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If I'm going to spend more than a hundred bucks on an item or somewhere around there, I do extensive research first to know I got the best bang-for-the-buck and, consequently, dodge any potential future buyer's remorse.

I've realized that the time I spend doing my product comparisons is often time that others don't have so I may as well share what I can.

I'll start by saying that you'll see my "Verified Amazon Purchase" on the Flip HD Ultra Camcorder review because, obviously, that's the one I wound up buying and I'll share with you why. But what I like in a camcorder may not suit your own needs so I'll break it down and let you decide what's best for you via what I found out:

Here are the pocket camcorders I compared:

Flip UltraHD (will be referred to as "F")
Flip Mino HD 2nd generation (Will be referred to as "M")
Creative Labs Vado HD 8 GB 2nd generation (Will be referred to as "CL")
Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD (Will be referred to as "K")

Why HD cameras only? Brighter colors and better images, wider images

F: 120 minutes.
M: 120 minutes
CL:120 minutes
K: 25 minutes with batteries they included, 120 minutes if you buy an SD card

F: 8 GB
M:8 GB
CL: 8 GB
K: internally only 30 MB recording space but it has 32 GB expandable SD/SDHC card slot. Because it comes with such small recording space you really need to buy an SD or SDHC card to maximize its potential, but the potential is really good and this will increase your ability to shoot longer.

All 720p which is excellent, just one step below the top 1080p format.

F: Stereo
M: Mono **Update** They are now putting Stereo Mics in the Minos as of 2010.
CL: Mono
K: Mono

F:Premier AAC audio. Best stereo sound quality but still not great in winds
M:Good sound quality. Still not good in winds.
CL:Poor sound quality; had issues with sound and picture not being in sync.
K:Poor sound quality

F: 2x
K: poor quality zoom on the one I tried but I still think it's 2x. It has a great macro focus for very close-up objects if, for example, you see a bumble bee and want to shoot it on a leaf a few inches away! Kinda cool.

F: 4.3x2.2x1.2 4 oz
M: 3.9x2x0.6 3. 3 oz
CL: 3.9x3x0.6 3.5 oz
K: 5.5x2.5.0.9 5.6 oz

F: 6.2 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches ; 11.2 ounces
M: 2 x 0.7 x 3.9 inches ; 1 pound
CL: 3.3 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches ; 11.2 ounces
K: 4x 5x 2.5" 2.4 lbs

F: USB cable pops out of the back so you don't need to keep up with a separate cable. Comes with Flip Video rechargeable AA battery pack (recharges when connected to USB); also supported by standard AA batteries. Note: Some sets come with the HDMi mini included and others come with the rechargeable battery pack on Amazon. Looks like one or the other but of course if you need both you can buy the other.
M: USB cable pops out of the back on this one as well. Has child safe button to prevent accidental deletion of videos. Internal lithium ion battery recharges through built-in USB arm
CL: USB in camcorder. Included in box are HDMI cable (nice), USB extension cable,(nice)silicon skin (cool) & rechargeable battery.
K: Included in box are HD and AV cables and wrist strap and rechargeable batteries and battery charger. Has built in USB arm.

F: 30 frames per second.
M: 30 frames per second
CL: 30 frames per second
K: choice of 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second.

VIEWING SCREEN: All 2" except the Kodak was the largest at 2.4"

