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on December 28, 2017
2 years old and loves it soooo much he won’t sleep without it
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on May 24, 2017
I have a very active 8 month year old and he loves his seahorse! It helps keep him calm in the crib for naptime. He loves the sound and light. It's soft and he can chew on the fins. It's his favorite stuffed toy!
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on January 13, 2018
It's so adorable! And my Granddaughter seems to love it! All the adults love it too!
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on September 26, 2016
This thing is amazing. It has a timer for two times 5 & 10 minutes and we only need the 5 minute one. There are also two volume settings. I lay my son in the crib, turn it on, and by the time it is off he is asleep. I seriously wished I got this for my last three boys. It is a must have baby item for sure! The photo below is for size reference and cuteness 😍
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on November 21, 2016
We had the summer Infant lullaby teddy and this sea horse is so much better! With the soft glow and soothing ocean sounds and music my baby loves it! Only complaint would be we wish the music lasted a little longer but over all a awesome buy and we love it!
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on December 18, 2016
We purchased this for night time car rides. It's perfect! Wish we would have purchased it month ago!
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on February 28, 2014
We loved this and had it in our baby's crib - until the batteries started SMOKING! We thought ours was just defective, but apparently we aren't the only ones! With all these similar complaints, why hasn't Fisher Price issued a recall or even a warning!?! Makes me question the safety of all their products.

Follow Up: I posted this in response to a comment based on my review. I wanted to be sure everyone had the information on the front page. There is no recall issued. However, on ABC 7 Denver, there is a video that shows the malfunction in real-time. In addition there is commentary from Dr. David Gao, an electrical engineer with the University of Denver, whom describes the unsafe nature of this toy.
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on October 27, 2014
This review is a comparison of the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse and the Soothe and Glow Giraffe (http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Soothe-Glow-Giraffe-Pink/dp/B00K7V7AOQ)

Background: We bought the Soothe and Glow Seahorse before my daughter was born in approximately January 2013. Our Seahorse has 3 batteries and the copyright date is 2012. My daughter is now 19 months. We have been using the Seahorse to put her to sleep for the last few months but in the last week, we transitioned to her falling asleep with the Seahorse in the crib by herself and leaving the Seahorse in the crib overnight because she refused to let go of it. She is clearly very attached to it. BUT, I got worried because of all of the fire hazard reviews so I went out to try and find a replacement Seahorse that came with the 2 batteries which others have referenced in these reviews. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Fisher Price no longer sells the Seahorse. Yes, they have quietly pulled the Seahorse from their product catalog. At Toys R Us, the store only had 2 old Seahorses with a 2012 copyright date and they all used the 3 batteries. Instead, the company has introduced the Soothe and Glow Giraffe to replace the Seahorse. The Giraffe was purchased in October 2014 and has a copyright date of 2014. So, this is a comparison of the two products.

Sneakiness: First things first, I am appalled by Fisher Price's sneaky behavior. It is ridiculous that a company is knowingly aware of a fire hazard in their Seahorse product geared toward babies and instead of issuing a recall, they quietly pull the product off their catalog and replace it with a different version. And, the two versions are quite different, as described below. On that alone, I dropped 2 stars from the Seahorse.

Price: The Seahorse is price at $14.99. The Giraffe is priced at $12.99.

Shape: Let's admit it: the Seahorse looks like a giant blue sperm. On cuteness alone, the Giraffe wins. But, the shape is not as easy to cuddle. The Giraffe has little hindquarters sticking out of the back of it while the Seahorse is a single long shaft, ending in the tiny spermy tail. My daughter ends up holding the Giraffe on its side because it's too difficult to hold the front part of it or the back part of it against a body. So, on shape alone, the Seahorse wins.

Weight: The Seahorse is significantly heavier than the Giraffe. I haven't weighed both products but my guess is that the Seahorse weighs at least 1/2 pound more than the Giraffe. The Giraffe is much more comfortable for a small baby to carry.

Music: The music is identical in both toys.

