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on January 6, 2014
Improvement from the First Generation FlimCam is like going from VHS to DVD on an HDTV.

The definition is 4 times higher with progressive scan and 4:2:2 chroma sub sampling in H.264 (AVI only has 4:1:1).

I'm not sure if upgrading to a FlipUltra HD will be as much of a leap forward.

Chroma is well saturated in the picture with no bars and no static indoors at night in incandescent lighting.

In low light, things tended to look red and blue with the FlipCam, no more red and blue with H.264 in the FlipUltra.

The FlipCam didn't have picture AGC. The FlipUltra has picture AGC (Auto Gain Control).

Don't ever use the digital zoom, it makes your picture look terrible.

Things look great in a bedroom, just don't expect things to look so great recording a concert or something far away. For recording something far away for a comparible price and size and stereo audio even copying the Flip with a flip out usb, you want a Sony Full HD Camcorder that has 32x optical zoom.

I'm not going to be purchasing the FlipUltraHD. When I upgrade to HD, I am going to be purchasing the Sony Full HD.

How many pixels you have on the screen isn't everything, optical zoom, chroma encoding quality, and low light performance are much more important.

No Flip, I will not be apeased with your lack of optical zoom by adding more pixels on the screen.

If I was apeased by more pixels on a screen, I would just by a smart phone (I don't have a smart phone and I don't want a smart phone).

Some test videos: <<[...]>>


Compared to its predecessor: <<[...]>>
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on December 22, 2016
This video camera has done all it promised to do. It is easy to use, holds a good 2 hours of recordings, and is easy on battery life. At first, I had trouble downloading videos to my computer, but when I contacted the seller, he very patiently helped me resolve the issue. I am now easily able to download the videos. The seller has provided excellent support and customer service from the very beginning. The only reason I did not give it the full 5 stars is because the process of downloading videos is not as simple as youtube would have you believe.
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on March 19, 2011
This is a nice little mini-camcorder that did a great job at recording priceless information for me at a dance seminar. It's ease of use and protability has helped to create some great video which I will refer to again and again in the future for further study and practice.

Thank God I had another set of batteries with me, because it went dead about 2/3rds through the Seminar and I had to do a quick battery replacement (which fortunately is all I needed to get me up and running again).

Thanks to all of you folks who gave me a "heads up" about the battery life (or lack thereof) and the fact that the camcorder will go dead without any warning. Your knowledge enabled me to be adequately prepared with a fallback plan ... and really helped to make my trip at great one!

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on September 11, 2009
I just returned from europe where I used this camera with ease and was able to capture beautiful 'portraits' of people in personal interviews since the camera has no fuss and is small, the interviews were spontaneous and un-self conscious.
I wish the zoom was stronger, but not bad considering the size of the camera.
The sound is also very limited and often couldnt hear the voice of the person speaking. When I made a movie using the flip program, the music(even on the soft setting) over-powers the sound on the camera. There is no way to play sound inbetween the voices/sounds from the camera.

I love the feature of the flip program "take a photo" and was able to get some fantastic photos.

The video editing is very limited. Maybe they are coming out with a more advanced program, but was only able to cut the beginning or end of each video, nothing in the middle.

So, all in all for the size and convenience, it's a great little video camera for recording events/travel.
But, for anything artistic, not good. Think of it as a polaroid camera in the video world. So, I suppose if you are creative, you could make something interesting using the limited technology.
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on January 16, 2010
I wanted:
-the close focus feature for taking videos of my kids that are usually within arms reach (until the most recently model of the MinoHD, the 2nd Gen Ultra was the Flip with the closest focus).
-an upgrade from the video mode setting on our point-and-shoot digital camera (just about anything would have satisfied this category - but we aren't huge video people so we didn't need top of the line by any means)
-to stay within the budget of a gift certificate we had been gifted

Impressed by:
-the battery life - I put in the AAs that came with the camera and figured I'd only have 20 minutes before I had to switch them out, haven't switched them yet. We bought the battery pack but have yet to crack it open. (purchased end of Nov. 2009)
-ease of use
-shuts itself off relatively quickly, which is nice when it accidentally gets bumped on
-vibrant color and lighting in general purpose situations

-it is very difficult to take a video of a whole room, you always have to pan
-panning or movement in general by the videographer may cause motion sickness when reviewing the video
-gets faked out by bright light when you are trying to take a video of someone near a window
-zoom is basically pointless - doesn't get you much closer and makes everything that much more jumpy

-Just what we were expecting. Easy to use, inexpensive. Fun to play with but not going to get us to Hollywood.
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on July 30, 2009
My wife needed this for work, to tape her sessions with clients (required for her profession). Until now she had relied on an old but still good VHS-C camera. The videos of the Flip Ultra (non HD) have better image clarity and audio, which is very important for reviewing the sessions. Editing on her PC is also very easy.

