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on April 3, 2006
I require a monitor w/lights because of a hearing disability. Anyway, I accidentally broke our monitor that worked awesome, so I promptly got on the net to try to find a replacement because I HAVE to have a monitor. Our original monitor is no longer made, & it was Friday night, so I was unable to call Safety 1st to see if they still sell it. I was not going to hold my breath because our original model was 5+ years old.

Anyway, I looked high & low for one w/lights, because since I have a hearing disability, I cannot always rely on my hearing, so I also needed a sight indicator that my baby was awake (or sleeping peacefully). Well, I went to Target because there are no other stores that sell baby monitors in my area (we have a Super Wal-Mart/SWM, but they only had 2 monitors in store for sale, & they were not good quality). I bought this one because of the reviews, & was horribly disappointed at the terrible quality of it. It has some awesome features (rechargable batteries, 2 receivers, complete portability), but the fact that my baby has to be screaming at the top of her lungs & have purple in her face from doing so to get the monitor to light up, & the constant static are forcing me to return it promptly!!!!! Good thing I was extra aware & was waiting for my baby to wake up (so I knew when she was awake & wanted me) because she didn't have to rely on the lights to alert me to her being awake. After I picked her up, I asked my older child to go in the bedroom & talk to me... no lights! I told her to talk louder... NADA! Then I told her to yell... FINALLY it lit up!!!

I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want my baby to have to scream at the top of her lungs to let me know she needs me!!!! I assume other parents would share my feelings, & if so, be sure to use caution when trying it out for the 1st time w/your baby/child.

Safety 1st was open this morning, & I promptly called them. They actually have a few of the original monitor I had that got broken, so I ordered a replacement!!! What a relief!!!! I had scoured the internet for another super sensitive monitor (which I had originally bought before I lost my hearing in one ear), but found none!!!! It seemed as though my only option was going to be a video monitor, but those were so pricey. Anyway, I am thrilled that I am not going to have to deal w/this terrible monitor much longer!!

I do recall when I originally bought our monitor 5 years ago, I had to buy 10 different ones to get one that didn't have static, & one that lit up properly. I thought that surely the technology had to have improved over the past 5 years, but obviously it hasn't. I also saw monitors that I had tried in the past had 4-5 stars, but didn't work at all for me. If you are looking for a monitor, I would suggest buying a few of them & trying them out in your home because every house is different as far as different sources of interference, etc which may impact how a specific monitor works for someone. What works for me, may not work for you & vice versa. Also, try using your microwave, cell phone, & cordless phone near the monitor to make sure they do not interfere w/the monitor. There is nothing like having your baby scared out of his/her diaper when their monitor picks up interference & makes horrible sounds!

The monitor I LOVE so much & that works so great is the Safety 1st 900mhz Grow-With-Me Monitor. When I was trying to find it before I could reach Safety 1st I saw it didn't get really good reviews (2 1/2 on Amazon.com & 3 1/2 on e-pinions.com), but I myself would give it 5! It does have it downsides (1 receiver & no rechargable batteries for the parent unit), but I would take those for being able to hear my baby breathing (YES, it is THAT sensitive) or if she is having difficulty.

Hope you find a monitor that works well for you & your family!!!
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2007
We've been using this for a month now, and I really cannot complain about it. It works well, picks up even the faintest baby noises. The dual receivers are nice as you can keep one in your bedroom and take on with you downstairs or where ever you go.

The base unit has a built-in night light. It isn't too bright, but at 2 am, you don't need much to see. The power button is easy to find and operate. Channel switch lets you switch between two frequencies.

The receivers can be operated either by battery or by included AC adapter. The batteries last a long time. A nice feature are the lights that indicate how loud baby is. This is great because sometimes you don't want the volume up, and with seeing the lights you can tell how loud baby is being.

Overall a great product at a good price.
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on October 18, 2008
I have been using this monitor for almost two years and am fairly pleased with it. I like the light feature that shows if the baby is crying without actually having the sound up. It can have a bit of static, but I found that keeping the sound turned on the lowest level with still being able to hear the baby takes care of it. I have not had any problems with picking up radio stations or monitors. It is pretty sensitive to noise, however--another reason to use the lowest possible volume setting. The receivers are a bit lightweight and tend to knock over easily. This is the first set of monitors I tried and I was pleased enough to keep them--I can't compare them with similar products. If you are looking for a decent priced set of monitors that work fairly well, this is a good choice.
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on August 6, 2007
I came online trying to see if I could order another receiver for our monitor because we hate trying to remember to bring ours upstairs and downstairs each morning and night. I was surprised to see how many people have had problems with this product. We got ours just after our daughter was born and we chose this one because it was cheap and had the light feature as well which we thought would be great. The only thing that I wish we had done differently is to buy the one with the dual monitors so that we would have two portable units. When we first bought it we lived in a one story apartment and we didn't think we would need it as much, but we have relocated to a two story townhouse and now I have to remember to move it upstairs and downstairs.

