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on April 3, 2015
I bought this at a good price, and decided to get one due to my growing family. It was a
good little gadget that I still use occasionally. Of course, it's not HD and not much storage space, but
it did get the job done.

As someone as noted, the software is no longer usable. It has been discontinued. Because of that,
I did lose some videos which can't be replaced, but I blame that on myself since I didn't
properly "save" it.

As today's smartphone are getting better, there's no reason to use a video camera unless
you don't have a smartphone. All in all, I did get great usage out of this, and it still works!

I have purchased this item, personally for me, at the full retail price. There's
no relationship with the seller or the company of this product. Absolutely
there's zero compensation involved for my review. I am solely reviewing my
experience for other potential customers.
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I'd love to do a video review of the Flip Video Ultra, but there's so much detail to be covered, I think the video format might get boring.

First, the Flip Video Ultra is in a class all its own. It is purely a highly portable video recorder for casual use. It will not replace your $12,000 Sony prosumer model or even your $800 Sony, Canon or Pansonic.

Rather the Flip Video Ultra is an extremely portable unit, measuring about 2.25 inches across by 4 inches high and a bit more than an inch thick. Powered by two AA cells, it can record 60 minutes or - surprise - more of video. In my experiments, I recorded almost 2 hours of video on a Flip Video Ultra. There's no big secret here: if what you are recording has relatively little movement, you can stretch your recording time. Thus, for recording lectures of your version of "My Dinner With Andre", the Flip might work out better than you planned.

The 640 x 480 VGA video is surprisingly good. Not theatrical quality sharpness, but far better than your cell phone camera will produce. Action is recorded smoothly with little, if any, artifacting. Exposure capability is excellent. I tried it on scenes ranging from a brightly lit sunny outdoor street with wide contrasts to a dark highway lit only by passing cars. Good detail under all conditions with little blocking. Quite surprising, really.

Incidentally, another reviewer complained that the lens could be easily scratched. That's not true. The actual lens is recessed and protected by either a glass or plastic cover. So far, it shows no susceptibility to being easily scratched. If it is, it appears to held in place by a metal fitting. Whether that permit user replacement, I don't know, but should the lens cover become damaged, I am sure it could be replaced.

The unit has what appears to be about a 2x digital zoom, which is a nice touch.

The Flip Video Ultra is a very nice piece of design. The battery compartment latch is on the bottom and is highly resistant to accidental opening. There's also a tripod socket on the bottom. It is mounted off-center, which I consider unfortunate because this camera would be a perfect fit for the Quik Pod Pro+ with All Accessories Including Tripod Legs, a handheld camera mount that allows you to include yourself and a companion or two in your own videos. It's really a very clever gadget, but the off-center tripod mount on the Flip makes it a tiny bit difficult to use.

From the back, on the right side, is a sliding switch to power the unit on and off. Again, the switch is very well designed and very difficult to trip accidentally.

On the back of the Flip is a 1.5" transflective screen that you can see even in quite bright daylight. It is more than sufficient for casual videomaking. There's a 4-way rocker switch under the viewfinder. This four way has a big red button in the middle that controls recording. It is on the difficult side to use, requiring you to use a fingernail to depress it to stop and start recording. They obviously made it this way to prevent accidental starting and stopping, but they did their job too well. It's a bit of hassle to cleanly start and stop recording. But at least you won't be making any accidental recordings with this unit. The rocker switch is multi-purpose. Playback volume is controlled from here as is the digital zoom and, in playback mode, moving from one clip to another. There's a play button to the left of the 4-way and a delete button to the right. Couldn't be simpler. My only complaint is that the recording start and stop function isn't as snappy as it could be.

Response time of the unit is excellent. Once you do get that pesky start button pressed, the unit begins recording almost instantly. Audio quality, by the way, is excellent. The built-in microphone is sensitive and nearby voices are recorded without distortion.