Sound quality/sound machine: Well, this is the real reason for the difference in product. The sound machine in the Giraffe is about half the size of the sound machine in the Seahorse. While the internal plastic sound machine goes all the way from the head to the tail in the Seahorse, the internal sound machine in the Giraffe is only a small rectangle that covers the body of the Giraffe. Clearly, Fisher Price became aware of the fire hazard issues in the Seahorse and tried to remedy them by creating a new soundbox for the Giraffe. The Giraffe's sound box takes 2 batteries versus the 3 batteries used in the original Seahorse. BUT, the sound quality in the Giraffe stinks. In fact, the first time that I opened up the toy and turned it on, I thought that it wasn't working because the sound is so quiet. I can barely hear the music above the white noise machine that plays in my daughter's room while the Seahorse was quite loud. I am sure that Fisher Price will spin this as an "improvement" but the bottom line is that you can barely hear the Giraffe's music unless your ear is pressed right up to the belly of the Giraffe. The Seahorse is the clear winner on the sound front --- but, of course, the Seahorse also has the fire hazard risk, so, the Giraffe wins on not trying to burn kids to a crisp.

Lights: And, that gets me to my next annoyance. The Seahorse's music and lights continue for around 15 minutes. The Giraffe's lights go for 5 minutes and then the light turns off and the music continues playing for another 10 minutes. I guess I could see how this is a benefit if your kid goes to sleep very quickly but my daughter usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes to fall asleep, so, when the light turns off on the Giraffe, she gets up and is annoyed and presses it again. On the Seahorse, she just falls asleep with the light on. Seahorse wins.

Velcro design: Now, this is one area that Fisher Price has improved the product in the Giraffe. The velcro back on the Seahorse goes down the entire back of the toy is incredibly difficult to close. The velcro on the Giraffe is at the bottom of the toy and is a much smaller velcro piece. It closes nicely and keeps the soundbox neatly contained and away from prying toddler hands. Giraffe wins.

All in all, the Seahorse is simply a better product in both design and function and the Giraffe is an inferior substitute. Unfortunately, the Seahorse is no longer being manufactured due to the fire hazard risks (though, of course, Fisher Price has done all of this quietly and without fuss or a recall). If you are trying to replace your child's Seahorse with the Giraffe, your child will likely have a difficult time with the substitute, as my daughter did. On the night we put the Giraffe in her crib, my daughter screamed and cried for 10 minutes until we brought in the Seahorse. We are going to try to slowly wean her off the Seahorse and replace it with the Giraffe, but it's not going to be an easy transition. If, on the other hand, you haven't bought the Seahorse and are looking for something to help your child sleep, I think that the Giraffe is a reasonable toy though I'd consider some of the other options out there, as well.
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on October 1, 2014
I'm torn on this. The idea is great, and with the 4 month sleep disruption that never ends, it's useful, but the fact that I have to get out of my bed, pad down the hall and turn it on is more than I can bear. What happened to teaching the baby about cause and effect; why is it SO insensitive that I have to press on it with my entire palm to get it on? WHY? I have stood there and watched the baby hit it endlessly for many seconds trying to make it come on and I've even had to pick it up to get it on. It's annoying, that's what. If it didn't work like a charm when I turned it on AND if i wasn't so sleep deprived, I'd return it for something more sensitive. But, I"m pretty sure he's attached. Right.

Update: My son is 2 and STILL loves his seahorse. Once he was over 12 months or so, he could easily figure out how to press the tummy to get the seahorse on, but it does take some doing, even for me. He loves it so much more now that he can do it himself. I LOVE waking up at 5am and hearing the seahorse playing (and no crying) and then going back to sleep only to have to wake HIM up at 7!! This thing WORKS! We do not travel without it. It makes wherever we are home for him. The outside comes off easily to wash in case of accidents and hasn't faded once. I do recommend that if you're washing it, you should not dry it in the dryer. If you do, the back will not completely close for a while (it'll shrink) and the velcro will keep coming apart.
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on October 24, 2017
I have purchased many of the Fisher Price "soothe and glow seahorses" for people having babies during their pregnancy. The mom's play the music to the baby in the womb and the baby seems to be attuned to it and relax to sleep when played after birth. The babies like it through their early growing years as well. Its a very cute well made toy that in past experience has lasted well over a span of years. I purchased another recently for a friend's daughter who is pregnant.
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