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on October 25, 2015
This soother is worth it's weight in gold!!! It has been one of the only things to calm my son at bedtime, it has worked SO well that my son is almost 3 now and had this since he was born and he still uses it every single night! In fact it is so routine now that he knows when the lights go out and soother goes on its quiet time and he just relaxes and falls asleep, we don't even fight bedtime with our son. We also use it at nap time and even with a room full of sunlight it still shows the image a little bit, but it's not the sweet soft pictures on the ceiling, but the sounds and music is so incredibly peaceful and natural sounding, that even I have fallen asleep to it and I have gotten so used to rocking my son to sleep with it on that it always calms me...I like to go in his room at night and lay down in bed next to him with the soother on and just unwind. He no longer is in his crib bit we just attached it to his toddler bed now. It only has 2 slides, but as a baby soother u don't need anything more, just the rotation between the two is relaxing enough to stare at,and drift off too, almost like it's hypnotizing. Another great feature is that it pops out of the holder attached to the crib and now u can go anywhere with it, it has been used in our bedroom, the pack and play, meme and paps house, hotel rooms, even the car! You play just the soft musical sounds with no light, you can have just the projection without the sounds and it has to sound levels, neither are too loud. It also has a bottom for a very soft nightlight. This has been wonderful for new parents going to check on their little one without disturbing them as they sleep. It provides just enough soft glow to light up the whole crib to see your baby but it's dim enough to not wake them. I have used this soother for almost 3 years and only needed to replace the batteries once and like I said we use it every single evening and even at night times too! I would buy the product 10x over if I needed to. One of my best baby investments was this cute little soother lol
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on January 25, 2013
This is a clever and well-executed idea that is good for sleep, and also for keeping baby calm during night time diaper changes when he can't figure out why in the name of all that is good in the world he doesn't have milk in is mouth RIGHT NOW. I love that the music is actually calm rather than being frantically upbeat. I am also thrilled that there are no toys dangling from it that are supposed to keep baby entertained while you sleep, but instead keep you wide awake as the toys bang bang bang against the crib rungs over the baby monitor at 4:30 am. Our crib toy for our first baby had both insane music and bangy toys that made for sad, sleepy, parents who couldn't stop humming under their breaths all the live long day. Anyway, good product, happier parents. And who cares that there are only two pictures in the ceiling projection? Babies are fascinated staring at (and possibly attempting to eat) dust bunnies for hours on end. They will be just fine with limited scope of nighttime pictures. The fastener clipped fine to our crib, even the curving sled-bed like sides that our old FP mobile would not attach.
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on December 19, 2013
We got this when we moved our 10-month old to her own room. She hadn't chosen a lovey yet and was nervous to sleep in her own room. She was delighted by the music and the projector from the beginning. She used to cry for 5-10 minutes or longer before settling down for the night, but once we got this there were no more tears. Just smiles!

We thought she'd quickly tire of the same two scenes and the music, but it's nearly a year later and it's the most treasured part of her bedtime routine. Sometimes we're not even done with our third story and she sleepily throws her arms up asking to be carried to bed. She pulls her covers up with a big smile on her face and asks for her "light show!" We shut off the light and she claps, giggles and wiggles around with anticipation for the images to come up.

There have been times in the night where we've heard her cry out as if she's having a nightmare and almost before we can get in there, we hear her turn it on herself and the music starts playing. Before we know it she's asleep again and comforted. We treasure this little sleep aid because we really feel that it's helped give our girl very positive sleep associations. And it's very easy to take on trips, too! The straps are easily adjustable and it can be reattached to nearly anything. For those of you worried about your kids getting TOO attached to the thing and NEEDING it to sleep... well, we've forgotten it on trips, too... and she's been just fine.

I've had to change the batteries ONCE in almost a year, too. And that's after daily use.

One other thing - the music is not nearly as annoying as a lot of the other musical baby stuff out there. I actually enjoy the pieces and the tone quality (relatively speaking).

**** Important Tip **** Some reviews have complained that their product BROKE because the music suddenly started playing slowly. There is a setting that adjusts the playback speed of the music. You can make it slower or faster depending on your idea of what "soothing" is. We changed the batteries once and accidentally set it to the slowest setting. It's an easy adjustment to get it back to the speed you like - just check the instructions or look online.
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on November 26, 2013
This projector is AMAZING. My older son had a Baby Einstein Crib Soother that he loved and when our second son was born they had already discontinued it. I started researching our options and came across this product. I was a little skeptical since I had never seen one of these 'projectors' in action but it was a PLEASANT surprise right out of the box. Came out of the box very easy to use and install on a crib. The projection picture is super clear, vivid colors, and absolutely darling and the music/audio is even better! Fisher-Price got this product 100% right! The audio is very soothing and on the lowest setting is nice and enjoyable--not blaring loud and over-stimulating like most soothers out there.
The best part aside from everything listed above is that it travels so well!!! DO NOT underestimate that as a feature. We take this on every trip, overnight stay, or even just a room change in the house for the night. Our previous soother was a pain to lug around as it was big and bulky and required a crib side to attach to but this one pops out of its stand and can sit on any surface or even in the crib/pack n play which other soothers cannot accommodate pack n plays. I would give this projector ten stars if I could. Additionally-been using continuously for 3 months and still working off the original batteries!
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on August 20, 2013
I bought this for my baby when she was 4 months old! I did not want her to get used to props for bedtime, however, once she was trained to sleep on her own at 4 months, i figured getting a projector wouldnt hurt, especially for night time emergencies. I like how soothing it is, there are only two pictures that alternate (the giraffe and the zebra pictures).

