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on July 28, 2017
Thought it was going to be a little bigger. I used to have a Flip but ended up dropping it in the water... So I used it on another small camera, and longs it's got those threads.. It works. Very nice, bendable and keeps it's shape. LOVE IT!
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on December 9, 2013
I don't even use this for my Flip video camera - it screws in perfectly to my regular Olympus digital camera and acts as a perfect stabilizing tripod. It's tiny, so you won't get much height out of it, but if all you want is a stabilizing force, and if packing space is an issue, this is the perfect tripod for you. It fits easily in my hand and has flexible legs that can adjust so that you can create a level surface, say, on a rock to take a picture while hiking, or on a table at a cafe.

Obviously, if you're a professional, you'll want a real, taller tripod, but for the hobbyist who wants a leg up from basic hand-held photography/videography, this tripod does the trick. That said, it's far more useful for people who have to pack small and light, as it takes up an insignificant amount of space. Its value to size ratio is therefore enormous.

I also own a much-more-hyped GorillaPod, which claims to be able to hang upside down on branches or grasp chain link fence. This sounds great in theory, and is fun to try tying to your chair at home, but in reality, I have never needed to use a tripod in that way and can't see when I'd ever have to tie my camera sideways to a tree, nor how that would make for a better photo than something I could take by hand with a fast shutter speed. The size difference is also astronomical. GorillaPod is bulky - much thicker and longer than the Flip Tripod, and cannot fit comfortably in my hand.

GorillaPod is marketed well, but is not nearly as useful. The Flip Tripod is a must for backpackers and hikers who are in need of a tripod.
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VINE VOICEon January 5, 2010
QUICK SUMMARY: Every Flip camcorder owner ought to have one of these. Especially children!

7 Reasons why I like this product:

#7 It's so small, you can easily tote it around with you
#6 It's easy to place it atop another horizontal surface -- chair, desk, counter -- to get the right height
#5 I didn't buy the wrong color tri-pod
#4 Kids can easily use it, but they can't easily break it because the legs are flexible
#3 It does what it's designed to do, that is, it keeps your Flip camera steady!
#2 It's inexpensive!!

... and Reason Number One...

#1 Kids create watchable videos for their parents instead of all those nauseating, jerky videos!

Highly Recommended!!
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on December 27, 2012
This is fairly good tripod for the price if you are still into Flip products, but it is very basic. As the description mentions, the legs are flexible which is handy if you want to wrap them around something for fun shots. The downside is that they are short, and it is difficult to make the camera sit level. Of course, this isn't a professional product, and shouldn't be treated as such.

The Flip tripod is meant to be used as a quick setup table top stand. It screws into the base of the camera easily, and excessive snugging isn't necessary. The legs have rubber feet that keep the tripod in place, and the legs themselves feel sturdy enough to survive repeated use. There really aren't any glaring cons when it comes to this product, but I'm not in love with it hence the four star score.

It's just a shame that Flip cams aren't in production anymore. I still love the camera I bought two years ago.
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I bought this along w/ the Flip Ultra HD Camera for her birthday. I don't think she ever used it quite honestly. Now days, kids have videos on their phones, etc. It is inconvenient to carry something else around as well.
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on February 27, 2010
I'm not the first one here to balk at the price of this thing, I see. However, I carefully read and considered the recommendations of others, and decided, for once in my life, to not be such a doggone cheapskate when I was buying a "gift" for myself! I bit the bullet and made the purchase of this little accessory to go with my new camera, and boy am I glad I did!

--When you need to film something, but taller people in front of you block your view, you can screw this little tripod into the camera body (it's a sturdy, solid fit, too), squeeze the three separate legs together into a solid "handle" of sorts, and hold it up, Statue of Liberty style, for an unimpeded "over the heads of the crowd" view.

--Using the tripod as a handle, you can hold the camera much steadier than simply holding the bulky little rectangle in your hand--this is important, since many users crab about the camera not having that "steady-cam" feature.

--Using the camera as a tripod, you can "get in the picture" yourself, and you can also aim the camera in pretty much any direction--to include a slight upward or downward perspective.

--The three little feet of this gem are both sturdy and flexible, and can be bent in all directions, which makes it easy to solidly place the camera on an uneven surface, too.

--If personalizing this product is important to you (and it might be, if you live in close quarters, all your buddies have one of these as well, and you don't want any discussions about whose tripod is whose), the camera comes with an assortment of "feet" caps in assorted colors--you can make all three feet different colors, if you'd like.

Bottom line--if you own a Flip camera, you really do want one of these things. You may not know it yet, but once you have the thing, you'll use it a lot, and just maybe never take it off the camera, except to charge it/download images!

Those Flip folks aren't foolish--this accessory would have been a wonderful thing to include WITH the camera, but even though it isn't, it's worth getting. Treat yourself--you deserve it. Buy with confidence!
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on December 20, 2008
Regarding the Flip Ultra and Mino HD Tripod. I received this with my Mino HD purchase along with a set of "Down Load Cables" that enable me to play directly from my Mino HD to my TV or copy my videos to either a VHS tape or a DVD.

I am a ventriloquist and enjoy taking video of myself with the least bit of hassle possible, so that I can practive my craft critique my work, and create video bits of my work.
The Tripod is an excellent way for me to position my Flip Mino HD camcorder on a surface such as a table and then by placing a mirror behind the camcorder on the tripod I can view the video window on the back and keep myself in the picture along with my puppet of choice while being up front of the lense. Of course this will work for many other aplications as well, for various performance situations, playing an instrument singing, making a speech etc.,whether you are working in front of the camcorder or recording someone else from behind it.
Another good feature is that by steadying the camcorder / tripod with one hand as it sits on the table or other surface, one can zoom and pan more easily, and eliminate the jittery effect of a video that, if the camcorder were hand held, would occur when going to telephoto or close up shot using the + and the - touch buttons. The fact that the tripod's legs are adjustable is a plus and allows you to set up the camcorder at various angles for the most desirable effect. I think this is the most valuable accessory to chose if only one choice is being made. However If two are offered the down load cables are the very next choice for versitility. An excellent product! Joe Radle Huddleston, VA 24104
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I recently purchased the Ultra HD 3rd generation for my spouse as a gift. I wanted to give more than just the camera, so I looked for other accessories to go with it. This was one of them. It is a neat little accessory. It needs to be balanced in order to it to work properly. With the camera on it, it is a bit top heavy and will fall over. Other than that, I recommend it, as it isn't very expensive.
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on June 18, 2014
I used this tripod only once. While it is small (I carried it in my handbag), I found its uses limited. I tried spreading its legs out and using it on top of a lectern and I tried bending the legs around the top of a chair. Neither solution was satisfactory. I wound up pinching the legs back together and holding the legs in my hand as I shot the video.
I, sincerely, doubt I will ever use this tripod again but at its reasonable price, it was worth a try.
I would not recommend this tripod unless your hands shake a lot and the tripod is the only was you can achieve steady images.
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on November 27, 2017
Worked well!
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