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on July 14, 2013
I hate to write bad reviews, but after having this chair now for 8 months, it is seriously getting on my nerves. I actually purchased two of these, one seems to have no problems at all, but the one that I use on an everyday basis, gets me frustrated every time I sit down on it. It's a nice enough looking chair, but what aggravates me is that every time I pull up to work on my computer, the chair slowly starts dropping in height and before I know it, I might as well be sitting on the ground because the chair drops so low, at which time I have to get up and readjust it, and then hold my breath for another 15 -20 minutes until it decides to do it again. I'm seriously thinking about super gluing the shaft of the chair so that that it doesn't have a chance to move again! So if you are reading this... your shot at having no complaints is pretty much 50/50. Because one chair gives me no problems, but the other one is nothing but! And with this product being so big, it would be nothing but a hassle to have arranged to return it. So would I buy this chair again? Absolutely not! And like I said, I hate to write bad reviews, I would so much rather write a good one!
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on March 18, 2012
Pretty chair. Easy to assemble. That's the good news.
The only thing wrong with this chair is that it hurts to sit on it. The center portion of the seat has almost no padding. Additionally, a stitched strip is sewn across the middle width of the seat. Since it is shaped like an upside down letter 'u', it is like sitting on a stick across your butt. Some weeks later now, I can sit for a longer period. The stitched bump has softened a bit, and I pad the seat with soft towels.
It will never be comfortable. This is a chair meant for those individuals who are seeing a dominatrix named Miss Elizabeth who uses this chair instead of the more traditional saw horse to cause, well, you get the idea. emptor Caveat.
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on August 20, 2011
I bought this chair for my 13 year old son in March 2011. Chair arrived , very nice quality, easy assembly, comfortable, he loved it ! Now today August 20 2011, the chairs Pnuematic funtion is broken, chair goes up then you sit and down it goes! Chair is now way too low
to sit at desk and do homework! My husband who is a handy guy, tried to fix it, no luck.
I really dont think that my 120 pound son was hard on this chair at all. It just was not used that much. I thought this was a fairly expensive chair , for a kid anyway, but we had a 60.00 chair from Walmart that lasted 3 years! Disapointing to say the least.
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on March 3, 2011
I've been using this chair for about 6 months now. It's very comfortable, sturdy, and so far it's held up extremely well. If you look around in the office supply stores you'll find that this chair (or one that looks exactly like it) costs around $600. I paid $174 for it on Amazon. How can you go wrong with that. It was easy to assemble and it looks great in my office.
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on December 20, 2013
I wrote a review on this already and they didn't like it so, HERE I AM AGAIN . Trying to get it OFF my review board.

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on August 6, 2011
Ok...I bought this chair for my home office in December 2010. I travel a lot for work so its only really been used on weekends and probably 1/2 of the weekends.

I'm 6'5" and use it set at the fully "up" position.

Today it went to not being able to hold the position. When I sit on the chair, it drops to the lowest height and when I get up it goes back up. Apparently there is a leak somewhere on it and I'm not obese nor has the chair been abused.

I feel like I'm sitting on a kiddie chair.

Go ahead and order one if you only need it short term. It's very comfortable and I loved it until today.

Of course I'm sure its out of warranty so now I have to order another chair...of a different brand.

Remember, you get what you pay for!

I would've rated it 5 stars before today.
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on October 21, 2011
My chair looks & feels every bit as beautiful as its pictures suggest, & it really is a dream to sit in. It has nice lines, the leather is marshmallowy, & I can't keep my hands off it... I am 5' tall, & the lumbar support is great. My chair is able to tilt & recline quite a ways back, & it is so relaxing, I fell asleep in it twice during the first day of ownership. My head leans nicely against the back head rest. This is a great Netflix chair, & allowing me to sit back & watch PC movies in luxury. I manage lower back pain & fibromyalgia, & when I lean back & relax, it's like getting an ergonomic back massage. I think this would make an elegant & comfortable conference room chair too.

