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on December 23, 2016
For functionality, I give this apron 3 stars, for looks 5 stars, so it averages out to 4 stars.

I wear this apron a lot in the kitchen and it gets dirty. It washes well and I air dry, but it still faded a bit (as expected). The biggest downside is that it is not wide enough across the top (I'm average size), so if I am cooking something truly messy I can't wear a nice shirt underneath. For that reason, I would give it 3 stars for functionality.

The apron is so pretty that knowing about its functionality issues, I still ordered two more in different styles. I also got the matching child-size aprons for my children, which they LOVE.

If the manufacturers would make them wider across or even offer a second size option, that would be wonderful. One size products tend to fit a specific size very well, and not-quite-fit everyone else.
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on August 10, 2011
I ordered the aqua damask. I was very torn because so many of the flirty apron patterns are adorable. I loved loved loved this apron when I first put it on. It's made from a double-layered, polyester-type fabric that seemed sturdy and pretty much waterproof. The straps for the neck tie in the back, so you can set how the apron sits on you (plus a cute tie around the neck adds a little extra bit of femininity to the whole affair). The waist ties are long so they accommodate almost any figure, and easily tie make a pretty bow in the front. The pocket in the front is helpful too. Overall, a winner!

Now on to the negatives (or why this item didn't get 5 stars): after I washed the apron, I noticed that the black pattern on the front didn't hold up well in the washer. The design was somewhat compromised and looked like it was worn off in places, which in my mind is a tragedy, since I bought this mostly because it was pretty. The neck and waist ties got incredibly shriveled up, and one of the neck straps started separating from the apron itself.

Perhaps I need to wash this on delicate... but honestly the whole purpose of an apron is to protect your clothes and soak up all the cooking mess... so by it's very nature.. IT'S MEANT TO GET DIRTY... and consequently get washed a lot. I worry that this won't last too long, since I cook a lot... and the washer might just destroy this lovely little apron in just a few washings.
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on March 21, 2016
This is bright and cheerful. I love the French writing scrawled in the background. The double lining is nice and it does well protecting from baccon splatter. I am using as an everyday appron.
The long ribbons wrap around and tie a large bow in front. I am average size with larger chest and have plenty of coverage for my clothes. I have washed...If you hang up or lay flat to dry it will stay looking great. DO NOT dry!!!!!!!
The lining is not stitched down except at the edge and under pockets, if you dry it you are taking a big big risk of twisted fabrics and letting it sit dry only takes 30 min or so.
If anything goes wrong with this I will update but it has been a few weeks and so far I love it
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on November 8, 2011
I purchased this as a gift and was pleased when it arrived. It looked very nice, the pictures of the garment were accurate, and the fit on the recipient was spot on.

The problem is this is not a very good apron. It is made of a very thin cotton with a bit of a sheen/screen on the material. It just does not work well as a "working" apron, even in the home. Now, if you want something cute to throw on at a cocktail or dinner party after all the cooking is done so you can be dressed the part of the well appointed hostess and home maker, then this is perfect.

I'm not saying I don't like the item, but just know what it is before you make your purchase, and be sure you don't actually need an apron instead of a fashion accessory.
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on January 4, 2012
I ordered this for a friend as she is an avid cake-baker. The quality was very cheap. The material is thin and there are snags all over. This apron is all look, no function. I wanted something that was cute but that also served a purpose of keeping the baker clean. This apron would not hold up to any spills of batter whatsoever. Returned the product as fast as I could.
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on September 22, 2017
First off, I love the idea of a flirty apron (what a great gift idea!) so I went ahead and ordered one for my sister's bridal shower. However, the fabric was fairly rough (no body to it) so I decided to wash it before giving to her (delicate cycle, cold water, with Woolite just to be on the safe side). It came out faded and super wrinkly. I'm glad I didn't give it to her but I wish I would've sent it back before I washed it... now I'm stuck with a faded, wrinkly, apron. So, if you want a one-time use apron, order one. If you want it to last more than 1 washing, opt for another brand.
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on March 22, 2014
The apron that we received was the exact one displayed in the photo.

It's a fun colorful design that makes the one wearing it look good while they do even the most mundane kitchen tasks! The pink pouch in the photo is the front pocket, separated by stitching which gives 2 usable spaces.

My wife doesn't do anything in the kitchen without this thing, it's definitely something that she would want again if anything ever happened to it.

The material is a little cheaper but it's pretty inexpensive and I bought it for her mainly to protect her from splatters as she really enjoys cooking but can sometimes lead to small kitchen tornados, usually with hot substances.

My wife is a petite 5'4" and this fits her better than I would have expected. After awhile, the material does start to show age after washings but thats expected, especially with the material but for the cost this is a no brainer.

If you like the colors and/or designs, you can be assured you will look good doing your thing and be protected from your tasks at the same time. Buy it! Use it ragged, then buy it again!

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on March 13, 2016
Absolutely adore my apron!
I am a woman with a small waist and bigger hips, so I needed something that would tie around my derriere. This apron has extremly long tie backs, so it would basically go around an elephant if need be. The material is great quality and cute retro style. Love the ruffle and polka dot detailing.The two pockets in front are great and bring the whole thing together. I chose the green and brown apron and when I pulled it outta the wrapper, it looked so much better than the picture on here. In person the brown is a true Brown. I would highly recommend this product and am thinking of buying another in a different color.
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on August 28, 2017
Colors were exactly as my screen pictured. Light blue background w/ pink and yellow trim. I'm a plus sized gal but the sash was nice & long and fit comfortably around my waist with still enough to tie cute bow. I just didn't have as much fabric on the tails as pictured. if i was a slimmer gal, woulda tied just as pictured. The picket is perfect too and held my spatulas & whisk (i used for a halloween costume). But i am a home baker so love using now in my day to day baking.
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on January 9, 2015
This looks cute, but it is made of stiff scratchy low grade polyester. The tie part is really really long making it fit kind of weird. And the tie part that goes around the neck is made of really scratchy cheap polyester as well that irritates the skin on your neck. The fabric is of the main body of it so stiff that the front of it sits flat like its made of paper instead of draping around the body softly.To be honest, I was kind of disappointed.
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