F: Best low-light performance for the mini cameras (though not perfect at all) and least amount of blurring and dropped frames in my opinion. Best color. Only one with stereo sound. You can get an underwater case for this one! Though that may sound crazy for a Texan, we use the camera non-stop on vacations and even when we aren't IN the water, we are around the water...on boats, in the sand with sea mist, etc. Then we can dive in and record the fish. Comes preloaded with flipshare software...just plug in to computer and it pops up. Only one with stereo sound.
M: Colors don't appear as good on the Mino as the other cameras. Thinnest camera. Make sure you get the one that only comes in the color aluminum or brushed metal. If it comes in any other colors it is the 1st generation MinoHD and they improved upon that one in the newer models. Great audio. Better shooting in low light than most mini cameras. Camera comes preloaded with FlipShare software. Can get still images through flipshare software.
CL: Decent filming in low light but not nearly as good as the Ultra or Mino; Software is preloaded in camcorder.
K: This is the only camera that I compared without the built in image stabilizatin which corrects for shaky images. What appears to be metal in picture is actually a chrome colored plastic. That said, this had the largest viewing screen of all of them. 2.4" Very poor in low light and seemed to have far more shaking and blurring. It also takes still pictures but they are really really poor quality...same as a lesser-quality cell phone pictures but good in a pinch if you want a still shot and have no cell or camera I s'pose. Heaviest for a pocket camera. Software is not preloaded in camcorder but a cd comes with it.

F Excellent
M Excellent
CL Very Good
K Very Good

And, finally, the reviews of the Flip from experts swayed me quite a bit:
Fast Company: "Flip Ultra HD is Pure Digital's "Best Pocket Camcorder Yet." 6-09

USA Today: "New Flip Ultra Video Cameras Might Flip Your Switch" 4-09

Business Week: How do you Invigorate a Recession? Look to i-phone, Flip, Kindle, and Zip Car For Answers

There were lootttts more I came across when researching the Flip Ultra HD but those are some of my favorites.

CONCLUSION: Clearest picture and sound was important to me, expert reviews that pointed to the Flip UltraHD as well and I liked the built in software and the case I can get to shoot underwater. It is the number one selling camcorder as well. So that was my personal decision-making process. However, keep in mind that if you need reading glasses none of that will matter if the 2" screen is too small for your viewing the shots easily for playback in which case you may wish to get the Kodak if that's important to you..

Also: No matter which one you get, you will probably want a mini tripod if you ever want to be in the shot yourself do don't forget those.

Also note: It's confusing because when these manufacturers make changes in the camcorders, they do not change the names on the new versions, nor do they change the names if it's an HD version or a non-HD version so be sure you look for the "HD" after the brand name and look for "2nd generation" or "newer version" on the Mino and Vado if you like one of those better so you don't get the older models.

Hope my obsessive comparing and contrasting for my own purchasing assistance helped you as well even if what you wanted in a camera was different from me. :-)
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on May 7, 2009
I previously owned the Flip MinoHD so this review is based on a comparison between the Flip MinoHD and the new Flip UltraHD.

After reading about the Flip UltraHD's addition of an HDMI output, larger screen, and longer battery life I decided to sell my 4 month old Flip MinoHD and purchase the Flip UltraHD. Since the MinoHD is very sleek and diminutive in size, my first reaction to the UltraHD was that it was quite a bit larger and bulkier to hold, and has taken some time to get used to. However, unless you've used a MinoHD the larger size of the UlraHD will probably be less noticeable. I found the camera controls on the UltraHD to be slightly easier to operate vs. the touch sensitive buttons on the MinoHD. As far as video quality between the two, I compared two different videos and both are about the same, however, the colors appear to be slightly more vibrant with the UltraHD.

If you are trying to decide which one to purchase, if maximum portability is important to you than the MinoHD is the better choice. Otherwise, if you're looking compact camcorder with more features (HDMI output, replaceable batteries, longer record time) then you can't go wrong with the UltraHD.

My ultimate wish is for Pure Digital/Cisco to introduce a MinoHD with all of same functionality as the UltraHD. Until then, the UltraHD is the all-around better choice.
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on May 9, 2009
Like many reviewers here I had the MinoHD and ordered the UltraHD because I really wanted the swappable battery feature and the extra 4GB of memory on the UltraHD. The MinoHD is thinner and overall sexier, but I was surprised when I found myself fancying the Ultra much better than the Mino.

