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on September 9, 2016
Here's the deal with this play mat, it's colorful and attractive to a baby. My 3.5 month old daughter loves it. Everything about it seemed great, I'm talking endless hours of enjoyment for her. However, my daughters hand got completely jammed in one of the spinner toys. Her fingers were turning dark purple and her hand was left with bruises from being squished in the toy. She's going to be fine but it was very scary for myself and the baby. I called fisher price and opted to send the delinquent toy back for a $10 rebate instead of the whole mat for full return price. For me this wasn't about the money but letting them know that these spinners toys are dangerous. I'm giving it one star as a red flag for other parents. FYI I never write reviews especially negative, I'm not just a bored complainer.
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on April 25, 2016
This gym is great - my baby loved it from about 4-9 months. At 9 months, we decided it was time to retire it. I had saved the clear plastic bag for NINE months just to store it in. However, After several attempts, I realized it wasn't able to be taken apart like it was assembled. Google search = nothing. So I ended up taking it apart myself. See my instructions if you want to do it as well. Hope this helps someone! Some of the pictures are post-taking apart since I wasn't planning on doing a tutorial from the beginning.
(see photo as well)
Tools needed: Flathead & Phillips screwdriver. Patience. Finesse.
1. Open the electronic box by unscrewing all screws on bottom (7 total)
2. Remove the smaller butterfly arch by prying open the white arms in the center using a screwdriver and yanking it out. This is very difficult. It'll take some finesse.
3. Remove the other arch (the one with the giraffe) by unscrewing the white plastic piece on the sides where the arch is hooked into. The arch will still be attached. Just remove the white plastic piece (2 screws) on each side.
4. Next you will need to remove the white plastic piece from the actual arch. I used a flathead screwdriver bit to jam/squeeze in between 2 of the sides (see photo). This loosened the whole thing enough I was able to pull it off.
5. Repeat on other side.
6. You need to re-attach the plastic piece to the electronic box by screwing it back in. Make sure that the 1 slit side is ON TOP or else you won't be able to close the electronic box fully.
7. Close the electronic box by screwing it back together. Remove the batteries for storage. Sit back and gloat to Fisher Price that you were able to disassemble it even though they obviously didn't want you to be able to.
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on September 12, 2016
I bought this for my daughter who is about 2 months. I have another daughter is about 1 year and she likes it too though. The one year old hits by it reaches down plays with the toys and likes how the music activates when you touch and shake it just a bit. I draped a lightweight baby blanket over it and it made makeshift little tent that she likes to go inside of 2. My 2 month old loves it and we'll lay on the colorful Matt and stare at the toys and lights but she can't quite reach the toys. It would have been nice if the legs were adjustable so you could change the height but it is not. Once she gets a little bigger she will be able to hit the toys but for now I tap it and the lights and music stimulate her. It's a lot to look at and she likes it. No complaints
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on April 5, 2017
Thanks for excellent customer service ...😆
My grandson absolutely loves this mat .
It was not the mat pictured but actually newer model ...My grandson loves it !!!
Which makes this grandma very happy .i actually like this mat better ...😊
Thought i would order orignal mat as other grandkids had it and loved it ...and i was familiar with it also ..
After reading other reviews in changes to quality..mat from 7 years ago had satin leaves and a better sound and lights ...fisher price had switched to felt leaves and reading people having problems with lights and sound ....I'm thrilled i got newer mat..everything seems to be of great quality
Highly recommend this seller ...Highly recommend new version of this mat too...
Thanks again for your great service and great product ..
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on January 17, 2018
I researched so many of these floor play sets and this one was by far my favorite. It isn't overly stimulating which I loved. My kid isn't the type to like super stimulating toys so this worked perfectly. All my friends would come over and they all ended up buying the same one. I took it to Italy too because its great even to travel with and unfortunately they didn't have it there so I had to buy gifts for everyone!!
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on August 8, 2014
This is a high quality product, I just have a couple nits to pick. This gym is a bit taller than other gyms we've tried (e.g. the Baby Genius ones). Our baby has a hard time reaching up to and interacting with all the toys. I'm a bit surprised the flashing lights don't have an epilepsy warning -- they simulate a slow on and off by flickering -- but I suppose that's safe. And I think they missed an opportunity not motorizing the butterfly mobile - baby would've gotten a kick out of that. Also, even though covered in fabric, the arches are rigid and kind of hard when baby inadvertently kicks them or rolls into them. On the positive side, you get a well made product with a lot of features for a decent price. Our (6 month old) baby loves the crinkly leaf and monkey. I imagine she'll like the lion and elephant when she gets older and has more motor control.
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on June 23, 2014
I like it, although I guess I didn't get it early enough for him. So he didn't get to do much tummy time on it, but he still likes the music and the toys that hang from it. He liked the mirror so much I take it off and bring it around so he can play with it when he's playing in his car or when he's sitting in his car seat or whatever.

Also, the music stops playing when baby's not playing in it, so when I'm in the kitchen working away, I know when he's moved onto something else, so I can look in to see if he's into any mischief.

But I took a star off because the sound quality that started to fail maybe a month into using it. I think it's back to its normal quality now, but I feel like it might die on me soon. hopefully not, since baby still plays in it from time to time.

Oh yea, now he's into grabbing onto things to pull himself onto his feet, and he would grab onto two of the four support bars to pull himself up. But they're still holding up fine and I'm happy with the quality of it, especially for the price I've paid for it.
I also like that the mat is machine washable.

Just a note, batteries are not included. I forgot about that and had to get them after product arrived.
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on November 14, 2015
Ordered one- music and light console shorts out after 10 seconds of music. Have to hit it to turn back on- shorts out again after another 10 seconds. Returned and got sent a replacement- the SAME THING happened with the music and light console. Returned second one as well.
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on April 25, 2016
We bought this activity center for our two month old, who is now three months, and have been nothing but pleased. The hanging decorations, which includes two rattles, a spinner, a cute little monkey, and a child safe mirror, can be taken off and rearranged easily. This is super helpful considering how quickly babies get bored with the same old stuff, but even with baby pulling as hard as he can he hasn't been able to pull one down on his face. The cloth mat is bright and soft, and has a crinkly leaf on it that helps keep baby entertained for tummy time too. The mobile in the center doesn't spin on it's own which is a bit disappointing, but overall it doesn't bother baby.It has three settings: songs, nature sounds, and a combination on a loop. Personally I prefer the combination on a loop because it plays for around 20 minutes and keeps little one occupied while I get things done. It takes two AA batteries, one set has lasted us a month with daily use. My little one loves to be held and entertained, and this is a good way to keep him happy when I need to do things I can't while holding/wearing him.
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on June 7, 2011
With my first son I had a three in one entertainment system. It started as a gym, then became an exersaucer, then became a long thing a toddler could walk along. I did not like it. The gym would not stay up, The exersaucer would come apart. With my new son (now 2 months old) I decided to get something made for each stage. After looking at the various gyms I decided on this one because of the lights and sound show. My son enjoys the lights show. I try to move the butterflies around each time so he ends up with a different view. There are lots of loops to hang toys along the arches and along the edges of the play mat. If the playmat gets soiled it is fairly easy to remove from the arches to wash. The leaf in the corner makes a great crunching sound and my son loves kicking his feet on it to hear it crunch. Other reviews I had read for the product said that it did not fold up for storage, but it does fold up. You can turn the arches so that they are next to each other and then slide the whole thing behind a door or other piece of furniture.
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