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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 21, 2012
Liked the Fitbit at first. Tracking activity was enlightening. For the competitive, the trying to beat the previous numbers or the daily goals was a fun challenge. Wearing it at night showed that I was awake at night even more than had thought.

When the button on the side stopped working, I contacted customer support by email. It was a little disconcerting to be told that I should not sweat on a device used to track activity-- which one might presume includes rigorous exercise. After many tries to revive the device, I was promised that a new one would ship and arrive in 5-7 business days. As far as I can tell, it still has not shipped. I wrote once and was given an excuse and again promised that one was being shipped.

After contacting customer support, I was told there was a problem with the delivery, but that I would receive the replace in 5 days. That was 11 days ago.

Mine lasted for 5 months. I had signed up and paid for the premium annual membership online and have cancelled the auto-renew. I still like the product, but the quality and failure to honor warranty are a disappointment.

Update: Received replacement Ultra. Attached to clothing and went out and about. When returned home, noticed the fitbit was gone. Lasted less than 2 hours. Guess it is just not to be for me.
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on July 27, 2012
I had the fitbit for two good weeks (maybe). I was finally getting the hang of it - logging my meals, remembering to put the device on when I head out the door in the morning, remembering to take it off before I tossed my clothes in the laundry... Sadly, yesterday, I went to check my progress by pressing the tiny button at the top of the device, only to find that my precious fitbit was GONE. I clipped it to my waste band via the belt clip that comes with the device yesterday morning and hadn't taken a trip to the bathroom, changed my clothes, or done anything unusual that might have caused me to lose it. The belt clip itself just has a crappy design. In hindsight, I should have recognized that the Fitbit was bound to fall out of it. The manufacturer really should provide better accessories for it's product. While I got to use it, I really did like the Fitbit and found it to be a great product. The website was easy to use, and I really liked that there was an app for my phone. I also appreciated that the Fitbit was small enough to conceal, unlike my Body Media armband that everyone is always embarrassingly curious about. It really is a terrible shame that my Fitbit was lost while using it as per the manufacturer's instructions.

So, in summary, it doesn't matter how great the Fitbit is. My hundred dollar investment was ultimately a waste, and all I have left of it is a belt clip that really couldn't hold the Fitbit securely in the first place.
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on August 17, 2014
I don't often review and even when I do I don't usually do so with negative reviews but I want anyone thinking of getting this product to know there is a substantial possibility your Fitbit will stop working shortly after purchase. I purchased my Fitbit at the end of 2012 and have been using it off and on with good results over many of the months. One day out of the blue the Fitbit screen says Fitbit 14.4, my Fitbit is up-to date (I checked) and when I say I've tried everything to reset or fix this, and find out what's causing it, I mean it. I contacted Amazon and was blown off of course due to how long I have owned the Fitbit and did not get help there.

Here's where the real facts come in not seen much on these reviews...

Through my research to find the contact information for Fitbit directly I found many (many) reviews, testimonies, and stories about this happening to others out of the blue and due to damage, ranging from days after the Fitbit was received and opened to a few years. From what I can see not depending on how it was cared for. It is unfortunate because I really liked it when it worked. I hope this helps someone make a decision on if they want to take this chance.
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on February 23, 2013
Device # 1: Subsidized by workplace, so paid half price ($50). Failed within 5 days.
Device # 2: (This Amazon order.) Failed within 1 month.
Device # 3: Replacement device free from Fitbit. Free! Yippee, right? But: Failed within 40 days.
Device #4: Ebay. Dead within 3 months.
My theory: They get wet with sweat, they short circuit, they die.
What a colossal con. I mean, you are supposed to CLIP THEM TO YOUR SWEATPANTS WHILE YOU EXERCISE, right. That's SWEAT pants. To wit, pants which are expected to collect a certain amount of sweat, yes?
On the other hand, perhaps I am just unlucky.
In any case, I would sooner have dental surgery sans anesthesia than pay one cent for aniother one of these crappy devices.
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on June 3, 2012
I ordered a Fitbit, from Amazon, because one of the girls in my walking group had one. I ordered it on April 7, 2012. Today is June 3, 2012 and my Fitbit has TOTALLY died! I have followed all the rules, taking it off nightly and putting it on the charger and taking if off in the AM and wearing it all day. For the first month or so, it was great but slowly it began to quit working. Yesterday it stopped working around 2PM. Today it didn't make it til noon.
When I spend $88 (including S&H), I do expect more from a product!!! I am now wearing my faithful $25 pedometer and my Fitbit is in the charger (and I am cursing it everytime I walk by.)! Shouldn't one expect MORE from a product??? I didn't keep the packaging because I never imagined that this product would fail in so short a time. I wrote an email to "Fitbit" and never received a reply. So much for customer service. I have lots of nice, high-end things and NEVER have I had anything fail me in so short a time. I cannot see myself investing in another Fitbit product.
Just yesterday, I was in an Asheville Quilt Shop and two employees were showing me their Fitbit, bought because I was intially so excited about mine. I am sitting here counting and I can think of, at least, twelve people who have bought this item because of me. I do plan to contact them all and tell them what they might expect from this product. I am now embarrassed that I promoted this so highly. My disappointment is equal to my earlier enthusiasm.
Not a happy customer.
Vickie Lemonds
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on August 22, 2013
I bought one a little over a year ago and used it daily for a month or two before the outside case came separated. I snapped it back together and it worked still for a couple of weeks but then just stopped working. The part of it that clips over your clothes is very thin and I could tell it would break easily so I was super careful but it still didn't last long. I couldn't find my paperwork for it and can't bring myself to pay that much money again for something that will only last a couple months. They have a new version that hopefully would last longer but I don't think I'll be buying it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 29, 2012
Maybe I got a lemon but the coating ("skin") on the outside of the Fitbit giving it that soft touch feel chipped VERY easily and then started to peel off - all within 24 hours and *light* use. I wasn't banging it against things. I noticed some small scuffs when I was setting it up, just thought it was a little dirty. The "scuffs" never came off and got worse. I wore it on my belt and UNDER a shirt (I didn't tuck in my shirt). I was very disappointed.

