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on March 14, 2016
If you have any sort of physical ailment, or think you may have a possible physical ailment, skip this product and order a powered mower. If you are healthy and willing to pour some sweat into your yard, then order away. I have to mow weekly and this is an extremely strenuous workout for me (large grass area with uneven terrain). My only complaint is that it doesn't edge at all, so I edge first, then mow. I find there are some blade marks left in the grass, and I tend to miss a few strips of grass but that is obviously my fault. My lawn grows so fast it really doesn't matter. I'd recommend for small to medium lawns without a lot of uneven terrain and without a lot of curves in the border. Thus cuts best when you are walking briskly in a straight-run.
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on July 23, 2015
Review is for the 17" mower with the little wheels in back, not the 18" mower with the little wheels in front. The 17" discharges grass to the rear; I understand from another web site that the 18" discharges grass to the front.
Mower was delivered quickly, was easy to assemble, and works very well. Have not had any issues with twigs getting stuck, though occasionally enough grass gets between the blade and cutter to slow you down and require more of a push, but generally, it is very easy to use, nothing like the old mowers of days gone by.
I took a point off because I needed to store it in my house until the shed can be used again, and the mower had considerable off-gassing (I presume from the plastic wheels, since everything else is metal), which causes a strong, unpleasant (unhealthy?) odor. But after a couple of weeks, the odor is greatly reduced, and I expect it will be completely gone soon. I suspect most/all new mowers with similar wheels will have this problem.
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on August 30, 2017
Great reel mower! Easy to maneuver. Much better at mowing around obstacles like mailboxes and flower beds because the blade keeps spinning for a few seconds even when the wheels aren't moving. I bought the Staysharp after using the Scotts Classic 20" for two weeks. The Scotts was noisier for starters; the Staysharp is quiet. And even though the Scotts had a 3 inch advantage with the cutting width, it felt harder to push, which negated any benefit... IMHO. I'd rather do multiple passes with a lighter load, than a few less passes with a heavier load. In fact, the stopwatch has been indicating 20% improvement in overall mowing duration. Also, I needed a running start for the slight grade in my front yard with the Scotts, whereas a brisk push from the sidewalk will get the blade spinning fast enough to cut the grass on the uphill. Not that the Scotts is a bad reel mower, it's just that the Fiskars is a more modern approach to the same problem. MY ONE COMPLAINT, and I knew this would be an issue as soon as I put the Staysharp together... the cotter pins that hold the handle to the mower are flimsy, rough and made out of cheap metal. They are not up to snuff with the rest of the quality parts and seems to have been an afterthought. I lost the left one yesterday, even after pushing them further through the hole. Luckily, I was 95% finished with yard. Now, I need to go find a better replacement. Still 4 stars! Having neighbors mowing your lawn to try it out... Priceless!
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on April 17, 2013
I bought this push-style mower because I now have an electric power. I don't like messing with the gas powered ones (noise, fumes, spark plugs, hard to clean the bottom, gas cans in the garage, etc.) but I have a tree in the middle of the front yard that is a pain to mow with the cordon the electric one. The cord itself is a pain to reel back up and deal with while mowing. I grew up with a push mower and being female I don't feel the need for a big noisy he-man mower to support my ego, besides they are heavy to push around the yard.

Pro: Quiet, quiet, quiet!! I love that. I can mow any time of day without worrying about bothering the neighbors. It is really light weight as well. It also did a wonderful job of mowing - the lawn came out so smooth looking. My rotary blade on the electric mower leaves the lawn really choppy and beats up the grass even when just sharpened.

Con: This is a big con I am afraid. The smallest twig brought the mower to its knees. It would just come to an abrupt stop. I even raked the lawn before mowing, but it still came to multiple abrupt stops - then you ave to spin the blades (I did it with my shoe - the blades are sharp I wouldn't suggest using your hands) until you get the twig out of the mower. Another con is that it has these rear wheels that make it harder to turn sharp corners than other push mowers.

Note: I have only used this once - we ended up getting the biggest April snow storm on record, so I don't know how well it will do with thick grass yet.
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on September 27, 2015
Many thanks to RocketMan1969 for the thorough review & comparison of multiple push mowers! It definitely made our decision easier!

When our gas mower gave up the ghost at the beginning of the season, I knew I wanted a reel mower & the hubby was completely on-board with no fumes or noise (the nearly inaudible shhhhhhhhh of the blades really doesn't count).

