Customer Reviews: Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty
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on August 18, 2010
I have been actively trying to potty train my son now for 6 months. He's now 3.5 years old. I followed all the advice about waiting till he's ready, go at his pace, being patient, looking for readiness queues, etc. So at the first sign of rediness I purchased the Summer 3 Stage Potty Trainer potty when he was 18 months. On his first try the pee hit the splash guard and squirted upward make a huge mess and terrifying my son. And to make matters worst he nicked himself on the splash guard when he tried to get up. He then decides that the potty is very bad and absolutely refused to sit again. So as all experts agreed (ie. 4 family members and 1 pediatrician) that we should delayed potty training.

He turned 3 years old and I came to the realization that my son was never going to voluntary use the potty because 1 the pull-ups kept him dry and comfortable and 2 his younger brother was in diapers so naturally he wanted to be in diapers. So I decided to give it another go and bought the BABYBJÖRN Little Potty's this time the potty was too small. So I bought the Target brand potty chair also too small and messy. Next purchase was Diego 3 in 1 potty but the guard was too low so the pee went all over the floor. I also bought toilet ring to fit on the toilet and a step and another potty that sings which didn't work either. Bought dinosaur stickers and created Dino potty - that failed miserably. No amount of coaxing, praising nor bribing worked.

So finally I purchased froggy potty. Now I am not going to tell you this worked like a charm and he's all trained because we are still locked in constant battle. But I am going to tell you that this is the only one I can live with. As you can gather I have tried a good cross section of what's available on the market. But this one suits my needs for stability and easy clean up. There are no extraneous parts to nick and scratch him and the "eye" splash guard works well. Its comfortable and allows him to sit in a squat like fashion that he prefers.

So what's working? Throwing out the pull-ups, taking a week off from work, letting him go commando and having the froggy potty handy - one in the bathroom and one in the van. Oh yeah lots and lots of disinfectant for little accidents. Finally a step in the right direction.

UPDATE: 1 1/2 weeks after throwing out the diapers and using the froggy potty my son is fully trained. He has the confidence to do it himself and is no longer terrified of going potty. He goes without being prompted and we were able to start nursery school. This potty is awesome.
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on January 6, 2009
I purchased this potty chair for my third son. I knew from previous experience that I wanted a simple design with smooth edges and the splash guard built in. I had previously purchased the Baby Bjorn one piece thinking it would be the one. After getting it home I quickly realized it was WAY to small, unless you are potty training your 6 month old, my son is 18 months and 29lbs. I was happy when I found the Fisher Price Froggy Potty. It has the great simple design that I had wanted and the splash guard was built in. The base is nice and wide which makes it stable and has handles on the side for your little one. There is also a handle on the back that makes it easy it pick up in one piece it move for cleaning. The blue bowl lifts out to make cleaning a breeze. My only complaint was that there should be some rubber grips on the bottom so that it will not slide across the floor. I cut out a piece of non slip liner and placed it under the potty, problem solved. I would recommend this potty to friends.
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on March 6, 2013
The front comes up high enough that they aren't peeing out. Easy to clean and cute! This is gross, but I got my son to poop on it by telling him that frogs eat poop and the frog was hungry. Whatever works, right?
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on March 29, 2009
This is the 4th training potty that I purchased for my son. I knew that my husband would give me a hard time about it, but this time I knew I'd finally found the right one and it IS.
1. Simple two-piece design with smooth curves and built-in splash guard. Do NOT ever waste your money on a potty with a removable splash guard if you have a boy. It's easy to empty and easy to clean.
2. Nice big bowl-- if your kid is sitting on the potty, then everything's going to go where it's supposed to go. No messes.
3. It's a FROG! My son LOVES it! We also have the regular Bjorn potty and it is just as good (just a lot more money). But it's plain and boring and my son didn't get excited about it. With the frog, he WANTS to use it. We were finally able to kick-start the process. Now we use the frog downstairs and the Bjorn upstairs and it works great. If I'd found this sooner, we would have TWO frogs!
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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2012
I thought that this seat must be the best potty seat ever based on all the high ratings. However, I'm finding that it absolutely does not work for an 18-month-old. Even though she's tall for her age (in the 90th percentile for height), there is no way she could sit on this alone without having her pants completely off. And when I sit her down on the potty, the eyes of the frog (which seem to be created as a urine shield for little boys) force her to spraddle her legs open in an awkward and seemingly painful way. There's no way she could possibly get on and off this potty by herself with her pants around her ankles or completely off her altogether.

