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on May 1, 2016
A powerful movie with excellent acting and direction. This movie is really about addiction, stuffed into the story of an airline accident, blended together with another person's life of addiction. If anyone who has experienced someone with an addiction problem, this movie hits the nail on the head. The main theme seems to be the public trust that an airline pilot has in his or her profession, and you certainly don't show up drunk to fly a plane. People with addiction problems will probably feel that they can fly a plane drunk, and drive drunk, and ruin other people's lives because they have that monkey on their back, and the only thing that makes that monkey feel good, is another drink, hit, or toke. John Goodman's character is there to show/reveal that the only thing that can make Denzel's character function after a night of intoxication, is a cocktail of drugs that will even out the alcohol, and allow him to function at a nominal level. All of the lies, denying, and violence is part of the addition process. Only when someone gets help and admits that they are an alcoholic, will the process of healing begin, but it is a lifelong process that very few people can recover from, and that monkey is always there resting on the back side, waiting to be fed.
A very good movie, that was done with great taste, and sends a powerful message about addiction. It makes one wonder just how many people are flying, driving, and traveling while intoxicated.
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on March 6, 2017
This is a good movie and it will keep you interested. Denzel Washington is one of the most intriguing actors that I have ever seen. He has a way of making you feel invested in characters and he is able to play many different character types very convincingly. This movie centers around a pilot whose plane ends up crashing. He saves most of the people onboard and is considered a hero. Then they discover that he may have been drunk at the time of the crash. All of a sudden, he is on trial. You will have to watch the movie to see if he ends up going to jail or not. Personally, I did not feel like the movie ended the way that I wanted it to, but I also felt like it was the right ending for the film.
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on November 16, 2017
I, too, am a fan, but had I known how the story unfolded, I would have made another choice, being familiar with different kinds of addiction and how they change one's life.

From the other reviews, I didn't grok how it was presented: it opened up at the very beginning with alcoholism, casual sex without caring, love or
continuity, drug abuse, domestic abuse (not only his character, but others'),dysfunctional relationships with family and friends, and lies, lies,lies,
topped off with a wonderfully outrageous drug king played by John Goodman. We see the depravity in which this very talented pilot is living, but keeps hidden from coworkers and friends, so it's like seeing behind the screen: we, the audience are privy to his very worst, while those who respect and depend upon him are treated to his "best."

However, the apex of the story is his utterly amazing , intuitive rescue of this passenger jet with fatal internal damage, landing it in an open field because there is no where else for it, and managing to save all but a few people, costing 2 their lives, the others injured. That feat alone is so
awe-inspiring, it's almost worth the effort to watch the very disturbing drama. The crash, though, is what precipitates what is both his downfall,
and salvation. Lawyers, investigators, fellow employees, friends and officials circle round as the very professional investigation goes forth. There is one utterly stunning dramatic moment, when, after lies, lies and continuing lies, right in front of the head official, his coworkers and friends, he hangs his head and says "I just cannot tell one more lie." and finally admits that he was drunk during the flight, drunk the night before, and on coke the night before. The denouement is his healing time in jail, not a very long sentence, considering, and the final scene is his estranged son
coming to visit him in jail , doing an interview on "the father I never knew."

I gave it a low rating only because I was not prepared for the long, very sordid lead up, not because of poor acting or story. Could the producers have handled that differently? I don't know and don't really care. I am not condemning or judging, just expressing what was too uncomfortable for me. You may find a different experience.
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on July 1, 2017
A story about the human condition. The airline plot draws in the dollars for the fear factor since you all fly. "OMG, how did that make you feel." "What if that happened to me?" etc, etc etc.

The real story is not about that or even "addiction" it's about being trapped. Stuck in a place you can no longer control. The grind just like you are stuck, the routine, being controlled, having to have the JOB you hate, despise or required to do just to earn a paycheck to get you through the next week.

The escape comes in many different forms. Alcohol is the common denominator for most of the population. Ah, cocaine. and the Story is now packaged and ready for sale to the widest audience possible.

Still the struggle to be whom you dream to be continues and there is the story. You are him. Realize it as soon as possible and maybe one of you can escape the rat race as I have.