Some people fail to see the utility in the Flip Video Ultra, pointing out that their digital cameras also have video. Yes, many do. But few offer the capability of recording an hour or more of 640x480 video at one time. Most can't hold an hour of video on a single card. And few are as small and compact as the Flip Video Ultra. So the comparison of the flip with digital still cameras doesn't fly.

The Flip is the kind of thing you can carry with you all the time and whip into action reasonably quickly (but thanks to that pesky record switch, not quickly enough) to capture some cute thing the kids are doing or something that is going on around you. Bloggers, blossoming independent journalists and artists of many kinds will love the Flip. Parents who are into recording their kids' cute moments will also love it. And, frankly, it's a nice thing to pop in your pocket when you're travelling. The Flip is one of those rare gadgets that can appeal to many different kinds of people for many different reasons.

The real beauty of the Flip is in getting the video off the camera and onto a computer.

Just plug it into a USB port.

That's it.

The USB connector flips up from the Flip.

Truly slick design, reflective of very innovative thinking.

Plugging it in brings up an idiot proof interface for getting the video onto your computer. (There's an option to save it to DVD through authorized dealers which I did not try.) It's two-step process to transfer. Simplicity personified.

Flip also includes a trial version of Muvee Autoproducer which can more or less edit your video clips into a presentable format by applying machine intelligence. It works, sort of, and for many people may be all they need or want. Be forewarned: there's a sales message included that promises you 20% off the full version of Muvee Autoproducer. But guess what? The "special deal" gets you Version 5 of the product, not the currently shipping Version 6 to which you can upgrade for $39.95 more. Guess what? That brings you to the full suggested retail price of the current product. This kind of "special offer" has an unsavory aroma to it. I've written to both Pure Digital, makers of the Flip, and Muvee to see if this is just an unfortunate mistake (i.e., the offer was embedded in the software before the new version came out) or is just a plain attempt at a rip-off. Should you be attracted to the "special offer" on the Muvee software, I suggest you check it out for yourself.

I'm obviously a quick convert to the Flip. I think it's a great gadget and a more than adequate substitute for heavier equipment in appropriate situations. I've been thinking of doing some video blogging for a project that requires one-on-one interviews. I can see buying another one or two Flip Video Ultras, some lightweight 4-SECTION Tripod with Grounderand with a portable light or two, having a more than adequate two or three camera setup. The quality would be more than adequate for web distribution and, depending on circumstances, even for DVD distribution to a business audience.

I am obviously impressed by the Flip Video Ultra. It has not only a very high cool factor, but a very high utility factor as well.

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on November 27, 2007
I am a reluctant gadget lover. I enjoy technology that makes my life simpler and gadgets that look cool, are highly portable and deliver on the "simplify my life" philosophy. And I am reasonably tech-savvy. I was quick to embrace digital cameras and digital photography. I take hundreds of pictures a month and catalog them carefully. However, I have never gotten into video - camcorders are too bulky and complicated for me. My husband has some cool Sony camcorder that supposedly does great things but I have never been tempted to use it once. But I love the idea of video. So, after reading all of the reviews of the Flip Video Ultra here and elsewhere, I decided that this company may have accomplished what I have been looking for in a video recorder. I just got my Flip yesterday and it is EVERYTHING I had hoped for and more!

I bought the Orange Flip - it's compact, light and pretty! I took a few test videos and I thought the quality was impressive for the price of the device. It couldn't have been easier to download the videos to my laptop and e-mailing the clips was a snap. I hate reading manuals and generally require a little hand-holding when it comes to learning the ins-and-outs on operating a new gadget but this is idiot-proof! No instructions necessary! A minute spent with the Quick Start Guide included with the recorder was all I needed. They even include 2 AA batteries in the package so you are good to go in less than 5 minutes. Less than 10 minutes after I opened the package, I had already e-mailed a wonderful 30 second clip of my daughter singing a nursery rhyme to her grandparents. Yay!

