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on August 25, 2009
I love my new Flip Mino camcorder. I was mega-skeptical about how good
something this tiny could be, but I needed something quick, easy and
practical for sales-oriented website videos. I was amazed at how easy it
is to use the Flip Mino, and at the quality of the end product video.
Is it the "perfect" camcorder for every ocassion? No, but for those
impromptu, "down & dirty", on the spot videos it beats the heck out of
using a big camcorder...or a cellphone. I considered buying a Sony
"Webbie", but dollar for dollar you can't beat a Flip.
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on November 22, 2008
This is the first video camera I've ever owned (I'm 58 yrs old), and I love it! Video quality is excellent (even in low light). I have not tried viewing it on a large TV, but the playback looks great on a 19" monitor. Best quality is observed at the "normal" size (about 8" diagonal) but the full screen version is perfectly acceptable. Audio quality indoors is good up to about 8 feet from the subject. Comments made by the person holding the camera while recording are extremely clear.
Battery life so far has been NO ISSUE. A continuous 30 minute recording does not even move the battery charge indicator bar. Beware of incredibly large files though! A 30 minute recording will consume 900 Mb, and I've found no way to share files that large. There must be a way to convert the files to DVD on the computer, but I'm not savvy enough to figure it out yet. The included software says you can edit the files too, but the instructions have thus far eluded me. I consider that to be a user problem, not a product issue. Just be prepared to dedicate a LOT of computer memory to file storage!
Another restriction is camera shake. Mino is so small and light that it's nearly impossible to hold steady. Pressing buttons to zoom or start/stop will almost certainly result in a shake, but most people will figure out how to clip the ends in editing. I did buy the little tripod which eliminates the problem.
Despite the few difficulties, I do highly recommend this camera after 3 months use.
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on March 18, 2010
I'm not an avid video taker which is why I bought this little guy. Now that I have it I have to say I LOVE IT! It actually makes me want to take video of things just to do it. It is super easy to use. Fits in your pocket or purse.

My absolutely FAVORITE feature the software you can take a video frame by frame and save each (if you really want) as a picture, and it prints as a good picture! I used the camera when my 3 year old nephew came to visit and trying to get a good still shot of him was like trying to pull out my own tooth so I spent the majority of the time video-ing his fun loving, energetic, never sit still self as we ran around the city seeing all the sights. When I downloaded my video's and messed around with the software I found the snapshot feature and decided to try it out. Some of the pictures I pulled from the video are pricelss and the kind that with a still shot camera you get maybe 1 in a 1,000,000. I printed them through [...] (cuz computer quality and paper quality sometimes differ) and was even more pleased. The pictures print with a great quality.

Overall for the price, convenience, and size this is hands down a must have!
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on November 29, 2008
It's real small which is great, fits in a pocket. Takes clear pictures (I haven't taken any closeups yet). I have to get used to the idea that it's moving pictures (I'm used to still cameras) so my pictures all start out focusing on my feet or floor or something (have to edit that part out). I love the fact that the USB connection is built in; I can just plug it into my computer and not only upload the video but also charge the camera while I'm fooling around on the computer, don't have to keep track of where the cord it or anything (that built in jazz is brilliant). I'm not a good cinematographer and my vids aren't going to be interesting or breathtakingly well shot, I don't expect them to be. I just want to take short shots of people and places and things that interest me. The "software" that comes [in?] the camera allows you to upload the vid in a tighter format for easier emailing out, squeezes down the size vastly so your recipients' emailboxes don't get overwhelmed. It's just a nifty, handy little camcorder that can be tucked in a pocket or purse, whipped out when you need it. I think it's worth the money. No memory card needed or battery replacements. Maybe now my pictures won't come out so blurry because they will be moving pictures for sure.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 7, 2010
I bought the flip mino in Oct for 99 dollars with free shipping from Amazon. I love it so much I also bought one for my grandaughter, then a neighbor saw mine and he ordered one thru Amazon also and my best friend bought one. That is how cool they are.

They are small, compact and extremely easy to use, they come with a simple video program where you can stream your videos all together and make one longer one.

The image quality is good though if I had it to do over again I think I would get a hd one. The sound quality is surprisingly good, sharp and clear, and the play back and transfer to your computer is easy enough, by simply plugging it into your usb port.

Mine holds up to 2 hours of recorded video and has a nice long battery life. The mino come with a closed lithium batter that recharges while it is plugged into your computer thru the usb port.

I won't go into item specifics, but will say it is easy, durable, light weight and takes good quality videos that are easy to transfer and send to others...

IT IS A KEEPER and I Love mine to pieces..
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on August 24, 2009
I bought this camera with high hopes and I'm flat out disappointed. It's very easy to use, it's easy to install the software and save/upload your videos. What's not good is the many many times it freezes up and just keeps making this loud machine sound until it runs out of juice. There's no way to turn it off when it freezes up. If you hook it up via the usb plug it will only charge it and prolong the freezing. You just have to hide it somewhere for about two hours before it finally shuts off and then you'll be able to reset the darn thing. At first I thought it was a case of too many videos on the camera and I had to clear it off but this has happened so many times and it just ruins those moments that you're trying to capture. I've had this for almost two years now and tried to send it back and get it worked on but the company doesn't respond at all. I know they've come out with the Ultra and HD models so my hope is that they have solved this problem. I won't buy this brand of video camera again.
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on July 14, 2008
I've got a nice Canon GL2 and I have some beautiful video of my family memories, and even a local tv show I produce with it, "Yoga In Wisconsin". But in the couple of months that I've owned this camera, I have shot almost half the footage, I have with the GL2. Because its out of your pocket and running in 10 sec, you can actually capture the crazy dance baby started doing, before he stops never to repeat it again. And the fact you had it in your pocket in the first place, when I would never take my $1000+ camera, 1 because it's to big and 2 I might break it.