I will say that the battery life is very short IMO which is why I am looking for another unit so that we can just keep them plugged in. That is really the only problem that we have had with it though. I have found it to be very sensitive. I can hear her rolling around in her crib and I can hear the slightest whimper. I rarely turn the volume past the first level because I can hear her with no problem even on that setting. The lights also seem to be quite sensitive. The only time that we had a problem with the lights going off when she wasn't crying was when our cat got shut in the nursery by mistake and was meowing to get out and the lights went up to full. :) We basically use the lights as an indicator. If the lights start to flash then we turn up the volume to see what is going on. It works very well for us.

We have not had many problems with static. When we used it at my parents' house there were some static issues but I think that may be because the receiver had to be placed next to a computer with a wireless router. While it was annoying and I can understand being frustrated if that was going on all the time, it hasn't even happened that way each time we used it in that room. It was only once or twice. We never have any problems with it in our house.

I guess the bottom line is that if you are looking for something inexpensive, I would still give this product a try. It could work as great for you as it did for us and if it doesn't then keep the box for a week or two just in case and you can easily return it if it doesn't work out. We really have been very happy with it. I do recommend getting the dual monitors though.
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on October 30, 2007
I was surprised to see all the negative reviews as we have been very happy with our monitor. We have used it in 3 different houses now with no problems. I had static one time on one trip to my in-laws' house, no problems on other visits.

I am starting to have static problems with our first version of Sounds 'N Lights, but it is nearly 4 years old and has survived lots of use, moves and travel.

I would recommend this product to any new parent.
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on March 31, 2006
After less than 3 weeks, I've been forced to call Fisher Price for support. It was obviously not the first call they'd recived about it because the reps first response was that she'd send me a return authorization and as soon as they got the monitor back, they'd issue me a refund check.

Great for me and I give Fisher Price 5 stars for their support, but you have to wonder why a company would reaily and immediately offer a refund.

The issue with my monitor was that the darn thing just stopped transmiting at various times. No prior warning, the receiver would suddenly start beeping and blink "Reception" which tells you it was out of range. When checking the base unit (with a receiver in hand and noticing it was still having reception problems) it looked like the unit was off. Unplugged it for about 15 minutes and it worked again. I get up enough at night to tend to my children, I'm not about to start getting up to unplug a monitor and wait 15 minutes to plug it back in.

As the driver on the bus says, "Move on back!" I don't care where it goes as long as it's not in my house!
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on March 10, 2008
We have had two different models of this monitor over two years. The first broke after traveling cross country in checked luggage. Nothing seemed visibly wrong; it just didn't work anymore. With the second, it still works, but we replace the batteries in the receiver at least once a week, if not twice, because the cord stopped working for some unknown reason. I tried to order a new cord from the Fisher-Price website, and was careful (I thought) to order the correct one, but when we received it, it didn't fit.

I am fed-up with Fisher-Price now, and am moving on to a monitor made by a different company. Probably Sony.

While working, these monitors worked fairly well. We never had a problem with interference, but there was some static if we placed it in a "hotspot" in our house.

I hate that this model does not have rechargeable batteries (at least the one we have doesn't), and I only bought it because it's what Walgreens had last time I shopped for a monitor, and we needed it asap.
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on February 10, 2007
we own the previous sounds 'n lights dual receiver model, and bought this for use with our second baby. not sure why there are so many negative reviews. we are very happy with this product (again). one thing i was not sure of prior to purchase was if it would be possible to use these new monitors at the same time as our old ones, since we now have two children to monitor in different rooms. it has worked out with no problem with one set on channel A, and the other set on channel B.

as for the "interference" that other reviewers have mentioned, i have noticed it if, for example, you are charging your cell phone on an adjacent outlet. the thing also will go haywire if you have the receivers on without the monitor turned on or if you happen to not have everything set to the same channel (A or B). but if set up properly, and without too much going on in nearby outlets, you should find this set to be perfectly reliable.
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on February 8, 2007
Good points:
- Can use AC adapter or batteries with receivers
- Two receivers are very good: one for mom, another for dad.

- Transmitter should have a sensitivity adjustment. All lights turns on with other sounds far away from my home...
- You need a screwdriver to change batteries.
- My receiver is still making static noise on either channels (A or B). The receiver is less than 8 meters away from the transmitter with only one wall between us. If I adjust the volume level to a minimum I can hear my son, I get also static noise so I can sleep!

I was expecting something with perfect sound quality. You will take some days to adapt yourself with the transmitter sensitivity, with the receiver litte noises and to get confidence on it.

I should have read all those reviews before buying it. Try looking another brand or model. Unfortunetely, I tested this product only after left USA, so I can't get my money back...
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on May 17, 2006
I typically read these reviews and take them with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own opinions and quite often I have purchased things that had a low star rating and loved the product. However, this time around, all the negative reviews are right on!! This monitor was just AWFUL!! We picked it out for our registry cause it was affordable. But really, we connected it and brought one of the recievers downstairs and could not believe the awful static we could hear clear accross the living room and with the TV on!! This is not worth the money. We are getting ready to have our 2nd child and with my present 3 year old I have been using the same ol' Fisher Price monitor we got for his shower 3 years ago and it is still clear and static free!! Now I have to return this present monitor and look for another one that isn't louder than the sleeping child.
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