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on October 11, 2016
I bought these for my four-year-old grandson. This was the third pair of scissors I tried with him, and they helped him learn to enjoy activities involving scissors.Their ergonomic design gently guides his hand into the proper position. The lower handle loop is pretty large on these scissors. That lets my grandson use all his fingers to control the scissors. This makes a huge difference for a young child who has not practiced enough to develop strength in the muscles needed for scissor action and who is still developing fine motor skills. I have observed his hand muscles getting stronger as he keeps practicing, but he didn't want to practice when he had scissors with two identical handle loops. Identical handle loops made cutting a real struggle for him and confused him about how to properly hold the scissors; these problems vanished with the kids' Fiskars. Crafts involving scissors are now among his favorite things to do.

Another advantage to the relatively large handles led to me purchasing a second pair soon after the first pair arrived. Although they are not as comfortable for adults as adult-sized scissors, both my husband and I are able to use these kids' Fiskars, so we are able to do scissors projects with our grandson. My own adult scissors are super, super sharp, and I don't want them anywhere around a preschooler, plus I don't want to dull them cutting paper, so I'm glad our adult-sized fingers can fit into the handles of these children's scissors.

Be advised that although these kids' Fiskars can be ordered with blunt tips to increase safety, the blades themselves are sharper than most children's scissors, though the blades are specially angled to increase safety. Although I feel confident in the safety of letting my grandson keep his other style of children's scissors in his own desk drawer, these Fiskars scissors live in the family project drawer and are only used with adult supervision. Because they are sharp enough to be effective, they are less frustrating to use than most other children's scissors. The potential downside is that this also gives them the power to cut cloth or skin or hair if you work at it, although we have never had that happen in the eight months these two pair of kids' Fiskars have been in our home. Know your child and supervise him or her until your child develops the maturity and wisdom to use these scissors responsibly. The description recommends ages four and up, but, as I said, know your child.

I have noticed that now my grandson ALWAYS comes to me or Grandpa and asks for supervision, rather than using either of the less effective scissors he is allowed to keep in his own desk drawer. Its probably time to do a little decluttering and move the less effective scissors out of our lives. Our two pairs of blunt tip Fiskars get more use by both kids and adults than any other scissors in our household. Highly recommend, but supervise young children.
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on May 20, 2014
I love these little scissors! I carry them in my purse. My reason for buying them is, when out shopping, I sometimes buy a candy bar and it's really hard to get the wrapper to open most of the time. Now, I pull out my little scissors and cut the end off. It's also good while at the grocery store. They have tomatoes on the vine - usually 5-6 of them. I only want two. Every try to break a tomato vine? Very hard to do. Now, I just snip off what I want. They are good for so many little things. I like the blunt end vs a sharp point because I never worry about sticking my hand when reaching in my purse.

The other use is, when I pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, they usually have a metallic seal that has to be broken. It's not easy.. but it is when you can poke through it with these little gems!! Love my scissors!
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on May 10, 2017
I bought these for my 2-year-old for Christmas, and wrapped them in reused boxes within boxes within boxes. They were his only present from me that year, but he had the best time snipping up everybody's wrapping paper and completely ignored all other gifts from other relatives (oops). His little hands had no trouble learning how to use them right away.

2.5 years later, they are still his favorite tool for creative play. I bring them in my purse with me when we go on trips or long car rides. He uses them to snip dandylions and other small flowers outside. He rarely draws without his scissors by his side, in case something needs a little trim.

Still not a single cut to his skin or clothes, to this day. I remember my grandfather once told me that Fiskars makes the best scissors - now I believe him!
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on November 16, 2015
I bought these for trimming my small dog and they work quite well for that. The rounded tips are nice as they will not puncture her if she isn't happy while getting trimmed.

They are small but sold for children so I can't complain. I can still use them despite my large hands.

Only downside is the lack of color selection. I received hot pink which goes with my female dog, not so much with me.

Quality is what I have come to expect from Fiskars.
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on December 31, 2013
My daughter was cutting with scissors since she was barely able to walk and was was very good by three years old. When she was old enough to know about pretty things and colors she really wanted pink scissors. We got these and they work fine, but best of all she loves the color. We got another for school because it was on the school supply list but when she got there her teacher had plenty so she brought it back now she two of here favorite scissors in pink. We keep misplacing our adult scissors so we 'borrow' one of hers often because she is really good about keeping her supplies in order.
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on January 16, 2015
I bought this for my two year old. I received a light blue one. She's learning how to cut using this scissors and "Let's Cut Paper! (Kumon First Steps Workbooks)" book. So far it is working for her. It cuts very well; ie. if you were to cut wrapping paper, it will probably cut through without you opening/closing the scissors.

I also tried to cut paper with left hand, and it works just fine.

= Update Feb 18, 2016 =
We haven't used it for a while, but now my daughter is 3 and started to use scissors in her preschool. I brought this one out again for her to use at home. With other scissors we have at home, it is easier to open and close. Not with this one. She needed to use both hand to open and close with this one. With that reason, I'm taking one star off.
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on April 13, 2016
My son is four and as a four year old boy, he is kind of a terror when you give him a pair of scissors. He wants to cut everything. But these are safe. He has had them for months now and never pinched himself, never been able to cut something he shouldnt (mainly his clothes or the like). They work perfect on our paper art projects and I feel safe with him using them, despite his tendency to want to be more crazy than he should.
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on November 21, 2012
As a former school teacher, I remember these scissors being one of the top choices for little kids. I'd also used them plenty, myself (though they're not ideal for big hands, of course) I didn't think twice about ordering them for my daughter's first pair of scissors. I was surprised to find them very hard to open and close- too much friction. That's just not workable for tiny hands relatively new to cutting.
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on September 24, 2014
The scissors work well, but they still didn't get the color right. This is why I am not giving them the full 5 stars. I asked for Purple instead of green. I was sent pink instead, despite the fact I was told I would be sent purple. At least my daughter is okay with pink, but she wanted purple. It seems that someone forgot to learn there colors in elementary school. That aside, they work and my daughter is fine with them. Wish I could find these in stores around here, but can't for some reason. Easier that my daughter is okay with pink than attempting to send them back for the correct color. Thanks and glad they work.
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on October 21, 2015
I actually did not buy these for kids. I make quilts and there is a lot of thread clipping and I like these to do that with. they are not that expensive as the kind that are sold in quilt shops- but they are Fiskars and if you are paper piecing you don't worry about dulling them. If they get misplaced the world will not come to an end like if you misplaced a pair of Gingher's.
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