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on October 1, 2014
I'm torn on this. The idea is great, and with the 4 month sleep disruption that never ends, it's useful, but the fact that I have to get out of my bed, pad down the hall and turn it on is more than I can bear. What happened to teaching the baby about cause and effect; why is it SO insensitive that I have to press on it with my entire palm to get it on? WHY? I have stood there and watched the baby hit it endlessly for many seconds trying to make it come on and I've even had to pick it up to get it on. It's annoying, that's what. If it didn't work like a charm when I turned it on AND if i wasn't so sleep deprived, I'd return it for something more sensitive. But, I"m pretty sure he's attached. Right.

Update: My son is 2 and STILL loves his seahorse. Once he was over 12 months or so, he could easily figure out how to press the tummy to get the seahorse on, but it does take some doing, even for me. He loves it so much more now that he can do it himself. I LOVE waking up at 5am and hearing the seahorse playing (and no crying) and then going back to sleep only to have to wake HIM up at 7!! This thing WORKS! We do not travel without it. It makes wherever we are home for him. The outside comes off easily to wash in case of accidents and hasn't faded once. I do recommend that if you're washing it, you should not dry it in the dryer. If you do, the back will not completely close for a while (it'll shrink) and the velcro will keep coming apart.
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on September 26, 2016
This thing is amazing. It has a timer for two times 5 & 10 minutes and we only need the 5 minute one. There are also two volume settings. I lay my son in the crib, turn it on, and by the time it is off he is asleep. I seriously wished I got this for my last three boys. It is a must have baby item for sure! The photo below is for size reference and cuteness 😍
review image
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on July 26, 2017
This seahorse almost caught our crib on fire. I came into the room and there was smoke exiting the battery pack area and it was hot to the touch. This is not the first case of this happening and there has not been a recall on this seahorse. I'm hoping Fisher-Price has fixed the issue.
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on July 11, 2017
We bought this for our youngest before he was born, and gave it to him his first night home. The sounds are adorably mellow, and the lights are gentle but draw their interest from the earliest bits of head control. This ended up being the first toy our baby boy always wanted when he went to sleep, and I remember watching him as he stared at it and dozed off with much fondness. Our only regret was that we didn't have this for our older children.
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on October 24, 2017
I have purchased many of the Fisher Price "soothe and glow seahorses" for people having babies during their pregnancy. The mom's play the music to the baby in the womb and the baby seems to be attuned to it and relax to sleep when played after birth. The babies like it through their early growing years as well. Its a very cute well made toy that in past experience has lasted well over a span of years. I purchased another recently for a friend's daughter who is pregnant.
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on March 30, 2015
This is a must have!
This will work wonders! It will put your child to sleep and possibly including the parent!

The music is very pleasant and soothing, it plays classical music with some added bubble sounds.
It has two levels of loudness.
It plays music for 6 minutes with the light on simultaneously.
The music and light can be turned on with a push of the stomach and turned off with longer push of the stomach.
The outer fabric is washable and can be easily removed.
You can access the battery and on/off switch from the back of the seahorse by opening the velcro, if you want to remove the inner components for washing the fabric, pull out from the bottom and not the head.

How I use the seahorse:
Of course I use it to put the little one to sleep, I've had this for about 3 years and it still works perfectly.
I use regular non rechargeable batteries. It takes 3 AA batteries. I turn this on about 1-2 times a day and roughly estimating that it can last at least 1 month.
I can use this as a soft nightlight for finding something in the dark.
Sometimes I think the light is a little too bright I would just turn it onto its stomach.
Right now my second child uses this and he likes to play with it when he's awake.
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on July 28, 2016
Love love love! It provides just enough light that my son can still sleep but isn't in the pitch black and the music goes on long enough that he is good and asleep (I think 5 minutes total?). I had one of these for each of my children and they've all loved it! I've seen some reviews that there is a problem with batteries smoking/melting, etc but I've never had any problem and I've researched a bit and found that it only happens with rechargeable batteries so that's something to consider.
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on November 1, 2011
I bought this seahorse a year ago for my baby boy after reading the great reviews on here. My baby liked the seahorse right away! Now, 10 1/2 months later, my (now) toddler son still loves the seahorse. I turn the seahorse's music/light on every time I lay my little boy down for bed. We have only gone through 3 sets of batteries, and we use the seahorse several times every day.

Here are some of the things I like about this seahorse:

*It's soft enough to snuggle, yet firm enough for me to allow my baby to sleep with.

*The seahorse has 2 volume levels. If there is a lot of noise going on, I can set the volume to the higher level and my baby can still hear the music. The volume control is on the back at the top section of where the velcro is. To turn the volume down, I simply un-velcro the top inch, push the switch down, and then stick the velcro back together. Very easy.

*Glowing tummy. My baby really likes the glowing tummy. It makes for a nice night light when he's going to sleep. Just a tip- When the room is completely dark, I point the seahorse's tummy away from my baby so the light isn't too bright. This allows it to still make the room glow a bit, yet not blind Baby.

*Easy to wash. My husband and I were impressed the first time we replaced the batteries and saw that you can take the entire plush cover off of the hard shell that the batteries are in. It's nice to know that we can wash the seahorse if/when he gets dirty without damaging the electronic part.

*The seahorse is easy to start. My toddler is able to push the tummy and make it start playing by himself.

*You can turn it off before it's done playing by simply pushing the tummy again.

*The music makes a soft, "Swish....swish...." sound in-between songs. It sounds like the ocean and is very soothing.

*It plays for several minutes and then the light slowly fades off before going into hibernation. Again, very relaxing and soothing.

This is a great night-time toy!
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on January 13, 2018
I got this thinking it was something else, but that was ok, because it turned out, this was just as good! The music was clear and not annoying, and the colors that came through were slow and dim enough to allow my toddler to watch it while he drifted to sleep. Great product!
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on August 14, 2012
We purchased this back when our son was about 3 months old. We were trying to find a way to help him cue to sleep so as we went through his bedtime routine the music from this toy would eventually start to calm down enough to sleep (Pavlov's baby). It sort of worked but at times it seemed like the light and music were actually keeping him awake so for a few months we stopped using it. When he was about 8 months old we started using it again and it was GREAT! Once he was old enough to figure out how to turn it on and off himself he started to really enjoy the toy and began to use it as a tool to calm himself down to sleep. Over the course of a few months he went from taking 2-3 hours a night of constant attention to get to sleep to, at nearly 1 year old, being able to get himself down in as little as 10 minutes. Sometimes we hear it in the middle of the night and we know he woke up and is trying to get himself back to sleep.

As for the details of use, overall this toy is quite simple. The stomach of the seahorse is a push button which turns the light/music on and off. There is a switch inside the seahorse which controls the volume with a low and high setting (we use the low).

The battery lasted a few months with nightly use. When the batteries were dying the music started to have a weird sound where it would fade in and out but even when it was at that point the batteries lasted a few more weeks. Changing the batteries is fairly simple. The interior electronics slide in and out of the fabric shell fairly easily.

My main criticism of this item is that it would be nice if the light had a separate setting since it seems really bright in a dark crib. Also, it would be good if the light could be adjusted to fade out slowly a couple of minutes before the music. But that being said, my son LOVES this toy and the light doesn't really seem to bother him.

Overall, great product. Your baby isn't going to suddenly be able to go straight to sleep with this toy but it is a great tool for parents to help get their children to LEARN how to get to sleep.
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