I guess if you get one, be extremely careful ???

I also noticed it recorded far more steps than I actually took. It says it's supposed to adjust to your stride based on height/weight. Mine didn't.

I wish it was more durable. I would have worked on getting the stride issue resolved.

(I posted a photo of what it looks like)
review image
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on July 20, 2012
Don't get me wrong...I love this product! It has been an awesome tool to help me learn about myself and the calories I burn.

The problem is, within 2 months, my base station stopped working. I couldn't record what it tracked and couldn't charge it. Customer service eventually sent me a new one (took almost 2 weeks). Less than a month after that, the Fitbit stopped functioning properly and eventually died. And it was from completely normal, daily use.

Even this wouldn't be so bad...IF you could get any response out of customer service. Conveniently for them, there's no other way to get ahold of them other than the form on their site. Eventually, they might email you back. But if something happens to anything they sold you, you're at their mercy of them possibly feeling like getting the problem taken care of.

When I exchanged emails with them about the unit dying, all they did was tell me "steps" to try and fix it. Email after email went like this. Nothing worked, they didn't listen to me in my emails (telling them over and over the unit is dead). And it takes days to get a response back from them, even if I emailed them immediately after getting a reply. So you'll spend a lot of time waiting to hear if they'll ever solve your problem. They still haven't solved mine. So I sit here with a Fitbit that does not work and no hope for getting it fixed.

Just beware! The product is awesome, but not at the price of the company snubbing its customers. Don't spend $100 on it if you're at all worried about it dying, because the Fitbit company won't be there to help you!
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on March 18, 2013
This device has a raft of problems that made me return it within a week of buying it.

First, I am an avid walker. I walk between 64 and 80 miles per week, mainly to and from work, and on family errands, so I was looking for a smart device to track my activity.

I had been using a New Balance pedometer, after scrapping my Omron pedometers, which seldom measured my distances accurately. I bought the Fitbit with a lot of hope for improved measurements.

The first thing I was worried about was the design. There is an odd stand that is supposed to be both charger and USB interface to your software. It uses a power-sucking wifi connection when near the cradle. 'Uh-oh, I don't want to have to drag this charger everywhere,' I though. After a long weekend, the battery was dead, and I was regretting my purchase. Second, the Fitbit easily came out of the belt clip, and felt like it would be easy to break.

I used a tradition pedometer, Google maps, and a handheld GPS to check the accuracy of the Fitbit's mileage and other measurements. It was at least 20% (to the high side), and it would find I climbed stairs that did not exist. That was the last straw. I could deal with a bad battery if it was accurate, but this was a needless hassle.

I am not surprised the first version had some issues. I liked the dashboard / website, and was sad to see that functionality vanish. I sent this Fitbit back to Amazon, and was happy to get my money back.

**Fitbit Zip: a new device**
Nearly nine months later, I bought a Fitbit Zip from Amazon. This device is much better, uses a Bluetooth connection to my iPhone 4s and Mac. I am optimistic about the battery life, but try to sync with the phone and computer too much.
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on December 22, 2012
I got a Fitbit ultra as an early Christmas present on October 29 and loved it until a couple of days ago when it inexplicably refused to recharge. I had initially worn the device in the included holster clipped to either my shirt or bra. It was a great system until about a week ago when the holster broke. Strike one. I emailed customer service about buying a new holster and in the meantime began wearing the device clipped directly to my shirt/bra (which the company says you can do on its website.) Less than a week into wearing the device in this way, I tried to charge it on the base and could not get it to hold a charge. Strike two.

I emailed customer service and have spent the last 24 hours following their ever more infuriating instructions (reset the device, reinstall the software, put the device in a bag of rice to let it dry out for a day, etc.) and answering their inane questions (Q: Do you wear your device during rigorous activity? A: seems like that was the point of buying it in the first place... Q: Has your tracker come into contact with intense sweat? A: I don't sweat any more than average, but even if I did you are selling a fitness and activity tracker and active people sweat. You should have made it waterproof.) Despite my cooperation my fitbit still is not working. Strike three.

I kind of feel like fitbit and Sebastien from the customer service team played me like a fiddle. I have had my fitbit for less than two months. I did not lose it, send it through the washing machine, break it, or use it in some un-recommended way. All I did was wear it during my daily activity in a location recommended by the company and even though I followed the Fitbit instructions when using the device I am left with a two month old fitness gadget that does not work because I had the nerve to sweat on it. I would like to thank Sebastian and the Fitbit team for wasting my $85, making a fitness tracker that can't be used to track moderate exercise, and wasting my time with one of the least helpful customer service experiences I have ever had.

For anyone looking for a good fitness tracker, this device and this company are probably not for you. When I save enough money, I will be looking into the Striiv Smart Pedometer and the Up by Jawbone. I thought it was love, Fitbit, but I guess you had me fooled. I'm over your bad customer service and I'm over you.
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