Its easy to keep charged, and download video files. I'm on a mac too, so I do NOT recommend their software, I purchased Visual Hub for $20 and copy/covert them right from the camera (.avi file) to my imovie folder (.dv file) using the software. Way worth it.

The tapes, when I record them back, from my GL2 onto the computer look better, but they take almost ten times as long to get back onto the computer (to convert 60 min of video through Visual Hub takes about 7-13 min, and it takes more time for the clips to render thumbs in imovie) and not cost for tapes. You will want to burn DVDs of your movies though because you wont be able to go back to the tapes once deleted. I had a little trouble with it hanging up the finder and I had to pull it out because it wouldn't let me eject it. So I called Cust Serv and they helped me right away, and had me restart it with a paper clip. I've had to do this a couple of times but that has been my only compliant. It still had all the footage on it by the way after reseting it.

Bottom line, you have a little one, or a life that is worth remembering pick one up, it's worth it. (and an external hard drive too, your going to have lots of videos.)
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on July 31, 2013
Flip Mino Video Camera - Black, 2 GB,1 Hour (1st Generation)

After many years of faithful service, my first Flip suddenly died on me, and a repairman I talked to said that it wouldn't be worth repairing. That presented a real problem. The Flip could have been designed for me and my needs, but should I replace it? That was the question. Buy an item that hasn't been made for years and whose support will gradually dwindle away to nothing? I decided that much as I loved the Flip, it would be financially imprudent to invest in another one. The asking price was just too high, which should tell you something about the desirability of the Flip even though it is no longer being manufactured. Anyway, I replaced it with a Samsung Sports Cam. That was a mistake. With the Flip, I could push a button or two and then send a half-hour video to my friend through E-mail. With the Samsung, I couldn't send videos by E-mail, Oh, I might have been able to send one lasting a second or two, but that would have been the maximum. And I would have had to consult its manual to get that far. No, the Sports Cam has its strong points, but sending videos by E-mail is not one of them.

To make a long story short, my need for a simple camcorder kept growing, so I came to Amazon again to see what the prices were for used Flips, and I found this one. I was lucky that day, because the other times I had looked, I couldn't find one for a reasonable price. Anyway, I bought it, and now I've taken my first video with it. Excellent in all respects. Well, I was concerned because the Flip came with absolutely no instructions, not even one scrap of paper. Fortunately, I was lucky again, because although I was thoroughly confused by the instructions on the Flip website, I just kept clicking and clicking until I finally got everything I needed--I think. Along the way, however, there were several downloads that never finished downloading, so I just cancelled those downloads and moved on. What they were and whether I should have them, I just don't know,but my Flip seems to be working just as well as my old one did. Flips are still the greatest. I heartily recommend them, even used ones--for the right price ( I paid $35.00, now its $50.00).
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on January 13, 2009
i bought my flip video and was very happy at the size of it and user friendly features. the usb that pops out the top is awesome!
well about 2 months after i bought the thing my usb would not pop out. i contacted customer service via email and got this response:Thank you for contacting us.

<Our "warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage due to acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, commercial use, or modification of or to any part of the product". This warranty can be found in the original camera packaging.

The USB arm is not a repairable or replaceable part of the camcorder and, because the warranty is no longer valid, we are unable to replace the camcorder for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.>

i was totally willing to pay for a repair if i had to but they have no service center to send it to! i think that is kinda lame. i have sent my sony and cannon products out for repairs! it just bothers me that there is no service center. if it breaks it breaks. nice.

oh, and by the way, i fixed it myself in the end but i still have to use my fingernail to get the usb out.
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on July 25, 2008
The new FLIP is a wonderful little device, when you first start using it. However there's a down side that almost makes me want to return to the previous generation.

It does NOT take AA batteries. In my opion that's a deal killer for many users. With rechargable batteries I can have an almost unlimited supply of power in the field. Swap out batteries in 2 minutes. However, this version must be plugged into your USB port on the computer in order to charge. We never can get ours to fully charge, the light just keeps blinking and blinking.

If taken to remote sites, on safari in Africa, skiing, etc., you'll be disappointed when the charge goes dead, and there's no computer around to recharge -- or, as in our recent safari in Africa... NO CURRENT for camera OR laptop! I must note, the charge hasn't run out on our unit but once. Playback seriously degrades the charge, so keeping playback to a minimum can really extend that life.

Touch sensitive controls are very cool -- as driven by the recent iPhone craze ... until you get into the field. We've experienced numerous "misfires" and "false starts" because one or more of the 'other' touch areas were accidentally touched.

Aside from those gripes, the new FLIP is a beautiful piece of engineering -- very sexy looking, and elegant to hold and show off. The video 'seems' to be much better, (Although the zoom still really sucks) and audio seems to be more clear.

If you don't plan to use this gem in far-away places where recharging is a problem, I think you'll love it. When shooting, be extra aware of camera movement. The smaller a device gets, camera movement becomes more of an issue. New users who try it out tend to have so much camera movement it makes the video unwatchable. Hold'em as steady as you can, folks!

We'll be testing the uint next week on a boat run over to BIMINI islands, and will have a new report and review in August.

Fred Showker
DTG Magazine
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