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on March 8, 2016
I bought this book thinking it would be thrilling to read all about the author's visit to Heaven. That small part of the book was ok; it was quite brief. On the other hand, the pilot himself - his personality, love for his family, etc - was extremely detailed to the point you almost know him or wish you did. Dale Black is portrayed as a loving, sensitive, scholarly Christian. And I believe he is just that. What I do Not believe is he really recalls the thousands of thoughts and spoken sentences he had over thirty years ago at age twenty. Do You remember thousands of sentences you spoke at nineteen and twenty? So I am sure he took tremendous liberties while writing this book. You follow Black through months and months of recovery and hear each sentence his doctor spoke and what he said in return. This, I feel, is the bulk of the book: Dale's long recovery. It is, however, mildly uplifting and parts of it are very interesting. But if you are looking for a long, drawn out and detailed remembrance of a trip to
the Beyond this is not the book for you. We're all looking for different things in a book and if you want to possibly be moved to the point of tears and inspiration may I suggest Benny Hinn's, "Good Morning, Holy Spirit." No; I am not a Hinn follower but that book was really hard to put down.
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on January 17, 2015
If you have read other stories of near death experiences and are expecting another inspirational description of pilot Dale Black's journey to the afterlife, you will likely be disappointed.This is, for the most part, a story of his against-all-odds recovery from a horrible plane crash that left him as the only survivor. It reminded me that across the board, near death experiences are generally interpreted in the light of that individual's own personal religious beliefs. Captain Black, an evangelical Christian, interpreted his experiences in the world of spirit as a motivation to "save" everyone he meets, including readers of the book. I have to say I was irked by the arrogance of his comments about the "un-saved" state of his friends who died in the plane crash that he survived. Who is he, or any of us for that matter, to pass that judgment on our friends, or anyone else? I had to remind myself that he was seeing this from the perspective of his fundamentalist views and not as any kind of echo of his journey in the world of spirit. It was also noteworthy that while others who have written about their near-death experiences speak of encountering God as a being of Unconditional and all-enveloping Love, Captain Black saw Heaven as a place surrounded by high thick walls, whether to keep people out or people in we do not know. This book would probably be enjoyed by readers who shared Dale Black's fundamentalist Christian beliefs. His courage and determination to get well would be inspirational to anyone because what he endured was heart-rending, but his interpretations of that recovery and its aftermath will likely not be shared by other readers, particularly non-Christians, or even Christians of a non-evangelical denomination. Overall, the book seems to be the author's attempt to bring his beliefs to readers in the same way he piloted missionary trips to Africa to "save the un-saved." If you're up for that then you will enjoy this read. Personally it was not my cup of tea,
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on October 25, 2017
Your book came to me on my Kindle in a very unexpected way. I don't care about flying at all,and for quite sometime....this 61 year old "woman at the well" was drowning in it,after years of strong belief in Jesus,problems with family broke my heart and lost most of my faith in God. Your book is true. There was a time in my spiritual walk that I was very close to God. I was out in my back yard praising him and all of a sudden I was seeing with spiritual eyes,the grass was so brilliant green,and everything looked like it was alive and breathing. Until after many tears reading your testimony,only then did I have absolute proof to myself that heaven is real! I did not understand that day what was happening,but,now I do,thanks to you revealing your visit. Thank you for being the instrument that brought me opening my arms to our Father,and asking his forgiveness for turning away from him. I have been bitter for so long, and praise God for keeping you here. I have a feeling that your testimony ,will live here on this earth,long after you are called back to heaven for good. All your suffering has been a huge blessing to me,and I am sure to so many others.I pray to meet you in heaven one day.
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on January 17, 2018
Being a pilot and having worked for a commercial airline, I found the flying aspect of the book factual and and very spell-binding. The medical aspect of the book is fantastic. Captain Black found a way to make his medical issues, your medical issues. You will probably feel his pain. His trip to heaven sounds familiar but still mesmerizing.
Electronically at least the photos are about a 2 or 3 on a scale of 1-10. The hard copy I trust is better.
I teetered between a three and four star review but he deserves five stars for telling his story and for not being ashamed of his faith.