On our wish list for future Flip software upgrades, is the possibility of a higher fast-forwarding speed, when keeping the fast-forward button pressed. If you have a long one-hour interview, and for some reason you need to just view the end, it takes about 6 minutes to reach that point: a 10/1 (10 seconds in one second) fast-forward speed. It would be nice if after a few seconds of fast-forwarding the speed increased automatically to 120/1 (2 minutes in one second).
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on February 27, 2010
I am not a videographer and have no aspirations in that direction, but I wanted a videocam to take to a high school reunion. After watching other people's video reviews on the Ultra, I decided on this little gem.

After taking a few videos of the house and yard (for practice), I was able to put them together to make a little movie!! The quality of video and sound is astonishing!! We were not expecting anything quite this good. Now, bear in mind, this is not a professional camera - but neither am I a professional videographer; however, for taking videos of the kids etc, it is a great little camera.

We are so glad we chose this wideocam.
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on June 20, 2010
This is a good little camera - good sound and image quality (provided there is decent light). I made a good choice buying it. It's also very convenient that it has the USB connector built in rather than having another cable to keep track of. The camera itself is a convenient size.

However, I am VERY mad! I have the white and yellow camera and I typically take extremely good care of all the things I own (this translates into me buying cases and/or screen protectors for all my electronics). I didn't find a case style I liked at the time I purchased the camera and for some reason the cases for this product seem to be very hard to come by in a store. I decided to temporarily use the "case" that came with the camera to protect it (which is a flimsy sock type case). The issue I have is that the black color from the sock transferred to the white and yellow plastic of the camera! Seriously?! How hard is it to keep dye that is meant for fabric into fabric?! ...Just...pre-wash the darn little socks before you ship them out with the cameras!

(also because of the sock flimsiness and the lack of a lock button the camera sometimes gets powered on and off in my bag...I'd rather they don't package the camera with any case than this...)
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on October 28, 2010
I really like this camera, but I don't love it.
Things I like.
It's small and light weight. Really easy to use. Really easy to download. Comes with a little baggy for storage. The quality of the picture is excellent outdoors on a tripod, or standing really still. Built in memory storage is good. Price is very good.
Things I don't like.
No Optical Image Stabilization, so plan on using it on a tripod, or standing very still. Runs on two AA batteries, which I feel get sucked dry rather quickly. So plan on buying a big pack of AA's at Costco. The microphone is fair in my opinion. The editing software that comes with it is really subpar. You cannot use MS Movie Maker with this camera, so you have to buy editing software. The zoom is not very good at all.
Overall it is a good camera. I wish I would have bought the HD version though. I believe there are some improvements on the HD compared to this version.
Hope this helps.
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on January 21, 2010
I was amazed at how rapidly this was delivered during the Christmas season - it came from [...] in about 2 days with regular shipping. I was debating between the new Kodak "flip" and this HD Flip. The Kodak was not stocked anywhere so I bought this as a gift for my teenage daughter. I got the version in white which she loves. Operation is very easy, interconnection with her laptop was simple, video quality is great, and audio is acceptable (this is not the device to expect quality recordings of live string quartets or other similar music - the microphone is fine for voice, but not for high fidelity music - there is no external microphone jack either). The camera comes with PC software to help file and categorize videos. The HD videos from this camera would not play on our standard PC software (Windows Media Player) - I suspect a codec is missing somewhere. However, the videos played fine in the Flip software running on the laptop. The device is very portable. Obviously this lacks the true optical zoom found on higher-end camcorders but some zooming in the device is possible. Bottom line- my daughter was pleased with the Flip, she has used it several time, it has not become her most cherished possession however.
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