However, because this chair doesn't raise up as high as my last chair did, it is creating an awkward typing angle at the table I use for a desk. This has resulted in increased, persistent nerve pain in both hands, as well as decreased typing speed & gaming agility, while typing at the PC. The reason is not just how high the chair physically raises, so much as the angle at which the chair seat itself sits at. The seat slopes backward some for comfort, so even at it's maximum height, you are actually sitting a few inches lower than the chair specs indicate. A pillow on the seat doesn't help, because it also follows the seat angle. People of average or above average height, using a real PC desk with a keyboard tray, probably will not encounter these same issues. But for us shorties & PC desk improvisers, it would be helpful if this chair raised a little higher.

The reason I gave this chair 4 Stars instead of 5, however, is because of some disappointing quality of workmanship issues. The leather parts of the chair look great, but the nylon base & arms on mine show numerous permanent finger prints pressed into the black metallic paint (maybe about 20), & a few dents & abrasions into the arms & base, which detract from it's otherwise classy look. This is a really nicely designed piece of furniture, & I believe more care should have been put into how well the parts were handled during its manufacture. If they don't care what the customer sees, it makes me wonder where else they were careless or cut corners in manufacturing quality, in areas I can't see.

I plan to keep this chair because it's just too comfortable to give up, it looks lovely, plus I ordered during Amazon's special offer of 40% off the regular price. Now that I've actually sat in one, I'm hooked & cannot possibly say no. : But I'm keeping another more practical desk chair on hand to use for more extensive PC use, where productivity is critical. Engaging the tilt lock helps some, but for me it's rather comfortable ergonomics are just not a good match for my intensive PC projects, or for MMO-RPG gaming.

Tip to new customers... The key to successful office chair building is to tighten down all of the bolts in the seat, & then the arms, gradually & together, in tandem with one another. This makes for a more harmonious building process, & a better finished result. If you tighten down each bolt to the maximum before you work the next one, this will make for an increasingly poor fit for the rest of the pieces later on, & off-balance construction. If text instructions accompanied the graphics, the manufacturer might have explained this, but the images just show the order of the part installation. There is also a 2 year manufacturer parts replacement warranty that comes with this chair, but this information is not included in the printed material either. So if any of the parts fail, like the air lift so many have issues with, they'll ship you a new one.

I have not had this chair long, & will update this review in a few weeks to let others know if it is still awesome & of any problems that develop.

11/3/11 Update:

There's some truth to the reviews that say the padding in the seat quickly goes flat, so that you soon feel a bar across the width of the seat beneath the upholstery (right about where the narrow oval shape is across the middle of the seat)... It's part of the structural support of the chair, & after about a week, mine really became obvious & a work distraction. To remedy the annoyance, I placed a folded microfiber blanket across the seat for extra padding. Sitting on the blanket, & all the way back in the chair, makes it less noticeable. The blanket does take away from the rest of the look, but it's functional. Reclining back in the chair to watch movies makes it less noticeable for me, but sitting up straight typing makes mine really obvious & annoying. Smaller people they may feel this structural hardware beneath their legs, & plus sized folks may feel it digging into their backsides. I suspect this is why some reviews talk about "what a hard chair this is", because nothing else about the chair has been so far. The lumbar support has been fabulous.

In all other ways, I really enjoy this sleek, snazzy, squishy chair...but for the money, we should not have to rethink the seat's upholstery. Because I had to, I subtracted another Star.
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on January 22, 2013
Let me start by saying that this chair is very comfortable, even when sitting for long periods of time. It is well made overall. Assembly was easy, and the price is right.

The reason for the 3 star review is that the pneumatic cylinder in the base was defective on the unit I received. I'm a big guy, but not THAT big (~220 lbs). About a week after I received the chair, I went to sit in it, and it dropped all the way to the lowest height. I tried readjusting it, thinking that maybe the paddle on the adjuster had hung on something, but every time I sat in the chair it would drop all the way back down. I'm guessing either a seal blew out or the housing cracked somewhere. I didn't "flop" down, just sat normally. Luckily, the cylinders in office chairs are just about universal, so I was able to rob the one from my old office chair to replace this defective one. Other than the cylinder, the chair is holding up great.
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on May 7, 2016
The seat base broke and now I have one of those tilted chairs that make you sea sick. 4 months old and I find broken pieces of the base on the floor. Stay away from this chair.
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on June 30, 2017
It really should be 10 stars! My dad loves it and really easy to put together. I bought my son the Serra 389.00 version. This is much better.
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