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on March 8, 2014
This blender cup is the kind of design i've been searching for: A motor in the top with a drinking spout. You won't believe what an improvement this cup is after having used the traditional shaker cup with metal ball for the past several years. Need a TL:DR version? It blends powders well, the lid doesn't leak when you drink from the spout. Buy it.

Why am I in love with this relatively cheap gadget? Simply put, it works.

Its powdered by x6 AAA batteries that sit inside the dome and are easily replaceable because the batteries are divided into two small box packs that load in and out- each with x3 AAA batteries.You simply load the battery boxes up and pop them back into the dome and close the lid. Pretty good design.

The power of the motor is deceiving. While running in liquid, it's quiet and creates a complete vortex; sort of concentrating and beating in the 3 areas the blender the attachment has arms. I fill with water, add some pebble ice, and drop in a scoop of my lunch shake and hold the power button down until the drink is consistently mixed. It absolutely blends powders completely; something my shaker ball couldn't handle. Take the motor lid off and run the blender and you'll see how fast the wand actually moves. When making shakes, DO NOT ADD POWDER FIRST BEFORE ADDING WATER. Any powder will cement to the cup walls and fail to dislodge without a spoon.

Don't try to use this cup to mix your frozen fruit/cement thick/peanut butter and banana smoothie. It's designed for powders, water, and small lightweight add-in's. With this job, it excels amazingly!

This is easiest way i've found to clean this cup:
Clean the detachable cup normally in hot soapy water.
Clean the wand and underside of the cup by filling cup with warm water and a little detergent, attach head securely and blend in pulses while pouring water out the spout. Naturally, finish with a clean water rinse. This seems to take care of the underside of the motor fairly well.
NOTE: the wand does detach from the motor should you need to more thoroughly clean.

As for the CleanTek anti-gross coating; it does seem to work. The wand and motor/lid are made out of the CleanTek plastic and do seem to more naturally repel odors than the plastic cup they come along with. At least, this is how I understand the arrangement.
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on March 7, 2011
I have a blender that is very large, high power and is a pain to clean. Logically, it did not make sense to use my huge blender on a daily basis for 8 oz worth of liquid mixed with spirulina and chlorella (sometimes soy protein). Chlorella is fairly easy to mix, however spirulina is not; neither is the soy protein if I add it. The mixer pro does a fair job of mixing the spirulina, there is still little balls but it is much better than stirring with a spoon. With a spoon the spirulina sticks to the spoon and floats on the top; whereas, with the mixer the spirulina may stick to the sides a little and as I mentioned previously has a few little balls. Nonetheless, I am surprised that this product needs 6 AAA batteries, since it is not that powerful. Buying a cordless mixer is cheaper than replacing the batteries but I want to start adding spinach back to my smoothies so I am probably going to buy a single serve blender that I can travel with. For those of you who are looking into the blender bottle, that actually in my opinion is a better buy than this product because to my surprise everything is well mixed, nothing on the side etc. I was afraid to buy it at first because I had doubt that the silver ball would be able to mix the spirulina but it actually does a great job. My only issue with the Blender bottle is that I always seem to fight to get the top open or didn't snap the top down well enough and spilled spirulina (which is a dark green) on myself several times. In all the, "Fit & Fresh CleanTek Power Mixer Pro", is not a bad product; there are just better options available.
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on June 27, 2010
I think I must have gotten a different item then the other 3 reviewers. The mixer thingy inside mine is plastic, so I can't imagine using anything in it except powder mixes (I use it for Slim Fast powder). Mine did not come with a spatula thing like one of the others mentioned, but, I haven't needed it because my powder has not stuck to the side. If you put the liquid in first, THEN put the powder in, and it works great. I don't think it's noisy at all, if you hold it in your hand when mixing (not leaving it on the counter), it's even quieter. A few people at work thought it was just a shaker until they happened to be standing next to me one day and heard the quiet noise - they were impressed and bought their own.

Again, I think because of the mixer stick thingy being plastic, I really can't see using it with ice or anything hard, even soft fruit would worry me that it would break. BUT, if, like me, you are using it only for powder, it is perfect. In fact, I am about to purchase 2 more right now. One for home, and an extra one, in case they decide to stop selling them (which always happens to me when I find something I like). Hope this helps!
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on February 10, 2014
I was hoping to find a mixer cup with a coil on the bottom, but wasn't able to find one, so I got this. It works pretty good for most applications. However, if you're planning on using it on more coarse powders, you might want to look elsewhere. The agitator doesn't quite go as close to the bottom as it should, so with more coarse powders, it tends to leave a lot of sediment on the bottom.

As I said, for most shakes it works quite well, it's just for some of the coarser powders you might have some trouble. Still, it's a decent product and I still use it.
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on July 29, 2010
Usually, I don't do reviews but I had to comment on this mixer. I am just starting a diet regimen and wasn't into protein shakes or smoothies at all until recently. I ran across this mixer while browsing Amazon for another product. I must say it is the best. I mushed up a banana in a ziploc bag, added apple juice and a container of strawberry banana yogurt to the mixer and it was the BEST thing since sliced bread. Once the mixing was done, I could taste chunks of banana in the shake. It was soooo good! Later on, I will be adding ice. I am a happy customer. No cons for me!

Shipment was nice and I received the product on time. I will be buying 2 or 3 more as a backup and have already told my co-workers about the mixer.
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on May 2, 2014
I first thought it would be a crappy one but once you put your liquid in it it would mix well the motor is strong enough to mix pancake. I used this to mix pancake batter, Beat an egg and it works i wanted to test this to see if it was a strong motor and it does. I recommend this product to anyone.
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on August 20, 2015
Works really well, good power. Could seal a little better. I keep the mixer in when I take it with me I can keep drink mixed well. Large capacity. I like it!
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on October 24, 2016
have to press and hold button though
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on October 25, 2013
This blender works great for me when I just want to mix protein powder or my meal replacement. It is easy to clean and does the job. I was surprised at how many batteries it used but that is only a minor issue.
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on September 27, 2010
I thought that 6 AAA batteries would give this blender some power. I suggest that you get a regular cup shaker and stick a spoon in it. The plastic wand is not very strong and you will not get anything mixed any different than if you shook the cotainer real hard. I would send it back but the cup size is a good size. My protein shake was not blended well. I had to get a spoon and shake it even after using the blender wand. It will not work if you have crushed ice in it. This product did not meet advertised expectations. Also, since batteries do not last long, I would have gone through alot of batteries to mix my shakes. This would eventually be an expensive shake.
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