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on December 29, 2013
At the age of 19, Dale Black survived what the FAA described as an unsurvivable plane crash. Although he had a near-death, journey-to-Heaven experience, he was in a coma and didn't remember it for some time. After he remembered it, he discussed it with his grandfather/mentor, who told him he could tell the world about the experience and get a lot of attention or he could he could treat it as a sacred experience between him and God until he felt sure that God wanted him to tell his story. He decided to keep it private and never told anyone else for forty years. Although his wife suspected he had such an experience because of the way he lived his life, he didn't tell her until he felt God was leading him to share the experience. He made a miraculous recovery from his life-threatening injuries with the help of prayer and medical science, and on the first anniversary of the crash, he piloted a small plane on the same route of the ill-fated plane. As a result of his Heaven experience, he became passionate about sharing his faith and doing all he could so everyone he knew would end up in Heaven. While he was in the hospital for one of his many surgeries, he shared a room with an old man who was driving the nurses crazy with his demands and bad attitude. Dale got up out of bed and went to his roommate's bed and asked the man if he knew the Lord. The man said he was a preacher's kid who had been running from God all his life. There in his hospital bed, he accepted Jesus into his heart, and for the rest of that evening, the nurses were amazed at his changed attitude. The next day when Dale returned from surgery, he discovered the man had died. That experience reinforced his commitment to tell people about Jesus. He went on to become an airline pilot and also flew a thousand short-term mission trips. The story of his "flight to heaven" is sandwiched between the beginning and ending of a story of one of his mission trips--another remarkable experience. While it was his near-death experience that changed Dale's life completely, the most important thing in his life is sharing the Gospel with everyone he comes in contact with so they will be in Heaven for eternity.
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on February 29, 2012
This was a wonderful book about the author as a young man after a horrific accident which should have claimed his life and his struggle to deal with it. It is a very inspirational true story about how he regains use of his limbs after doctors held very little hope, about his faith and his relationship with GOD. Through Dale Black's faith that GOD would heal him, he saw miracles worked. We realize during the course of the book that GOD is still performing miracles and all we need to do is have faith and ask HIM. Needless to say, after the miraculous survival and healing, Dale Black continues to serve the LORD and continues to receive GOD's blessing in his life. This is one of the best books I've read lately. After reading most of the book, I realized that some of the miracles in Dale Black's life were done within the past 10 - 20 years and that these miracles are being worked in our lifetime and not back 100 or 1000 years ago. Miracles are still being performed and we just need to look around and realize it. Thank you Dale Black for writing this book and telling of your experience of your visit to heaven and back. I'm ordering 6 more copies to hand-out and when those are gone, I will order more.
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on May 9, 2016
From its name and description I thought this book would focus on his visit to heaven but he actually only touches on that incident in one short chapter. The rest of the book reads like his biography, especially his love of flying, and preaching about God, which was fine but this book was not what I was looking for at all.
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on October 24, 2012
I loved this book, not only because it gave a detailed description about what awaits us after 'death' but it also speaks to the power of faith for healing, mental or physical. This part was more useful to me than the heaven description, which I've read in other books. I did skip over a lot of pages that had to do with the intricacies of piloting and airplanes in which I have no interest whatsoever. But the rest of the book was so frank and honest. He really leads us to experience his pain and emotional struggles;his trust in God, disappointment in God and then ultimately, his reward for staying in faith and not giving up on God's promise. This is certainly worth the money and when my faith is flagging, I'll remember what he went through.
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on November 27, 2016
Thank you for your commitment to your hidden treasure as you awaited Gods permission & timing to share your revelation and precious journey. Your heart transformation is an inspiration & encouragement to all who are blessed to read your adventure "in faith walk". In this emerging era we are about to unfold in our nation, may we as the church family have this same love walk revelation so we can reap the mighty harvest of these end times.

Blessing, grace, continual favor as you march forward...ever ready sow & reap.....


Linda Winterroth
Washougal WA
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on August 30, 2017
This is one of the best books I have ever read. The title is accurate. Detailed account of what he experienced in heaven. Great book in my opinion. I read the whole book and could not put it down. It took me about 3 hours to read.
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