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on May 14, 2011
Please see pictures and notes.

I bought two of these and installed an additional spigot to the bottom of the barrel to take advantage of the most pressure and the ability to get all of the water out.

I do notice the back of the barrel bulge out when full, but it says in the FAQ that it will do this a little, we will see over time. I don't have the second barrel full yet to compare, but I will update when I do.

The lid is hard to get off, but I like that. The problem of seeing how much water was inside was resolved by installing a clear 5/8" ID hose with a female and male hose end, cap, and a stainless steel S hook. for $12 at my local H Depot. I used the clear 7/8"OD x 5/8' ID tubing.

I considered making a permanent level system by drilling more holes and going all the way to the bottom, but that would introduce an additional point that might leak and to find the right UV angled barbed fittings was tough. The reason I went with the way I did is that it is removable, and if I ever cared to remove them I simply unscrew them.

I uploaded the pictures to show what I mean. The plastic spigot that comes with the barrel rotates 360 degrees and I rotated it upwards and connected my clear hose, I drilled a hole at the top of the Male cap and inserted a small screen to prevent bugs from getting in. (We have wasps here like crazy) I took an orange plastic foam dart from my grand kids toy gun, (they sell them for a few dollars for 10) and cut one about 3/4" and inserted it into the clear tube. With my clear hose connected to the plastic spigot pointing upwards, I hooked the stainless S hook to the top hose clamp and there is a hole already drilled into the top edge of the barrel, where I inserted the other end of the S hook. Open the spigot and you have a visible level indicator.

I bought the connector kit and I considered connecting them at the bottom so I only needed one spigot on one of the barrels,(it equalizes the water across the two barrels when you do this) as the serious rain barrels do, but if there was ever a leak, it would drain all the barrels, with the method of connecting the barrels at the top like Fiskars does, one barrel could leak all the way out and the other barrel will remain in tact. That was my deciding point as these are for my garden but also as an emergency water source.

I also like the diverter pro, but the screen holes are a bit larger than I like and I cut a 4" x 5" piece of Nylon screen, like in your windows, and laid it on top of the existing screen and tie wrapped it to the original screen through the holes at the top of the V screen in the diverter. This secures it to the top and leaves the rest of the nylon screen to hang over the original one keeping the smallest of debris out of the barrels.

Hope this helps, I would recommend these barrels to anyone.
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on May 26, 2016
This is the second one I've returned. The first arrived sans box and was missing the spigot and diverter. The plastic was so thin in places that you could see daylight through barrel. It also came with the wrong lid. Sent it back and reordered another.

Second one arrived in a box with spigot and diverter, but it still had the wrong lid, and the plastic barrel was worse than the first. Thin all around. You could read a book inside with the lid on. This thing would collapse probably the first time it filled. Maybe they're discontinued for a reason, and they're trying to sell off their seconds. Dunno. Anyway, sent it back and bought something else. The problem with the lid is that it extends past the end of the barrel on the flat side, meaning you can't flush mount it. One of the pics in the ad shows a top flush with the barrel.

Amazon returns was easy, as usual.
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on May 7, 2017
I have Gutter guard gutters which means I have heavy duty large 3' X 4" + down spouts, so it was a challenge to install the leaf filter. I did get it installed nicely. Although I'll never have a leaf problem, the filter is cool looking. Moving on, the rain barrel is sturdy and the lid positively snaps on securely, so you shouldn't have to worry about a mosquito problem which is common with lesser rain barrels. We just had enough rain to fill my rain barrel and it is filled perfectly up to the rim and not over flowing which means if you follow the direction and measurements, you'll have a perfect install and ample water for your outside plants when the rains subside. This barrel is perfect if you don't want one where the gutter dumps into the top of the rain barrel through a screen.
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on January 16, 2011
I purchased the Fiskar 5998 Rain Barrel about 8 months ago on The product shipped very quickly from - it came in a large but very light box. Installation was easier than expected. The instructions are very straight forward and the product is designed to fit various sized gutters. I had to wait a couple of weeks before it rained to test out the rain barrel. Once it began to rain, I had to run out there to make small adjustments to get the water flowing into the bucket. Once I had everything in place, the barrel collects water effortlessly. The design of the DiverterPro works well and prevents any overflow and debris (leaves) from going into the barrel. My only issue with this product is that while you can connect up a hose to the spigot, it is difficult to water my garden. The flow from the valve is very slow. Often times, I just open up the lid to fill a bucket of water instead of filling it from the bottom. Overall, I am happy with the design and functionality of the Fiskar 5998 Rain Barrel. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for alternative ways to save water and keep their gardens green through the harsh summers.
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2011
The DiverterPro for attachment to your downspout is an ingenious fabrication. You won't have the ugly PVC pipes running all over like your neighbors with this setup. The diverter works well, once you get it set up correctly. My installation was in a 3"x4" downspout, so this may not apply to the 2"x3" installations are there are separate paths in the instructions for a smaller downspout.

First, the measurements don't work as per the instructions. I have a friend who pointed this out to me who also has the same rain barrel, and I assumed that he made an error in his installation. I was wrong. The height at which you install the diverter to your downspout, ends up being about an inch too high. Because this is too high your barrel will overflow. Our first rain, about a tenth of an inch, filled the barrel half way. A inch and a half rain two days later, filled it to capacity and then it never stopped filling. I used the plug to stop water from going into the barrel. Now I need to dump/use up most of the water so that I can raise the barrel and put some patio pavers under the barrel to raise it.

When I was outside dealing with the overflow, I noticed all the water leaking out from the top of the diverter where it installs onto the downspout. The instructions should have told you that you need to caulk the joints to alleviate leakage issues.