When my baby wakes up at 4am at times because she is teething, i'll just turn it on for her and she would drift back to sleep with the music and projector pictures after i place some orajel on her gums. It also makes me and my husband sleepy!

There are 3 different music (2 musical and 1 cricket chirping). A little bird that emits light when pressed. And you can change the settings on it to play music without projecting the images. I like how portable it is! We travel with it as you can take it out of the base and just bring it to the hotel or grandparents place. And the baby can still enjoy the music even in the car! Will recommend to new parents!!
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on December 30, 2013
We got this as a baby gift when I was pregnant with my first son, even though he didn't get to use it the first year because we co-slept. When we made that transition to him sleeping in his own crib, this soother helped a lot; first, we brought it into our room for a few weeks to get him used to falling asleep using it. Then, when we started doing sleep training, we used it in his room. It helped bridge the two sleeping environments with a familiar element.

When we were co-sleeping, my husband and I would lie with my son while he wound down, and we'd talk about the images we were seeing on the ceiling. My son loved this bedtime routine. He is now 2.5 and still insists on using the soother every night as we do rock-a-bye. We took it off of his crib long ago so he doesn't keep getting up and playing with it all night, so it now has a dedicated spot on top of his bookshelf. He turns on the music and bird himself, and then sings along to the songs with me (i.e., "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," "London Bridge," and "Are You Sleeping, Brother John?") as we rock.

He loves this projector so much that "Santa" got our second son (now 8 months) one for Christmas, too. :) You can turn the projector off and just listen to music if the images are too stimulating for your little one, or you can switch from music to nature sounds (which is what we used earlier on, before he started getting interested in singing along to songs). A little bird lights up at the touch of a button for a temporary nightlight when you need to go in and check on your child in his or her crib. All music, images, and nightlight are timed, however, so batteries actually tend to last a long time in this projector (they'd run out very quickly if they stayed on all night). And, it easily detaches so your child can carry it around the house to play with (as mine does) or take it on vacations, to grandparents' houses, etc.

I'd imagine it would be a hit for most children in the infant, toddler, and pre-schooler range.
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on December 28, 2013
This has become an invaluable component of bedtime for our little one from 4 months on... we dim the lights in the room, this goes on and she is happy. If we forget to turn it on for bedtime-wind-down right before the night bottle, she definitely lets us know. There are only two images that it alternates between but somehow she finds it entertaining and soothing nonetheless. There are only two music settings but they are both quite nice (she sticks with her favorite). The volume settings are good and it times out with good timing. The images projected have very warm/pleasant colors and there is something about the artistry of the images that is even soothing to us... maybe because they are kind of "old school."
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on January 28, 2013
This is actually a two part item. One part attaches to the crib as a mirror for baby to look at, and one part stays outside the crib to play music and to project scenes on the ceiling. The music selection is very interesting, and is quite varied. I do like the choices included in the music box. However, the light projection is very one dimensional (not literally), in that it doesn't change or vary much. I guess I was expecting more, and perhaps baby won't care. Truthfully, I have not tried it out on my 6 month grandson, as I bought this one and a mobile which he did like and fell asleep with when he was visiting. I will be using it shortly.
The description mentions that baby can explore the soother (music box) but I don't think that is a very good idea for many reasons!
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on January 5, 2013
My granddaughter ( 2 months) has not seen it yet but we set it up and played with it. the picture is quite clear even on our slanted ceiling and rotates cartoon pictures of animals. Of course the ceiling is close as we have a mobile home. it has a night light and plays music and has high and low volume which neither is very high. the whole thing just slips out and you can carry it with you and the mirror is under it and stays attached to the crib. you could just use the mirror. all the buttons work independently.
I hope it does not use to many batteries. its takes 4 c batteries. I really think little Lexi Lou ( my nickname for her) will like it.
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on March 3, 2012
This projector has been a comfort item for my son every night since we moved him to the crib at 3 months old. He is 19 months now and asks for it to be turned on now. He will even get up and turn it on himself. My friend asked if she could have ours when her daughter was born and I can't part with it, so I bought her one too. There are only 2 pictures but really what more does a baby need? There are two volume settings and you can choose to not have it project and just play music or nature sounds. It plays for about 12 minutes, I believe and most nights my son is asleep when it stops. Not sure if I have a great sleeper or this thing is a great sleep aid. But I highly recommend it based on price comparison of other projectors and sheer length of the battery life.
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