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on May 22, 2013
As a disclaimer, season 5 is not a stand alone season and will seem meaningless without the history of seasons 1-4 under your belt.
When I first started watching Fringe I wasn’t sure I wanted to devote the time to five seasons of what I thought would probably just be another hum-drum Sci Fi series. I threw caution to the wind and somewhere in the middle of season 1 I was hooked. Simply put this is the best series I have ever watched. The on-screen chemistry of the actors, the writing, production and intricate progression of the series is above reproach If you like alternate worlds and universes, alternate history, time travel, extremely good acting and evil plots to take over the world you will probably enjoy Fringe. I grew very fond of John Nobel as the character, Dr Walter Bishop and Dr Bishop’s penchant to keep the past alive with 60’s/70’s rock (very good selections I might add) and mind alternating chemicals.
To say more would just be spinning my wheels, and not do the series justice; except to say if you watch it you won’t be disappointed should series of this genre interest you.
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on October 18, 2012
The Fringe team, after investigating numerous paranormal crimes, discovering and traveling to an alternate universe and saving the world many times is now traveling in time to a future where the Observers have taken over the world for a purpose as yet unknown. The Fringe team has been seperated for over two decades frozen in amber and unaware of what is happening in the world. Olivia and Peter's daughter was raised as an orphan in this totalitarian new world where humans are little better than slaves. The overall arc is how to beat the Observers and put the timeline back to its original shape.

In this episode, Walter, as usual, has the beginnings of a solution but has hidden it in beta tapes that are scattered around the country, a country where humans are no longer free to travel, but the team sets out anyway and discovers a group of people, who are recording humanity's true history in the face of extinction. Clues are found, sacrifices are made and the season long arc is added to. A solid episode of Fringe and an interesting reinvention for one of television's most surreal sci-fi shows. Recommended. Newbies of course should go back and watch the entire series, available here on Amazon Prime.
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on March 26, 2015
A perfect 10 to all 5 (1-5) season's of this outstanding science fiction Movie series. I watched all 5 seasons twice on Amazon Prime Streaming video in the past year, and even bought the 5 season DVD set as a gift. The acting is perfect, the scripts are perfect. Great for the entire family all ages. Not 1 Curse (3 or 4 letter word) in the entire 5 seasons, and no Nudity. I wish it could have gone on for another 5 seasons. Or, at least a few 2 hr. movies following the end of season 5. John Nobel, Joshusa Jackson, Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, Jesika Nichole and Kirk Acevedo , the main Stars are all fantastic, as well as all the other 10-15 main characters.
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on September 14, 2014
Well made BluRay - final season wrapping up all the loose ends of the show.

Now currently copied by Continuum - with time travel replacing dimensional travel.
Exact same plot: hot chick, jumping into different reality, drama begins...

Fringe explores some headdy topics of what would happen if we accidentally popped the barrier between multiverses - if you've watched soap bubbles pop - you kinda expect puncturing universes is a really, really bad idea too...

This season goes on trying to fix those big mistakes and save the Multiverses !

Good Show, worth the coin to buy it.
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on January 19, 2013
I am so sad that this series is going to be over. It has been one of my constants, and a much looked to escape from my job in the fringe division of my profession. Fortunately! With Amazon Prime, I can get Fringe ALL DAY LONG FOR FREE!

I've been watching the first season as I have been watching the (sob) last, and it has been interesting to see the character development and interaction. It's too bad they couldn't have kept Detective Francis. Although, the story leading to his exit was intriguing. The characters of Olivia's sister and niece made her more personable, and therefor more vulnerable, but not in a good way. Of course, Peter and Olivia's relationship has been a big draw for me, but my very favorite character, and the one who has made this show a hit is Walter Bishop played by that great actor John Noble. He plays the gamut of emotions, levels of sanity, changes from a self-absorbed-egomaniacal-genius-mad scientist to a loving father. His relationship with Astrid is the best. He starts with asking her- everytime he sees her - "who are you?" to calling her by some derivation of her name (Astro, Asterisk) . You can tell that Walter has come to recognize as being human, when he starts calling her Astrid.