* The larger screen does make a difference and it was much easier to shoot with than the Mino. Although bulkier, the Ultra felt sturdier and more solid, but it doesn't fit really well in the packaged micofiber case. Since the Ultra also has a rubberized body it makes it that much harder to the device in and out of the pouch. I'm looking into a separate case.

* Actual buttons more clearly define your actions when using the Ultra, whereas I found myself accidentally pressing the touch buttons on the Mino. The presence of real buttons was actually better.

* I also found the on/off button much easier to use than the Mino. The Ultra button was easy to push while the Mino required a more firm push to turn it on. While it doesn't sound like much, it did impact my ability to quickly turn on each device.

* Lastly, the color on the Ultra is better. I was able to take many side-by-side clips and the Ultra exhibited better colors than the Mino. It also performed mildly better in low light; that's not saying a lot. I wish these things would come with a WB option like what they offer with DSLRs.

* Definitely look into a USB extension since the bulkiness of the Ultra raises the unit from sliding into the USB port in a flush manner. The Mino was no problem.

For me, the UltraHD is my preferred choice over the MinoHD.
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on July 29, 2009
I read a lot about the Flip Mino and almost took the plunge, and finally did with the Ultra HD. It sounded great, and like several other recent reviewers, I really wanted to like it. I finally do, but it's taken a good 10 days, and with little help from Flip support.

Right out of the box, my Ultra HD had what I'm starting to think of as the "usual" charging problems that others describe -- the "charging paused, check battery" message. More concerning, the camera halted all performance in the USB ports on my one-year-old iMac. This disabled the mouse, so I could never upload the software. There is the peculiar design flaw, too, that the camera charges in the face-down position, making it very difficult to see these error messages.

Eventually it dawned on me simply to use AA batteries (an option that drew me to this camera), and the camera has worked just fine ever since.

I had an extensive correspondence with Flip's online support. My advice: skip them entirely and just phone Flip. Online support did get back to me quickly ... with a whole set of detailed questions about my computer which I wish they'd just asked in the first place (I'd already told them the computer model and OS). This might have been a stalling technique, as there then was silence. Then, in response to my prodding, more correspondence where they seemed not to understand the problem and we pretty much started over.

Phone support was amenable to having me send only the battery pack back for an exchange, though I'm not confident that I'll receive a functioning one. And, like online support, they seem puzzled, surprised, and much more focused on fixing their battery pack problem than making a customer happy (i.e., interested to have mine for "research" and so "authorized" me to send it, but had zero interest in giving me a pre-paid label or making it easy for me to return this faulty piece). Like another reviewer, I'm not happy to have spent money to have a bad battery pack, but I also have to pick my battles, and decided to keep the machine since it works fine with the AAs. And maybe I'll get a functioning rechargeable back from Flip.

And it's a great little camera! Footage is sharp and the sound is crisp. It uploads easily to the Mac. Very portable and sturdy. Really, I love the camera, and had it worked out of the box I would be posting a five-star rave. Also on the plus side, really, is the phone support -- they do have it, they answer the phone, and they do respond. So, they are ahead of some other products on that score!

So I hope they do fix this glitch and also develop some online customer-friendliness.
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on May 5, 2009
I think people that rate the Flip negatively need to realize its target audience. I mean, if you want lots of features and professional quality, you shouldn't even be looking at the Flip. Spend your $1000 and buy a nice Canon HD camcorder. Then lug the thing around.

But, if you want a simple to use, good quality HD camcorder(and yes 720p is HD...just ask ABC TV), with very easy to use software, then buy this.

