Customer Reviews: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click'n Learn Remote
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I think this is a fine toy overall. My 7 month old son enjoys playing with it, pressing the buttons, and I think it will be a nice child foil for the "adult" remotes. But I had one BIG problem with it... the "VOLUME UP" button. This thing is quite loud already when you turn it on, and by pressing the "volume up" button (which is very easy to do by just having a child lay on it) it gets obscenely loud. Like, competitive with the real TV or stereo loud.

Well, I couldn't take it. So I opened it up with a screwdriver and took a look inside. It's a simple matter of just pulling out the rubber tab corresponding to the volume up button. No extra tools required, no real effort. I screwed it back together and now everything works fine EXCEPT for the "volume up" button. The remote defaults to its starting volume every time you turn it on with the switch, but now it never gets to brain-splitting volume, only the lower (but still rather loud) level.

With this simple mod, I think it's a good toy. The songs are still annoying. Maybe the "music" button will be next. If the remote lies on its face, it seems as though the music button stays pressed. We'll see...
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on October 14, 2012
I'm a first-time mom and pretty crunchy. I wanted to engage my child with only open-ended play, buy natural toys made from organic wood, and never let her watch tv.

About 8 months in, I realized toys are for parents, to give you a break. My daughter couldn't be less interested in the handmade vegetable-dyed wooden stacking bowls I bought on that crafty site, but this toy she loves. Yes, the songs can be annoying and I don't know whose idea it was to make the "Volume Up" button actually make the volume of the toy go up, but sometimes mommy just needs a break and my daughter will play with this toy for a solid 10 minutes of heaven. It has survived untold crashes on our hard floors and battery is still going strong. And hey, it recites numbers, it must have some educational value.
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VINE VOICEon January 31, 2012
This is a super cute toy remote that basically teaches your child the purpose of a remote control. The little songs are catchy and the voice is not too annoying.

Features of the remote:

Number keys: When pressed, voice states the number. If you press the same one twice, a little sound plays instead.

Volume button: Can either press up or down and remote will tell you "volume up" or "volume down".

Channel button: Can "change the channel" either by going up or down. Various "channels" are announced when you do such as weather, shape of the day, and the colorful music show.

Play and Stop button: Voice will say either "Go" or "Stop"

Music button: Play various cute little songs such as "Changing channels is such fun", "Check out colors", "Turn the music high or low", and "I've got a remote"

If you don't press anything for a few seconds, a few more phrases are revealed: "Back after these messages", "woohoo this is fun", "today's game is pat-a-cake", "animals around the world.".

My one year old loves his little remote. The only negative thing I would say about it is that the volume button actually adjusts the volume, so your child will have control over this. I would prefer to keep the volume low at all times, but it never gets too obnoxious. Other than that, this is a great toy!
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on January 28, 2013
This remote has been one of my baby's favorite toys since we gave it to him at 8 months. We've had it almost 2 months now, and he's thrown it, stepped on it, sat on it, drooled puddles into it, and it's still going strong and singing its little toy heart out. It plays tons of songs, lights up at the top, and says numbers. My son really enjoys putting the end in his mouth to chew while mashing the buttons with his thumbs to make the music play.

The only problem with it is that it has "volume up" and "volume down" buttons. When your child pushes the volume all the way up, it is a little annoying, but not so loud that you can't live with it. It's not gratingly loud or anything, but a little fix can make this toy so much better. As a previous reviewer said, all you have to do to fix this is grab a screwdriver and pop out the little white rubber piece underneath the "volume up" button. For us, that made the button sag, so we took the little black bead out of the white rubber thingy so that the button couldn't make contact with the circuit board anymore, put the white rubber part back inside, and that fixed everything. The button was still technically pushable, but it no longer raised the volume. I HIGHLY recommend this fix. Once you do it, you AND baby will love this cute little toy.
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on February 16, 2016
My 1 year old likes it. I bought it because he likes to play the game of "making a phone call".
And now we can play this game a lot. He pretends he is on the phone which always makes me smile.
He used to play my remote a lot, and now my remote got rescued.
I uploaded a photo so you can have better idea. Please click "yes" if you find it's helpful. Thank you.
review image
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on September 1, 2012
My 7 month old really enjoyed this product when he got it, however after two days of use one of the buttons fell off! It is definitely a chocking hazard and should not be given to children less than 2 years old, even though the package says 6-36 months.
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on March 22, 2012
Bought this for my 9 month old girl, she absolutely loves it. The button is easy for baby to tough, the remote is the right weight to hold, lots of button, music, sounds. It is also very durable. One of the best buy for $9.99
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on May 18, 2012
My one year old daughter is always going for the real remote control, so I got this as an alternative. It has helped a lot! She likes this one and plays with it often. It has lights, music, and sounds, and each of the buttons does something different. The volume goes up and down and she can control that herself like on a real remote. The toy itself has an on/off switch which is nice. It is less annoying (for me) than some of the other toys out there. I recommend it, especially if your baby is drawn to your regular remote. :-)
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on August 18, 2012
Got this for our daughter to distract her from our remotes... didnt work. Ours are still far more exciting. She does like pushing the buttons and watching it flash, but not quite as fun as the real thing.

My only complaint on this is the volume of the songs. They are REALLY loud, and while the volume play buttons really work, because the kids can reach/play with the button, it's constantly going up really loud and then back down to a reasonable volume. We solved this by putting a piece of tape over the speaker... standard procedure around here!
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on August 2, 2015
 This is a great toy!

I had one of these back when my now school aged kids were babies and now I am on baby #3 and I decided to get this again!

One thing I know for sure: Babies LOVE BUTTONS!! And this remote will be no exception!
The sound and lights here will help teach them cause and effect, so it helps with development while saving your own remotes from sure destruction :)

The remote lights up when buttons are pressed, the numbers are called out, and then other buttons play different things. I know what you are thinking, you will get so sick of these my experience, just embrace them! This time in our lives with our little babies this small will go by so fast and you will miss the day you heard the same jingle 500 times in a 1 hour period :)

The remote is about 6 inches tall easy for little hands to play with. The buttons are easy to push.

I highly recommend!!
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