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on September 9, 2014
When I first learned Belly Dance as a teen, quite some time ago, floor work was an integral part of the dance. At some point, people began to focus more on the drum solo, and the sensuous, sinuous movements of floor work began to fall out of favor. Fortunately, Ruby can show you how to excel at this lost art.

Not all instructional videos are created equal. This is one of the better ones, although it does assume that you already have some experience with basic belly dance. Still, Flawless Floorwork s a very thorough, very easy to understand tutorial. It doesn't just show you the performance steps, it teaches you exercises that will ensure your body is up to the demands the dance will make of it; and takes you through warm-up exercises to prepare you to execute the steps of the dance. The steps themselves are broken down simply and thoroughly so they are very easy to follow.

I'm extremely pleased with my purchase and will probably seek out more of Ruby's videos.
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on June 7, 2010
So here is the thing. Most DVD's are really good, but with a few things that you might change. There is nothing that I would change about this DVD.it is not just good, it is great.
It is thorough without being annoyingly slow.Ruby is personable and friendly without being ditzy. She is no-nonsense without being cold. The warmup is fantastic. She goes into great detail on the proper way to do things/avoid injury which in a floorwork DVD is vitally important. One wierd twist and kiss your knees goodbye.
The content is thorough, it is shot well, and she is INSPIRING. You can tell that she really enjoys floorwork, and she isn't just going through the movements. Buy this.
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on May 26, 2010
This DVD and Drills! Drills! Drills! A complete workout with finger cymbals for belly dancers of all levels by Michele Joyce were kind of a wake-up call for me. I've been a lazy practitioner of belly dance for a couple of years now and, in the last few months, started doing practice for an hour a day. Ruby and Michele are kicking my butt.

I can't do the Pilates strengthening routine all the way through yet, but I'm getting a little better every day. I know this DVD is really for advanced students of the dance, but it gives me something to work toward and challenge myself with. The material on this DVD is inspiring, to say the least, and extremely helpful in getting your body into peak condition. During the Pilates workout, Ruby prompts you to remember your shoulders and obliques almost exactly when you find your attention wandering away from them. She also explains why doing a particular move wrong is bad for your body (par for the course for Cheeky Girls, but not necessarily belly dance instruction DVDs in general) and what the wrong move looks like.

One thing that every buyer needs to know: this is not a play-through DVD. The information here is best in bits and pieces, pausing in between techniques to put on some music and drill yourself before moving onto the next part. The in-costume warm up is great, but since I'm not performing, I prefer to do a floor-based warm up before I start the DVD.

Overall, one of the best belly dance DVDs I've had the good fortune to come across. This is about pushing your body to the limit in the most graceful and beautiful way possible and showcasing your strength. I love it.
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on July 16, 2015
I love programs with a lot of juicy material. I admittedly don't have a lot of core strength and I have problems with putting pressure on my tailbone, so the Pilates routine is rather difficult for me, but I like the fact that it is on this DVD. With a strengthening routine, technique, combination, a costume tutorial, and a backstage warmup section, this program is jam packed with material to work with. I can't wait until I manage to build enough core strength to really dig into this one. I also really enjoy the fact that Ruby always has 3 part performances on her DVDs instead of just a single song. I always appreciate instructors who add all the little extras that make these tapes fun.
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on July 27, 2011
No turkish drop. Or, lebanese-style drop-and-kick on the floor.
However, this is a great compendium of slow floorwork moves- and the performance in the end is tantalizing.
It is not a beginner's dvd- it kind of assumes you are comfortable with all the standard stand-up belly dance moves- however, it does explain in detail all the moves related to how to get to the floor and move there.
Most moves, for example the ondulation to the back while kneeling on the floor is well explained step-by-step. One of the most useful things are tip on how to position your knees or your back in order not to hurt yourself.

It contains an extensive pilates workout which, performed a few times, really improves not only the floorwork but also the standard moves. In fact, doing the isolations on the floor obliges to clean the technique and this turns out
useful also for usual standing up moves.

Instructions are extremely clear, and the video is taken from a corner in order to always show simultaneously Ruby and her image in the mirror.

There is a lot of material to practice- most parts of the technique sections need far more repetitions than the ones shown on the dvd.
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on June 10, 2012
I like Ruby Beh's work and would pretty much recommend any of her DVDs, but this DVD is a must have if you want to do floorwork. She breaks everything down so well, so easily, and so gracefully. I love it.

This DVD is wonderful and I'm all about it, but two things I tend to disagree with: number one, she does these movements on a smooth floor, so you might want to watch it in the kitchen if you can (carpet can be a problem for some of the moves), and number 2: I'm a HUGE fan of knee pads. I get the whole, dancing in your outfit and doing these moves the way you would perform them - but freaking perform them in opaque genie pants and wear knee pads!

That said, you can't beat this DVD for floor moves!
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on December 17, 2009
I have been dancing since 1996 and sword with floorwork is my specialty. Ruby has ascents/descents on this I've never seen before. I really love her 10 minute warmup you can do in costume, it's a great warmup even if you're not performing floorwork.
And her technique section???? WOW, that is my favorte. I am also a certified massage therapist with an anatomy background and although I typically describe moves in layman's terms when teaching, I do throw in the anatomical reference on top of it. So here is Ruby talking about thoracic kyphosis and how to avoid it. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on February 5, 2017
Learning floorwork is not easy, but Ruby makes it very easy to understand in her instructional DVD. Thanks!
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on March 26, 2011
This video will give you a good workout video to do on the days you want to strengthen your body/muscles for other dancing days. She is a good teacher, and the video covers her body adequately for you to see and learn the moves she is teaching. The focus is on core strengthening and floorwork, something that was new to me. I learned some important floorwork moves that I have never used. Also, the workout routine will help you - you will feel it after the first few times that you do it in your thighs!! I would recommend this to someone who wants to move their dancing forward, and is serious about toning and conditioning their body. I like it. Good luck!
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on June 5, 2013
Some very nice floor moves. Definately want knee pads if working with this tape. Floor work can't always be done depending on where you perform but this has some nice moves if you want to add it to you workout and performances.
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