER! This remote in particular is very similar to our actual tv remote, so that was already a huge plus for me! It's realistic with the red light on the top when you "change the channel". It has sounds and music, real buttons to push, and a cute voice. Our son is happy, and we're happy. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, the packaging is nice and compact, but the best part? IT CAME WITH BATTERIES IN IT!!!!! Christmas morning is already hectic enough as it is, before having to search for batteries! So this was GREATLY appreciated! I feel like that's pretty rare for companies to do that. Thank you so much Fisher-Price!!!
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on December 2, 2013
My one year old son LOVES remotes. Of course he is always grabbing our actual remote and turning channels with it...which frankly can be quite frightening with all the inappropriate content on our 900 channels...but I digress. I bought this remote becuase the buttons have the same rubbery/type feel that our real remote has so I thought it might fool him a little better than some of the others that I have purchased for him. I was right. He really loves it and will carry it around for 20 minutes at a time sometimes...which is a long time for him.
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on June 6, 2016
Picked this up for my 15 month old as he was fixated on our tv remotes (for all the obvious reasons)... this does keep him preoccupied more often than not but now at 22m I think he's figured out that this one doesn't actually do anything and that the real ones DO affect the TV... he still likes this as a toy, though. Definitely worth the $7 i spent on it - AND it makes a great gift!
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on January 13, 2015
Bought this so my son would stop stealing the remote control to our TV. He likes it and it keeps him from taking the "real" remote and changing the channels. It has nice sound and the buttons are display nicely. Love that it has a off / on switch so I don't have to hear it all the time. Good little toy for my one year old!
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on February 10, 2016
Great product. I purchased this toy for my 1 year old. He loves playing with this toy,Every button does something different,The number buttons actually say the number when pressed,The volume button really does lower the volume of the toy.I also plays music.This was a great buy at such a fantastic price.
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on December 28, 2014
Daughter really loves this toy and plays with it all the time. Each button does more than one thing so this helps to keep her entertained and not get bored with the same old sounds. It lights up on top and has a volume button too - always a nice feature for parents
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on December 7, 2014
Why would they ever make a toy that can PLAY SO LOUD THAT IT COULD CAUSE DAMAGE TO A CHILD'S HEARING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
My small 16month old twins think this is a play cell phone and put the speaker right up to their ear. (Like most babies would)

I always test my baby noise making toys by putting it up to MY ear to see how loud it really is. THIS THING HURT MY EARS.
The really bad thing is that this toy has a volume button that really works and can be used to turn this thing Up and Up.

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