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on January 27, 2013
This battery will work, but it takes some inside knowledge and effort. To avoid the negative reviews, Blue Proton should ship the batteries partially or fully charged, or with some additional instruction. This is why I give this product only three stars.

I read the reviews before buying this battery. In spite of the negative reviews, I decided to take my chances, as I needed my Flip Ultra HD for an upcoming trip, and I *thought* my old battery (or God forbid -camera) had died. This seemed like the only option for me.

Shortly after ordering it though, I did some research on Flip batteries - and stumbled upon this article with which I was able to revive my old battery: [Edit on 2/1/13: Amazon stripped out the link to the article, so here is a breadcrumb trail -- Google: Flip Knowledge Base, article title is "How do I reset and charge my Flip video camera?" Article ID: 23]
The key points are:
a) resetting your camera by removing battery for at least 60 seconds;
b) after reset, put battery back in -- and this is important -- charge via your laptop or PC USB (and make sure the computer doesn't go to sleep during the entire process); and
c) (this is the kicker) knowing to wait 30-60 minutes for charging to kick in. (See the fine print toward the end of the article, which is really easy to miss: "Charging your video camera when the battery is extremely low on power activates the Trickle Charge feature. It may take 30-60 minutes before you could see any indication that the battery is charging.")

I performed steps a) b) and c) with my old battery and got it to fully charge.

However, when I received the Blue Proton, I didn't follow those steps - I just plopped it in the camera and plugged the camera into a new Flip Video Power Adapter I bought along with the battery. Several hours later - no charge. Have no idea if it was the method of charging or that I didn't wait 60 seconds between removing the old battery and putting new one in. So then I followed the process above, and voila - the battery fully charged!

I think the Trickle Charge "feature" is why so many reviewers quite reasonably concluded the battery is junk. Given that, why doesn't Blue Proton just ship these things charged??? Why are the parts so finicky? I suppose there's some technical or logical reason - batteries are charged but they're sitting around in the shrink wrap too long?

Finally, the lesson I learned: To avoid this hassle don't let your existing battery drain down to nothing and then neglect it for months on end; try to keep it charged.
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on April 11, 2011
I purchased the camera, and like several of the other reviewers mentioned, the battery that came with my camera in mine doesn't work. I contacted Amazon, they ordered me this battery and replaced the one in my camera at no charge, now my camera works perfectly! It was not only great customer service, but a great camera. It's a shame that all of the bunk batteries appear to have been stuck in with the cameras, so it makes it a tad inconvenient. But rest assured, the battery that came through here was perfect!
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So your battery runs out when you are on a camping trip and there is no computer or wall socket to charge it. So your battery runs out when you are at a relatives party and they don't have a computer and you forgot your charger. So your battery runs out when you are...stop it! I actually had the first experience happen to me while filming from on top of a mountain. I was SO mad. Now I always carry this extra battery. My FLIP records 2 hours and this battery will last 1.5 hours. That's good enough, especially since you should (according to film experts) never record more than a few minutes of the same thing to avoid boring your viewer. This battery is a life saver, but be careful. Only buy FLIP batteries and not generic. I've never had luck with any kind if generic except for my flashlight. The price is right as well too.
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on January 15, 2012
I bought this battery for a back up for our new flip Ultra HD 3rd generation. This is the OEM battery for the Flip. It charged in several hours as it should have and still has held the charge for over a month since it was charged. I had no problem with this item. It performs as it should and it it available here for cheaper than from the manufactuer. I have no problem recommending it to others.
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on May 12, 2013
I generally try to buy batteries that were made by the same company that produced my item. I have a Flip Ultra HD camcorder. I really like it. I have some problems lately with it not turning on. Though I can remedy this problem by taking the battery out, plugging it into the computer, putting the battery back in...I wasn't sure if it wasn't a sign that my camcorder's battery is starting to die. Therefore, I thought I would buy a new one...because losing my camcorder would be a disaster. I make money off videos I upload.

I haven't fully tested this new battery yet. My old battery is like this one. With continuous use, I get 30-45 minutes before the battery goes low. I realize this may not be good for everyone, but for my needs it is fine. It takes about two hours to charge up from the computer if I drain it almost totally. Normally I do short clips, and I can store nearly two hours of footage that way. The battery life can last me as long as a week in these cases. The battery is easy to remove and insert. I have noticed that the camcorder gets hot with continuous use--but that seems to be the camcorder and not the battery.
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on January 19, 2014
My Flip video camera has always performed great. However, I ordered three Flip batteries through Amazon around last May and none of the three would take a charge. Amazon allowed me to return them and returned my money to me. In June I ordered two Flip batteries from Amazon. They too wouldn't take a charge, but Amazon did not allow me to return them for a rebate. I still have the "new" Flip unused, uncharged batteries. I was unable to use my camera until recently. I ordered one more Flip batterty (the battery you are inquiring about now) around early November from Amazon, and fortunately, the new battery took the charge. I am happily using my Flip video camera again.
I have always enjoyed excellent service and products from Amazon (except for those bad batteries). I plan to continue to order products from Amazon. Thank you for your inquiry. Al De La Torre
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on October 1, 2012
I love the idea of the lithium-ion battery pack for my FLIP camera. How much more convenient could it be than to have a battery that is long lasting and you can install and forget it?? Was so happy to find the battery pack on Amazon when the original battery wore out on my camera. Sent for the battery, it arrived in good time (even two days early, as I remember)and found it fit perfectly in my FLIP camera. My excitement turned to disappointment when the battery didn't work. The camera still works on triple A batteries, but eats up the power very quickly. Undaunted, I returned the battery to the manufacturer in Mineola, New York. That was on September 5th. I just KNOW those wonderful folks at Blue Proton in Mineola won't let me down and will soon be sending me the sleek, energized, compact and much anticipated battery to my attention. Can't wait to take more video of my grandbabies!!! Thank you
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on July 24, 2011
This battery pack fits and works perfectly in my 3rd generation Flip UltraHD video camera and it is a very high quality product. Before ordering, however, please insure that you have the correct camera version for this product, since the various camera models are easily confused.

I only wish that the camera's manufacturer had not decided to get out of the business of producing this reasonably priced, outstanding consumer product. I think they made a big mistake thinking that the advent of the "smart phone" with video capability would obsolete this fine product. Not everyone wants to pay a fortune for a smart phone service plan to take HD videos inferior in quality to those of the Flip cameras.

What a shame - to purchase the company and then, abruptly, chop it off without even trying to sell it to another firm. Another highly innovative product bites the dust!

These cameras were excellent products and I only hope these quality battery packs will continue to be made available for the foreseeable future.
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on February 3, 2014
I ordered the battery because the original one, would not last long enough to tape my son's volleyball games. When I received the battery it was DEAD! I read all the directions on how to recharge the battery but it never charged. I wanted to talk to someone or e-mail someone, so I got online & sent an e-mail, but no one ever got back to me, and now it's past the time frame for me to be able to return the battery. So, it's not been a good experience at all...very frustrated, but I'd still like to find another battery that works. I love the Flip video camera.
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on November 19, 2013
After educating myself on the difficulties of charging a flip battery I found the performance of the battery fine. The flip apparently will charge batteries in trickle mode based on certain circumstances. The result is after traditionally charging the battery for several hours there will be very little power to the battery. If this is an issue, just google flip battery will not charge on how to charge the battery not in trickle mode.

Overall the battery works as expected. Products as timely delivered, noo issues incurred after ten recharges.
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