Customer Reviews: FlashForward: The Complete Series
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on July 12, 2010
So, one reads all the time about authors who have had their work adapted by Hollywood complaining about what a lousy job was done. Well, as the author of the novel Flashforward upon which this TV series is based, let me say that this is NOT one of those cases. Yes, they changed things, but I was consulted by Executive Producer David S. Goyer and Brannon Braga about the changes even before they had secured rights to my book, I served as consultant on every episode (and wrote the 19th episode, "Course Correction"), and I loved the series. The cast was phenomenal, the scripts were mostly excellent, and the whole thing looked fabulous. So many good episodes, but I suppose my favorites are "No More Good Days," "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps," "The Gift," and "The Garden of Forking Paths." Oh, and we got to pull off a television first: after years of Toronto masquerading as Los Angeles, L.A. got to stand in for T.O. in the episode "Revelation Zero." How cool is that?
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on July 12, 2010
Very few shows start out with such a deep and thought provoking premise. Does seeing and knowing a glimpse of your future, change your actions? or does it cement them? Also, it asks another important question in the sub-text... is a little bit of information ( 2 minutes worth) a potentially dangerous thing? worse than none?

Weaving in some awesome concepts from quantum physics ( without the heavy science-speak), Flash Forward shows how the lives of people are affected and changed, when the world experiences a mysterious "blackout"... during which they see 2 minutes + of their lives, 6 months in the future. Many of them are on courses that are dramatically different than their present.

Did seeing this future, create a chain of events that created this future? Would this future have happened regardless? is it possible to change the future? Are some events so powerful in the course of Life, that they will happen one way or another: what is called " course correction."

the dead come back to life. Were they really dead? Incredible romances are created. Marriages destroyed. Self-sacrifice, and Heroic choices are made, as complex characters both embrace and resist moving into a Future that is happening despite attempts to hold onto a safe and familiar Present.

Woven into this drama is the mystery of What the blackouts were? Who could possibly cause this to happen? And what is the human connection the the logical-rational flow of Time.

This show got a raw deal from the networks, a too-long hiatus and poor scheduling. By the middle of the season it had really found its footing and just kept getting better. Worth the watch, worth the purchase, and definitely worth a second chance for more seasons!

check out the movement to saveflashforward on FB and:
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on June 18, 2010
Flashforward was the show to replace LOST. The networks promoted it as such and some of us even believed it could be as good as the television greatness benchmark. I never thought that it would replace LOST, but I had hoped it would fill the void after LOST went into the great beyond. The show from the start was disappointing. It was never bad just not up to the level of greatness that ABC had promoted it as. The story took a little long to develope and the characters themselves lacked depth for far too long. As the show reached it's hiatus though the stories and characters really kicked into gear. The plot twists we expected from the show finally started to appear. As the show entered hiatus it was really on a roll, and when it came back four months later it really amped up the action with amazing episodes. Some of the stories in the show never really interested me. Like Aaron and his dead daughter. It always seemed seperated from the central mythos and Aaron and Tracy themselves always seemed like they should have been left on the cutting room floor. Thankfully this deadly duo didn't recieve alot of screen time throughout the series and I was greatful. The actors themselves did a great job. They never missed a beat. Dominic Monoughan joining the cast after a few episodes was a welcome treat and was the real start of the story picking up.

When Simon is introduced to the plot another side of the story is revealed. You finally start to see who was behind the blackout, but never to my satisfaction do you find out why they did it. There were some clues that Mark obtained that never seemed to pan out to real revelations, but I can assume that they would have been important to the plot had the show continued. The love triangle between Mark, Olivia, and Lloyd is very well done. Mark is the main character and he has to choose between saving the world and saving his marriage. Olivia Mark's wife sees herself with Lloyd in her flashforward. Though she is loyal to her husband it soon becomes apparent that the universe has other things in store. Mark has to try and maintain his life at home while trying to unravel the mysteries behind the global blackout. It adds a great depth and vulnerability to the protagonist. Another interesting plot is Mark's partner Domitri who saw nothing when he blacked out. He soon finds out that if you saw no future you will be dead by April 29th. It's really cool to see how this character deals with his mortality. The main plot and question to the series is the most interesting. Can the future be changed? How these characters fight the future or make sure it comes true is an interesting window into how these characters think and feel about their lives and who they really are.