My favorite scene of all time (so far -- haven't seen finale yet) is in Season 5, where they are looking for September and Walter stops Peter, looks at him deeply and earnestly and tells him of all the memories, from different timelines, that he has of him. Walter tells Peter, "Son, I couldn't love you any more." Peter watches his father walk away with the face of a twelve year old boy who used to run down the stairs when he smelled pancakes cooking, because it meant his dad was home. I have to admit, I watch that scene over and over.l

OH, yes, I will miss the new stories. Miss being surprised and trying to figure it out. Thank you to the writers, crew, cast, etc for giving us five years of Fringe. AND THANK YOU JOHN NOBLE FOR SHARING YOUR INCREDIBLE TALENT!:
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on February 3, 2013
The long awaited end? No we could have got a couple of good seasons out of this show. Why are the good shows either canceled or they have contract or people problems ? This show had it all time travel , multi-verses worm holes , alians you name it . What a charming character the scientist was he had a cow in his lab he milked . Weird yes but charming too . Who would think of a cow ? " yea a show about time travel a multiverse oh ya a cow;) " funny stuff but at the same time brilliant . Loved it bought all seasons had to have it on dvd just in case they take it off amazon prime .
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on February 25, 2016
The final season of fringe brought to us to a thrilling heartfelt conclusion. The show had the ability to continue but ended on high note. From start to finish the characters were well developed. I still think Astrid could have been used more and given a stronger part in the story but she was still excellent not that I could do better. J. J. Abrams gave another scfi great with this show. If only the could make shows like this.
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on February 9, 2016
A lovely retrospective on the whole history of Fringe, this season both bounces us into the future and answers a few lingering questions from the past. As usual, and I have to take a star off for this, the explanations don't make much science sense if any, but nonetheless this final season continued the great tradition of creative fantasy that was a hallmark of Fringe. I'll miss this show.
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on July 11, 2013
This was among my very favorite series ever. I watched every episode within a two month period of time. Normally I like self-contained episodic shows, but this one left me hanging and waiting for each new show. I loved all the characters, each one flawed but most with a humanity that you relate to. I was so sorry to see it finish. The writing was superb. The most fantastic ideas seemed so believable. It's actually made me look at the world with a slightly different perspective. Great emotional highs and lows with themes centering on love, family, mental illness, integrity, science, corporate ethics. Highly recommended.
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on January 26, 2013
I remember watching the first episode of this series when it first came out. I was excited about it from the previews and because J.J. Abrams was involved. But somehow I just didn't get into it. I watched a couple shows here and there over the years, but because I hadn't been following it, I didn't really understand what was going on. It wasn't until the last (fifth) season that I caught a couple of shows and became really intrigued by it. But I knew there was a lot of backstory I wasn't familiar with, and I wanted to be able to watch the whole thing from the beginning. I tried on demand, but the only episodes I could see there were the most recent ones from the current season. Then I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and lo and behold, there was Fringe. I could actually watch the whole thing from the beginning! And that's what I did. I caught up with everything and then watched the last (final) episodes on TV. This show is fascinating to watch. It's a little like "Lost" and a little like "X files", but doesn't deal with the supernatural. It's all about high tech, futuristic kinds of things that are more within the realm of plausibility. The characters are people you come to care about, and the pieces all pretty well fit together more coherently than "X files", which I loved, but it kind of went off the rails toward the end, and left too many loopholes and things that didn't fit together. I really enjoyed how they tied this all together. It's a suspense kind of thriller, but with a lot of heart and soul. I enjoyed my time absorbed in this series, and am very sorry to see it end. I highly recommend this to people who love science fiction, people who love high tech thrillers, and people who just love getting into a good story.
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