The next issue is where they pre-drill the hole for the faucet. It's a third of the way up on the rain barrel! So you have a 58 gallon rain barrel and you can only effectively use roughly 40 gallons. I went to the hardware store and bought a new brass faucet, sealed with White 3M Marine 5200 Adhesive / Sealant 1/10 gal. cartridge installed near the bottom of the rain barrel. I'm sure that they did this so that you could get a watering can under the rain barrel, but I elected to build a pressure treated stand, giving me more pressure since it is elevated a foot and a half, I can hook up a soaker hose.

It's a great kit, very cost effective if you've shopped these, it just needs some revisions/corrections to make it work well!

UPDATE 9-1-11: A couple weeks ago the original spigot broke at the threaded portion where it enters the collection bucket. Mind you, since I installed the new spigot where they should have pre-drilled this, I wasn't even using the included plastic one. So I can't imagine that holding up to daily watering use.

I went to the hardware store and got a while plug, put some teflon tape on it and inserted it into the threaded hole. I now have a green muck line down the front of the collection barrel. The original three star review has been moved down to two.
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on February 21, 2017
Installation requires modification of the barrel and your downspout so prepare to have tools handy: drill, core drill bit, hacksaw, drill bits for screws, and possibly extra downspout pieces. The diverter pro is too gimmicky, needs to be installed perfectly inline with the overflow outlet in order for the back flow to work correctly. Currently my overflow just drains out and around the top of the barrel rim. The extra $$$ spent on this barrel could of bought me 2 barrels (see my other barrel review for insight) for the price of this one and only cost me 10 minutes of my time to install. Lastly, no matter how much plumbers tape wrapped, I still can't get a watertight seal around the valve threads and the barrel leaks continuously around where the plastic spout connects to the barrel. I can't recommend this barrel excect for one attribute: it has a rather attractive sandstone-like finish and color. I'm removing the diverter pro from my downspoutp and going to go straight in from the downspout and just tap in another flexible line opposite for overflow. If I could return the diverter I would.
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on July 14, 2016
Plastic is much thinner than expected. Lid fits VERY poorly, so poor, it may even be the wrong lid for the barrel. In any rain storm with moderate wind, the lid will fly off, and there is no way of locking the lid down. So flimsy you can't even put a screw in to secure it down. See pictures on lid fit. Overhangs back by at least an inch. Supposed to be flush so you can put it up against the wall. See the product pictures for the difference. Plus lid is warped and won't fit right- gap will allow wind to pick it up. Will have to talk to Amazon customer service soon. Unacceptable quality for this price. More to follow after I talk to Amazon. See pictures on lid fit. Overhangs back by at least an inch. Supposed to be flush so you can put it up against the wall. See the product pictures for the difference.

UPDATE: The lid does fit much better once the barrel fills up. It still overhangs the back by almost an inch, but it is snug once the barrel fills. The diverter works well, and I have added the connector kit to fill a blue food grade 55 gallon drum. Both work as designed. I'm changing my review from 1 star to 3. It's still thin, but it functions as promised. I did not use the plastic spigot that came with it, and plugged the hole. Drilled a lower hole to access all of the water and used the brass RAINPAL RBS005 water container spigot also available on Amazon. It won't crack or fail in the Arizona heat.
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on March 19, 2011
This is a first for me (reviewing a product) but after installing the Fiskars Salsa 2 I was impressed with how effective it really was at collecting rainwater with very little effort. I think it may be the DiverterPro that this unit came with that made it so successful. I was drawn to the design because there was no need for an overflow, the diverter filled the barrel and then the remainder continues down the spout un-interupted. At first, I was skeptical of the small hose leading to the barrel thinking it would take several rains to fill 58 gallons, but we had a moderate rain the night that I installed it and the next morning I was thrilled to see 3/4 of the barrel full! The installation is simple, and with a little silicone on the top and bottom connections of the diverter to the downspout, it was a water tight seal. Make sure the hose is straight and level and your good to go!
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on June 15, 2011
I bought 4 Fiskar rainbarrels. After we installed them, we found out that the outside should be painted to make the interior black which stops growth inside the tank. We also never noticed that the spigot to empty the barrel was up so high that it leaves about 10-15 or more gallons of water in the barrel so we had to buy a cordless siphon pump to actually drain the barrels.
Installation of the diverters was straight forward but we had to raise the diverter about 2-3 inches higher to get a good gravity feed. That caused us to reinstall each diverter after the 1st rain.
The 1" tube connected to the diverter and the rainbarrel didn't allow much water to actually go into the barrel, it splashed over the leaf sifter and down the drain. We solved most of that issue by adapting some of the other parts inside the diverter to 'trap' the water.
All in all, I wouldn't buy these barrels again without knowing how much extra work was involved. But as it is, they are working and trapping about 50-60% water with the rest still going down the drain.
I'm not happy about the results and I'm hoping this review will stop any other individuals from buying the rainbarrels without being informed of it's problems.
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on June 5, 2014
This is a good looking and large rain barrel. I am especially happy with the DiverterPro for attaching to the downspout. The diverter is black so I used white spray paint (for use on plastic) to make it blend in better with my home.

My one and only real issue with this is the spigot. It simply isn't strong enough. I ended up going to one of the big box retailers and picking up a brass hose bib to replace the plastic one that came with the barrel. The brass bib screwed into the barrel fine but I did need to apply a ring of silicone inside to prevent leaking around the threads. (I tried plumber's tape first without luck.)

If you do purchase this rain barrel, do yourself a favor and replace the spigot as part of your initial installation.
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