Hey, honey, pass me another drink...........
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on March 8, 2015
"The most fascinating person I never who are you."...."that's a good question."
Denzel Washington delivers a stunning performance. All hands on deck for a man and actor who delivers his character wholeheartedly in this epic drama about substance abuse and the lives affected by it. Its not just the addicted that suffers, but all those that love them also. This movie, its cast of characters, the struggles, the pain, and the anguish are all evident and played out well. The script was an amazing piece of work, compassionate, funny, and emotional. This movie is certainly worth the watch, for sure, it did bring tears to me the stunning confession play out in a federal NTSB investigative review. Mr. Washington's riveting reality and confession ends in freeing himself from the disease which has controlled his entire life. This movie should be watched by those who struggle with substance abuse. Excellent!
review image
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on February 24, 2015
Flight is not about an airliner crash. It is not an action film, or a thriller. It's about an extraordinary man, blessed with many transcendent gifts; a loving family and friends, heroic ancestors, and marvelous piloting skills. But he is also cursed with implacable demons, not the least of which are drug and alcohol addictions. The question the movie asks us is this; does that man have the courage to conquer his demons with the same courage he has shown in the face of seemingly certain death in an airliner he is piloting?

Flight is a well written and directed film, but it is also a somber, cerebral, and contemplative film filled with interesting characters, played by fine actors and actresses at the top of their arts. If you are looking for stereotypical heroes, thrilling scenes, and fast paced action look elsewhere. If you want to reflect on the human condition, Flight is a film to see.

Would I watch it again? Yep.

Would I own it? Yep
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on April 30, 2017
Great movie, and another testament to Denzel Washington's talent and range as an actor. A lot of great talent in the movie, though. Plot is engaging and thought provoking, characters are complicated and engaging. Not a 'thrill ride' or a mindless chill out movie, though. It is about a man's struggle with addiction. I wouldn't say it's another 'AA movie' though. The movie's plot, and character development is just to original and engaging to be categorized in this way.
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on August 1, 2013
First off, what's NOT to like about Denzel. He is a superb actor in his own right. That said, the story line of this movie was exceptional. It gave you a brief glimpse into the life of an alcoholic, and many of the issues that are associated with this very real DISEASE. This statement is kind of a "Spoiler Alert", but what was the most striking scene in the movie (for me)was the one where the character is looking at the nips in the fridge. He's made up his mind not to drink anymore. He's serious! He's not playing this time... everything is riding on this pivotal moment... and then the demon takes over... He's helpless to resist it, and so... he gives himself over to it... and the fall of it was great. Addiction is exactly like that. People often wonder, "...why don't they just quit?!" But what they don't understand is, it is not as easy as that. There is something that goes on in the chemistry of the brain, that the addict is helpless against, without the necessary resources and unwavering support. That's why they say, "One day at a time." This was a great movie!
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on September 27, 2013
This film went beyond any concerns I had about it not having a plot worth keeping up fact, it completely destroyed those notions (Thank God!) Denzel Washington plays a pilot with a serious drug and alcohol problem who nevertheless manages to guide a plane smoothly through some serious turbulance and later crash-lands it when the machine's engines fail, preventing what would have otherwise been a horrif disaster. However, his heroic efforts are forgotten when a blood test taken while he was unconscious in the hospital after the crash shows that he had been drinking and doing drugs before takeoff. Now faced with the very real possibility of losing and going to prison, Washington turns to his friend, a union representative played by Bruce Greenwood, and an attorney played by Don Cheadle to get him out of this mess while still keeping in touch with his friend, a drug dealer played by John Goodman (a likable drug dealer...who'd have thought...) Along the way, Washington's character, who has one marriage already behind him, meets a recovering addict played by Kelly Reilly who has her own demons to deal with. This film succeeds largely because we can be drawn in by Denzel Washington's performance of a man we can't exactly like but nonetheless want to root for. All the cast work together nicely even when their characters don't and this film isn't the crash it portrays. It's definetely worth watching. Enjoy.
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on December 4, 2013
First let me say that Denzel is one of my all time favorite Actors. I have been enjoying his work every since St. Elsewhere. Very seldom have I been disappointed by his movies, that said, when I started watching Flight I was not so sure I made a good choice. I kept watching and I have to say I grew to love it. The story information may be hard to watch for some but it rings very true because I remember the days when some Pilots used to drink all the time in the various lounges in the airports I traveled through.

As a matter of fact I met quite a few pilots back in the day and shared a few drinks with them to settle my fear of flying nerves. These days though I am glad that the Airline industry is doing a better job of helping pilots with their possible addictions. Denzel portrayed a very likable but Flawed human being who just happened to be a pilot, John Goodman is funny enabling friend and Don Cheadle plays a great lawyer trying to save Denzel's character. Tamara Tunie is a great Stewardess friend too.

Don't want to give away too much but this one is a keeper and good addition to my Denzel collection. See for yourself.

Don't want
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