We are very happy with the quality of this mower, it does a beautiful job & our lawn looks fabulous.

The only hitch is that we needed to replace a bolt that went rogue from the handle during a recent mow, so make sure you check them once in a while, especially if you move at a vigorous pace!

The price on Amazon through the marketplace seller was spot-on; this model costs more than base-level reel mowers, but we were willing to pay more to be happy and have something high quality. After our purchase we saw that Sears had the same model listed for $100 more than we paid including shipping! I'm fairly certain that well exceeds MSRP.
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on July 4, 2014
We recently purchased our first home. One of the things we put off was figuring out the lawn care. We were hesitant to purchase a traditional mower because of the gas/oil storage and mixture. Being new home owners the idea of paying someone was also a little daunting. By the time we purchased this mower our grass had gone uncut for more than 2 months. Since we are in Southern California the situation wasn't as bad as it could be. The first pass with this mower was very challenging but after two weeks of use we're loving it. It is a lot of work, but after spending 55 hours a week behind a desk I don't mind. It's a good excuse to get out and move.
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on June 4, 2014
I bought this based on reviews and luckily when my husband, who loves his gas-guzzling engines and motors, was away. 4 stars instead of 5 only because it doesn't cut tall stalks and it only cuts going forward and not when you pull it backwards, but if you mow at least every 2 weeks, it's great! It does the job, have had it over a year now and love how we can mow early in the morning or late in the evening without bothering the neighbors with noise - This is especially great for activity packed weekends when we have lots to do or when going out of town and returning to work and school the very next day. We mow the front and back yards (nearly half an acre) without feeling nauseous from fumes, and gas savings is great! It's light and easy to push, blades are sharp and cut well, haven't had to sharpen or adjust them since first assembling it out of the box. And it feels good knowing we're helping the environment by using this rather than a regular gas-guzzling mower.

My husband who hardly ever uses it and a couple neighbors still scoff at it, but they think smart cars are idiotic and anything with less than a V6 engine is not for human beings, so I don't pay any attention. My kids and I use it regularly, mostly my son who prefers it over our regular mower (which has been permanently parked since the arrival of this one), and our lawn looks great.
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on September 9, 2016
Most criticism I read are from people who really don't want or should not have a manual push style rotary mower. If you live on a hill then get a self-propelled power mower. If you want to hoover up cut grass into a bag and take it way ... then get a powered mower. If you have an enormous yard then for goodness sake get yourself a powered mower.

For those who really do want a manually operated push style rotary mower then BUY THIS NOW. This is well built, easy to push, and easy to adjust. I mowed all summer with zero problems. Yes, I have to go over my thin wimpy grass a few times because it can't hold itself up to get cut. Yes I have to mow frequently because tall grass just bends and slides below the cutting heads. But that has nothing to do with the design of this unit. That is just how these style mowers work.

I have a small lawn and it takes me just 10 minutes to mow, even going over my yard twice. Love it.
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on December 8, 2013
After a whole season of using this sled, my routine evolved into mowing three passes each time I mowed. So I basically mow three times. I played with the blade adjustments, trying as-close-as-can-be, to giving it a little more room in the cut. In the end, it does not cut well on the left side of the pass, so I turn around and retrace the pass so the "good side" takes care of it. (Yes, I adjusted to insure the blade clearance was parallel) Even then, it's not all that clean, so I then conduct diagonal passes to get the remainder, and it still does not look like a good gas motor's cut.
I like the lack of required maintenance, and it is a good workout, but I think I'm going back to a gas mower next year. The novelty has worn off.
Oh, and it's not good for nooks and such; you basically have to throw it around like a vacuum cleaner. Changing directions to try different approaches for the same reason described above.
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on September 22, 2016
I got this in yesterday and I love it. no gas no oil no nothing. Works like a charm. The only thing is if your grass is too high it clogs up a lot but you can just simply pull the grass out. But as far as cutting its great. I bought two brand new gas push mowers from home depot and both broke after one use. This reel lawmower is better than a push gas lawnmower from home depot. It cuts grass so short and that's what I love about it. I pay my neighbor to cut my grass but he doesn't cut it short. I go over what he done and I cut it about an inch and half shorter than his riding lawn mower. I love this thing and wish I had a hundred of them because I have near an acre to cut. The only thing I wonder is how to get more blades for it or how to sharpen the blades when the time comes?
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