The only downside to the Flip is the lack of SD card expansion but I can't imagine shooting more than 60-80 minutes of video with it at a time. I am so thrilled with this purchase and I think I'm going to buy a couple more as Christmas gifts.
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It was a good little video camera for its time. Unfortunately the company no longer supports it with software and you are kind of out of luck getting your videos off of the device with the online interface.
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VINE VOICEon July 5, 2010
This made a great gift for our daughter-in-law who has three children under the age of 5. As you can imagine, her primary need in a video camera was to keep it simple. She needed something she could grab on the fly and not have to look for parts or cables, let alone find a mini-tape or a DVD that is not recorded on. The other important part was that it would provide the quality videos that we all want our family recordings to be.

I have now watched her use this camera at several family events - including a recent pre-school graduation event. One of the things that is interesting watching her use the camera is to see how lightweight it is, both in allowing her to hold it up above everyone's heads and how long she can hold it there. It is also interesting that she could review what was actually being recoded clearly and easily. These qualities make this video camera series infinitely preferable to our much older and clunkier Sony DCR-HC52 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder & 40x Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Lens. I have been reluctant to give up the Carl Zeiss lens and have been looking for a second camera that may not be of equal quality but is much easier to use for those times when I need a video camera in a hurry. It's hard to match the picture quality of any Carl Zeiss lens but I need something faster and easier.

There are also a lot fewer buttons on this video camera which makes it much more user friendly. My family members are notorious button pushers who press buttons that look right rather than check the manual to find out how to do things.

This Flip camera has been a great addition to our family's taping needs.
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on November 20, 2007
After only having this camcorder for a week, I can honestly say I will never go back to a regular camcorder again. I bought the first issue of Sony's DVD Camcorder years ago and still don't fully understand it. It cost me $900 back then and I still have to buy 30-60min DVD's that are expensive. I did it because I didn't want to transfer video but it was still cumbersome. In the past year or so, it barely comes out at all and when I want to tape something, I never have it on me. Plus, you need to carry the bulky battery charger and hope things are recharges and ready.

The Flip however is the same size as my comcact Canon camera and actually weighs less. When I opened the box, I was surprised to find 2 AA Duracell batteries already in there as well as a velvet draw string pouch to put the camera in. It has a AV cord to hook up to your TV to playback your videos and a very simple 6 page book for directions. No HUGE manual in 10 languages and more importantly, no software. I did use two NIHM batteries from an old Olympia camera I had. This will save in buying batteries but I still love the fact that I can go almost anywhere to buy AA batteries if I am in a crunch. Now here is what I love the most about the Flip...

Simple 3 steps:

All you need to do is put the batteries in, turn the on/off button on and press the red button. Your recording. Start up time from turn on to recording is 3-4 seconds - no joke. Press the up and down toggles and you zoom in and out. Press the red button again, you stop recording. Press the left and right toggles after you record a few videos and it takes you thru each video taken. Turn the off/on button again and it powers off. The VERY first time you do turn it on, it does make you set the date and time. Eech video will now automatically have the date as the initial name. This is a nice feature and will be appreciated years ahead.

PLAY BACK ON TV (optional)
Plug the cord given into your Flip and then into the TV. Turn on your FLIP and toggle to whatever video you want and hit play. It plays it on your TV perfectly! Turn it off, unplug. Simple.

Take your flip, hit the side button to "flip" out the USB and push it right into an open USB port on your desktop or laptop. The software will download in 5 minutes tops. You can they see all your videos. You can play them, edit them, rename them, download them into your computer or upload them onto YouTube or AOL - all so easily you don't need a manual. Once you download into your computers hard drive (which is optional) you can burn them onto DVD-R's to avoid a massive amount of video stored on your computer.

This camera is perfect for teens, families with little ones on the go, anyone who still doesn't fully understand their complex and massive camcorder and barely uses it because of it. This little Flip is in my purse all the time. My daughter uses it for "plays and shows" and then plugs it into our TV to watch herself perform.