I did, for my wife, and she loves it. Where as our nice Sony camcorder just sits in the closet, she will actually carry this Flip around with her.
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on April 20, 2016
I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HEROIC GAMING -EVER and I recommend BUYER BEWARE! I purchased a Flip UltraHD Video Camera - 8 GB Black from HEROIC GAMING and this order was fulfilled by AMAZON on March 17, 2015. Their description said "Condition: Used - Very Good - Camera in very good condition. No scratches on lens or screen. Works perfectly. Comes with wrist strap." The very hour I received this camera, I noticed when I plugged it in, it wouldn't charge. Right out of the box the camera was not charging, nor powering on, even after plugging it in for over 2 hours. So I IMMEDIATELY emailed HEROIC GAMING via AMAZON and told them this. When they finally got back to me, instead of giving me a refund or another camera, they gave me options. They told me to buy a rechargeable battery. Which I did. They told me to try other batteries. Which I did. It stayed on for only 2-5 minutes each time. I’ve gone through over 100 AA batteries to date. Since I wasn’t getting any help from HEROIC GAMING, I contacted AMAZON directly for help. On March 28, 2015 AMAZON told me "This email is being sent to you by Amazon to notify and confirm that a return authorization has been requested for the item(s) listed below" and "No additional action is required from you at this time."
I have attached my many emails back and forth to HEROIC GAMING and AMAZON over the past year and you will also see my final email to them on MAY 2, 2015 of which they NEVER RESPONDED UNTIL JANUARY 10, 2016- AFTER I INITIATED CONTACT AGAIN!!! I believe HEROIC GAMING INTENTIONALLY did this to run out the time in which I was allowed to file a claim. I even took this camera to a repair shop and they said it was no good. I won’t hold a charge. Now when I filed a second claim, HEROIC GAMING and AMAZON now tell me there's nothing they can do. I have placed MANY orders with AMAZON over the years and I am SHOCKED that they would not refund my money as this CLEARLY was a defective item from the time it was delivered to my door. If you are reading this and you were me, I would NEVER order anything from HEROIC GAMING and shame on you AMAZON for not helping this single mother who pays her bills on time and works hard for every one of my pennies. Several years ago I borrowed The MINO HD from a friend until I could save up for one of my own. It is a very compact, easy to use camera which takes really nice, clear videos. By the way, I also lost ALOT of work this past year as I do weekly video filming and editing for several businesses and I get all my background footage with this camera. IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD NOT BUY ONE THING FROM HEROIC GAMING!
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on June 7, 2010
The specs have already been reviewed extensively by other reviewers. What I would like to comment on is on the following:

1) The Ultra HD is cost effective for what Amazon sells. Amazon offers the price with what amounts to a twenty-five percent discount off the MSRP. I'm not sure if I would have bought the camera at full retail cost. That being said, it is a camcorder meant for casual use and entertainment, and reaches this target goal very satisfactorily. Obviously, if one wants to be shooting documentaries, one needs to spend significantly more.

2) No extraneous features, simple point and shoot.

3) Software that comes with the product is again, meant for casual entertainment purposes, and suits this ideally. Allows you to do cut video segments and take snapshots from the video. Will also automatically download and install updates (however, this is not something that you can choose as a preference, which I find slightly annoying).

4) BIG CON: recharging time and associated issues. The rechargeable batteries that are supplied with the Flip last around 3-4 hours. However, it takes 24 hours to fully recharge via USB port into computer (NOT the stated 7 hours according to Flip). The charging will often pause because it claims the unit is overheated. You can always use AA batteries as backup, however, so while this issue is definitely annoying and can be frustrating, is not enough of a deterrent for product rejection for me.

What I use it for:

Daily driving documentation (in combination with the Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction Cup Mount Images can be somewhat shaky, but overall provides a clear picture (can read license plates up to 2 car lengths away).

Satisfied with purchase.
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on December 14, 2009
I can't stress enough how easy the Flip is to use! Turn on, record, plug into your computer/tv, and play! That's literally all you have to do.

I chose to purchase this UltaHD Flip over the Mino because of the reviews saying the resolution was better on this one. Please note that if you're used to the Mino, this model does seem a lot bulkier.