The show in the first few episodes was centered more on the overall plot of the blackout and less on the characters and their development. After a few episodes though they complimented themselves nicely and I started to really care about these people. As the series continued it added more character centric episodes that explained each character through flashbacks of their time before the blackout, or during it. This really helped the series to delve into what makes these characters tick and the series was way better for it. The show does have a sci fi element to it, but that shouldn't scare anyone away from this astounding series. The characters themselves root the plot in reality as they struggle to fight the future. A bit of a warning to those that buy this series on DVD or Blu Ray the show does not have a tidy ending. The final episode was shot as a season finale so there is a cliffhangar. It's nothing too serious and you can create your own ending based on what you learn, but it sure does leave you begging for more. This series ultimatly failed to capture the imagination of the audience and that is a shame. It may have been chosen as the sucessor to LOST, but what can really live up to that hype. Flashforward turned into one of the more enjoyable series this year, but unfortunatly there was no one left watching to experience it. I recommend it to fans of the serialized dramas like LOST or Fringe as it is a unique story thats worth your time.
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on June 25, 2010
ABC has done it again! On October 6, 2009 ABC began the superior, complex, cerebral storyline "FlashForward", then totally trashed this fantastic series with discontinuous plot lines and a sporadic broadcast schedule. The season/series end-er left you with that "Will they ever get off the island" feeling. Whether that applies to "FlashForward", "Lost" or "Gilligans Island", all cause you to invest a lot of time for an incomplete story. At least with "Day Break", the story had closure but still left two 'outs' for possible continuation.

It appears that on May 27, 2010, "FlashForward" blacked out for good....

or has it?????
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on June 21, 2010
I started watching FlashForward late in the series and really liked it. Dominic Monaghan plus a few other familiar faces was what drew me to it. I bought the dvd with the first 10 episodes on it. Inside is an insert for $15 dollars off...all you have to do is to go to a website and download the coupon. This is for fans who, like me already bought the first part but would still like to purchase the whole season when available. So for people who are getting the wrong idea and think after buying the first part, now they're trying to get us to buy the whole thing at an extra cost, don't be misinformed by negative reviews.
If you bought the first dvd, open it up and read the insert. And for people who never even bought the first dvd, if you don't know the facts, you shouldn't confuse other fans.FlashForward: Season One Pt.1
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on January 4, 2010
It started with cable TV releases and now has begun to infest network television DVD releases; splitting up TV shows into half-season DVD sets. Sometimes it is because there is a break of half a year between season fragments, but in most cases it is just a ploy to get the consumer to pay more cash to acquire a full season. This is the second dubious TV on DVD release from ABC Studios (the first being non-original aspect ratio for Scrubs Season 8 DVD) and I do hope is not the start of a trend of releasing half-season sets after winter hiatus.
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on July 16, 2010
If you like action, suspense, mystery, drama and a bit of romance, have a look at Flash Forward! My husband and I would look forward to watching this show each week. The characters are excellent and the story line takes you on a crazy journey! You'll be looking for more!!
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on July 13, 2010
I was instantly intrigued when I heard about this show. I went out and read the book before it premiered, and was hooked. Though I knew the show was going to be a bit different. I put it on season pass and my husband, teenage son, and I were immediatley hooked. There has only been one other show that all three of us watch together and that was 24. The premise of Flashforward is amazing and was saddened that the show was cancelled.
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on July 16, 2010
This show was NOT meant to be a one season show. This show is one of the best things I've seen in a while and needs to be brought back to air. I love FlashFoward so much. The plot is beautifully written and leaves me at the edge of my seat. Unlike a lot of shows that either lose you because it doesn't make sense or is beyond predictable, this show is the perfect mix of not only making sense but not being predictable. Highly recommend this buy.
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on May 2, 2012
When I started watching the DVD I was pretty sure that I would give a one-star
rating - Simply because the show was not finished....
In the end I give 4-stars because it really was a pretty good show. Amazing concept, good actors,
It could have been one of the best shows ever made on TV!

The real downside comes from the stupid network-writing for the "simple-minded".
I imagine the creators fighting with the ABC guys who demanded "dumbing-down" with the usual
storylines ("We need a mole, We need a double agent, We need more love-life issues......")

Of course the show was not really finished, but the "End" is not so bad..... Actually it would have been a great
ending had they really focused on ONE SEASON and focused 100 % on finishing their plot.

Still worth a buy!
And my advice to the creators! Next time go for cable..... networks are not suited anymore
for a show like this - they always ruin it!
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