Now obviously I haven't used it long term but I will update as needed. The one thing I have noticed is that it records closer then what you are seeing on your screen. It is minimal but once I realized that, I now make sure I am not too close to the subject I am taking. I have also read complaints of the red button being hard to press. I have had none but being a girl and having a little bit of nail, this isn't an issue. I guess I can see a man possibly having trouble with it but I can't imagine it being a huge concern. I also initially thought 60min recording time would not be enough but it really is. Unless you are taping a whole play, show, parade, graduation etc... 60min is more then plenty. Plus, it gives the incentive to start downloading and keeping things up to date. For a procrastinator like me, this is very important.

For now, I highly recommend this item. You will not regret it!
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VINE VOICEon December 22, 2007
Flip owners and potential owners rejoice- the negative reviews about errors and bad software you see are a thing of the past! PureDigital has been working dillegently on fixing the problem and just released a software update on 12/21 to resolve these issues. So, I wouldn't let this deter you from getting this handy, easy to use, affordable camcorder!

The Flip Ultra 60 minutes (I had to get the Pink) has been so much fun and as a busy mom with already too much stuff in my purse I've been able to squeeze this slim item right in purse with no problem! It's ready to go where ever I am and I can catch whatever is going on without missing a beat. And, the included bag to house the camcorder is perfect to prevent any dirt or scratches on the lense or lcd screen.

I own a Kodak Z612 which takes great still shots, but it certainly lacks in the video department leaving the sound of every focus adjustment ingrained on the video, not to mention the camera is rather large, so it's not convenient to carry on ones person all the time. This is where the Flip fills in beautifully! The digital zoom is wonderful and I was quite amazed at how well the lighting adjusts without a flash/light onboard! Yup- it's love!

A great accessory to get your hands on is the Joby tripod (of course, had to get the matching pink!). It flexes and wraps around anything- you can prop it on railings, poles, anywhere! An inexpensive, fun little thing to have!

Here's a video I made with the onboard software using my own mp3. A little tour of our living room Christmas decorations. Enjoy!
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on October 26, 2008
I just received the Flip Video Ultra and am quite pleased with the video even in low light it seemed to do well. The video looks quite good on your computer screen however when you email it, the quality goes down quite a bit for obvious reasons. Having said all that, there are two things that are disappointing to me.
1. The red record button is hard to push and activate. I have to push it several times to get it going. It should be a little more sensitive.

2. And the thing that bothers me the most is that there is absolutely NO lens protection! The lens is raised a bit from the body and completely flush with the surrounding bezel making it almost impossible not to scratch the lens. Everything and ANYTHING is gonna hit that lens first! Poor design on the lens. How hard could it be to have just have the lens recessed a bit from the bezel to protect it at least a little or even a small rubber lens hood. COM'ON Guys!
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on July 13, 2008
I am giving this review from a woman's perspective. I carry this little Flip Ultra in my purse. I have taken video that I would never have before. The one thing that I enjoy the most is that it takes so well in low lighting. I have tested it out numerous times in different settings, and it performs beautifully. It is so simple to operate and download onto my computer, and the software has been compatible with Windows XP, Vista and my iMac and Macbook computers. I will leave the technical information to others. The bottom line is that I am having a blast taking video with this little Flip Ultra - from my grandchildren's baseball games, my pets playing, beautiful hibiscus in bloom and vacations. I especially recommend this to seniors who might have trouble carrying around a heavier camcorder. My little 6 year old grandson had no problem operating it.
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VINE VOICEon November 12, 2007
I got the original Pure Digital camcorder and while it wasn't great it did what I needed it to do. But since I do record a lot of my travels I figured it was time to upgrade and boy am I ever glad I did. The video quality is considerably better than the original by several orders of magnitude. And low light or bright lights are filmable now.

Still easy to use. My only gripe is the red button to start/stop recording is recessed more than the original model. With my big thumb I keep hitting one of the cursor buttons instead. It would have been better if the button stuck out more like the original. I might just glue something onto the button to extend it for my use.

While I've tried to automatic upload features to youtube I'm not too impressed and it puts weird data in for comments and what not.

If you're sitting on the fence for these low end camcorders this is a good product to jump in and purchase because you will NOT be disappointed.
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