This is a great little camera to have around - perfect for recording your kids' birthdays, taking a quick youtube video, etc. Please keep in mind that the "HD" on this is meant for computers, it's not the same quality as HD tv. The videos are grainy when I play them on my 42" HDTV, but way clearer than any videos I've taken with my 10 megapixel Canon Camera or my Samsung phone. No complaints about the audio, everything is very clear. The zoom feature definitely has room for improvement. I haven't used this for more than 30 minutes at a time yet, so I can't say anything about the battery power, although many reviews on here have complained about it.

If the camera cost anymore than $200, I wouldn't have purchased it. It doesn't come with any accessories, and even a basic HDMI cable is an extra $30. You don't NEED anything other than what it comes with - you can plug it in directly to your computer and charge it/load videos - however, the cables and the charger do come in handy. Luckily Amazon was having a deal ($150 for the camera + 2 free accessories), so I took advantage of it.

It does what it's supposed to do. It's a great portable video camera to catch moments in life that you might otherwise miss. It doesn't shoot professional video quality and it doesn't take still pictures. It is what it is, but I think it's well worth the price of $150.
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on October 24, 2009
We recently had a baby, so we wanted a better way to video her than just using the video recorders on our cell phones. I just wanted something simple and small and something that had decent quality of video. Well, when I discovered the Flip UltraHD I found the perfect fit to what I was shopping for. It is incredibly simple to use with just a handful of buttons. The first time you push the little button to have the USB adapter pop out and hook it up to your PC, the software automatically installs itself. The software is really simple to use and even lets you take snapshots from videos you make. So, if you have a really cute photo in the middle of some video footage, you can "freeze-frame" it and save that portion as a jpg picture.

The unit does not allow any form of external memory. It records up to 2 hours period, and then you will need to download or delete to continue recording. We have not found this to be an issue at now and then & you'll be absolutely fine. I suppose if you were on an extended trip without access to something to download to, you may be a little frustrated with this "limitation". But knowing this before you purchase it makes you aware of this limitation and you should know if this will be problem for your situation or not.

The quality of the video is excellent--I believe it is in 720p, so it is definitely HD. I am really impressed with the quality--both of the video and of this little unit itself! I kept thinking I was going to be spending $250-$400 to be happy with a digital camcorder. I find this unit to be an excellent choice for only like $150. Plus, you would have to be mighty simple to not be able to operate the Flip. I wish everything electronic/digital was this nice and this simple to use--it sure would make all of our lives a lot easier.

If you're on the fence, go ahead and buy the Flip UltraHD--you will be pleased. I think the white one is a little cheaper than the black one for some reason, so I went with white. Have fun with the Flip--you'll catch yourself videoing more often because of its incredible simplicity!!
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on May 19, 2010
I bought my Flip product from Amazon a month ago. It was defective out of the box with what I learned later was a common problem: immediately after inserting the battery for the first time, a message pops up on the screen saying "Too Hot," and the unit shuts down. Same thing happened when I attempt to charge it. I contacted Flip customer support, who don't even try to troubleshoot the problem (it is clearly very common) and just tell me to exchange it for a new one. I sent the defective product to the return address provided (at my own expense, what's up with that...) and the courier tracking number indicated that it was received at the warehouse the next day. However, Flip customer support still tells me (two weeks later) that they are waiting to receive my defective product before they can send me a new one! I gave them the tracking number to prove that they do indeed have the returned product (it even says the name of the person at the warehouse who signed for it!), but their completely useless and unelpful call center reps in the Philippines, who have zero authority to do anything to help you, keep ensuring me that "once your product is received in our warehouse, we'll send you a replacement." I have told them over and over that they ALREADY HAVE it, but they do nothing but reiterate company policy and indicate that they do not understand that this is now THEIR problem, and there is an obvious glitch in their system. 3 calls to customer support have gotten me nowhere, and several e-mails to customer support have gone unanswered. So: After one month, Flip has $150 of my money, and the defective camera. I have nothing and no recourse. Be very careful before you buy this product. You can see from other reviews that defective products are very common, and if you hope that customer support will respond to your concerns, you are woefully mistaken. Avoid at all costs.
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