I assume that all the glowing reviews come from parents with children older and taller than a tall 18-month-old. I can see this being great for perhaps a 3-year-old, but not an 18-month-old.

On another review for another potty, I did read a tip about the Froggy Potty that I didn't know at the time of purchase. Apparently, the Froggy Potty with the orange insert (Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty) has a spray guard that is smaller and possibly little easier for sitting for shorter kids. the potty we have has the turquoise insert. It's possible that the potty with the orange insert may be easier for an 18-month-old to use.
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on September 6, 2009
My son loves this chair. It's simple, he can carry it around if he wants and it's a frog "ribbit". However he has NO idea how to sit on it. He either sits sideways or I have to help him straddle over those big eyes. Once he's sitting his legs are very spread apart, he just looks uncomfortable. He's very big for his age, 17 months old- 33lbs and 3'2 in tall. When he tries to get off of the seat he "racks" himself. His knees are bent so that they look like they are in his face, the seat is short. I'm not sure if the site has measurements, but double check! The price is OK, but seeing as we can't use it properly, it's a waste for us. I'll be buying something taller, with absolutely NO obstacles! Something he can just sit on without having to spread his legs at the same time hes having to backup to it and sit. I'm working on just sitting him on the big toilet for now on a cars toilet seat cover (which also has many flaws) I hope this helps make your decision! I always rely on these reviews! Then again, I bought mine off this site because of all the positive reviews! LOL the irony...good luck with your training!
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on March 1, 2012
I got the blue and green potty seat a few months before I started to potty train. I have a 2yr. Old boy. The guard is perfect as long as he sits the right way. The only time it comes over is when he angles himself. He was doing great after 2 days so I decided to get one for my moms house. I wanted the same one cause I know there really was no mess. They didn't have the same color so I purchased it in green and orange. Figured what difference can the color make. WRONG!!! Everytime he used it urine went everywhere. The eyes on the frog aren't as high so it goes over. Called amazon to let them know the seats are on the same page but they are different. They apologized and actually refunded my money!!! I love amazon. So if you are buying this for a girl I guess it won't matter but for boys, get the blue seat!!! Great purchase, highly recommended!!!
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on March 14, 2010
I just bought this seat yesterday for my 18-month old. He is showing signs of being ready to pt-- but this seat is just waaaay too big for him to sit on. I guess if you are potty training an older toddler, it would be good. But if you have a young toddler, I recommend a smaller seat. I will be returning this one.
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on January 8, 2012
I sort of wish that I would have seen this in person before buying it. I think it may be for children who are a little taller than my daughter. My little one is 24 months old and she is 33.5" tall. It's right around the 45th percentile in height. While I realize she's young, I feel that she's around the age when quite a few parents begin toilet training.

She has a difficult time sitting on this potty because the eyes on the frog are a little too tall and wide. She's not quite coordinated enough to straddle over this to sit properly, so she has been trying to sit sideways on it. She has also asked for some help standing up if she is sitting on it in the correct manner. Really the only reason that she can sit on it in the correct way is because lately she has been wearing dresses or going without pants when we've been practicing. The way that this potty is shaped wouldn't really allow a toddler (who is my daughter's size) sit on this if they had pants on because they couldn't keep their legs open wide enough to use it. If your little one (and you) don't mind you helping him/her undress before going to the potty - it's not an issue though. I'm also certain that these also won't be issues as my daughter grows taller. My daughter has a few potty seats (don't ask) and this is the only one that she's had a hard time sitting on.

The potty itself is just as adorable as the photo. While my daughter knew right away that this was a frog, she also recognized that it was a toilet. The base is nice and wide, so your little one won't tip over while sitting on it - even if he/she reaches to grab a book or toy. The bowl is easy to remove and clean. I think in a few months, it will be perfect.
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on November 7, 2014
Very cute potty. The pot fits in the base securely but not difficult to remove when needed. My 2 year old daughter is petite (22 pounds) and the seat is a little wide for her. I'm sure as she gets used to the seat it won't seem so awkward. She does like the frog face. Basic, simple, affordable potty.
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